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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

April 4 - 8 2011

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Monday 4th April (ep 4706)

Hunter passes his test but only just.  Paige, Hunter's rival at med school, gloats at his low grade and Hunter is determined to outdo her in their next assignment. 

He is confident of doing so but is frustrated when he realises that he's forgotten his notebook which contains all the information he needs. 

Meanwhile, Jill is concerned that she is distracting Hunter from his med school studies and considers breaking up with him. 

But when she discovers Hunter's notebook in her handbag, she shows how much she cares for him by deciding to take it to him. 

Hunter manages to answer the question and best Paige without his notebook but he is grateful to Jill for going to so much trouble for him. 

They reconcile when Hunter convinces Jill that he wants her in his life and reveals that he is hoping to get a placement at Shortland Street which means they'll be able to spend more time together. 

However, Hunter is dismayed when he learns that Paige wants the same placement as him and will beat him out with her higher grade average.

Vasa is surprised when Alan, a GP, asks her out on a date. 

She turns him down and a disappointed Ula urges her mother to start dating and having fun like Nicole and Maxwell. 

Vasa is jealous of Maxwell and Nicole and attempts to put a spanner in the works by giving Nicole more night shifts. 

An angry Nicole accuses Vasa of trying to sabotage her relationship because she still has feelings for Maxwell. 

Vasa denies this and, desperate to prove Nicole wrong, she agrees to have a drink with Alan. 

But Vasa ends up having more of a connection with Murray.

Chris is forced to push aside his surprise at Gabrielle's return in order to deal with Harry. 

He wants to know why Harry lied about Rachel hitting him but Harry won't say. 

A frustrated Chris is forced to seek answers by speaking to Phoenix and, when Rachel arrives back from the police station, she assumes the interrogation is because Chris doesn't believe her. 

Chris reassures Rachel that this isn't the case. Rachel reveals she has been charged with child assault, and an incredulous Chris promises to clear her name. 

Chris tries to speak to Harry again only to find that Harry has disappeared. 

Chris starts looking for Harry and is relieved to receive a call from Gabrielle, telling him Harry is with her. 

Gabrielle and Chris manage to convince Harry to tell the truth and Chris is grateful to Gabrielle for her help. 

He returns home with Harry who apologises to Rachel. 


Tuesday 5th April (ep 4707) 

Sarah and TK continue to work effortlessly together in the ED, giving Roimata a surge of jealousy. 

Roimata notices Sarah overexerting herself whilst moving a patient and raises her concerns with Maxwell. 

However, Maxwell thinks Sarah is experienced enough to manage her own health.

So Roimata draws TK's attention to Sarah's apparent carelessness while pregnant. 

TK jumps on it, but to Roimata's dismay, Sarah enjoys TK playing the protective father to be. 

TK's protectiveness grows and Sarah begins to feel stifled. 

She backs TK off and Roimata takes advantage of the discord and sows seeds of doubt in TK regarding Sarah's suitability to continue in the ED.

Shane learns Rachel is up on assault charges for smacking Harry and insists she stands down from running the surgical tourism initiative. 

Chris is disappointed for Rachel and makes a deal with Shane: Rachel is reinstated and Shane's niece, Paige, is chosen to complete an attachment to the surgical department. 

This is despite Callum telling Shane earlier he's reserved the place for Hunter. 

Rachel is relieved by the news and bonds with Chris, hoping the smacking saga is over. 

Later, Shane flirts with Gabrielle giving Chris a pang of jealousy.

Alan effuses to Wendy about how he and Vasa hit it off during their date. 

But when Wendy talks to Vasa, Vasa admits she doesn't really like Alan. 

Vasa is with Maxwell when Alan asks Vasa out again.  Wanting to prove to Maxwell that she is moving on, Vasa accepts Alan's invitation. 

Later at the I.V., Vasa attempts to make Maxwell jealous by flirting with Alan in front of him.

A drunken Alan however gets the wrong message and presses Vasa to come back to his place. 

Vasa turns him down but Alan won't stop making advancements. 

Murray tries to evict the feisty Alan but only earns himself a punch in the face. 

Murray loses a tooth and, right in front of Maxwell, an upset and guilty Vasa blames herself for leading Alan on and winding him up to make Maxwell jealous.

Wednesday 6th April (ep 4708) 

Vasa is relieved when Wendy reassures her that Murray will be fine - ACC will cover his dental treatment. 

But when Murray returns from the dentist he has bad news: his dental x-rays have revealed the need for more dental work that will cost thousands - not covered under ACC. 

Brodie frets to Bella about the crushing financial blow and Vasa can't help but overhear. 

She feels terrible and hopes to ease the financial pressure by offering Wendy extra shifts.  

Feeling bad that her date with Alan was a failed attempt to manipulate Maxwell, Vasa surprises Nicole by withdrawing the night shifts, giving Nicole more free time with Maxwell. 

Vasa offers her sincere thanks to Murray for helping her, convincing Murray of Vasa's good nature.

Brooke registers Jasmine's ongoing crush on Phoenix and she offers sensible love advice, challenging Jasmine to find something she has in common with Phoenix.

Hitting upon art as a shared interest, Jasmine is pleased when Phoenix is keen to talk about his drawing. 

But her pleasure is short-lived when Ula breaks up their conversation. 

Jasmine bumps into Brooke and laments that she's got no hope with Phoenix, but Brooke scoffs that she's giving up too easily. 

Redoubling her efforts, Jasmine enrols in the evening art class that Phoenix is participating in. 

She's thrilled when he encourages her participation, and it's Ula who's left feeling on the outer.

Sarah's reassurances that she will keep herself safe whilst working in the ED fail to reassure TK. 

When he hears about Alan's assault on Murray, TK assumes there will soon be an opening in GP services - the perfect 'safe' job for pregnant Sarah. 

TK lobbies hard for Callum to dismiss Alan, pointing out that the reputation of GP services is at stake. 

Callum takes TK's argument on board and TK is pleased when Alan is dismissed. 

Believing he's done the right thing, Callum offers Sarah a job in GP services. 

Sarah is thrown to learn that TK has been lobbying hard on her behalf. 

TK expects thanks from Sarah and he is taken aback when she angrily backs him off, assuring him that ED is where she wants to stay. 

Roimata points out that if Sarah was serious about putting her baby first she would have jumped at the chance to move departments.

It's obvious to Roimata that Sarah is only staying in ED to be close to TK. 


Thursday 7th April (ep 4709) 

Sarah's painfully aware of the tension she's causing TK and Roimata, and decides to take the job in GP services. 

Sarah announces her decision to leave ED, and Tracey lets Roimata know Sarah's leaving to make things easier for her. 

Roimata's impressed when Sarah's brilliant doctoring saves a girl's life. 

Sarah and Roimata reach a new understanding when Roimata agrees to trust her, and asks her to stay in ED.

Hunter is thrilled when he gets a placement at Shortland Street, but his excitement sours when he learns he's sharing it with Paige. 

The next day, Jill takes advantage of Hunter's placement to plan some fun time with Hunter on her lunch break. 

Hunter's daunted when Chris makes his competitive rivalry with Paige official, revealing he will be comparing them both when he makes his report back to Medical School. 

But Hunter gets one up on Paige when her eagerness to impress backfires during a bedside lesson with Chris. 

Paige is left suspicious when Hunter heads off on break with Jill. 

Hunter and Jill make out in the supply cupboard as a proud Callum makes a wager with Shane Tucker that Hunter will get better marks than Paige in his placement. 

Hunter arrives back late from his break, but covers. 

Paige reveals that Hunter was with Jill and Chris blasts him for lying to him. 

Vasa encourages Ula to fight for her turf with Phoenix and go to the art class, but Ula finds all the places are taken. 

Jasmine's upset when she can't get the money from Wendy to pay for the place she reserved at Phoenix's art class - but then she cleverly tricks Murray into giving it to her. 

When Ula discovers it's a life drawing class with nude models, she convinces Evan to dob Jasmine in to Wendy and Murray.

Brodie refuses to sign over his share of the I.V to the Coopers, hoping that if he can start making his loan payments again he will win back their respect and Bella's.  

But he can't find a job that will pay enough in the two days he has left until the next repayment is due. 

Bella wants to help but Brodie turns her down. 

Desperate, he phones what appears to be an escort agency in response to a newspaper ad touting big bucks for short shifts. 

Brodie's attempt to regain respect backfires when the Coopers find him on his new job - posing naked as a life drawing model in front of the teens.


Friday 8th April (ep 4710)

Brodie is mortified that Wendy, Murray, Jasmine and Phoenix have caught him life modelling. 

The Coopers are amused but, when Bella hears of Brodie's new job, she's appalled and berates him for exposing himself to strangers as well as her family. 

Brodie tries to make up to Bella by apologising to Jasmine but the apology goes horribly wrong. 

Brodie decides to sign the bar over to Murray, but is surprised when Murray refuses and insists that he remain in the partnership.

Ula is annoyed that Phoenix and Jasmine have become closer despite her attempt to ruin their life drawing class. 

She's annoyed when Phoenix and Jasmine make plans to go art supply shopping and she decides to thwart their outing. 

Ula is pleased when she scores a win over Jasmine, diverting Phoenix's attention with an impromptu DVD session. 

Ula is thrilled when she manages to get Phoenix's arm around her, and is positive she's beaten Jasmine.

Shane Tucker decides to get Brooke a research assistant but Brooke is alarmed that an assistant might discover that she stole her research from Lars Hammett. 

She convinces Callum that she doesn't need a research assistant after all but Sarah is concerned by the sacrifice Brooke appears to be making. 

Sarah is determined to help when she believes Brooke is self-sabotaging due to a lack of confidence. 

Brooke frets when Sarah helpfully sets her up with a sharp research assistant, Winston, who is full of questions.

Hunter and Paige engage in tit for tat in the hospital, both trying to outdo each other in front of Chris. 

Paige fails when she's asked to take a patient's blood pressure. 

Hunter takes on the task and shines and Paige calls a truce, asking Hunter to teach her how to take blood pressure properly. 

Hunter does so but he's put out when Paige doesn't credit him for her success and he realises that she's played him. 

Paige is intrigued when Daniel asks for her help, not realising that Hunter has employed him to distract her. 

Paige seethes when she discovers Hunter being praised by Chris, and realises Hunter set her up to fail. 

Hunter is sour when Paige refuses to tell him what Chris asked them to read up on, and forces him into a ton of study. 

Hunter vents to Daniel about his nemesis, and is furious when he discovers Paige has infiltrated his house and is sleeping with Daniel.

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