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Shortland Street

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April 26 - 30 2010

TK and Brooke

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Monday 26th April (ep 4470)

Tracey balks at the idea of turning her brother in to the police. Her inner turmoil begins to affect her at work. 

Tracey blows up at Maxwell when she struggles to deal with a difficult patient. 

A worried Scotty tries to get her to unload.  Tracey wishes she could share her conflict with Scotty. 

Tracey shuts herself off from Doug, insisting he turn himself into the police. 

Maia is unsettled when Tania reports that a drunken Nicole called in the middle of the night. 

Gerald relates that he got a call from Nicole who seemed very sorry for mistreating Maia. 

Yvonne and Gerald encourage Maia to call Nicole.  Maia leaves Nicole a message. 

When Nicole doesn't ring back, Maia tells herself it's for the best. 

But her family and Gerald petition her to go visit Nicole - Gerald decides to accompany her to Tauranga.

Brooke overhears Daniel complain to Sarah about being in Loren's bad books.

Brooke raises the idea of helping Loren and Daniel resolve their differences, and sets Loren up for a dinner with her, TK and Daniel. 

When Loren arrives, Brooke convinces her to stay for dinner, but the attempt to get Daniel and Loren to reconcile fails. 

Brooke uncovers Loren's reason for wanting the photo of her and Daniel taken off the Internet. 

Brooke urges Loren to explain this with Daniel, helping Daniel and Loren to reconcile. 

Brooke is thrilled by her good deed, and impulsively tells TK she loves him. 

But TK can't respond the same.


Tuesday 27th April (ep 4471)

Brooke covers when TK is unable to reciprocate her profession of love. 

Daniel notices her distress and queries it with TK.  TK is rattled by the seriousness. 

Meanwhile Sophie unwittingly encourages Brooke not to give up for something she's worked so hard for, and Brooke attempts to normalise things with TK when she sees him next.  |

Overhearing the attempt, Tania can't help but marvel that TK has stayed with Brooke for so long. 

TK is prompted to try and break up with Brooke, but she cleverly side-steps the issue. Brooke is aware she's got a lot of work ahead of her if she wants to keep him. 

Both busy, Sarah and Maxwell put schedules aside to spend some quality time together, but their date is interrupted by the arrival of an old friend of Maxwell's, Henry. 

At lunch Sarah is left with the impression Henry is a bad influence.  Henry makes an effort to play up his charitable spirit, winning Sarah over. 

She leaves the two men to catch up properly.  Keen to party on, Henry suggests they go to the casino.  Under pressure from Henry and Isaac, Maxwell gives in.

Maia and Gerald arrive in Tauranga to visit Nicole, but are both unnerved by the idea of meeting Nicole's family. 

Nicole's mother seems to know all about Maia which gives her hope for the relationship. 

Gerald is immediately shunned as Leanne determines he's gay.  When Nicole sees Maia she is unexpectedly wary, and Maia is confused.

She is glad when they get a chance to talk.  Nicole admits she still has feelings for Maia, but is unwilling to talk further lest her mother hear.  

Leanne organises for Maia to share Nicole's bed.  Maia reads this as approval of her and Nicole's relationship.  |

Leanne seems delighted to hear Gerald isn't gay and alone with Nicole, Maia wonders why Leanne is accepting of her and Nicole but not gay men. 

Nicole can't answer and Maia is shocked to realise that Nicole is not 'out' to her family.


Wednesday 28th April (ep 4472)

Maia demands to know where she stands with Nicole.  Nicole admits that her feelings for her are still there, but Nicole sidesteps her fear of committing wholly to a woman.

Maia and Nicole reconcile in the bedroom, but Leanne nearly walks in on them. 

Maia challenges Nicole to come out of the closet.  Maia, despite Gerald's caution against pressuring Nicole, is tempted to force the issue. 

Maia is floored to learn that Mike is Nicole's boyfriend.

When Frankie wants to pursue a relationship with him, Hunter tries to put his doubts aside about dating her. 

Hunter garners some hope from a promising blood test result, and Callum encourages him to give Frankie a chance. 

Hunter is unimpressed when Frankie is callous about a patient who suffers from depression. 

Frankie rationalises her prejudice, and insists that it isn't a problem that he might have HIV, indicating that she will sleep Hunter. 

Hunter rejects her. 

Kieran feels stifled by Sophie when Isaac, Henry and Maxwell mock him for staying home.

Maxwell uses his casino winnings to pay off his debt to Kieran, and gives the rest of the cash to Kieran for safe keeping. 

Kieran uses the windfall to send some more money to Sean.  

Kieran chooses a boys' night over watching a documentary with Sophie.  Kieran palms her off onto Loren. 

Kieran enjoys his night of freedom with the boys but Sophie feels like a third wheel when Daniel and Loren get amorous. 

Sophie bails on the DVD evening, but is hurt when Kieran sidelines her in favour of his poker game.  

Sophie decides to play hostess for the boys.  Maxwell mistakenly accuses Sophie of signalling his cards to the others.

Kieran takes Sophie aside to tell her she's encroaching on his boys' night.  

Sophie threatens to call Sarah to tell her that Maxwell is gambling.  Kieran demands that she go up to bed.


Thursday 29th April (ep 4473)

Sophie threatens to run to Callum after their spat over poker.  

Kieran apologises and wins Sophie round with a gift of jewellery.  However, Kieran deceives Sophie and sends more money to Sid. 

Kieran is intrigued when Henry splashes out on expensive champagne at the bar.

He lets him in on a secret, that he's invested in a racehorse that is paying out hugely. 

Kieran is amazed when Henry's investment turns out to be a goldmine that has netted him forty grand off a single race.

Brooke is determined to find out more when Yvonne accidentally reveals a secret DHB meeting in regards to the PCC. 

She spreads the news to Sarah, who is determined to seek the truth. 

Sarah spots William Nugent heading for the meeting.  Sarah busts into the meeting in spite of Rachel's orders to leave.

Sarah and Brooke are shocked when William reveals the PCC is being axed. 

Sarah insists that the PCC hasn't had a chance to prove itself, but is powerless when William asserts that the PCC closure is a done deal.  

TK encourages them to fight.

Maia confronts Nicole, who can't deny being in love with Mike. 

Nicole feels awful when Maia interrupts a close moment with Mike the next day. 

Maia decides that she's going to head back to Ferndale and pleads with Nicole to go with her. 

Meanwhile, Gerald reveals his connection to Morgan and Leanne speaks kindly of her. 

Gerald suggests coming clean to Leanne, insisting that she's more down to earth than they've given her credit for. 

Nicole is left in turmoil when Mike presses for a future together.

Leanne questions the tension between Maia and Nicole. 

Nicole comes clean and outs her relationship with Maia, upsetting her mother.  

Leanne forces her to choose - Maia or her family.


Friday 30th April  (ep4474)

Nicole's confidence in her feelings for Maia is shaken by Leanne.

When it's discovered that Eric has gone off his meds, Nicole is torn to realise how badly she is needed at home.  

Leanne reminds Maia that Nicole has every chance to lead a normal heterosexual life if Maia would just leave her alone. 

Maia leaves with a broken heart.  Later Maia is overjoyed when Nicole turns up and kisses her.

Isaac feels to blame when Harry comes home with a bad mark from Miss Munns, whom Isaac dumped. 

To make it up to Harry, Isaac promises to play soccer with him later in the day. 

Tania turns up unexpectedly, and Isaac breaks his promise. 

Chris and Harry enjoy themselves during an afternoon of play. 

When Rachel visits, Harry makes himself scarce, encouraging Chris to spend time with Rachel, leaving Chris moved that Harry wants him to be happy.

Maxwell is sceptical about whether Brooke and Sarah will be able to convince the DHB to keep the PCC.  

Brooke prompts Sarah to think of a brave new idea.  Sarah goes to Callum and offers to buy the PCC business and lease. 

Rachel warns him against defying the DHB.  At home, Rachel realises how much Callum cares for the community. 

When Sarah asks Maxwell to invest in the PCC, he admits that he thinks it's a waste of hospital resources. 

Sarah has no choice but to ask TK for the money she has tied up in their house.

He agrees to use the house as collateral and come on board as an investor.  

TK leaves Brooke at home in her negligee for late night paper work with Sarah. 

Brooke fears that TK and Sarah are drawing closer together. 

A desperate Brooke systematically punctures all of TK's condoms, hoping a baby will secure their future together.