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Shortland Street

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April 25 - 29 2011

Murray and Vasa draw closer - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 25th April (ep 4720) Realising this is a battle he can't win, Murray puts his family first and backs down from the confrontation with Patu.

When there's a problem with the water at the campground, the family holiday takes another turn for the worse.

The next morning, Murray encourages the kids to have fun, but Evan isn't jollied. He heads off to find fresh water.

Tensions persist between Wendy and Murray so Wendy decides to find Evan.

Meanwhile, Evan gets caught helping himself to water from Patu's garden tap.
Wendy arrives prepared to face down trouble, but when Murray turns up he discovers that Wendy has made friends with Patu.

Patu apologises for the beach incident, explaining that it's part of a local campaign against Dorothy, who is polluting the beach with waste water from the campground.

Murray accepts Patu's story, but becomes jealous when Patu and Wendy hit it off.

Wendy allays Murray's concerns and forgives him for kissing Vasa.

Daniel's encouraged by Brodie to pitch his software to Rachel but is dismayed when his pitch fails.

Daniel is reinvigorated when Sarah encourages him to convince Rachel of the software's financial benefits.

Daniel re-pitches his software idea to Rachel and is delighted when she agrees to find the money to take his idea to the next stage.

A tired Hunter is dismayed when Chris springs an assessment on him and Paige.

But he's determined to do Callum proud when Shane sings Paige's praises.

Hunter arranges to study with Paige and Jill feels usurped.

An exhausted Hunter struggles to retain anything he and Paige are studying and begins to fret that he will fail.

When Paige leaves, Hunter takes caffeine pills in the hope it will help him focus.

It works and the next morning he feels confident. Callum and Shane decide to watch Hunter and Paige do their the I.V canulation.

During the procedure, Hunter finds he can't stop shaking and is forced to leave the room.

Callum and Shane exit too, with Shane gloating to Callum that he is bound to lose their bet.

Unbeknownst to Callum, a dismayed Hunter has heard every word.

Tuesday 26th April (ep 4721)

Hyped up on caffeine, Hunter can't sleep. Paige visits to check on him and gets him to take one of Brodie's sleeping pills.

Hunter reveals his father's bet with her Uncle Shane.

He expects her to be similarly indignant - but Paige is unfazed, and Hunter's self doubt grows.

Meanwhile, Callum and Jill bond over their concern for Hunter.

After apologising to Chris, Hunter uses his ambo training to help a patient.

Philosophical about his future, Hunter shocks Callum and Jill when he reveals he is quitting med school to return to being an ambulance officer.

In the wake of a condom failure, Tracey's thrown by Scotty's strong desire to have children.

Sarah urges Tracey to examine her reservations about starting a family.

Tracey feels guilty when she sees Scotty downplay his desire to be a father.

But then she's reminded of the down side to parenting when she deals with an exhausted mother.

But when Tracey feels Sarah's baby kick, she realises she does want children.

Tracey and Scotty are thrilled when they decide to start a family.

Rachels attempt to fund Daniel's software is stymied by Shane.

She regretfully informs Daniel. But off Nicole and Roimata's pep talk, Daniel decides to secure Callum's support.

Daniel goes over Rachel's head and pitches again to Callum his software idea.

Callum sees the huge opportunity in the idea, and offers Daniel a job as an IT worker, with the understanding he will also develop the software.

Daniel feels he's getting his chance at the big time, and signs the regular hospital contract.

But when his IT work piles up, Daniel is daunted by the reality of his new employment conditions.

Daniels made complicit in the nurses misuse of the Internet when he catches Nicole using a proxy server to access banned social websites.

Nicole explains all the nurses and orderlies are doing it.

Daniel doesn't dob, but fears that if the hospital finds out he's turned a blind eye, they'll fire him, and he'll lose his chance to develop his software.

Daniel narks on Nicole and his orderly friends to management, and braces himself for the fall out.


Wednesday 27th April (ep 4722) 
Daniel faces the nurses wrath when Rachel denies them access to MyLife.

Nicole is disappointed that Daniel has betrayed their friendship and Roimata believes that Daniel is ingratiating himself with management at the nurses expense.

Daniel stands by his decision but feels his loss of popularity keenly.

Roimata decides to seek revenge on Daniel and, on discovering Daniels logon password, uses it to allow the nurses to access MyLife.

Callum feels guilty that his bet with Shane has sparked Hunters decision to quit his placement at the hospital and medical school.

Callum ends his bet with Shane despite Shanes crowing and asks Chris not to accept Hunters decision.

Chris points out that Hunters decision is his own to make and Callum realises that he has put his own ambitions for Hunter before Hunters happiness.

Callum tells Hunter that he will be proud of him and support him whether he becomes a doctor or not and Hunter is relieved that his
father has accepted his decision.

However, hes left doubtful that he has done the right thing.

Brodie is forced to close the dining room due to a sick chef and frets at the loss of takings hell suffer.

He doesnt want to let Murray down and launches a special promotion to attract new customers.

Regan offers to hand out flyers and his efforts bring in a crowd.

Brodies thrilled and agrees to keep the bar open after closing time by turning it into a lock-in.

However, he caves to pressure to serve alcohol despite violating his liquor license by doing so.

The lock-in begins to get out of hand and things go from bad to worse when Bella arrives back early from her camping

Brodie fears that Wendy and Murray are with her but Bella is alone.

However, she confirms that Murray wouldnt be pleased if he knew what Brodie was doing.

Bella attempts to get rid of a group of aggressive customers. 

 One of the group, Holden, manhandles Bella and Brodie intervenes but quickly finds himself in danger as Holden and his mates bear down on him.


Thursday 28th April (ep 4723)  

Brodie is impressed when Regan prevents a fight and convinces Holden to leave, but his stomach sinks when Regan explains he had to pay Holden off from the till - to the tune of four hundred dollars.

Brodie frets over how hell explain the damage from the party and the lost takings to Murray.

Bella thinks Regans actions are suspicious and Brodie is unsettled.

Murray returns and a nervous Brodie starts to explain - only to discover Regan hard at work repairing the banister.

Brodie is grateful and feels bad for doubting Regan, especially when Regan goes one step further by replacing the lost takings out of his own pocket.

Murray is impressed with Brodies bar management and Brodie is relieved.

Later, Jill learns of Regans brush with violence and shes concerned that Regan isnt taking care of himself.

Roimata is taken by surprise when her father Henare makes a last minute decision to come to Ferndale for a DHB child health initiative.

Roimata and TK feel pressured when Henare gifts them a parcel of land.

Levelling with Henare, Roimata explains the delicate situation with Sarah and Henare bolsters that TK is committed to Roimata.

But on meeting Sarah, Henare chooses to stay on in Ferndale to keep an eye on Roimatas relationship.

The pressure increases when TKs aunty Kuini arrives to meet Roimata - who she has heard about via the Maori grapevine.

With Callum needed in Ferndale to support Hunter, Rachel agrees to take his place at a week-long conference in Canberra.

Shane convinces Gabrielle to attend the DHB function and Sarah believes Shane has pressured her.

Rachel is perturbed to note how Chris is affected by Shanes treatment of Gabrielle, and when she learns that Shane has a history of using women she chooses not to tell

Shanes proprietary attitude toward Gabrielle confirms what Rachel has heard and she decides to warn Gabrielle - only to be interrupted by Chris.

On learning that Gabrielle is only with Shane to prevent her from pursuing Chris, Rachel makes the decision to keep the information to herself to protect her own relationship.

Friday 29th April (ep 4724) 

Shane is annoyed to learn Callum bypassed his directive by employing Daniel to build Rachels website .

Shane begins to suspect Callum of harbouring old feelings for Rachel.

He expounds his theory to Gabrielle, then manipulates the situation so that Callum makes Gabrielle and Chris work together.

Shane makes out that Callum has pushed Chris and Gabrielle together in the hope that Chris will feel tempted away from Rachel.

Gabrielle confronts Callum with this, but he strongly denies.

Gabrielle moves out, leaving Callum concerned Shane is a bad influence.

Vasa is irritated when Wendy returns and gives her a veiled reprimand.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is annoyed to discover Ula has been spending time with Phoenix in her absence.

Ula winds Jasmine up further and Evan suggests revenge.

Wendy discovers Murray and Vasa chatting and feels a familiar pang of jealousy.

Evans prank accidentally backfires and Evan lets Wendy believe that Ula pulled the prank on Jasmine.

Wendy accosts Ula who assures her of her innocence.

Vasa defends Ula and Wendy publicly outs her kiss with Murray.

TK belatedly reveals to Kuini that Sarah is carrying his baby.

Kuini asks if TK still loves Sarah but he denies. However when she sees them together she begins to suspect otherwise.

TK gets annoyed with Roimata when she and Henare make plans for TK and Roimatas future.

Roimata queries his attitude and TK remains inflexible, causing Kuini to worry that TKs love for Roimata is not as big as he is claiming.

She addresses the issue with TK, who maintains his position. 

Kuini challenges Sarah to fight for TK, who she believes loves her more than Roimata.

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