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Angela's brilliant career

Angela Bloomfield talks to NZ On Screen

Experienced actor and director Angela Bloomfield has been with Shortland Street for nearly 20 years so far, playing hard nosed business woman Rachel McKenna and also working off screen as a director.

In a new interview with NZ On Screen, Bloomfield looks back at her Shortland Street experiences as well as some of her other career highlights, including working with legendary New Zealand director Peter Jackson.

Bloomfield confesses how terrified she was on her first day on the Shortland Street set.  "It was so overwhelming," she says. "Turning up not knowing 40 people and in my first scene I was wearing a towel."

She also shares how much she has enjoyed playing a troubled character like Rachel over the years, especially during Rachel's troubled teens.

"I got to really dabble in a whole array of emotions," she says. "She [Rachel] says all the things you wish could say that you never would. And I really latched onto that."

Bloomfield also goes on to reveal how her directing experience on Shortland Street and Go Girls has helped her in front of the camera.

For more, watch the full interview at NZ On Screen.

Celebrating 20 years of drama on Shortland Street