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Shortland Street

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90 minute episode gallery

This year's feature length episode was actioned packed!  Take a look at our photo gallery below to relive all the drama!

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Neil suprised Josh by staging the drug raid a week early. Meanwhile when Ula and Dallas arrived at a callout, Ula was shocked to find her own son Adam suffering from an allergic reaction.  As Neil's gang set about raiding the drug supply rooms, Emma found herself taken hostage.

Stuck in the hospital lift, Vinnie and Kylie tried to play it cool but their attraction simmered as they waited for rescue.  Emma discovered she'd been injured in the alteraction with the gang member. Desperate to get away, Neil took Bella as a hostage and Vinnie and Emma were forced to flee after Neil set a real fire outside their lift.

Determined to be a hero, Josh rushes to rescue Bella and Ula's son Adam. He managed to get aboard Neil's boad. After a fight with Neil, both men ended up in the water and Josh ended up knocking Neil unconscious. Josh climbed back aboard after leaving Neil to drown and finally they were all safe.


Shortland Street, weeknights 7pm