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9 - 13 November 2015

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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 9 November (5874)


Drew tries to minimise the fallout from his disastrous dumping of Virginia, but it's taken a toll on his relationship with Harper - and Rachel too, who's deeply unimpressed.

His hopes that he can avoid Virginia at work come crashing down when he finds out she's going to continue working at the hospital.

But the worst is yet to come, as he discovers Virginia never signed their divorce papers and has set her mind on contesting their divorce settlement again.

He tries to reason with her, but Virginia makes her position clear - he's treated her like dirt, so she wants half of his future earnings.

When Rachel meets with Gareth for a follow-up about his surgical supplies, she's surprised by how reasonable he is.

Hoping he'll stay that way, she agrees to trial another of his products.

But when she finds out that she's been tricked into trialing a low quality product, she ends her business with him immediately.

Desperate, Gareth gets angry and violent.

Rachel's forced to have him trespassed from the hospital.

She hopes she's got rid of Gareth for good, but she doesn't know that Gareth stole a security swipe card, which can access all areas at the hospital...


Thinking it's just normal work anxiety talking, Nicole and Kylie bolster that Esther's insecurity about needles and putting in IV lines is a common problem that she will learn to master.

Esther fears it goes deeper than that, as it's something she’s always struggled with, but does her best to face her fears the next day at work.

However, the patient she has to put a line into is difficult, and when Esther can't find the vein, the results are painful.

The patient screams, and demands another doctor who's competent.

Overwhelmed and feeling panicky, Esther begins to hyperventilate and faints.

Terrified that her debilitating secret could spell the end of her career, Esther begs Nicole not to tell, putting Nicole on the spot - should she act like DoN
or Esther’s friend?


Tuesday 10 November (5876 )


Nicole agrees not to out Esther's problem with needles and instead tries to help her overcome it.

When Esther has a panic attack as a result, Nicole makes her come clean to Harper.

Esther's relieved not to be removed from ED, but feels the pressure to fix her problem quickly.

Kylie thinks she has a quick fix answer, but when this fails miserably, Esther realises she has a long, uphill battle to get over her worsening fear.
She's left in despair.


Dayna feels overwhelmed by the last-minute jobs needing to be done at The I.V rooms.

She's distressed not to have heard from George and is feeling the pressure from Rachel to get the renovations done ASAP, but refuses to talk to Jimmy or Wendy about it.

Dayna eventually accepts Jimmy's help to paint the rooms, but is dismayed to see she's chosen the wrong colour.

When Wendy tries again to get her to talk, the stress gets the better of Dayna.

All her fears about messing up this ambitious business plan she's risked so much for, and being abandoned by the supposed love of her life overwhelm her. 

She has an emotional meltdown, walking out on Wendy and the giving up on the job.


Things are tense and awkward for Drew, given he has to work with Virginia.

When he learns that Virginia is dropping her outrageous settlement demands, he dares to hope the end of the divorce drama is in sight.

But Virginia isn't ready to let go. She subtly confides to Harper that Drew made her have a termination in the past.

Harper is appalled - and tells Drew so in no uncertain terms.

Drew is shocked and denies there was ever a pregnancy, but Harper is so convinced by Virginia's lie that she refuses to listen.

Drew's left furious, realising his troubles with Virginia are far from over.

She's now damaged the relationship she knows he holds most dear, and he's determined to make her admit the truth.


Wednesday 11 November (5877)


Wendy feels responsible for driving George away and causing Dayna's meltdown, and determines to make things better for Dayna

Dayna feels like a failure and can't bear to face the work in the IV "Tend Rooms, but when Wendy rallies the family to finish the rooms for her and Ali steps in to help, Dayna is touched and takes new hope.

With the project saved, she puts thoughts of George behind her to refocus on the positive things in her life - her business ambitions and her  loyal, supportive family and friends.


Drew confronts Virginia for poisoning Harper against him and demands she admits the truth.

When Virginia tries to walk away, Drew's temper gets away on him.

Kylie's worried to see him grab Virginia, even though she's making it look more dramatic than it is. 

When Harper finds out about this, she's unsettled to think Drew is even more controlling than she thought, and as 2IC, she determines to pull him into line.


Frustrated it could take months to get over her fear of needles, Esther's still desperate for a quick-fix.

Kylie advises that therapy is the best solution long-term, but Esther secretly gets a prescription for some medication to stop her panicking.

She's delighted when she's able to take bloods without a hitch, lying to Nicole and Harper, saying that it's a breathing method that's done the trick.

Esther's even more pleased when she earns praise from Kylie.


However, her new-found confidence crashes when the medication wears off. Unable to leave the ED to take another one, Esther's ordered by Harper to give a patient an urgent adrenaline injection.

Esther freezes and Kylie comes to her rescue, unbeknownst to Harper.

Kylie is bemused by the return of Esther's symptoms, but believing her therapy story, she offers ongoing support leaving a shamed Esther feeling like a fraud.


With Lucy away, Curtis finds the restrictions on his life increasingly stifling.

He sees a mate, Elliot, and ends up hanging out with him and his old street-fighting contact, Blair.

They leave when Jack comes home, unimpressed by Curtis and his criminal friends. 

Later on, Elliot and Blair convince Curtis to drive them to a party. While Curtis is chilling out in the car, his friends rob a store, suddenly revealing that Curtis is their getaway driver.

Curtis is alarmed, but realising he's implicated whether he likes it or not, he starts the car and commits to being part of the crime.



Thursday 12 November (5878)


Esther's frozen with fear in ED as her needle phobia grips her again.

It's only thanks to Kylie swooping in to help that the patient's life is saved.

Esther confesses to first her, then Harper that she's been taking medication for the phobia.

Harper is initially appalled that Esther lied to her, and put a patient at risk. But she tries to be supportive, insisting they will find a long term solution together.

This only makes Esther feel worse, but she finds an unlikely friend in Jack, who's able to share his own experience of overcoming anxiety.


Mo tells Curtis off for coming home late, and he's more annoyed when he hears from Rachel that Curtis's dodgy mates have been visiting him at work.

Blair and Elliot give Curtis a hard time about his boring job.

Mo orders the boys to keep away from the hospital and urges Curtis to avoid them.

But Curtis is fed up with his work. And he's frustrated when he does a patient a good deed that gets him told off.

When his family head off to the movies, Curtis decides to stay at home. However, he's soon bored and makes plans to head out with Blair and Elliot, where more trouble awaits...


Wendy is happy to see how much Bella has fallen in love with Stevie.

When Boyd comes to do observations on Stevie for his academic paper, he winds up babysitting while Bella pops out for a hair cut.

Boyd starts to panic when Stevie won't stop crying, but he soon finds a unique way to soothe the baby by reciting medical terms.

Bella sees Boyd in a new light when she realises how good he is with Stevie.


Harper confronts Drew about bullying Virginia at work. He refuses to discuss his personal life, leaving Harper frustrated.

Virginia and Drew share a reflective moment when she prepares to leave her PA job and it appears that they have made their peace.


Chris and Rachel make plans to travel to Boston, where Chris has a lectureship. This means that Harper will take over as 2IC.

Drew's buoyed that he will be back in control of the PSC.

But his happiness is short-lived, when he foolishly offers Virginia money to go overseas as she leaves the hospital for good.

She's not only hurt, she's incensed - and Drew is publicly humiliated when she yells and throws a pot plant at him in front of his peers.


Friday 13 November (5879)

Drew feels terrible to realise his disastrous break-up with Virginia has lost him the respect of his peers.

He swears off getting involved with troublesome women, including colleagues, but Kylie's not convinced he can stick to his word.

Drew tries to clear the air with Harper, and she realises she may have been judging him unfairly.

When he talks to her about why he and Virginia were incompatible, they both realise that the person best suited to Drew is Harper.

However, determined to stick to his word, Drew doesn't flirt with Harper, instead making it clear that he has yet to find his perfect woman.


Appalled at her flatmate Esther's daggy clothes, Kylie talks her into going clothes shopping.

A reluctant Esther returns with only one pair of shoes and admits she's lost confidence in her own style.

Realising she's made Esther feel worse about herself, not better, Kylie goes all out to convince her that she's perfect just the way she is.

Esther is grateful for the gesture and the personal support and the two draw closer.


With Vinnie stepping up to be a super-capable dad to Michael and Pele, Leanne can't help feeling a little left out.

Vinnie decides to organise a fundraiser to help poor kids in their community, but Leanne feels he's stepping on her turf once again. She's head of the social club after all!

Clearly miffed, she decides to go ahead and organise an event anyway, and Vinnie’s disappointed to realise Leanne is competing with him.


When Curtis gets away with sneaking out, he's stoked to think he can live a double life - good boy at home, secret mischief on the side.

When he sneaks out to hang with Blair and Elliot again, he's thrown to realise they're planning a burglary.

He agrees to act as look-out, but the burglary goes horribly wrong.

Elliot ends up injured and Curtis stays back to help him escape, risking arrest in the process. Elliot's too badly hurt for them to have any chance of escape.

In desperation, Curtis rings Ali and gets him to pick them up.

Ali arrives in the ambulance and wants to take Elliot to hospital, but Curtis knows that could get them both arrested.

Curtis is forced to plead with Ali to cover for them, knowing he's jail bound otherwise.