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9 - 13 February 2015

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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 9 February (5672)

Leanne hauls Clementine over the coals for breaching patient confidentiality and upsetting Ms Dupree.

Clementine's pained to learn she's scuppered her chances of getting the hospital job.

Feeling guilty, Clementine secretly brings flowers to Ms Dupree and reads to her.

They make a genuine connection but the moment is ruined when Clementine is busted by Leanne, who also lets slip that Clementine was the author of the mean note.

Ms Dupree is freshly hurt and orders Clementine out.

Later, Clementine tries to build a bridge with Leanne.

Leanne sends Clementine on her way but Clementine sneaks past - what is she up to?

Pania is stymied in her efforts to find funding for her children's anti-sugar initiative.

She approaches Chris, who is keen but needs to check with his accountant.

Doing so, he discovers that McKenna House is hemorrhaging money and Chris has been bailing it out.

He has to turn Pania down to deal with this.

Learning that Chris and Rachel invested in McKenna House together but are now at odds, Pania plays the two against each other.

She claims Rachel and Garrett are interested in investing.

This hurts and riles Chris, who pulls his money from McKenna House.

This is a bolt out of the blue for Rachel, who is wounded to lose yet another bond with Chris.

It's good news for Pania however, who, having told Chris that Rachel had to pull out, is happy to accept Chris's newly-available investment funds.

Murray is keen to be a rock for his family as they all face different challenges.

Tiredness catches up with him though, and he ends up missing the start of Kane's rugby trial.

Having caught the end of it, he next races to help Wendy with a task at work.

Then he is called to the I.V again.

Before he can go, he nearly falls with a numb arm and slurred speech.

Harper insists on checking him out and after tests, informs him he had a ministroke.

She wants to keep him in for observation but Murray resists this.

Determined to be there for his family, no matter the cost to himself, Murray lies to Wendy about his health scare, playing it all down in a way that only puts himself at further risk...


Tuesday 10th February (5673 )

Harper's alarmed to find Murray at work, instead of resting at home after his mini stroke.

Rattled by her grim warning, Murray finally takes her advice and rests momentarily.

Suspecting that Murray still hasn't told Wendy, Harper tips her off with a hint.

Concerned, Wendy follows up with Murray - but seeing her worried only confirms his need to protect his family from the troubling news - and he keeps his mini-stroke a secret.

Harper urges Murray to tell his family, but he flatly refuses to cause them unnecessary concern and gets on with the stressful, busy life that endangered his health in the first place...

When Leanne sees the efforts Clementine is going to, to make up for her naughty prank, she creates an opportunity for her to apologise to Dupree.

Moved by it, Leanne rewards her with a job offer to work on reception with her.

Concerned that Nicole is avoiding Pele, Vinnie starts to get frustrated.

But his attempts to trick Nicole into connecting with their son, only result in driving her further away.

Pained by the thought of letting go of her last bond with Chris - McKenna House - Rachel decides to fight to keep it open.

Seeing her under financial stress, Garrett suggests Rachel asks Chris for a divorce settlement.

Rachel refuses, preferring to take the moral high road.

When Garrett thinks that Chris withdrew his McKenna House support to fund Pania's initiative, he's aggrieved on Rachel's behalf.

He infers that Chris has landed Rachel in financial strife, leaving Chris upset to think he's caused her harm.

Wanting to do right by Rachel, Chris offers her a divorce settlement.

Deeply hurt by this, Rachel declines and is furious to realise that Garrett was behind the offer.

She reprimands her lover for interfering in her marital business, which leads Garrett to suspect she still loves Chris.

Rachel denies but soon realises it's true - and that she has to end things with Garrett.

Garrett is devastated but Rachel is resolute - it's been fun, but it's over between them.



Wednesday 11th February (5674)

Reeling from Rachel's rejection, Garrett can't eat, drink or sleep.

But, seeing Harper fire up at Rachel on his behalf, he calls her off and resolves to forget his heartbreak by throwing himself into surgery.

Boyd is wary of this, given how preoccupied he is, but Garrett argues that surgery is all he's got left and Boyd agrees to let him operate.

Despite Garrett's best efforts, he loses focus and fails to keep up.

Garrett's frustrated he's failed again, until he's pulled up by a challenge from Harper not to let Rachel ruin his life.

Rachel worries about how much she's hurt Garrett.

She runs into Chris and is tempted to tell him she's single, but is thwarted by Pania who he's spending a lot of time with.

Chris later learns the news independently and asks Rachel if she's okay.

Rachel's touched by this and drawn to him even more.

But, observing Chris's ongoing spark with Pania, as they discuss professional matters, she fears it's too late.

Nicole's relieved when Vinnie takes Pele to a work meeting, so she can focus on her rehab - as his close bond with Pele is a painful of what she doesn't yet have.

Keen to speed up her recovery so she can safely care for Pele and bond, she throws herself into it with Leanne's help.

But she suffers the consequences when she's too tired to attend Michael's school performance.

She's rocked by the feeling she's helplessly drifting out of every aspect of her family's life, despite all her hard work.

At rock bottom, Nicole admits her fear to Vinnie that she may never get well enough to bond with Pele.

But Vinnie makes her realise that she only feels this way because she's fallen for Pele - that's why she missed him earlier.

Nicole's elated to realise he's right - she's finally in love with her son!

Later, Pele smiles at her and she's left buoyed by this and her family's love for her - so much so that she can face her tough, uncertain future with a new sense of hope.



Thursday 12th February (5675)

Vinnie's optimistic about Nicole's new positive focus - but Leanne's worried his approach will lead to Nicole trying to take on too much again.

Nicole proves herself at first, leading Vinnie to think that Nicole's coping well.

But when Nicole makes a small domestic mistake, and is left alone with Pele, Leanne's worry proves infectious, and Vinnie worries he's set Nicole up to fail.

That's compounded when he and Leanne discover that Nicole and Pele are in ED.

They fear the worst, only to find Nicole was only there on an errand.

She teases them about it, forcing them to realise they need to trust her to know her own limits.

Boyd is enjoying his romance with Harper so much that he avoids arguing with her - even when she refuses to stop hanging out at her flat, which he feels uncomfortable in.

He bottles up his frustration, and accidentally takes it out on Garrett.

Harper's uneasy to see this, and it leads her to wonder whether she and Boyd are really so compatible.

She becomes fed up with his attitude and takes Boyd to task - and this time, Boyd doesn't back away from the argument.

Harper realises Boyd has a point - and she can't help loving his fiery passion.

They're both thrilled to think that they've been keeping their relationship needlessly polite - and romantic sparks fly.

When Ula finds out Dallas hasn't told his family he's split with Bella, she forces him to go and tell them in person.

Since he can't drive, Ula's forced to hide her feelings for him, and take him up there herself.

But when they get there, and Elaine reveals she's known about the breakup for ages, Dallas feels like a massive failure - not just to his family, but in life.

He talks honestly to Elaine, and is thrown when she reveals how much she cares for him - that his sense of failure is rooted in his inability to forgive himself for failure to save his brother Todd when he was young.

She urges him to move home, so he can heal both physically and within his psyche.

Dallas is tempted - but Ula helps him see that the farm isn't his future.

Dallas tells Elaine, who takes it badly.

She walks out and Dallas later discovers that she's rolled her quad bike and is trapped under it.

He's gutted to think he's responsible for his mother's serious injury and tries to save her - only to find he can't due to his own injuries.

His sense of failure comes rushing back...



Friday 13th February (5676)

Garrett's trying hard not to let his surgery-related confidence issues get to him.

But when there's an emergency surgery he hasn't studied for - and it's Dallas's mother he'll be operating on - he gets rattled.

Boyd manages to alleviate this by engaging him intellectually, so he forgets the emotional stakes of the op.

As a result, Garrett does well in the surgery and when Dallas praises him, Garrett's reminded why he loves his job.

His confidence increasing, Garrett commits to a surgery with Chris, leaving Boyd happy to think his protegee is back on track.

Having been mocked for being too maternal with her staff in the past, Wendy's determined to stay aloof and professional - even if it means her nurses don't like her as much.

When Lucy loses a patient, she's thrown, and Wendy's determination to be professional is tested.

She doesn't offer Lucy a shoulder to cry on and Lucy seeks refuge in superstition, blaming Mr Wilkinson's death on the fact that it's Friday the thirteenth.

Wendy thinks this is ridiculous and is frustrated when it starts to affect Lucy's work.

She doesn't know how to snap Lucy out of it, however, so Kylie steps in to help.

Pretending to be cursed, Kylie manages to demonstrate to Lucy just how laughable her superstitions are.

But they're caught out by Rachel, who thinks Kylie is just goofing off at work.

Knowing Kylie was only trying to help, Wendy steps in to defend them, risking Rachel's ire in the process. Wendy's left realising that her job isn't so thankless after all.

Desperate to save his mother, Diane, Dallas manages to lift the quad bike she's trapped under and save her life, but reopens his own old wounds int he process.

Diane's flown to Shortland Street to be operated on, and Dallas is relieved when she pulls through.

When Dallas's father Colin arrives, he hides his hurt and grief in anger, and lashes out at Dallas.

Dallas becomes convinced Colin blames him for Diane's injury, as well as his brother Todd's death years ago.

Despite Ula's advice not to, he confronts his father, accusing him of driving him out of their family... but a broken Colin reveals that he thinks he's the failure, not Dallas.

Dallas is guilty to realise he's misjudged his father, and only driven him deeper into self-blame.