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8 - 12 October 2012

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Monday 8th October (5102)

After blowing up at Vasa, Sarah is forced to take a look at herself and realises how deluded shes been about TK.

Though she apologises to Vasa for going too far, Sarah makes it clear that they will never be friends again. Later, taking the same line with Zac, she feels a weight lift.

Meanwhile, Roimatas distressed to learn of what Sarahs gone through and is determined that she and TK show support. She forces TK to support her idea to move Sarah and Tillie into their home.

When Sarah declines the invitation, TKs unsettled.

Wanting to resecure his friendship with Sarah, TK makes a point of explaining his commitment to Roimata. Sarah knows this, but she cant help feeling a pang for what might have been.

Following Sarahs harsh words, Vasa struggles to cling to any remaining sense of self-worth.

At work, Vasa cant face Zac or Wendy and, feeling its all she deserves, chooses to do a menial stock-take herself.

When Vinnie and Ula try to cheer her up with a special lunch, Vasa feels unworthy of their kindness.

When Vasa overhears Vinnie defending her to Brooke, she tries to convince him to stop.

But Vinnie urges her to address her low self-esteem and start looking at life more positively.

Harry tries to make sense of Liams underprivileged life, and Chris is pleased by his sons burgeoning social conscience.

But Phoenix suspects that Harrys charity is motivated by Liams bullying. When Phoenix challenges Liam, hes assaulted.

When Rachel lays a complaint about Liam, despite Harrys protests, Liams family is banned from the soup kitchen.

Chris is frustrated that it has come to this, and he feels awful when Liam turns up badly beaten.

Chris is determined to do his best for Liam and wants to take him in.

However, Rachel reminds Chris how he almost lost everything when he tried to help Hayley.

When faced to chose between family and charity, Chris chooses family, but feels sickened for not having helped Liam when he needed it most.


Tuesday 9th October (5103)

Uncomfortable with the decision hes made to walk away from Liam, Chris tries to assure Harry that Liam will be looked after by CYFS.

Chriss concerns increase when he later learns Liam chose to go home with his abusive father.

When he witnesses Rachel intentionally glossing over Liams situation to Harry, Chris also feels like a liar.

Frustrated by his powerlessness, Chris decides to follow through on Liams case but when Boyd suggests hes feeding his own ego, and would do more good with his pro bono work, Chris is called up.

Later hes warmed to see that Harry indeed has learnt from the whole experience.

Buoyed by Vinnie and Bellas support, Vasa attempts a more peaceful and thoughtful approach to life.

But she worries when Rachel notices shes failing to manage Zac and Wendy effectively.

When Rachel pushes Vasa, she tries her best to pull Wendy and Zac into line, insisting they complete the stock take together.

Alone with Wendy, Zac capitalises on Wendys resentment of Vasa and feeds it.

Kylie falters in surgery when Boyd and Luke discuss a domestic violence incident.

Nicole is concerned but she stands up for Kylie when her work is brought into question and Vasa concedes to give Kylie more precepting time.

Later when Kylie falters a second time, she confides to Nicole that shes missing her sister. When Nicole reveals she too has lost a sister, they bond.

Emma is furious Kylie has revealed this and adds to the stress and pressure Kylie is already struggling with.

When a vulnerable Kylie tries to flee from work, Vasa reprimands her.

An upset Kylie decides its best if she quits. Wendy intervenes and accuses Vasa of work place bullying and threatens to get the union involved.

Wednesday 10th October (5104)

Still reeling, Vasa informs Vinnie of Wendys accusation of bullying and threat to complain to the nursing union.

Vasa denies the accusation and, as union rep, Vinnie feels torn between remaining loyal to her and supporting his colleagues.

He attempts to play peacemaker and resolve the situation but Wendy arranges to take the matter to Rachel.

Meanwhile, Kylie reveals to Lana and Emma the difficulty shes having coping with their mission to bring Boyd to justice.

The constant reminders of Julia have caused Kylies grief at her sisters death to resurface.

Lana insists they put Kylies well being first and set aside their mission for now, frustrating Emma.

Kylie agrees to retract her resignation and withdraws from Wendys bullying complaint against Vasa.

Rachel dismisses Wendys complaint and Vasa is relieved when shes able to broach a truce with Wendy where they agree to move forward professionally with a clean slate, despite their personal differences.

Brooke is still struggling in the wake of Brees departure and looks forward to the distraction of spending a day off work with Sarah.

But Sarah is called in to the hospital and Brooke finds herself looking after Tillie.

Brooke is apprehensive but, to her surprise, she bonds with Tillie and finds herself able to let go of some of her pent up grief over Bree.

Paige feels the pressure to impress Chris and Boyd and puts her all into a research project Boyd assigns her.

The research pertains to a surgery Boyd is performing and he invites Paige to observe. The operation takes a turn for the worse and, off her research, Paige is certain she has the solution to the problem.

Paige finally convinces Boyd to listen but is embarrassed when he has already discounted her solution.

Paige has wasted precious time in the operation and is told off by Chris.

Feeling bad, Paige realises she knows less than she thought and needs to keep her head down.

But when Paige encounters a medical emergency outside of the hospital shes forced to take action, despite her fears shes incapable.

Thursday 11th October (5105)

Paige is relieved when she manages to save her patient.

Boyd and Chris are impressed and Paige is pleased by her success, but later, she cant help overthinking the situation and shes shaken to realise how easily she could have botched things.

Roimata tries to reassure Paige, but its only after a visit to the patient that she feels better.

Paige realises that instead of avoiding connection with patients, she should be embracing it, because its the part of medicine she most enjoys - shes not cut out to be a surgeon.

But Paige is blindsided by the arrival of her Uncle Shane, who reveals hes got her brilliant surgical future already mapped out.

Brookes concerned when she has to find a new flatmate for her apartment as per the rules of her agreement, and shes disappointed when Sarah refuses to move in.

Learning Zac needs new accommodation, Brooke gets an idea and pretends to Sarah that Rachel has lined him up for the apartment.

To Brookes delight, Sarah agrees to move in to save her from Zac. Later, Sarah learns Brooke lied.

Her manipulations exposed, Brooke admits she wants Sarah to live with her because shes lonely and needs a trusted friend.

Sarah realises how vulnerable Brooke is, and is left feeling sympathetic.

Josh is feeling put out by all the time Lana is spending with Emma and Kylie.

Feeling bad, Lana mollifies Josh with romantic plans.

This leads Josh to turn down Boyd and Zacs poker night invite, but Emma has other ideas, and she persuades Lana to incorporate her date into poker plans so they can learn more about Boyd.

Lana complies, but shes annoyed when Emma blatantly starts to question Boyd.

Josh catches Lana telling Emma off, and hes suspicious.

Later, Emma allows Boyd to see her cards, testing to see whether or not hell cheat. Shes surprised when he folds, despite having the better hand.

Josh finds it strange that Emmas sour over her win, and, sick of being kept in the dark, he challenges Lana to explain whats really going on.

Do they think Boyd killed Kylies sister?

Friday 12th October (5106)

When Lana confirms Joshs suspicions, shes challenged by a disappointed Josh to confront her own doubts.

Emma and Kylie are alarmed their secret is out and, her loyalties torn, Lana asks Josh to keep quiet about their vendetta against Boyd but Josh refuses.

Hurt by Joshs rejection, Lana disengages from her friends.

Worried shes losing her grip on Lana, Emma makes an effort to instigate some fun.

But Lana avoids them, needing to make Josh understand their need for justice.

Josh cant condone what Lana is doing and he asks her make a choice - their relationship, or her childhood pact with her friends.

Determined to prove to Sarah shes made the right choice to move in, Brookes initial apprehension about living with Tillie is eased by Sarahs good company.

But Brooke is exhausted when Tillie cries through her first night, and embarrasses herself by accidentally snapping at Boyd.

Determined to stay focussed, Brookes humiliated when Boyd later catches her asleep at her desk.

Brookes desire for rest is thwarted by baby madness at home, and she fears living with Tillie may have been a mistake.

Off the back of Shanes offer, Paige tries to admit shes having doubts about surgery as a career, but when Shane reminds her of the sacrifices hes made for her it puts more pressure on her to accept.

Paige rises to Shanes defence to a judgemental Chris but when Josh has no time to help her decide what to do, she finds herself craving drugs.

Compelled to tell Shane she cant handle the pressure, shes honest with Shane and tells him her medical aspirations aren't in surgery.

With ulterior motives for wanting Paige to succeed, Shane is furious, and insists shell never make it without his help.

Paige is left hurt and betrayed by his sudden vehemence.

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