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8 - 12 February 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 8 February (5918)


It’s George's first day as a junior doctor and Dayna starts to realise how all-consuming it is.

In ED George tries not to let his inexperience show and when he has trouble interpreting a result, Lucy helps him out.

George bluffs to TK that he's managing, even though he's not quite on top of things. 

But with his second case he manages to nail a diagnosis, impressing TK.

Determined to maintain the appearance of confidence, George then tries to succeed without help. He appears to be handling himself but faced with a complicated case, the pressure gets the better of him and he abandons Lucy and the patient.

TK steps in to handle the case and warns George not to leave a patient again.

Even though TK commends George over all, George is left knowing he needs to step up.


When Mo goes looking for Jack, Victoria offers unwavering support.

Meanwhile, a troubled Jack turns up at the Warners' looking for Harry.

Chris is concerned about him and later tells Mo that Jack was carrying a backpack.

Because of this, Mo has a good idea where he might be. \

He finds Jack at Kereru Falls, where Pixie's ashes were scattered, and they share a close moment, renewing Mo's hope he can unite his family after all.


Curtis is determined to find who framed Margaret for Drew's shooting, but when Ali cautions him to take his concerns to the cops, he refuses, insisting on going it alone.

Off new information from Ali, he realises Virginia is looking for a job.

He lures her to The I.V by posing as a potential employer, but confronts her in the car park and tries to scare her into admitting she was the one who shot Drew and framed Margaret.

Virginia swears she had nothing to do with it and when Curtis demands to know who else might have had access to the lockers she can only name Victoria.

Curtis turns his attention to Victoria and accuses her. She denies but is left shaken and resolves to take action.

Determined not to be discovered, Victoria burns the last evidence that might link her to Drew's shooting, proving once and for all who shot Drew...



Tuesday 9 February (5919 )


Mo has a heart to heart with Jack and he agrees to come home.

Back in Ferndale, Victoria tells Mo that Curtis accused her of framing Margaret, and paints it in a way that makes her seem sympathetic in his eyes.

When Mo confronts Curtis, he defends Victoria, which drives a wedge even further between them.

Victoria is thrilled when Jack asks her to join them for dinner - Curtis won't be around.


Meanwhile, Esther bails up Curtis about his treatment of Victoria.

Pointing out that he's shown his hand now, she urges him to take his theory to the police.

He does, but is frustrated to feel he hasn't been taken seriously.

When Virginia tells Drew about Curtis, hassling first her and then turning his attentions to Victoria, Drew warns him off.

Curtis is even more aggrieved when he sees he's being tailed by the police.

However, he's pleased to discover a kind of ally in Esther.


Loved up, Drew casually invites Harper to move in with him, but she baulks, insisting that it's too soon.

When he's honest about enjoying being with her, Harper melts - only later cursing her independent stance when Drew withdraws the invitation out of
respect for her wishes.


Feeling she's surrounded by couples, Lucy determines to focus on work.

This decision is rewarded when Nicole encourages her to upskill to become a Level 3 nurse.

Ali worries George is taking advantage of Lucy's good nature and when he takes credit for a diagnosis of hers, and is affronted to think that Lucy's going to let George get away with it.

Meanwhile, Ali is run ragged between his ambo and pizza delivery shifts - and embarrassed when he has to deliver pizza to his medical colleagues.

When he finds George seemingly lording it over Lucy, he fires up in her defense.

Lucy's heart swells at his staunch support but Ali's inspiring speech is undercut when he trips and falls.

Lucy's concerned for him, but mainly struck by the thought that the right guy might have been in front of her all this time... she's falling for Ali!


Wednesday 10 February (5920)

Ali's not hurt following his fall, but Lucy's impressed by his chivalry. She realises he's basically her perfect man, and he's completely unavailable.

Little does she know, however, that the care and concern she's just shown for him has sparked a surprise moment of attraction in him too!

Lucy's thrown to be questioned by Rachel, who has picked up on their warm connection.

When it's obvious Ali's avoiding her, Lucy presumes it's because he's picked up her one-sided crush - when the truth is, Ali's feeling it too.

They're both acutely aware he's engaged and they're great friends - so Lucy vows and declares to Rachel that'she'll nobly quash her unexpected feelings for him.


With Margaret and Drew out of her way, Victoria's thrilled to think her life is finally back on track - especially when Chris lets her return to the surgical department.

But her day is about to sour when she visits the Hannahs... 

Curtis is challenged by Esther to put his own life back together by playing by the rules. He gets his job back, and moves back home, much to Mo's relief.

When Victoria comes around for dinner, he plays nice with her. However, in a private moment he leaves her acutely aware he's on her case.


Bella and Dayna are troubled to realise Murray's been avoiding them. They assume it's because he wants them to focus on their own lives, and they feel guilty knowing Murray must be lonely.

They arrange for some quality time, but Murray wriggles out of it, first lying to Dayna that he's with Bella, then claiming that he's with Ross.

But Dayna and Bella are increasingly worried and try to track him down.

Alone at the beach, Murray finally answers their calls. Bella demands he tells them where he is, but Murray's unwilling to burden them with his grief.

Pretending the phone reception is bad, he hangs up on the girls, unable to face talking about the heartbreak and loneliness he's carrying following Wendy's death.



Thursday 11 February (5921)


Keen to find out more about Victoria, so he can prove she's the one who shot Drew, and keep her away from Mo, Curtis acts friendly to her.

But beneath the surface he duels with her, finding out how she's benefiting from Drew's absence at work, and zeroing in on her personal antipathy for Drew himself.

It gets so tense Victoria has to leave - and when Mo challenges Curtis on his attitude towards her, he acts innocent.

But at work he sneakily goes through her personal effects, looking for a clue. She almost catches him, but he brave-faces and gets away with it - for now anyway. He knows he's messing with a dangerous woman.

Her good girl act is unsettled when a lawyer contacts her about a court case against her abuser - Doctor Clifford Portman.


Murray's been avoiding his family, due to his overwhelming grief - but when they finally track him down he admits how much he's not coping.

Dayna and Bella start to help him reconnect with life again.


Despite Harper's warnings that he needs to recover, Drew's desperate to get back to work - so much so that he starts following up on patients at home and pesters Chris with advice from afar.

Harper's pleased when Chris puts Drew back in his box, but Drew isn't deterred.

When Drew turns up at work to confront Chris about 'poaching' a high status patient, Harper's forced to apologise to Chris on his behalf. But Drew's fired up at Chris and confronts him - only for Harper to reveal that patients are avoiding Drew because his underage op has become public news.

Drew's incredulous that he can't just brush off the Millie incident.

Harper gives him a wake-up call about his overweening ego. Drew fires back at her, and the two are left at odds.


Norelle's anxious as she awaits her all-important test results, but with TK's support Kylie manages to give her hope and strength.

They're both devastated when the results confirm she has cancer.

Kylie's strong for her mother, but when she's alone with TK her resolve crumbles and she confesses her fear that her mother is going to die.


Friday 12 February (5922)


To Kylie's concern, Norelle is still avoiding accepting the reality of her diagnosis.

With TK's support, she manages to convince Norelle to go see Chris again to make a treatment plan. But Norelle's even more rattled and once again buries her head in the sand.

Kylie tries various approaches to make Norelle face the decisions she must make about her treatment. But Norelle's now researching alternative treatments, believing they offer better odds and even the promise of a cure.

Exasperated, Kylie turns to TK for help. TK tries to gets through to Norelle, only for Kylie and Norelle to end up at loggerheads again.

Kylie's forced to paint a harsh picture of Norelle's chances of survival if she avoids treatment. Confronted, Norelle rejects Kylie's help and decides to leave.

Kylie's dismayed that in trying to help her mother, she's only driven her away.


Drew tries to brush off Harper's wake-up call about his ego and her concerns about their relationship - but when she stands him up at dinner he realises she's serious.

Realising he's got to do so, he digs deep and says that he's serious about her - but also acknowledges that, try as he might to change, he is always going to be who he is: self-centred and cocky.

Harper weighs up their relationship, admitting she's always going to call him on his faults - the question is, can they both live with that? Ultimately, Harper decides she can - she is serious about him too, but they need to go slow and start their romance afresh if they're to have a chance.

It's a positive thing for them both and marks a refreshing change in their romance.


Murray returns to the cafe for the first time after the siege, where his spirits lift as he finds a kindred spirit in Jack.


Victoria's claws are starting to emerge thanks to Curtis, who vows he's going to expose who she really is to Mo.

And also thanks to the fact her past abuser, Dr Portman , is being prosecuted by other victims - who are responsible for the mysterious calls Victoria's been avoiding.

Boyd picks up on this and puts the jigsaw together, suggesting to Chris that they keep an eye on her.

Victoria's frustrations peak as thanks to Curtis, she feels hesitant about spending time with Mo... watch out Curtis.