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Shortland Street

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8 - 12 August 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Monday 8 August (6051 & 6052)

Chris feels instinctively jealous of Glen, and Rachel is amused by his over-protectiveness. She doesn't realise he's right to be on-guard, given Glen's secret obsession with her.

Glen arrives to finalise his donation to the hospital. He makes the meeting for a specific time, when he knows he can get Rachel alone.

Oblivious, Rachel is charmed by Glen, who talks of making amends with Lucy.

Chris arrives and feels a pang of unease, but Rachel dismisses it.


Bella has success selling her multivitamins, but becomes tired of constantly repeating the sales pitch.

Leanne hits on the idea of videoing the spiel. 

Bella proves to be the better on camera. The new video boosts sales and Leanne and Bella are delighted. 


Kylie and TK talk for the first time since their split.

It becomes clear to Kylie that breaking up was the right decision for them both.

Meanwhile, TK's virus patient Trina begins to recover without the aid of any medical intervention.

Kate is hopeful - willing Blue to beat the killer virus as well.

As she rouses, Trina provides TK with a lead to Hayden's whereabouts. He's hiding out at a horse-breeding farm.

TK's convinced this lead will help them find more patients who've been exposed to the virus, and perhaps even trace the source of it.

TK passes this information on to the police. But they don't have a warrant to arrest Hayden, and they're too busy to follow up on it immediately.

Frustrated, TK considers going himself. Mo points out that Hayden knows both himself and TK by sight.

Kylie and Drew offer to go instead. Although he is unhappy about, TK agrees.

Kylie and Drew pose as horse buyers and gain entry to the farm.

Kylie goes snooping and discovers a young woman suffering from the familiar virus-like symptoms.

She attempts to leave with the woman, only to find her way blocked by Hayden.

Having caught Kylie snooping, Hayden and his dangerous henchman get aggressive.

Drew and Kylie are in a serious bind, until TK turns up and alerts the cops.

When Hayden figures out the police are on their way, he tries to flee. But it's too late, the cops are there.


All the illegal immigrants who've been working for Hayden are isolated and tested for the virus.

TK, Drew and Kylie are relieved to think they've contained the spread of the virus.

They still remain seriously worried for Blue.

Boyd takes hope when he hears from a hospital in Australia, who may be able to help find a cure.

TK sees Kylie and Drew's closeness after their risky adventure, and mistakes it for intimacy.

He's sad to think she really has moved on from him.


Bella and Leanne decide to film a more professional promo video for their multivitamin product.

Bella gets stage fright, and ends up filming the most stilted video imaginable. She's mortified, and insists the footage be deleted

Michael finds it hilarious, and sends it to his friends instead.


Glen is spending up large, buying Lucy a new TV for their flat.

This makes Lucy very uneasy. She talks to her father, accusing him of trying to impress people.

While Glen denies it to Lucy, he admits to Rachel that Lucy's right, he's trying to stay in her good books.

Rachel feels for Glen, and has a talk with Lucy.

Lucy opens up about her fears, saying that Glen's unhealthy emotional behaviour scarred her childhood.

Rachel assures her it won't be the case this time.

But then Lucy discovers that Glen's just bought Curtis and Ali a car. She's left feeling upset and betrayed.


Tuesday 9 August (6053 )

Lucy is deeply hurt and angry at Glen's manipulative behaviour. 

She insists that he return the car he bought for Ali and Curtis, but feels bad to realise that Ali's disappointed.

Curtis has no qualms about standing up to her though, and Lucy begins to wonder if she's wrong to thwart Ali's business ambitions.

She talks it through with Rachel, who ends up brokering a peace between Lucy and Glen.

Lucy agrees to let Glen give Ali and Curtis the car. She's glad to have cleared the air with Glen.

Privately Glen feels that he's the real winner, having got closer than ever to Rachel.


TK's concerned by Kylie's reluctance to return to nursing. But he knows he's lost the right to give her advice.

Thinking she and Drew are drawing closer, TK urges Drew to have a word with her instead.

Drew does so, but Kylie tells him firmly to back down.

Cam notes her sharp reaction, and eventually manages to get her to open up.

Kylie says that she's touchy because she has buried fears.

She's worried about whether she will be allowed to resume nursing, but also how staff and patients will treat her if she does, given the publicity around Norelle's death.

Cam offers uncomplicated support and Kylie decides to confront her fears. She's going to face the Nursing Council.


Boyd takes blood from Kate and Trina to send to Australia, where researchers are working on a cure.

Kate can only hope that something turns up in time to help Blue.

Bella comes to offer her some support. She ends up giving an accidental sales pitch for Phyllovite, when she offers Kate a smoothie.

Luckily the distracted Kate appreciates the gesture of concern. 

Leanne's keen to do another video session to help sell their product, but Bella's wary of choking again.

She avoids Boyd's curiosity, determined to do it alone.


Jack’s worry for Blue means he's distracted at work.

Cam sends him off to visit his friend, unwittingly fuelling Jack's admiration.

Jack's wary of seeing Blue so sick. Mo tells him that there's hope for a cure, and Blue's story needn't end like Pixie's did.

When Jack chats to Blue, Blue picks up on Jack's crush on Cam. He urges Jack to go for it, life is short.

Soon after, Blue's condition worsens and he goes into cardiac arrest.

Jack’s shocked and Kate's terrified to think her worst fears are coming true.



Wednesday 10 August (6054)

Leanne decides that Phyllovite needs a different marketing tactic.

They come up with the idea of a Wellness Fair, to be held in the IV courtyard.

Bella ends up selling much more product than Leanne, who expects it's due to Bella's youth.

Leanne turns to the PSC, to investigate cosmetic surgery options for herself.

Nicole's shocked when Leanne refers to it the surgery as a business investment, but doesn't have time to stay and talk her out of it.

Seeing Harper, Nicole implores her to talk some sense into her mother.

Harper is uncomfortably caught in the middle.


Finn suggests he and Esther take a holiday together.

What Finn doesn't realise, is that Esther's still struggling with her finances.

She hides her overdue bills, assuring him she'll make it work.

Kylie suggests she get rid of her new car, insisting Finn will still like her without it.

Finn misreads Esther's hesitation as reluctance to spend time with him, so she thinks she needs to find the money, fast.


Kate's reeling in the wake of Blue's cardiac arrest.

Jack is too. He can't help but draw parallels with Pixie's death, and is struggling to deal with his emotions.

Curtis and Mo both reassure him, but he seeks refuge at The IV.

He throws himself into work, with Cam's support, hoping that Blue will make a full recovery.

However, when TK tells him Blue has failed to improve, Jack is dismayed.

Cam tries to comfort him, but Jack wants to be completely honest. He declares his feelings - he's in love with Cam.


Thursday 11 August (6055)

Cam doesn't reciprocate Jack's affections, leaving Jack convinced he's made a huge mistake.

Mortified, he confides in Curtis, who warns him he's likely to lose his job.

Jack prepares for the worst, but Cam is lovely, insisting Jack forget the whole incident. Jack is surprised Cam is treating it so lightly.

Curtis reasons that perhaps Cam reciprocates Jack's feelings. Jack doubts this.

But when Cam and Kylie enjoy a flirtatious exchange, Jack mistakenly believes Cam is interested in him. He begins to believe Curtis could be


Harper attempts to talk Leanne out of having her cosmetic consult. 

Harper also talks to Nicole, who worries that Drew will talk Leanne into surgery. However, Drew actually does the opposite.

When a nervous Nicole checks on Leanne, her interference causes Leanne to dig her feet in. She decides to proceed with the operation.

Harper's annoyed with Drew, but he manages to charm her, as he always does. The pair fall into bed together.

They end up having an honest talk about their relationship. Harper agrees to give it another go.

Before they can celebrate, Harper receives news that Garrett is seriously ill.


Finn books an expensive Queenstown hotel for his ski trip with Esther. She worries about how she is going to pay for it.

Esther fakes a twisted ankle, but Finn suggests they go anyway. She's forced to pretend her GP has told her not to, so Finn takes her out to dinner instead.

Finn forgets his wallet and Esther is left with the bill.

Her credit card declines, but Lucy comes to the rescue. Esther is filled with gratitude.

However, they arrive home to discover they are locked out of their flat.

Esther hasn't paid the rent for over a month, despite the fact Lucy has been transferring money into her account.

Lucy feels betrayed, and Esther's mortified to have let her best friend down.


Friday 12 August (6056)

Furious at Esther for spending their rent money, Lucy leaves her to deal with it alone and goes to stay with Ali.

Mortified, Esther stays with TK. In spite of her efforts to hide it, he soon realises she has serious money and friendship problems.

TK steps in to help her budget. While she's open to making changes, she refuses to let go of her lifestyle.

She stubbornly keeps her expensive car, refuses to move out of the flat, and continues to hide her troubles from Finn.

Lucy's exasperated, and their friendship is on the rocks.

Esther breaks down and confesses how bad she feels.

Lucy feels for her, and insists she tells Finn the truth. They both know that Esther's desire to impress him is the root of her problems.


Harper's departure to be with her brother puts Rachel under pressure at work.

It means TK has to stay in ED, instead of going out with the Mobile Outreach Clinic. Rachel senses his frustration.

As the pressure mounts on her, Rachel snaps at Glen over an innocent comment. He's intrigued to see how stressed she is.

Though Chris has promised to help Rachel, he gets caught up in surgery. Rachel ends up working late to get things done.

When Finn delivers a takeaway dinner from Glen, Rachel's touched by his thoughtfulness. She's unaware it's a sign of his ulterior motives.


Realising Leanne is rushing into plastic surgery for the wrong reasons, Nicole insists she speak to Howard about it.

Nicole's hoping Howard will talk Leanne out of it completely, but this fails.

However, Bella points out that their Phyllovite product is all about being natural.

Leanne decides to cancel her appointment, much to Nicole's relief.

Leanne and Bella are pleased to note the increased traffic on their business web page, although there's no corresponding spike in sales.

The mystery is revealed when they realise people have been visiting the site after seeing a viral video of Bella's bloopers.

Michael admits he sent the footage to a friend, who uploaded the funny clip.

Leanne is rattled to find Michael's friend has posted another version, that makes fun of her age. She overreacts, yelling at Michael and turning on Nicole when she tries to intervene.

Leanne storms out, and Nicole is shocked by her uncharacteristic outburst.