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7 - 11 October 2013

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Monday 7th October (5353)

Sarahs pleased when tests prove she was right about Rose all along.

Harper and Roimata praise her persistence, but Nate views it harshly and sends them to face Chris.

Sarah shoulders the blame and worries when Chris suggests she did the wrong thing.

But he knows it was for the right reasons and he gives her a new role doctoring throughout the hospital.

Nate is put out until Chris reminds him the hospital serves people, not policies.

Nate tries to make his peace with Sarah but is annoyed when his charm offensive has no effect.

Having finally accepted that Len needs residential care, Murray sets a seemingly impossibly high bar for the facility he will accept.

When Judy claims the right to choose because shes bearing the financial burden, Murray impulsively pledges to pay.

He has to get Wendy on-side, but then its just a matter of getting in to Sunnybrook, the finest facility, but one with a long wait list.

Rachel discovers that Evans car is at the mechanics and that hes been neglecting his cleaning commitments.

She confronts him, and he lies, leading her to question whether she can do business with him anymore.

Evan asks Phoenix to help pick up the slack. Rachel thinks this is the last straw until Phoenix reveals Evans family pressures with Len.

Rachel goes round to apologise and discovers a way to help when she learns theyre having problems getting into Sunnybrook - luckily shes friends with the CEO.

Emma thinks she has no right to challenge Julias decision to take Toby away until Kylie points out that Julia has a pattern of poor decision making.

Emma approaches Toby and is surprised to learn he has no idea about Sweden.

What he learns he doesnt like and when he tells Julia he doesnt want to go, Julia accuses Emma of trying to steal her son.

Emma agrees to work with Julia to put a positive spin on Sweden, but their discussion becomes heated and Toby learns that Julia fled Emmas father and Geraldine.

Tobys sick of being kept in the dark, and Emma and Julia are both shocked when he runs away to find his dad.


Tuesday 8th October (5354)

Emma and Dallas set off in furious pursuit of Toby.

They manage to locate him using Emmas smart phone application, and chase him down.

Emma and Julia are united in apologising to Toby for forcing him into a position where he didnt want to disappoint either of them.

They leave the decision up to Toby and he decides to stay.

Julia considers staying too but Toby urges her to go ahead with her plans.

Meanwhile, in secret, Toby attempts to makes contact with the man Emma and Julia tried to warn him off - his father.

Rachel enjoys the challenge of helping Evan with the business while he is occupied with family issues.

Shes too busy doing this and helping the Coopers, to engage with Chris in his efforts for some romantic time.

But hes happy to see her enthusiastic so offers his support.

Rachel organises a couple of casual cleaners to cover for Evans absence. When the cleaners take off, a determined Rachel enlists Chris reluctant help.

However he cant handle it when they're nearly busted cleaning the locker room by Kylie.

So Chris organises cover so that he can have a romantic time with Rachel and protect their dignity.

Vinnie starts to feel like he wants more than just fun times with Kylie.

He tries to get some quality time with her but she seems keen to re-establish the strictly physical parameters of their relationship.

Kylie doesnt let on that since her drunken kiss with Nate, hes become a fixture in her mind.

Vasa counsels Vinnie to do more for Kylie if he wants more.

Vinnie takes this advice and charms Kylie into another attempt at a date.

Nate steps up his efforts to engage with Kylie but she bats him off.

Vinnie organises a special date with Kylie. When Kylie gets there, Nate appears with an offer to try and tempt her away.

Kylies torn and must choose between the two men.


Wednesday 9th October (5355)

Despite choosing Vinnie, Kylie cant shake her attraction to Nate and continues to lead him on.

However, she feels pressured into making something of a commitment to Vinnie.

Kylie is thrown when Nate doesnt respond to her flirting, in fact backs her off, claiming its unfair on Vinnie.

When Vasa learns that Kylie wants to keep her romance with Vinnie private, shes concerned that Kylie is messing with him.

Vinnie seeks some reassurance and Kylie agrees to them going public. A stoked Vinnie is keen to celebrate.

When Nate joins them and hears their news, hes initially rattled but then he secretly touches Kylie knee.

Thinking she no longer had a chance with him, Kylie is thrilled. Its secret game on again.

Thanks to Rachels contacts, Murray takes Len to an interview with the manager of Sunnybrook rest home - a great facility, but one that has no place for Len right now.

It now seems hes destined to go to a lesser facility, despite the fact the Coopers and Judy offer to care for him in their homes.

But at the last minute, he gets a reprieve - a place has unexpectedly become available.

It later emerges that Evan scored the room by offering a hefty discount for his cleaning services at Sunnybrook.

Its a big, warm moment as they take him to the home - Judys even selling her house and will move up to live in a house nearby.

Alone together, Murray is moved when Len expresses his gratitude and his pride in his son.

Both Chris and Rachel are leading busy lives - Rachel prioritises her new business venture and Chris doesnt let the boys school holidays or staff obligations distract him from challenging surgery.

Sarah expresses her concerns about Nate but Chris fobs her off.

An horrific injury to a young teenager reminds Chris hes neglecting his own kids.

So he passes his cherished surgery onto another surgeon and invests in time with Harry and Phoenix.

Pulling Rachel in too, they enjoy some outdoor fun together.

But the day ends in tragedy when Chris plays up on the flying fox for his kids, suffers a blow to the head and collapses.

Thursday 10th October (5356)

Chris is brought into hospital to be treated for his head injury.

He rouses to see his familys worry and tries to reassure that hell soon make a complete recovery.

But when he learns he has a cerebral contusion and a skull fracture, Chris is thrown.

Determined to recover quickly, Chris insists on continuing to work, but Sarah overrules him, pointing out that he will hinder his recovery if he doesnt rest.

Resigned, Chris asks Sarah to step in as CEO.

Thinking about her MS and Tillie, Sarah is wary of accepting but does so temporarily, if only to keep Nates ambitions in check.

Kylie tries to flirt with Nate after he came onto her at the IV the previous night, but is hurt when Nate dismisses her.

Tired of his mixed signals, Kylie confronts Nate and he challenges her to dump Vinnie so shes free to go out with him.

Annoyed by his cocky attitude, Kylie chooses Vinnie as the better man, insisting shes finished with Nates games.

But a confident Nate makes it clear that hes not convinced Kylie can keep her hands off him.

Given the rise of his cleaning business, Evan cant be bothered to work on his school assignments, but when Ula urges him not leave school with no qualifications like she did, Evan determines to catch up on his assignments.

Hes inspired when near-genius Toby is willing to help him cheat and thinks hes onto a winner when he gets away with paying Toby in cafe food.

Evans thrown when Toby later presents him with an invoice.

He refuses to pay until Toby threatens to humiliate him by exposing his cheating.

Harper asks Emma to get a man dressed in a self-made superhero outfit out of ED, but Captain Stupendous returns again and this time Harper orders Bella to escort him out of the hospital.

Vasa later tries to find out who he is, but its only but when Bella claims to be a superhero too that she learns Kents real name.

When a stressed Harper discovers him still in triage, she threatens to get security involved but Bella explains Kents scared of walking home through his local park, so Bella is going to walk with him.

When Harper learns that Kents been beaten up and robbed walking through the park during after-school hours, she realises Bella may be in danger.

Her fears are confirmed when she gets to the park and sees a large group of figures circling and threatening Bella and a scared Kent.


Friday 11th October (5357)

Harpers relieved when she subdues the students taunting Kent and Bella.

Bella is overawed by Harpers courage and skill at self-defence, but Harper assures her the same power is within her reach.

She urges Bella to develop her selfconfidence and not rely on other people, leaving Bella inspired.

When Dallas almost catches Toby searching for his father and cheating for Evan, Toby resolves to be more discreet.

Hes despondent when his search proves fruitless, but determined to put all his energy in continuing the hunt he turns down Evans offer of more paid work.

When Harry later suggests that Toby should use an expensive private investigator, Toby goes back to Evan, keen to do whatever it takes to get the money he needs.

When motherhood calls, Sarah withdraws from being interim CEO.

She convinces Harper to do the job, to keep Nate at bay and put patients and staff first.

When Harper is torn between renegotiating the contract for the hospitals security services and working in ED, Nate convinces her to hand the security job over to him.

Sarah finds out that Nate has cut the number of guards to save money and sets up an emergency staff meeting.

Nate succeeds in winning the staff over, but only with Harpers support.

Harpers later left uneasy when Nate seemingly offers her a reward for loyalty.

Feeling responsible for handing the reins to Harper, Sarah turns to Rachel for advice about managing Nate.

When Nicole notices a spark between Nate and Kylie and reminds Kylie how committed Vinnie is to her, Kylie decides to make a real go of the relationship.

Shes thrilled when Emma invites her and Vinnie to dinner at the house and while Vinnies uneasy about starting a round of dinner-party double-dates, he agrees to go along.

The dinner bores Kylie from the start and things turn awkward when she sends a silly pixt to Vinnie leading Emma to think theyre laughing at her.

The evening ends badly, leading Kylie and Vinnie to argue.

When Kylie questions the point of being in a relationship thats no fun, Vinnie softens but refuses to go dancing with her, citing an early start the next day.

Seeking excitement, Kylie contacts Nate who invites her round. She goes, but is hurt and embarrassed when he rejects her.