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7 - 11 March 2016

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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 7 March (5938)


Nicole fears Rachel will come down hard on her for her outburst. But, feeling she has nothing to lose, she stands by her demand for more nurses and is surprised when Rachel offers to look into employing two extra staff... although thanks to budget restrictions she ends up with two HCA, not nurses.

Frustrated, Nicole's left realising that she needs to find a better way to effect a real change - like playing hard ball.


Jack and Curtis endure a dinner with Victoria. Victoria is sensitive to the tension she’s causing, but Mo insists the boys need to get used to it. He convinces Tor to stay the night at his place - which is deliciously romantic, yet undercut by the shocked and hurt reaction of the boys.

Jack is adamant that Margaret will return, though Mo works hard to insist the opposite - even if she comes back to her sons, she's not coming back to
him. Jack is forced to question his loyalties when he sees Victoria stressed about the upcoming Portman trial - he knows she needs his dad's support, so he puts his own disgruntlement aside and concedes it's okay to have her in the house.


TK's pleased to bring Kylie home from hospital. Kylie is finding it strange to adjust to this new physical and emotional vulnerability. TK is lovingly supportive.

Lucy clocks Kylie's fragility and talks her into a girl shopping trip to research bras and prosthetics. Kylie winds up enjoying herself, and even starts to accept her new flat-chested self. Lucy's full of admiration and the two friends draw closer. Lucy also gives TK ups for being such a supportive partner.

Kylie starts to talk to TK about the possibility of not going ahead with the reconstruction. He insists there's plenty of time to get round to
it, but Kylie's wondering if she needs it at all. Sensitive, she asks if he'd still want her without the reconstruction. TK's still struggling to keep up with her thought process, but his moment of hesitation is all it takes for Kylie to feel she has the answer - and it hurts.


Tuesday 8 March (5939 )

TK realises Kylie is right and he would find it hard to adjust to her not having a breast reconstruction, although he knows it's her decision. When he tries to explain this, he only makes things worse.

Kylie finds solace in a talk with Nicole, which leaves her realising that she's been hard on TK due to her own over-sensitivity and uncertainty. She makes up with TK, finally believing when he honestly assures her he doesn't mind which choice she makes because they both know the most important thing is she's alive and has done what she needed to do to avoid cancer.

Later, a much more level-headed Kylie decides she wants to go back to her original plan and have the reconstruction, so life can get back to normal. Having had their relationship examined like never before, the pair end up closer than ever.


Lucy decides, with Dayna's help, to get over Ali by getting out and dating again. She meets a nice guy called Billy, but when Ali finds out about this, he can't help being jealous. Even though Dayna and Curtis both remind him it's none of his business, Ali can't help but intervene. Ali scares Billy off, but then
realises he's hurt Lucy, which was never his intention. He's left feeling terrible.


Victoria's grateful to Mo, who’s determined to give her moral support while she testifies against Clifford Portman. When she gets a call from Clifford, Victoria's rattled, and Mo has to work hard to convince her to stick to her guns and face him in court.

Victoria finally accepts that seeing Portman face-to-face and telling her story will give her the closure she needs. Although she's scared, she decides she'll go, and she's grateful to Mo for his support.

When the trial is adjourned without explanation Victoria fears Clifford will get away with his crimes. Upset by the thought, she's thrown into a complete panic when Clifford turns up in the hospital and confronts her.


Wednesday 9 March (5940)

Victoria is shocked to discover her abuser, Dr Portman, has been admitted after collapsing in court - and horrified when he tries to convince her to drop her complaint. Harper sends her home.

Later, Mo comforts and assures her she is strong enough to stand up to him. This brings them even closer.

Then, when Portman is being discharged and hassles her again, Victoria courageously confronts him - he deserves to pay for what he's done. And she's
not going to live in fear of him any more. Mo's proud of her strong stance and the two draw ever closer.


Feeling liberated and empowered by her new lease on life, Kylie decides to have breast reconstruction surgery.

Drew makes his peace with Kylie and accepts Chris is the surgeon for the job. The surgery goes ahead without a hitch but, as she recovers, Kylie gets a worrying call from Norelle , as her chemo treatment starts to take its toll. Kylie, still not having told her about her own surgery, resolves to visit and help her as soon as she can.


Dayna and George's love bubble finally bursts when Dayna discovers they have very different attitudes to money and planning for the future. She's worried when George shows no interest in saving for a house or even making a five-year plan.

Bella tells Dayna this is not surprising, given they married in such a hurry, and urges Dayna to find out what dreams they do share. But things only get worse when George reveals he has no interest in having kids in the future either - the planet's overpopulated as it is. Dayna realises they may have more differences than she thought.


After putting off Lucy's movie date, Ali ends up seeing the film with her instead and they have a great time. Unaware of this, Lucy's pleased their friendship is back on track - who needs a boyfriend anyway? But Dayna smells a rat. Realising Ali deliberately put Billy off, she challenges him to tell Lucy what he did - or she will.

Ali finally confesses and Lucy is furious - does he not want her to find happiness with someone else? Unfortunately, his fiancee, Sabina, arrives unexpectedly to hear this, also demanding an answer. Ali is caught out badly.


Thursday 10 March (5941)

As Rachel leaves for a MoH conference, hoping to seek more funds for more nurses, Harper takes up the reins as CEO. She's a little daunted that the hospital's budgets are frozen, but things get worse when Rachel's PA leaves Harper in the lurch.

Harper appeals to Bella to return to her old job straight away. Bella agrees as long as she can care for Stevie at work, but that soon proves tricky to manage. To Bella's relief, Dayna offers to babysit.

Harper struggles to juggle her ED work too and realises the strain that the understaffed nurses are suffering - it's an issue that needs to be addressed urgently.


Esther's enjoying her fun, casual relationship with Curtis and is frustrated when TK's disapproving about it once again. TK defends, hinting that Esther has been led astray in the distant past, but Esther defiantly assures him her career is her focus. She proves this by getting a shining report from Harper for her ED rotation - then goes out to celebrate her success with Curtis.

She's keen to make up for her weeks of hard work, and Curtis enjoys seeing her have fun for once, given she's worked so hard to earn it.


Ali's thrown by Sabina’s accusations that he's having an affair with Lucy. It's not strictly true, but Lucy's too angry with Ali to bail him out and Ali's left to sincerely reassure Sabina he's committed to their future marriage together. Sabina gives Ali an ultimatum - he has to sort out what he wants or the wedding's off.

Ali moves out of the flat - much to everyone's dismay - but has nowhere to go. Curtis takes pity on him and Ali's relieved he can stay at the Hannahs' for a while.

Ali meets up with Sabina to reassure her he's done what she wants, but is ambushed by his mum, Naila, who has heard that something's amiss between Ali and Sabina. On the spot, Ali's honest that he's been flatting with women - and fell for one of his flatmates . Naila's shocked to realise the secret double life he's been living and takes control, demanding that the wedding date be brought forward. Ali tries to be respectful but the pressure gets to him and he snaps. He stands up to his mum, who is appalled at how disrespectful he's being - so much so that she ejects him from the family.


Friday 11 March (5942)

Rocked that his mother intends to eject him from the family, Ali again stands up to her - but by doing so stresses her to the point that she's admitted to hospital with hypertension. He's rattled to learn she's been hiding this problem from him for a long time and tries to make amends with her - but is met with a frosty response.

Keen to reassure her his feelings for Lucy are in the past, Ali works hard to convince Sabina that he's still committed to her, and asks to bring the wedding date forward. Sabina is won round. It's Lucy's turn to be rocked by this but she too commits to moving on. But this proves difficult, as she's assigned to nurse Naila - and can’t wriggle out of it.

When Mrs Karim realises Lucy is the girl Ali had a crush on, Ali feels terrible and apologises to Lucy for putting her in this position - but she becomes angry with him for not being honest about his feelings and allowing this mess to occur in the first place.


Dayna offers to look after Stevie again in the hope that spending time with a cute baby will ignite George's paternal instincts. However, Stevie is unsettled and Dayna soon finds herself out of her depth. George takes over and not only proves himself as a father, but also falls for Stevie. It's mission accomplished for Dayna, except for one small problem - the awful day has reminded her she isn't ready for children herself.


Esther and Curtis arrive home late after a night out and a protective TK sends Curtis packing. Esther complains about TK's overbearing nature but TK reminds her of her past bad track record with bad boys. Esther insists she has moved on and warms to Curtis when he proves he really is on the straight and narrow.

However, an elderly patient Curtis is looking after misplaces $200 and accuses Curtis of stealing it. Convinced he will be fired, Curtis takes $200 of his own money and uses it to replace the missing money. However, Esther catches him in the act and thinks he is returning the stolen money after an attack of guilt. Curtis implores her to believe him but Esther is wary of trusting another bad boy and is left torn - should she report his crime and condemn him to jail or not?