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7 - 10 December 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 7 December (5895)


Mortified by her public gaffe, Bella admits her feelings for Boyd to Wendy, and decides she needs to get over him, fast. She's unaware that Harper's trying to shrug it off off.

Bella tries to avoid Boyd as much as possible, but when they cross paths she leaves him uneasy.

She is deeply relieved Harper hasn't said anything to him about her feelings, but realises she needs to clear the air with Harper.

Bella tries to explain her outburst, but unfortunately ends up betraying her feelings even more. Harper is left troubled by Bella's infatuation.


Vinnie's forced to come to terms with the fact that he's competing with Jemima's boyfriend over Michael.

He reports to Nicole that Jemima is unimpressed, and wants Vinnie to get to know his rival better, so that they can establish a friendship which would make co-parenting easier.

Nicole endorses this plan, and Vinnie resolves to try it.


Harper takes a drunk Boyd home after his stag night, leaving Drew and Victoria to share a drink together.

They draw closer, both being members of the losers-in-love club, acknowledging to each other that Drew can't have Harper, and Victoria can't have

They share a taxi back to Victoria's flat, and end up in bed together, where Victoria confides more about her difficult past with men. She admits that a colleague of her father's sexually abused her in her early teens.

Drew is understanding, and there's a possibility they could repeat their one-night-stand.

When her job interview goes well, Victoria gets her hopes up, thinking that she'll get the surgical registrar job. She puts aside her disappointment at only ever being friends with Mo, and looks forward to her new job.

But when she doesn’t get it, she realises Chris has questioned Drew, and she believes he betrayed her confidence.

Victoria turns on Drew, swearing she'll never forgive him.


Tuesday 8 December (5896 )


Gutted at missing out on the job in general surgery, Victoria blames Drew and complains to Rachel.

Rachel fears Victoria will resign, but Chris won't back down from his decision.

At Rachel's urging he tries to clear the air with Victoria - and fails.

Mo urges Victoria not to leave Shortland Street. Victoria takes hope from this that they could have a future, if only Margaret weren't around.

She's distracted from this thought by Drew, and her anger flares - Margaret can wait; Drew's her real enemy now.


Ali's forced to lie to make sure Lucy doesn't find out about Curtis and Esther hooking up - and he doesn't like it one bit.


Michael reveals Patrick's taking him to Disneyland for Christmas and Vinnie fumes, thinking Patrick's trying to buy Michael's love.

After a discussion, Jemima agrees Michael should spend Christmas with Vinnie as planned, but Michael doesn't take the news well, leaving Vinnie upset.

Leanne and Nicole both back him up, and as they get into the Christmas spirit at home, Michael realises family is more important than theme parks.

Vinnie looks forward to a nice, family-orientated Christmas, until Leanne reveals she's roped him in to help with a kid's party...


With Drew and Kylie's help, Millie takes out a protection order against Gareth.

He flies into a rage at Rachel, forcing her to also get a restraining order. She urges Drew to do the same, but Drew's doubtful that will stop him.

Drew ignores Virginia's increasingly desperate texts and is happy for the distraction of picking up Boyd's mum.

He's amused when Harper learns of his affair with Kylie's mum and pulls him up on it, making Harper aware that the sexual tension between them
hasn't diminished.

Harper is upset when it becomes apparent Boyd has not told his mother about Harper's criminal family. But in contrast, when she reveals the details to Drew he takes it impressively well.

Virginia turns up at the hospital and Drew has to be curt with her, in the hopes she'll finally leave him alone.

But he's shocked when she returns to the hospital as a patient - she's driven drunk and crashed her car.


Wednesday 8 December (5897)

Leanne reveals she will have to miss Boyd and Harper's wedding to organise the Kids' Christmas Party, and Vinnie admires her selflessness.

But as he and Leanne continue to plan, they're unaware Gareth has snuck into the hospital. He's looking for the best way to get to the PSC clinic, where he plans to get revenge on Drew...


Murray and Wendy organise Len a birthday lunch, but it doesn't go fantastically well - Len falls and breaks his arm.

Wendy’s onhand to support him, but she's thrown when Len makes reference to another child - Murray's half brother. She tries to quiz him further about it, but he shuts down, leaving Wendy thinking it must be true. S

he tries to talk to Murray about it, but Murray refuses to believe it. He makes Wendy promise not to investigate any further - but Wendy's left feeling she owes it to Murray to find out the truth...


After learning Virginia will be okay, Drew refuses to condone her bad drink-driving behaviour by agreeing to see her.

Virginia doesn't take it well when Harper reveals this, and warns Harper that Drew is romantic poison.

Harper denies she feels anything for Drew, but she knows she does. She focuses on Boyd. When his mother continues to deride Harper's family’s criminal history, Boyd gives an impassioned defence of Harper's character, leaving his mother chastened and Harper unworthy of such devotion.


Meanwhile Drew runs in to Virginia and again cops a tirade from her, though when she blames his cruel treatment for her obsession, it resonates.

He finds a pensive Harper, who realises Drew is the only person who can help her through her problem. She asks him to tell her what to do - should she marry Boyd? Drew's thrown. He knows exactly how he feels about her... but will he risk ruining a marriage to get the woman he loves?



Thursday 10 December (5898)


Stunned by Harper's question, Drew can't take responsibilty for Harper's happiness and insists she make her own decision about marrying Boyd.

Fearing he's lost Harper forever, Drew is pleasantly distracted when Millie visits. She's getting her life back on track and Drew's pleased he's done one good thing.

However he's unaware that Virginia is watching, jealously.


Wendy's curiosity gets the better of her and she gets another clue from Len about Ross, Murray's suspected half brother.

Wendy starts to track him down, but keeps it from Murray until she knows for sure Ross is real.

In the midst of this, the family is shocked and Dayna's thrilled when George arrives back.


Harper's frustrated with Drew and still fears Boyd is too good for her, but she resolves to commit fully and tries to enjoy the wedding rehearsal.

It all gets too much though and Harper breaks down. Concerned, Boyd tries to find out why and Harper admits she's confused and fears she can't go through with the wedding.

Boyd assertively calms her fears and Harper's moved by his loving conviction. Finally, she puts all her faith in Boyd and their upcoming marriage.


Though Gareth claims to have surrendered all his firearms to the police, to comply with Rachel and Millie's legal protection orders, it's clear he's planning to get revenge on someone at the hospital.

Millie's not taking his calls - instead she visits Drew and Kylie to thank them for the extreme lengths they've gone to to help her.

Meanwhile, a meth addled Gareth watches Rachel leave the hospital. He's got a score to settle, and he's secretly kept a couple of guns with which to do so.


Margaret agrees to help Mo at the Christmas party, a small way to make up for her ill-doings, but she's unaware that Drew has found clues to her embezzling.

At work, Drew demands answers from her about the accounts, but Margaret is caught unprepared and can't explain. Drew insists he'll find answers himself and deal with her if she's guilty.

Margaret is left sickened to realise that her illicit spending has finally caught up with her.