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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

5 - 9 September 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 5 September (6075 & 6076)

Leanne is rushed in to ED from the seance.

She believes she was being strangled by the ghostly Melissa. But TK notes she has an inflamed larynx, and asks if she's taken any new medication.

Boyd fears Bella and Leanne's skincare range is to blame, and sends the products off for lab tests.

When he advises Leanne of this, she tells him she's never used the products. She insists there's something very wrong at his house.

Boyd is rattled despite himself.

Boyd enlists Curtis to help him remove the products from the home office.

Curtis does, but is unsettled after the seance. Boyd bumps a bookshelf, scaring Curtis.

The mystery of Leanne's breathing difficulties is solved when Boyd finds a patch of toxic mould on the wall.


Finn encourages Harry to ask Lottie out on a date after the interschool debate.

Meanwhile, Kate praises Blue's new confidence, glad he’s taking part in the debate too.

Inspired by Finn, Harry bolsters the nervous Lottie and they share a close moment.

When they realise the St Bart's debate team is made up of the guys who abused Lottie online,  Harry is more determined to beat them.

Harry starts strongly but Lottie starts to crumble emotionally.

Blue offers Lottie an alternative, just walk away from the debate. But Harry insists that she stay and speak.

Lottie drops her cue cards and stumbles badly. Blue comes to her rescue, and escorts her from the room, claiming ill health.

Harry is not impressed. When he sees that Lottie is leaning on Blue for comfort, he realises that she really isn't coping.

Harry and Blue go back to the debate but are too late, it's over.

Blue stands up and delivers a passion filled-speech anyway. The audience love it, as does Lottie.


Cam's uncomfortable under Nicole's strict supervision at work.

In the wake of his unwanted breakup with Kylie, he tries to reach out to her. But she turns him down.

At work, Jack is surprised by how manic Cam is towards his work. He bakes a huge cake and ignores prep for the dinner service.

Later, Cam goes to his room and pulls out his stash of US dollars.

Jack confides to Kylie that Cam has lost his mojo and he's worried about him.

Kylie is concerned too, so she goes to check on him.

She finds him with his suitcase packed and passport out, ready to flee his responsibilities. He wants Kylie to go with him.

Appalled that he's planning to do a runner, Kylie challenges him about leaving everyone in the lurch.

Cam protests that he can no longer handle being treated like a child.

Kylie urges him to at least do the dinner service. Cam agrees - one night only.

Nicole becomes suspicious when Jack asks Nicole to go easy on Cam.

Kylie confirms that she had to talk Cam out of fleeing.

Nicole's annoyed to think that she has to suck up to Cam to make him stay. But Kylie encourages her, it's that or lose their star chef.

Nicole gives Cam some praise, but he knows what she's up to.

He can't promise to stay on forever, but he will do one day at a time. Nicole accepts that, but it's still stressful.


Boyd is frustrated when Bella clings to her supernatural beliefs despite, Leanne's health problem being explained.

Bella does agree that they should stay elsewhere for health reasons though, until tests come back.

TK suggests they stay at his place, which Bella and Boyd are grateful for.

In light of TK's hospitality, Boyd suggests Bella tone down the supernatural chat.

Bella reluctantly agrees but when TK starts up the ghost chat, Bella can't help herself. She's pleasantly surprised to find that TK doesn't dismiss it, instead giving her advice.

Boyd's annoyance increases. 


Having won over the crowd and the adjudicator too, Blue takes out the Best Speaker award.

Harry convinces his team that they're still in with a chance.

They're crushed when St. Bart's wins over all.

When Blue receives praise from the school kids, Kate is elated.

Furious, the St Bart's boys isolate Blue, threatening him with a lighter.

One boy, Dom, becomes uncomfortable that they're going too far.

Blue tries to make an escape. In the kerfuffle, Dom sets himself alight and is rushed to hospital.

Kate is furious to learn that Blue had been a victim of bullying.

Even though Dom is in pain from the burns, Kate reprimands him strongly.

Shocked, Mo has to escort Kate out of the room. She breaks down and reveals her deep fear, that Blue will never be allowed to be happy.

Blue is like a disabled child, Kate will always have to care for him. Mo is unable to talk her down.

Harry is encouraged when a warm moment with Lottie arises from the ordeal. He's hopeful that their friendship will move to the next level.

But it's Blue that Lottie is truly impressed by. A quick kiss goodbye turns romantic.

Kate enters to pick up Blue, shocked to realise that Blue's coping better than she thought...


Tuesday 6 September (6077 )

Kate is pleased to see Blue happy Lottie, knowing Lottie is his first romance.

When Harry sees Blue and Lottie hand in hand though, he walks out, hurt.

He later confides to Finn that Lottie's with Blue. Finn urges him to fight for Lottie's affections by telling her how he really feels.


Blue realises he owes Dominic a thank you, and he wants Lottie to come with him. She wants Harry to go too, missing their friendship.

Harry refuses, and gets Lottie to back out too.

This upsetts Blue, who comes to have it out with Harry.

Harry delivers a low blow, telling Blue that Lottie's into real guys and Blue will never be one of them.


Lucy arrives home to learn about Glen's relapse and Rachel’s near drowning.

When she can't find her father, she seeks information from Finn.

An upset Harry takes his anger out on her.

When Lucy asks Finn if the affair happened, he's unsure. But he blames Glen for causing trouble in Rachel's marriage.

He then breaks it to Lucy that Glen's relapse means he won't be eligible for a liver transplant.

Lucy finally confronts Glen. He claims all his actions were driven by love for Rachel, and this has cost him everything.

Lucy is moved despite herself. When

Glen adds that he still has one shred of hope, a black market transplant in the Philippines.

Lucy's deeply shocked, unaware it's Glen's way of manipulating her into donating herself.


Boyd is tired of Bella's obsession with ghosts and forbids her to mention Melissa.

He minds Stevie for the day but she's grizzly. 

Bella suggests he finds 'Dolly' her favourite talking doll. He does so and it settles Stevie.

When Stevie falls asleep with Dolly, Boyd moves it. Then Dolly goes off-script, saying "I don't like you".

Boyd quickly surmises that Dolly has been sabotaged on the production line, but Bella's not convinced.

When Dolly repeats her negative phrase, then gets stuck repeating “I love you”, Boyd loses patience and throws the doll in the bin.

Bella is horrified to learn Boyd has done this without consulting her, and Boyd feels bad.

Bella races to rescue Dolly but she's not in the bin where Botd left her. Boyd assumes that some kids have taken her.

Bella won't give up that easily, and convinces Boyd to call on Melissa for help. Boyd reluctantly does so but believes the doll has gone for good.

When the doll later appears in Stevie's arms in the playpen, Bella is convinced Melissa has intervened.

Boyd is frustrated that he has no explanation.


Wednesday 7 September (6078)

Boyd and Bella argue over the spooky reappearance of Dolly. Boyd ends up walking out on Bella.

Bella calls on Leanne to back up her theory that Melissa is in the doll. Boyd is determined to prove there's a logical explanation.

TK admits he found the doll in the bin and moved it.

A vindicated Boyd insists he's proved his point, but Bella won't back down.

Exasperated, Boyd demands that Bella choose between him and the doll.

Leanne recommends humouring Boyd for the sake of her relationship, and Bella does so.

She promises to get rid of the doll, but instead, she hides it in her locker.

Harry's outraged to learn that Dom has claimed responsibility for the fire incident, letting Jasper off scot-free.

Harry tries to get the truth out of Dom but he won't listen.

Frustrated, Harry puts aside his issues about Lottie and Blue's romance, to unite the teens in appealing to Dom.

They fail, but Blue notices something. Talking to him alone, Blue learns Jasper is blackmailing Dom.

With too much to lose, Dom still refuses to nark on Jasper.


Lucy's shocked about Glen's intent to secure a black market liver transplant. She demands to know all the details.

Glen spells out the risks involved, and Lucy insists on going with him, despite Ali's protestations.

Glen assumes she's going to be his donor. Lucy clarifies that she just meant she would be his support person.

Glen reveals a flash of his feelings, bitter anger and frustration. Ali is appalled, but Lucy feeling guilty for refusing.

She confides in Harper, who tells her to refuses Glen's request. She doesn't believe Glen really intends to stop drinking.

Lucy disagrees and decides to help Glen.


Meanwhile, Finn calls on a patient whose symptoms seem similar to Rachel's. She has low alcohol level, but is disorientated and confused.

When her test proves she was drugged, Finn airs his theory with TK. TK's sceptical but can't deny it's a possibility.

Convinced that Glen drugged Rachel, Finn finds Glen drinking at the bar and confronts him.

Lucy arrives, shocked to find Glen drinking again. She's horrified when Finn accuses him of drugging Rachel.

Glen denies it, and Finn challenges Lucy to choose who she believes. 


Thursday 8 September (6079)

Lucy defends her father against Finn's accusations, but Finn refuses to back down. Lucy's certainty wavers.

She confides her disappointment in Glen's drinking to Ali, then voices her terrible suspicion. Ali hotly denies that Glen could ever do something like that.

Lucy is won over, feeling bad about her doubts.

She meets up with Glen, who again tries to guilt her into being his donor.

Though Lucy believes he would never hurt Rachel, she stands firm in her refusal.

Glen says his goodbyes to Lucy, leaving her feeling sad and guilty.

Finn is convinced Glen is just trying to emotionally manipulate her. Lucy and Ali both angrily defend him and Finn reluctantly agrees to say no more.

Later, Glen is observed by TK. He meets up with a shady-looking character, one of Hayden's men. He hands over a bag of money before Glen heads off.


When Kylie checks that Cam is still staying in Ferndale, he's hopeful that she still cares. Kylie claims she's only asking for Nicole.

Cam's answer is cryptic, and a worried Kylie passes it on to Nicole.

Harper needs help with revamping the hospital food menus. So she, Kylie and Nicole work together, to get Cam to take on the task.

They hope the challenge will encourage him to stay. With Kylie in the mix, Cam can't refuse.


Harry, Blue and Lottie realise the key to bringing down Jasper. It lies in the incriminating video evidence and photos of his crimes, all stored on his phone.

They try to trick Dominic into helping them, but he refuses.

Jasper continues to be obnoxious. Harry sets a trap for him at the hospital.

The teens are about to pounce but get caught up explaining themselves to Kate. She's already warned Blue to keep away from the St Bart's boys.

Finally, they get their chance. Lottie flirts with Jasper and grabs his phone and passcode.

She thinks this will empower her, but instead her encounter with him leaves her feeling dirty.

A chase ensues with Jasper tackling Blue. Harry comes to the rescue.

Blue passes the phone to Lottie, who accesses Jasper's ugly photo library. This rattles her even more.

Kate intervenes, but when Lottie tells her what's on Jasper’s phone, she decides to pass it to the police.

Jasper is gutted, but Blue and Harry are ecstatic.

Then they realise that Lottie is walking away, miserable. They've won the day, but lost the girl.


Friday 9 September (6080)

Harry and Blue are thrilled to learn Jasper now faces numerous police charges.

Her confrontation with Jasper has taken its toll on Lottie though. She's suddenly reluctant to spend time with Blue or Harry, or any boys at all.

Confused by her sudden distancing, Blue fears he may lose Lottie's affections, and that Harry will get the girl in the end.

Kate cautions the boys about the cost of this rivalry to their friendship.

But Kate's meddling doesn't end there. She talks to Lottie, urging her to be careful of Blue's feelings. Blue might act tough, but deep down he's a very sensitive soul.

Blue is hugely relieved when Lottie agrees to go to the movies with him. Young love is back on track.

But when Lottie insists that Harry should come along too, Blue is annoyed. Three's a crowd. But Harry sees hope.

Lottie breaks both their hearts with a surprise decision. She doesn't want to date either of them, she only wants to be friends.

Harry is devastated. But Blue smells a rat, his interfering mother.


Nicole is amused when Leanne angles to stay longer at her house rather than go home.

Later, Nicole finds Leanne manically juggling a lot of tasks. When she urges her to slow down, Leanne reveals how lonely she actually is.

Nicole books Leanne some leave and a trip to see Howard. But Leanne to sadly informs her they're better as a long-distance relationship.


Cam is frustrated by his lack of progress in winning Kylie back. He fears the task is impossible with Kylie's ex TK hanging around.

TK denies any interest in Kylie. But his natural protectiveness of her hints at deeper, unresolved feelings.

Cam hopes his generous efforts to supply the hospital with better food will impress Kylie. It does, but not enough for Kylie to overcome her doubts about him.

Cam is convinced the real reason for her reluctance is TK.

Then TK starts flirting with a beautiful new stranger named Sass.

Challenged by Kylie to finally make a clean break from her, TK's response is very public. In front of Kylie, he heads upstairs to the IV's accommodation, with Sass.