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Shortland Street

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4 - 8 April 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 4 April (5957)

George successfully avoids the mysterious Chloe, who is admitted to a ward overnight.

Lucy nurses her and Chloe confides she is in Ferndale in the hope of finding her ex-boyfriend, Rupert, who was here working as builder.

Lucy directs Chloe towards Dayna, who recently employed builders at The I.V.

George discovers Chloe about to talk with Dayna and quickly whisks her away. He tells Chloe he has moved on, and a sad Chloe accepts this and leaves.

Lucy discovers George's first name is really Rupert and asks if he knows Chloe. George confirms but paints Chloe as an obsessive stalker. Lucy buys it, to George's relief.


Concerned Lucy is dating Finn, Ali vents to Curtis that Finn is a player.

Curtis reminds Ali he should be focusing on his soon-to-be bride Sabina, not Lucy. Ali tries, but then finds Curtis warning Lucy off Finn and gets drawn in.

Lucy resents being told who not to date and defiantly asks Finn out. Finn accepts and Ali kicks himself for inadvertently pushing them together.


Nicole and Vinnie are concerned when Michael voices distasteful values.

They question where he's picked up this attitude, but Michael doesn't say. Nicole becomes concerned it's Patrick, but Vinnie gets a completely contradictory perspective on Patrick.

Leanne too doesn't believe it and Nicole wonders if she has got it wrong - until Patrick behaves suspiciously when Nicole returns Jemima's lost phone.

Michael's reluctance to be alone with Patrick re-piques her concern, but it's not till she meets Jemima and notices she's been crying that Nicole realises she's right.

Nicole urges Jemima to speak up if she feels in danger but Jemima insists everything is fine and ushers Michael inside, leaving Nicole with a sickening feeling...


Tuesday 5 April (5958 )

Nicole shares her concerns about Patrick and Jemima's odd behaviour with Vinnie.

Although Vinnie accepts Nicole's worry, he's reluctant to jump to conclusions again, so Nicole tries to put aside her concerns.

However, the next day, Michael doesn't turn up for school and Vinnie can't get hold of him or Jemima.

Fearing there's something terribly amiss, they rush over to Patrick and Jemima's house - only to find everything is fine and they're just taking a day off together.

Vinnie feels foolish and Nicole's left trying to convince herself she's jumping at shadows...


Despite George's claims that he doesn't know Chloe, Lucy's still intrigued by the coincidence and shares the story with Dayna.

Dayna's certain Chloe's not looking for George but is reminded how little she knows about her husband.

Resolving to meet George's family, she suggests she and George travel to the UK.

Determined to keep his two worlds separate, George tries to put Dayna off. But his distractions don't work.

Cornered by Dayna's questions, George resorts to claiming that he's now alienated from his family, and it was too hurtful to admit to her before.

Dayna's touched that George has shared his pain with her, unaware that he's spinning a web of deceit to protect his past.


Ali's dislike of Finn deepens, especially when he realises Finn's taking Lucy on a date to the beach.

Finn doesn't recognise Ali out of his ambo uniform and chooses Ali's cab to get a lift to his date.

Ali's powerless to turn down the fare and, protective of Lucy, he decides to hang around at the beach. He's annoyed to see them getting closer, unaware Lucy's actually trying hard to feel anything for Finn.

When Finn tries to kiss her, Lucy can't get Ali off her mind. She admits as much to Finn and feels awful that she's dampened their date.

Ali's unsure what's going on, but is hopeful to see Lucy's now alone at the beach.

He's distracted by a call from Sabina, demanding to know why he's turning down fares. While Ali makes excuses, he's unaware Lucy has gone for a swim and is in serious trouble.

Thrown to spot Lucy being dragged from the surf, he rushes to save her. She comes round and Ali's relief is so huge he blurts that he loves her. He expects Lucy to be angry, but Lucy opens her heart, admitting she loves him too.


Wednesday 6 April (5959)

When her pitch for a family dinner is accepted, Victoria's thrilled to think that her plans have worked and she's finally becoming one of the Hannahs.

This leads her later to overstep the mark with Blue, and inadvertently act like the woman of the house. This sets off alarm bells for Blue and leaves Jack feeling uneasy.

Talking to Blue, Jack remembers he suspected Victoria of lying about getting kicked out of her flat, and he's left wondering whether Victoria might not be quite as nice as he's always thought.


Drew manages to charm Harper into accepting a dinner date.

They get along famously, but once again Harper manages to resist his charms, making the chemistry sizzle between them.


Kylie's upset when Norelle's condition worsens. She fears it's the beginning of the end for her mother, but is relieved when it turns out to just be an infection.

When the fever later causes Norelle to hallucinate, it’s a stark reminder of what's to come, and an upset Kylie draws strength from TK.


Ali realises he's going to have to tell Sabina about his love for Lucy. When he does so, he's thrown when Sabina insists the wedding's still going ahead.

He goes to tell Lucy, and Lucy realises just how much pain it will cause if he breaks off his wedding. She can't bear to destroy Ali's family, and tells him to
go ahead with his marriage.

Ali tries to, but he's miserable. When he sees Lucy while he's having dinner with Sabina and his parents, he can't keep pretending.

He tells Sabina he can't marry her, and Ali's parents realise it's because of another woman. They very publicly blame Lucy for Ali's break-up, and Lucy's left wishing the ground would swallow her up. 


Thursday 7 April (5960)

Reeling from Ali's declaration of love, and the judging eyes of his family, Lucy flees.

Ali faces recriminations from his family and Sabina, who also leaves, deeply humiliated.

Ali follows Lucy however, and they affirm their love, despite the odds.

Ali tells Curtis the news then braces himself to face the music with his family, and Sabina .

Sabina is convinced Ali is making a huge mistake and Ali feels awful for subjecting her to humiliation.

He hopes his parents will better understand his decision but is shocked when they disown him.


Due to Finn's flirtatious behaviour, which Drew and Chris laugh off, Rachel's left feeling uneasy about the "boys' club" vibe in the PSC.

She enlists Harper to try and keep them in line, hoping Harper will have more luck with Drew than she did with Chris.

Drew is irked by Finn taking over a magazine interview, and Harper uses this as proof he needs to keep Finn in line.

Miffed about missing out on the interview, Drew decides to call the journalist. He does so from the operating room so he can still supervise Finn.

However, Harper visits to observe the surgery with a DHB member and is concerned to see Drew with his eye off the ball. She chastises him and Drew fears he has blown his chances of winning her back romantically.

He prepares for a quiet night, only to be surprised when Harper makes a firm decision to keep work and pleasure separate and arrives for a sexy visit...


Kylie takes heart from some improvement in Norelle's condition, but fears this is the start of a decline.

TK urges her to concentrate on the present and not be weighed down by her fears for the future.

When Norelle rouses and asks for her makeup, Kylie takes this as a positive sign that she's on the mend.

However, while picking up the makeup, Kylie discovers Norelle's secret stockpile of pills.

TK visits Norelle who allows him to believe she is in a better emotional state than she really is.

Kylie confronts Norelle, refusing to let her end her life. But Norelle begs Kylie not to take away her choice.

TK enters and Kylie hides the pills from him - thereby keeping Norelle's options open.


Friday 8 April (5961)

Kylie agrees to keep Norelle's stockpile of medication secret from TK, but refuses to condone her terminating her life.

Norelle is discharged from hospital but refuses to accept hospice care.

However, once she arrives home Norelle realises her condition is worsening.

Kylie attempts to stay positive but Norelle's spirits wane. That is until Julia arrives unannounced.

Kylie hopes this will be just the boost Norelle needs.


Lucy attempts to comfort Ali after his heartbreak at his parents' rejection. However, Ali's inexperience leads to an awkward failed kiss.

Lucy confides in Dayna who stokes her fears Ali's inexperience may prove fatal to their relationship.

When Ali meets with Sabina and severs the last of their connections, Lucy's inspired to be bold and push for a proper kiss. It's fantastic - sparks fly - confirming for both of them that they've done the right thing by uniting.

On cloud nine, Lucy makes plans for further romance but Ali is forced to make it clear he still intends to take things slowly. 

Lucy is more than happy with this arrangement and Ali is delighted. True romance is alive and well in Ferndale!


After treating a solo parent patient who had gotten sick by neglecting their own health to put their children first, Kate offers to help TK with a family health clinic in order to make a difference.

Her experience and compassion lead to her doing a great job and TK is impressed.

However, the new job leaves little time for training up Mo to be a better HCA.

Kate receives another patient who is a solo parent not taking care of their own health. Kate encourages her to be seen in ED but the wait proves
too long and the woman decides to leave without treatment.

Aware recently expired antibiotics will cure the woman's illness, Kate secretly gives her medication that otherwise would be disposed of.

However, the woman misreads the dosage and winds up in ED after collapsing.

TK is furious and reprimands Kate, only to have her defiantly defend her decision to treat a patient in need...