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30 November - 4 December 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 30 November (5889)


Margaret and Curtis worry Mo may not be up to handling street fighter Blair. But after a brief scary moment, where it seems Mo's bold, risky plan will backfire, it works.

To save his own skin, Blair backs off ratting on Curtis and demanding more money from the family.

Mo takes no pleasure from it, warning Curtis he needs to pull his head in, in order to stay out of prison. With a newfound respect for his father, Curtis agrees.

Margaret's delighted and Mo draw closer, hoping she's made it through this latest storm.

That is until Rachel comes wanting to audit the PSC accounts - Margaret's alarmed that her thieving is about to be uncovered.


Ali and Esther bond over a board game they love. They stay up all night playing and almost arrive late to work.

Later, Ali and Esther treat a patient, Warren, in ED. He claims he's in terrible pain, but there's something about him that makes Curtis suspicious.

Ali's still off-side with Curtis and refuses to listen to his concerns.

Curtis eventually sees proof he's right - Warren is angling to get pain relief.

Esther and Ali realise this eventually - Curtis was right all along, and they owe him an apology.


Going off Victoria's accidental admission of past abuse, Drew asks Kylie about her past. But Kylie has only positive things to say, given Victoria rescued her from Trent.

Victoria is assigned a patient with misogynistic tattoos and struggles to remain professional. She abandons the case and Drew is concerned to hear
Victoria still has emotional issues with violent men.

Talking to Harper, he realises Victoria problems may be worse than he thought.

Empathetic, Drew resolves to keep an eye on her, and is relieved to head home after a stressful day.

But his peace is shattered by Millie turning up. Gareth tracked Millie down at her safe house and she begs Drew to take her in.

Gareth turns up, demanding to see Millie.

Alarmed, Drew denies she's with him. Millie cowers hidden as Drew struggles to keep an incensed Gareth out - can he protect Millie from her violent Dad?


Tuesday 1 December (5891 )


Margaret's alarmed her illicit spending may be uncovered now that Rachel's asked to see the PSC accounts.

She works hard to counterfeit an invoice to cover the money she's taken, but feels terrible that she's lying to Mo again.

Aware she's got everything to lose, Margaret hands over the falsified accounts to Rachel and hopes she won't question them.

Margaret's relieved to discover Rachel has other pressing issues she needs to discuss with Drew, and hopes this means she's safe.

But Victoria's circling, watching her closely, and Margaret's left with the uneasy feeling that her troubles aren't over yet.


Ali apologises to Curtis - he was right all along, that his patient was a drug seeker.

Ali tries to rekindle their friendship by inviting him to play a board game.

Curtis is reluctant at first, but then finds himself drawn into the game - mostly by Esther's competitive taunts.

Curtis spices up the nerdy game by cheating, then is surprised when Esther cheats back.

Curtis likes Esther more and more and invites her back to his place to continue their game.

But Esther's got other plans for Curtis, and he's thrown when she makes a move on him.


Drew keeps Gareth back as Millie escapes.

When Harper arrives, Drew tells a ranting Gareth to leave his apartment - copping a death threat in the process.

Harper has found Millie and kept her safe at Kylie's. Unsure what's going on, she soon realises that Drew is only trying to help Millie.

Meanwhile, Rachel sees Virginia and is alarmed by her mean-spirited gossip about Drew having a young teenage girlfriend staying at his place.

Rachel’s keen to question Drew about this, but Harper defends him, listing the efforts he's going to help Millie, including getting her CYFS care. But Rachel remains perturbed.

Receiving a threatening message from Gareth about Drew, Rachel demands to know if Drew's had inappropriate relations with Millie. Drew denies it, but Rachel is still annoyed that he didn't use proper procedures.

She stands him down. Drew's stunned, feeling utterly misjudged given all his efforts to help Millie.


Wednesday 2 December (5892)



Drew's angry to think Rachel's punished him unfairly - and that Harper didn't stick up for him.

Kylie goes to see Harper on his behalf and, guilty to learn Drew's been stood down, Harper tries to argue his case with Rachel.

She fails, and Rachel's left considering whether Drew's more trouble than he's worth.

Still feeling guilty, Harper goes to Drew to console him with whiskey. When Drew opens up about his past, he and Harper draw even closer - dangerously close, given she's due to marry Boyd next week...


Curtis is happy after his romp with Ester, and tries to flirt the next day. But recognising him for the player he is, Esther doesn't give in easily.

Curtis realises he will have to do more to woo her.

He browbeats Ali into letting him play Clans again, sure that it will help him win Esther over.

She stays away, and Curtis is frustrated... until he gets a text from her.

He goes to her place, and the pair rekindle their romance - only for Esther to ask him to leave immediately after.

Curtis is left realising that, for the first time in his life, it's the girl who's calling the shots.

Meanwhile, Ali's horrified to learn that Curtis is cheating on Lucy with Esther - and neither girl has any idea.


Margaret knows she needs to do more to cover her stealing - as Victoria's on her trail.

When Curtis finds this out, he steps in to help. He manages to gather a stash of sutures to fool anyone who investigates Margaret's fake invoice, and they're relieved to think Victoria's bought it.

But she hasn't, and she manages to steal the copy of Margaret's audit accounts and finds out the surgical supplies company she created - E Forsythe Ltd - doesn't exist.

She confronts Margaret with this, and Margaret’s left defeated to realise Victoria has all the proof she needs to ruin her.


Thursday 3 December (5893)


Ali confronts Curtis and discovers that Jack was right: Curtis has betrayed Lucy. Ali's worried for Lucy and her imminent return.

Curtis is unfazed, but Ali struggles to be around Lucy with this terrible secret. He confides in Dayna but she advises staying out of it.

Ali can't help himself though, especially when he sees Lucy's happiness at seeing Curtis again.

His appeal to Curtis's better nature fails, so he goes to Esther.

When she learns that Curtis is two-timing, she's unimpressed and only too happy to back off.


Harper and Boyd disagree over Drew's dilemma, but Harper's left unaware that her words have hit home.

Boyd speaks up in Drew's defense, but Rachel still feels she needs to discipline him.

Drew fears the worst, but is hugely relieved to learn he will only get a written warning, and can return to work.

Although pleased, he's given food for thought about his behaviour needing to change.

Harper's surprised to learn of Boyd's championing of Drew, and feels a fresh wave of affection for her fiance - but is it because she loves him, or because he saved the man she really loves?

Victoria promises not to report Margaret's stealing - as long as she comes clean to Mo.

Knowing this will ruin her marriage, Margaret can’t bring herself to do it.

She confides in Curtis, who's angered by Victoria's game playing, and counsels staying silent.

When she sees them playing nice, Victoria realises Margaret hasn't told Mo, and Margaret's very aware of her displeasure.

Victoria's still helpful with Jack and his study however, but Curtis reads it as a duplicitous attempt to integrate herself with his family.

When he finds an upset Margaret struggling with the pressure, he promises to deal with Victoria himself.

He hunts Victoria down and threatens her: she's not going to mess with his family any more.


Friday 4 December (5894)

Curtis calls Victoria on her plan to destroy Margaret and Mo's relationship. Victoria lies she is trying to protect Margaret, but Curtis doesn't buy it.

Changing tack in the face of Curtis' warning, Victoria sets about building a faux friendship with Margaret, using her knowledge of Margaret's thefts to
leverage an invitation to dinner at the Hannahs'.

Curtis is concerned by this, but Margaret is aware she has no choice but to keep Victoria close.

Curtis tersely reminds Victoria she's got no chance with the good man Mo, so keep up the shenanigans if she likes - she'll never win. Victoria feels defeated. 

Vinnie looks forward to Michael's return from his week with Jemima.

However, Michael arrives full of praise for Jemima's amazing new boyfriend, Patrick.

Jealous, Vinnie attempts to win Michael over by letting him watch a grown-up film, but only succeeds in scaring him.


Nicole and Rachel jolly a reluctant Harper into going ahead with her hen's night. Harper then feels obliged to insist Boyd goes out on a stag night.

While Chris drums up a posse, Nicole invites Bella to the hen's night. Bella is deeply uncomfortable but Wendy selflessly offers to baby-sit and Bella is out of excuses.

While the hen's night goes off like a rocket, Boyd's restrained approach to fun means the stag night is a fizzer .

However, Drew arrives and livens things up. Boyd finally puts aside his inhibitions and has the night of his life.

Meanwhile at the hen's night, Leanne's truth-telling game results in Bella mounting a spirited defence of Boyd's character - and her secret feelings for him become clear to all - including Harper...