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28 March - 1 April 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 28 March (5952)

Victoria's determined to get Kate away from Mo. She sets about undermining her professionally, complaining to Nicole that Kate's time upskilling the HCAs is impinging on her real nursing tasks.

But Nicole knows that Kate is no slacker. She decides to formalise Kate's time to upskill Mo, leaving Victoria frustrated her efforts have been foiled.

Desperate not to lose her man, Victoria lies that she has been unexpectedly evicted. As she hoped, Mo invites her to move in with him.

Victoria's delighted to have her place in Mo's life confirmed, and makes sure Kate knows it.


Though they’re still unregistered Piggyback drivers, Ali and Curtis keep driving anyway.

The fares keep coming and while Curtis is excited, Ali's still unhappy they're not registered. As soon as he gets a big fare however, his doubts are forgotten.

He is thrown, however, when Sabina sees him driving a young woman around. Facing her suspicious questions, Ali comes clean about his business plans.

Curtis jumps in to praise Ali, helping Sabina feel a bit more at ease with the money making venture.


Chris realises Harry's feeling neglected, so focuses on him, which means Rachel interviews a new surgeon for the PSC without him.

In fact, Rachel's so impressed with the surgeon, Finn, that she's happy to rubber stamp his appointment.

Drew's chuffed to get his way and shows the young hotshot, Finn, around. Although, he's unsettled when Finn flirts with Harper.

Chris hears that the new boy is a bit of a playboy. He's annoyed Drew's chosen an immature surgeon and bats off Rachel's suggestions that he wasthe same when he was young.

Drew doesn’t care though; he's just happy to have his PSC dream team assembled.

Meanwhile, Chris is concerned Harry's more isolated than he realised. He has to put him aside, however, in order to meet Finn.

Chris encounters him in less than favourable circumstances - he catches Finn seducing one of the nurses.

Chris is unimpressed that Drew's employed an egotistical Casanova, but his world turns upside down when Finn introduces himself. His mother is Carrie Burton - he's Chris's son.


Tuesday 29 March (5953 )

Drew and Chris agree, after a warning to Finn, to sweep his indiscretion with Charlyn under the carpet.

Chris, still reeling from the revelation that Finn is his son, takes him home and introduces him to the family.

Chris is increasingly charmed by him, but Harry isn't.

Pressured by Rachel, Chris reveals the salacious circumstances in which he met Finn.

Rachel's unimpressed to be left out of the loop and although she cautions Chris not to give Finn a free ride because he's family, she fears
Chris' not suitably chastened.

When Rachel learns that Charlyn has transferred out of the PSC to avoid Finn, she's irked that he's making waves before he's even started work.

At the reopening of the PSC, she enlists Harper and Nicole's help to keep an eye on the boys' club that Finn has just been admitted to.


Having been invited into the Hannah home, Victoria revels in being the whanau's domestic goddess - so much so, she takes it upon herself to clear out the rest of Margaret's things.

Jack is dismayed but Victoria claims that she's just putting the things into storage.

Jack is freshly unsettled when he takes a message from Victoria's landlord that suggests she lied about the reason she had to move out. He puts it to Victoria but she lies, claiming her landlord's confused, and manages to soothe Jack, hoping their friendship hasn't suffered.

Jack accepts her words at face value, but when Victoria asks Blue to leave the house, Jack can't ignore his gut feeling that something doesn't feel
right about Victoria being here.


To help Ali, Curtis takes a day off to drive their Piggyback car. He's surprised to see his first fare is Sabina - who's keeping an eye on him as much as using the service.

Annoyed and feeling the heat, Curtis vents to Ali, pointing out that he's had a profitable day without Sabina's help.

The boys are pleased when Holly, a repeat customer, requests a ride. 

Curtis soon finds out this involves picking up several of her friends too. With the promise of extra money for his trouble, Curtis starts to get cocky about how well he's going. So much so, the flirty Holly persuades him wait around her friends shop - and even start an impromptu party of sorts by the car.

When Curtis finally realises they don't have the money to pay, he runs out of patience - but Holly and her friends are one step ahead and drive off in the car, leaving Curtis behind, kicking himself - she's just driven off with the day's takings too!


Wednesday 30 March (5954)

Curtis tells Ali about the stolen car and money but when Sabina arrives they both clam up.

The car is found by police and returned. However, someone threw up in the backseat and it proves impossible to completely remove the smell. This results in a loss of business and Ali feels compelled to confess all to Sabina.

Not amused, Sabina declares Ali and Curtis incapable and insists on taking charge of running the business from now on.


Kylie is pleased when Norelle finally talks with her other daughter Julia. However, Julia is unavailable to visit and Kylie is disappointed that Julia isn't stepping up.

Norelle keep up a brave front for Kylie's sake, but TK realises she is struggling. He learns Bella is organizing a breast cancer awareness event and encourages Norelle to help out. It's just the distraction Norelle is looking for and she happily agrees.

Kylie is grateful to TK - that is until the key-note speaker cancels and Norelle volunteers Kylie to fill in...


Finn prepares to assist in his first surgery and Rachel warns Drew not to put too much pressure on him.

However, Finn is very confident and Drew decides to put him to the test. Rachel, who is observing with Chris, is concerned. But Finn flies through theprocedure with real flair, impressing Chris and Drew.

Rachel is frustrated that Drew ignored her instructions, but is pleased Finn is clearly a very talented surgeon. 


Vinnie decides to surprise Michael by taking him to a basketball game. However, Patrick gets in first with better tickets and the promise of meeting the players afterwards. Leanne rankles on Vinnie's behalf but then is won over by Patrick when he gives her a thoughtful gift.

Leanne offers to baby-sit Pele, and Nicole and Vinnie decide to make the most of their evening alone by going out for a romantic dinner. However, Vinnie is distracted by texts from Michael, and Nicole insists he switch his phone off and concentrate on her.

Vinnie and Nicole head home for some romance but are shocked when Michael turns up alone and upset. He reports Jemima and Patrick had a huge fight and reveals he hitchhiked home, leaving Nicole and Vinnie horrified.


Thursday 31 March (5955)

Vinnie blames Patrick and Jemima for the fight that led to Michael walking out. But when Nicole gets him to hear Patrick out, Vinnie realises it's not Patrick or Jemima's fault.

Vinnie feels guilty to think that he's been judging Patrick unfairly, and manages to bond with Patrick over a cricket game. And he determines to stop doubting Patrick, deciding it’s nothing to worry about...


Victoria's proud to have Mo on her arm at the breast cancer function.

Although Mo feels like a fish out of water at the ritzy event, Victoria soon has him hobnobbing with the VIPs - and slyly keeps him away from Kate at the same time.

But, despite her best efforts, Mo ends up connecting with Kate anyway. Victoria intervenes but as soon as Mo goes, Kate candidly asks Victoria if
she's threatened by her friendship with Mo. Victoria denies it... She's rattled to realise that staunch Kate's not at all threatened by her. It seems she's more of a force to be reckoned with than Margaret ever was.

Meanwhile at the function, Lucy meets Chris's son, Finn. He's polite and warm but as soon as he realises Lucy's connection to the Warners, he decides to use her to find out as much information on Chris as he can.


Realising her mother is chanelling her hurt into organising the breast cancer function, Kylie signs on to help... and is roped into speaking at the event.

Kylie musters her courage to get over her stage-fright. Her speech is stilted at first, but after she calls Norelle up on stage and speaks from the heart, she gets a great response.

However, just as all seems well, Norelle disappears and Kylie's shocked to discover she's sick and in extreme pain.

In the ED, Kylie's relieved Norelle's getting the treatment she needs. But she's unaware Norelle's resolved to die on her own terms and has started stockpiling pills to do so...


Friday 1 April (5956)

Unaware that Norelle is stockpiling drugs in order to be ready to end her life on her terms, Kylie takes great care of her.

Norelle resists, determined to keep Kylie from prying too closely into her pain management. She catches Norelle looking pained and tired - but still Norelle insists that she's fine.

Thwarted by her mother's stubbornness, Kylie asks Bella to "fire" Norelle from her hospital volunteer duties, as a way to get her to slow down. Bella agrees but Norelle prevents Bella from following through, and then collapses.

Kylie feels guilty for not putting her foot down with her mother, who's admitted to hospital. She tries to take comfort from Drew pointing out that
at least her mother is getting some rest now, even if it is enforced.


Finn asks Lucy out, privately keen to finesse his way further into the Warners' inner circle. Although oblivious to his agenda, Lucy says no, aware Ali still has her heart.

Dayna encourages her friend to move on and Lucy allows herself to be persuaded. She returns to Finn and takes him up on his offer.

The date goes well, even though Lucy is distracted by seeing Ali. Ali's distracted too, and feels a protective pang when he learns that Lucy's date is a player.

At the end of the date, Lucy kisses Finn but it just confirms what she already knew - her heart still belongs to Ali, even though he's taken.


George's confidence takes a knock when he misses a basic clue whilst diagnosing a patient. He's worried it will reflect badly when TK writes his review of his ED rotation.

Dayna tries to bolster but Esther succeeds where she fails, offering practical tips and advising George not to let TK get under his skin. He in
turn is able to help her when she second-guesses herself on a diagnosis. They realise they're a great team and George's confidence is boosted.

They're challenged when faced with a complex MVA, however. Although they're initially apprehensive, TK commends them both for how they coped under pressure.

George reassures a deflated Dayna that he does need her support and they plan to share a quiet evening together, but when Dayna comes to collect him, George hustles to get her away. He's been rattled by the arrival of a mystery woman, Chloe, and is desperate to hide from her - but who is she?