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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

27 - 31 August 2012

Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street on TV2

Rachel Blampied as Bree in Shortland Street on TV2

Brooke Williams as Lana in Shortland Street on TV2

Mike Edward as Zac Smith - Shortland Street on TV2

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 Monday 27 thAugust (5072)

Jasmine deeply regrets disappointing Angel and ruining their close connection.

Angel reveals hes Catholic, which is why he reacted so badly to Jasmines judgement of Britney. Angel claims Jasmines forgiven, but its clear he has no intention of continuing their close friendship.

Jasmine makes up with Britney, only to earn further derision from Angel when he accuses her of being nice solely to get back in his good graces.

Fed up, Jasmine points out Angels a hypocrite - hes annoyed with her for judging others when all the while hes judging her.

Angels impressed by the insight, and Jasmines delighted when their close connection is restored.

Off Vasas breakdown last week, Sarah and Wendy continually offer support and encouragement.

Vasas at her wits end - she doesnt feel she deserves friendship because of her affair with Zac and she wishes theyd leave her alone.
But Sarah and Wendy decide Vasa needs quality time away from her responsibilities and they organise a foolproof social outing.

Desperate to escape, Vasa resorts to lies and claims she has a date.

TKs determined to behave professionally towards Zac, but tension remains.

TK realises its not enough to pretend hes okay with Zac in ED - he actually has to accept Zacs a good nurse and trust him as part of the team. TK makes a real effort to do so and hes pleased when it works.

However, when TK sees Zac flirting with a patient, hes distracted as he makes an important call regarding his patients treatment.

The patient stabilises, and, returning to the cubicles, TKs annoyed to find Zac hasnt moved on from his pretty case.

Hes pulled up to discover Zac has actually uncovered an underlying condition, meaning his time has been well spent.

Ashamed to have misjudged Zac, TKs day goes from bad to worse when his resus patient alarms.

Despite his best efforts, TK loses the patient. He puts this down to the call he made while annoyed with Zac.

Blaming himself for mismanaging ED and causing his patients death, TK worries he shouldnt be HOD.

Tuesday 28 thAugust (5073)

TK unburdens his negligence to Sarah. Sarah thinks hes beating himself up. Roimata tries tough love to support TK, but TKs still not happy being in charge. The next day, Zac is pleased to learn Sarah is investigating TKs leadership.

Josh tries to talk with TK, but a defensive TK brushes him off. Zac subtly stirs with Josh and Nicole, but quickly learns TK has ironcast support.

When it comes time for Zac to give his account of events, he decides not to fight battles he cant win, and reluctantly speaks in full support of TK.

Sarah debriefs TK on her findings, and TKs surprised by the extent of the support he has in his staff - especially from Zac.

When TK recaps to Roimata, she implies that he should shake hands with Zac and be done with it.

Taking this on board, TK makes peace with Zac , grateful to him for his support. Zacs pleased to have tricked TK into thinking hes an ally, but TK remains oblivious hes befriending his enemy.

Trapped by her lie, Vasa refuses to give Wendy and Sarah any details about the man shes apparently dating. Vinnie overhears,
and privately takes Vasa to task for lying.

The prospect of a man in Vasas life only fuels Wendy and Sarahs curiosity.

When Wendy finds Vasa working when she should be getting ready for her date, Vasa creates an excuse for cancelling, only for Wendy to recruit Sarahs help in securing Vasa the night off.

Wendy and Bella corner Vasa at work with a dress and makeup supplies, and Vasa runs out of excuses.

Alone at Sugar, a miserable Vasa is joined by an annoyed Vinnie. Hes disappointed in Vasa but doesnt reprimand her.

On the way in, Sarah and Wendy hold back when they see Vasa and Vinnie. Observing a seemingly close moment, Sarah and Wendy come to the conclusion that the pair are an item!

Wednesday 29 thAugust (5074)

Vinnies appalled Vasa has allowed Sarah and Wendy to believe they are romantically involved.

Vasa promises to set Sarah and Wendy straight but is frustrated when they dont believe her and assume shes denying seeing Vinnie to protect her professional reputation.

Vinnie is unimpressed by Vasas failure but is distracted when he makes a connection with Julie, an attractive patient.

However, when Wendy sees Vinnie and Julie together she assumes hes cheating on Vasa.

Wendy and Sarah tell Vasa who feels guilty for her own infidelity with Zac, and she uses their misapprehension about Vinnie as a way to put a stop to their belief that she and Vinnie are dating.

When Vinnie learns of Sarah and Wendys low opinion of him he chides Vasa for allowing her lies to impact on everyone but herself.

Realising Vinnie is right, Vasa sets things straight with Wendy and Sarah, and apologises properly to Vinnie.

Realising Vasas genuine, Vinnie accepts it and their friendship strengthens.

Lana is unwittingly thrown into a last-minute unveiling for the hospitals wealthy benefactors while meanwhile, Josh, Nicole and Daniel organise a party at the flat to get Paige to relax.

Josh is disappointed when Lana opts to work late instead of attend, but when Seth insists she go home at a reasonable hour, she grudgingly joins the party.

Josh calls her on her unwillingness and determined to take his advice and live a little, Lana starts to relax.

Lana uncomfortably commits to a game of truth or dare with Nicole and Josh, but when she learns her dare is risque she refuses to carry it out. The party stops, and Lana feels like a prude.

The next day, she determines to prove herself to Josh and Nicole, however, shes mortified when instead of flashing them, she flashes Seth and the hospitals patrons.

Thursday 30 thAugust (5075)

A mortified Lana explains her flashing attempt to her intended targets, Josh and Nicole. Lana is surprised when Seth gives her a light punishment.

When her friends tease her for her actions, an embarrassed Lana snaps, blaming their unruly influence for corrupting her and nearly costing her her job.

Josh feels terrible when his attempts to bolster Lana further offend her. Josh relates his gaff to Paige and Nicole and supposes hell have to give Lana a wide berth for a while.

Paige and Nicole argue that he needs to make amends, and Josh is challenged to work out how. Hes all for letting things lie for a time.

However he does call on Lana and apologises for being an idiot. He is relieved when Lana forgives him.

Bella laments shes been unable to cover the costs of the drinks she gave away in Murrays bar and, feeling responsible, Daniel agrees to help her find a money-making solution.

He sells Bella on the merits of organic coffee and Bella invests in the product, agreeing to go halves in the order with Daniel.

But when the order is delivered, Bella and Daniel are disappointed to discover Bellas ordered raw beans. With no way to roast them, Bella despairs that shes got no hope of rectifying her debt to Murray.

Jasmines pleased when her bond with Angel deepens through deep and meaningful discussion.

However, Jasmines bubble is burst when Wendy loads them up with housework, and Jasmine vents her anger that Murrays no longer around to carry his weight.

Wendy chides Jasmine for bringing up Murray and making Angel feel uncomfortable, and Jasmine realises her immature faux pas.

She tries to make amends through small-talk, but when Angel voices interest in love, and Jasmine swoons.

Trying to make up ground with her pseudo-boyfriend, Jasmine offers to cook and feels undercut when Wendy offers to take Angel out to lunch instead.

She refuses to go in protest, and is frustrated when Angel doesnt stay with her.

However, Angel learns the depth of Jasmines hurt over her parents break-up from Bella, and feels guilty for abandoning her.

He heads back home to sooth Jasmine, and although she knows its wrong, Jasmine lets herself be comforted to get closer to Angel.

Friday 31 stAugust (5076)

Murray returns from his fishing trip and upsets Bella over his reaction to her mismanagement of the pub, confirming her belief that he has no faith in her abilities.

When Jasmine sides with Bella against Murray, Angel challenges her to examine her attitude to her dad.

Inspired by Angel, Jasmine contrives to get the whole family together to enjoy Murrays freshly caught fish. Bella remains antagonistic towards Murray, but as the family gathers, Jasmine dares to hope she could be facilitating a thaw in their relationship.

When the barbecue gas runs out, Bella attempts to poach the fish in the dishwasher. Murray thinks Bella has ruined the meal, exacerbating the tension with Bella.

When the fish is cooked perfectly, Murray is forced to apologise. Jasmines delighted shes successfully brokered the peace.

Angels impressed with the Cooper family unity and when he questions why Murray and Wendy are not together, Jasmine confronts Murray with the question.

Murray honestly explains that he needs to work on his own issues before he can ask Wendy to take him back. Jasmine naively misconstrues his words, taking heart that Murray doesnt rule out reconciliation.

Later, Murray proves his real confidence in Bella when he asks her to organise the bars supply of coffee beans.

Angel helps Jasmine see that she has the power to bring Murray and Wendy together.

Low in confidence, Bree fears Brooke is growing tired of her, just when she really needs her. After counselling, Brooke is warmed by a genuine sisterly moment and she and Bree find a new honesty.

When Bree scores a new job as a medical supplies sales rep, she feels that her life is getting back on track. Brooke is proud to see Bree overcoming her lack of confidence and stepping up to her new opportunity.

But a run in with Seth leaves Bree worried that shell never out run the stigma of being struck off and she doubts she can make a go of her new job.

Bree is at an all-time low when shes mistaken for Brooke at the medical conference. With nothing to lose, she doesnt correct the mistaken identity and decides to pose as Brooke Freeman'.

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