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27 - 1 May 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 27 April (5726)

Vinnie feels guilty when he's forced to choose work rather than help Nicole out with Pele.

In contrast, Nicole's loving the few hours she's allowed to work and is touched when Alex happily volunteers to care for Pele instead.

Vinnie finds him caring for Pele and has such a fatherly pang that he takes over and tries to do paperwork at the same time.

Though it's a comedic juggle, he's left painfully aware where his heart really lies - at home.

Alex feels for him and the two start to form a budding friendship that leaves Vinnie inspired to find a way to devote more time to being a dad.

Encouraged by Pania, TK determines to redress the imbalance between ED and surgery - starting with reinstating Caleb's job.

He makes an appeal to Rachel but is too bullish and winds up doing his cause more harm than good.

TK resolves to give up on hospital politics and focus on ruling the ED fairly, without the favour he feels surgery has lavished on Garret.

This is tested when Chris intervenes, asking him to go easy on rookie Healthcare Assistant Mo.

TK's aware that Mo has a very sick daughter and cuts him a little slack.

But when Mo makes a personal phone call at work, TK reprimands him, insisting he has to live by the same rules as everyone else.

Harper's left concerned feeling Chris may have been right - TK's quest for equality is too harsh on Mo.

Wendy's furious with Murray for keeping the fact that Jimmy may be Dayna's real father from her.

But she suppresses that and challenges Murray to work with her to sort out the mess it's caused.

Dayna's upset and resistant to the idea of Jimmy as her Dad and that's creating a rift with Kane, who would love it if she's his "full" sister.

Wendy decides a paternity test is the solution - and talks Dayna into doing it.

Putting aside his own concerns about Jimmy as a father, Murray supports her - but suspects Dayna's been pressured into it and privately counsels her that he'll be here for her no matter what she decides.

Dayna then abruptly backs out of the paternity test, insisting Murray's the only father she'll ever need.

Jimmy's thrown and Kane's devastated.

Wendy tries again to talk her round, but Murray sticks up for her.

Stressed, Dayna leaves home to live at the I.V for a while - causing all Wendy and Murray’s personal problems to come to the fore.

After a bitter argument, Murray walks out on Wendy to stay there too, leaving their marriage on the rocks.


Tuesday 28 April (5727 )

Disturbed by the acrimony within her family, Bella challenges Dayna to talk to Kane, to rebuild their bond.

Dayna tries, but Kane pressures her to change her mind about the paternity test.

He later realises how much Dayna is struggling and regrets adding to her distress.

He proposes a sibling road trip to get away for a while and give Dayna time and space to think.

Dayna happily agrees.

Bella's pleased that brother and sister are reunited, but laments that Murray and Wendy are still at odds.

She sets her rights on reuniting them - but it's not purely altruistic, as deep down she's happy to have a reason to stay in Jimmy's orbit.

Though keen to remain neutral in regard to hospital politics, Harper is drawn in despite herself, first when she gives tacit support to TK's grudge about the surgery department schmoozing philanthropists, and then when Chris enlists her help with Mo to stop TK being tough on him at work.

Harper helps Mo with some HCA tasks and they bond.

Harper allows him to take time to be with Pixie, who's starting chemo, but she has to defend her decision to an irritated TK.

She challenges his attitude and TK concedes he may have been a bit harsh.

When he finds out Chris went behind his back to Harper though, he's angry that Harper hasn't maintained the neutrality she professed.

To even the score, he sends Harper off to schmooze the Ropers with Boyd and Chris and she's left dismayed to realise she's put herself offside with TK.

When Nicole's keen to help with the rosters, Vinnie's happy to swap roles and catch up on some sleep.

It costs him the next day though when he has to change the roster again because he failed to give Nicole all the information.

When Nicole finds out their car has broken down, she decides to sort the problem without help, but foresees a grim financial future.

Vinnie feels bad he can't help out as he's pulled away by a work emergency.

He later admits to Nicole that the shine has gone from the DON role.

Nicole informs him he can't step down as he needs to be the provider and Vinnie is left unhappy that his dreams of being a great dad are dashed.

At work, bureau nurse Prue has attitude problems and when other staff witness her insubordination, Vinnie reluctantly realises he'll have to be firm with her.

Prue's bolshy attitude riles him and he fires her.

Lucy witnesses his harsh punishment and when he snaps at her too, Vinnie realises his growing dislike of his job is turning him into someone he doesn't want to be.


Wednesday 29th April (5728)

Feeling bad for losing his temper at Prue, Vinnie tries to find solace at home.

The next day, he realises the nurses' morale has been knocked by his strict behaviour and his attempt to appease them falls flat.

He admits to Nicole he's not happy but she doesn't realise how serious it is and he ends up taking his frustration out on Leanne when she criticises him for sacking Prue - which only heightens his concerns about the sort of person he's becoming.

Vinnie attempts to have fun with Kylie and Lucy and emphasise he's still fun and friendly, but he fails.

Though he tries to hide his increasing frustration, Nicole senses something's up and wishes she could help.

Boyd has to work hard to impress philanthropists Phil and Anne, so they'll donate money to the hospital.

However, Harper's uneasy with Boyd's schmoozing and intervenes when he tries to teach Garrett how to network.

Garrett chooses to try and do so anyway and Harper decides it's time to cut through the polite patter and give a blunt, honest account of ED work.

It's too confronting for Anne, and Boyd has to work extra hard to win back her favour.

Harper feels bad she's made Boyd's work harder and agrees to support him as he schmoozes.

Bella's worried that Murray and Wendy are still at odds.

She's grateful when Jimmy offers to help, keen to spend time with her in any way.

Jimmy's upfront, blokey approach backfires with a resistant Murray, and Bella fails dismally with Wendy too.

Feeling increasingly drawn to Jimmy, Bella agrees they should work together and solve the issue, but that approach fails as well.

Jimmy feels bad, but Bella, at her wits' end with her parents, threatens to move overseas like Evan and Jasmine.

Murray and Wendy unwittingly unite to dissuade Bella, and Jimmy feeds their concern to keep them on the same side.

Bella's impressed with Jimmy's cleverness and her suppressed feelings are reignited.

Unaware that Murray and Wendy are hiding the fact they're still fighting, Bella and Jimmy celebrate their success, and fall into one another's arms.

Though they both know it's wrong and could divide an already strained family, they're powerless to resist their attraction any longer.


Thursday 30th April (5729)

Concerned about the impact on their families, Bella convinces a reluctant Jimmy to keep their relationship secret again.

But Jimmy's frustrated by this and insists on telling Kane when he and Dayna return - but they must try and keep their hands off one another til then.

Meanwhile, Pania encourages Wendy to keep Bella close in the hope it may help her fix her rift with Murray.

Wendy asks Bella to move in and Bella finds she simply can't refuse.

But when Bella arrives home, Jimmy and Bella realise their desire for one another is almost impossible to resist.

Harper and Garrett struggle with the superficiality of Anne and Phil's party.

However, Boyd reasserts the need to secure funding for the hospital and Harper realises the sooner they achieve this the sooner they can leave.

She and Garrett prove a hit with the hosts and the funding seems in the bag.. until ED call wanting doctors to assist with a crisis.

Garrett leaves for ED, but at Boyd's behest (and knowing other doctors are available) Harper stays to ensure Shortland Street wins a large donation.

However, when she arrives in ED to find a life was lost, she is convinced she got her priorities wrong and feels terrible.

Realising Vinnie is finding DON work tough, Nicole pops in to work with Pele and Michael to distract him with happy family time.

It works and he relaxes and lightens up.

Nicole leaves Pele with him slips away to a GP appointment, in which she learns she is ready to return to 20 hour a week shifts.

Meanwhile, Vinnie is called to an ED emergency.

He leaves Pele with Lucy but Michael follows him to ED.

Vinnie completes his work but then realises Michael may have been exposed to some potentially disturbing scenes.

However, rather than upset, Michael is inspired by what he saw Vinnie do - and that in turn inspires Vinnie to fall in love with his job.

With Leanne's help, Nicole realises she can return to nursing if Vinnie cuts down his hours.

Believing this is what Vinnie wants, Nicole begins to get excited about a return to work.

However, Vinnie is re-inspired after Michael's belief in him and informs Nicole he is fully committed to succeeding as DON.

Nicole supports him completely, but on the inside feels crushed that this puts an end to her own career ambitions.



Friday 1 May (5729)

Alex challenges Nicole's decision to keep her clean bill of health a secret from Vinnie, but she remains resolved to sacrifice her own opportunities for Vinnie.

Sensing she needs some time out, Alex convinces Nicole to take a break from her domestic drudgery.

Nicole's crestfallen when childcare issues threaten to ruin her fun outing, but Clementine insists she'll stay late to babysit.

Nicole is stoked to be out and about but is overcome by tiredness at the bar.

When Vinnie finds her snoozing, he suggests she come home but Nicole asserts her need for a blowout and Vinnie leaves her to it.

The others are impressed to see the party-girl side of Nicole, and she's stoked that she's not just a boring stay-at-home mum - but in the process she's
drinking alcohol for the first time since her brain injury...

Confident that Harper won't be an obstacle, Boyd's excited by the prospect of competing with ED for the million dollar from Anne.

Meanwhile, Garrett pressures Boyd to award him the reinstated surgical exchange position.

Boyd's cautious but Harper challenges him to trust Garrett.

When Garrett chivvies Boyd, he sees this as further evidence of Garrett's impulsive tendencies and refuses, angering Garrett.

Victoria challenges Garrett to make his own chances and follow his dreams.

Inspired, he approaches Anne to pitch for a personal scholarship - and is successful.

Inspired by Garrett's example in ED, Harper resolves to stay true to her professional principles in future.

She reunites with TK and pledges her help to further ED's cause.

Although conflicted to learn that she'll be directly competing against Boyd for Anne's donation, Harper decides to fight on ED's behalf.

She and TK make an excellent pitch to Anne - but so do Chris and Boyd.

Harper reassures TK that the authenticity of their pitch is a match for surgical's showy offering but when TK finds out Chris and Boyd are invited to a personal dinner with Anne, he thinks their chances are doomed.

He rallies when he realises Harper, there as Boyd's partner, could advocate for ED.

Harper resists this pressure, remaining loyal to Boyd, but does ask Boyd to keep off work topics so there's an even playing field when they're at dinner.

Boyd agrees but breaks his promise when Chris draws him out.

Harper is angry but her fury is increased when she learns Garrett has won money from Anne and intends to leave and study overseas.

Hearing that Boyd's lack of faith in him was a factor in Garrett deciding to go, Harper blasts Boyd for not showing the same loyalty she shows him.