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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 26 January (5662)

Boyd feels terrible when he can't do anything to fix the trouble he's caused Harper.

She withdraws from the HOD race, trying to convince herself that it's for the best.

Garrett advises Boyd to leave Harper alone as she's fiercely independent.

Returning to work under TK, Harper is dismayed to realise it's lost its appeal.

TK clashes with Pania when she criticises Harper and the discord leaves him feeling uneasy - though he's gained sole authority, it feels hollow.

Meanwhile Boyd finds a way to reconnect with Harper, when he encourages her to take her frustration out on him - albeit protected by boxing pads.

Desperate to get home from hospital, Nicole is grateful for Vinnie's support when he barters for her early discharge.

Vinnie is determined to protect her and fusses over her on their return.

But his loving attention soon makes her feel like an invalid.

Leanne sees Nicole's frustration and intervenes, making sure Nicole has time with the baby.

Wendy is bolstered when Bella encourages her "motherly management" approach to DON, as she seeks to earn their respect as boss.

Meanwhile, Murray realises that the bar isn't earning as much without Dayna on staff.

Wendy is chuffed to learn that Rachel has every confidence in her, after helping Lucy yesterday.

Sensing Lucy is in danger of being led astray by her colleagues, Wendy offers motherly direction to her staff aimed at pulling them into line.

She then focuses on impressing her HOD peers, unaware that the nurses are laughing behind her back about her bossy mum ways.

In the HOD meeting, a nervous Wendy is delighted when her "motherly management" suggestions meet with mild approval.

But when the nurses think Wendy has enlisted Murray to keep an eye on their social club party, they feel patronised and walk out on the bar, leaving Murray wondering what he's doing wrong.

But Wendy's sure she can sort Murray's bar troubles because she commands enough respect to smooth things over with the nurses.

She pays them a visit, only to walk in on them taking the mickey out of her, Wendy is devastated to realise she's not respected at all - she's a laughing stock.




Tuesday 27th January (5663 )

Wendy's upset but puts on a brave-face, mortifying the badly behaved nurses.

She then turns to Rachel, who counsels that the real problem is she's uncomfortable embracing her role as boss - she needs to overcome that for others will see her as one.

Wendy resolves to do this and gets professional wins, but is sad it's come at a cost of being one of the group.

Lucy and Kylie feel even worse and decide to spend up large at Murray's special I.V event to try and make it up to Wendy.

Nicole's recovery is progressing well but she still can't shake the blues.

When her family decides it's time to name the baby, they throw around names that would suit his personality.

Nicole feels left out, realising her coma robbed her of time where she would get to know the baby's personality.

Vinnie settles on the name Pele.

Nicole's frustration at her disconnect from Pele grows but her family is oblivious to what's troubling her.

Oblivious to Vinnie, Nicole's left deeply upset, unable to connect with her baby or even tell anyone she feels that way.

Garrett is happy to think his relationship with Rachel is rock solid when they chat about his future.

Rachel accepts a dinner invite with Harry and Chris - for Harry's sake.

Garrett's understanding but when Lucy and Harper remark that they can see Rachel and Chris reuniting, he begins to feel threatened.

Murray worries about the bar's declining custom since Dayna left and feels he's lost without her magic touch.

When he hears Chris and Boyd excitedly discussing another bar - Kelly’s - Murray worries about the competition for his patrons.

He takes a leaf out of Dayna's book and organises an event to revitalise the bar.

Murray gets the word out and ramps up the pressure on his head chef to deliver a specially menu deal, despite a lack of resources.

He's excited when a large crowd gather for his event.

But as the crowd builds, his head chef baulks at Murray's unreasonable demands and quits.

Murray's left panicking that he's about to be exposed as a failure.



Wednesday 28th January (5664)

Murray panics without his chef until Wendy insists they can cook themselves.

The Cooper family arrives to help and Murray comes up with the perfect dish - his homemade Bolognese sauce.

Except Wendy, Kane and Bella all know it tastes awful.

Keeping this from Murray, they cook the sauce.

And when Clementine and Honour add their magic touches, the dish suddenly tastes good.

It’s served to the guests and is a roaring success.

Murray is on cloud nine, until he learns it wasn't his recipe that won everyone over - he's gutted.

Wendy expects him to suffer a crisis of confidence but Murray realises he can ride this to his benefit - he engineers for the family to cook him a big breakfast while he kicks back and relaxes.

Dallas receives a painful reminder of how close he was to the Coopers.

Realising how much he has lost his way since their breakup, he laments his situation to Kylie.

Dallas tries to live in the moment, shutting out the painful past and any future plans.

He ends up playing video games with Kylie - all night.

Rachel meets Chris and Harry for dinner.

Though uncomfortable at first, she soon relaxes and enjoys herself - to the point old sparks unexpectedly fly between her and Chris.

That is until Boyd, Harper and Garrett join them.

Meanwhile Lucy is encouraged by TK to see that Rachel and Chris are meant to be.

At dinner, Garrett struggles with the mature conversation and puts his foot in it by defending Rachel during a discussion with Chris.

Highly uncomfortable, Rachel makes an excuse and heads home.

Garrett follows and they argue.

Lucy intervenes on Rachel's behalf, her enmity of Garrett rising higher than ever.

Having seen first hand how good Chris and Rachel are together, and knowing how much uniting the family would mean to Harry, she's heartened when Rachel confides she's tempted by Chris.

But given her past hurt and relationship to Garrett, she can't bear to make the first move.

So Lucy does it for her, secretly visiting Chris to urge him to do so.

But, under pressure from him to reveal who his secret competitor is, she divulges.

Meanwhile, Rachel admits to Harper that she still cares about Chris and goes to him - only to find him hurt and furious that she's been sleeping with Garrett and lying about it.

Rachel's pained to realise she's lost her chance with him.



Thursday 29th January (5665)

Garrett fears his relationship with Rachel may be over when she distances herself.

Having learned from Garrett that their relationship isn't common knowledge, Rachel passes this on to Chris, hoping it will make him feel better.

But it doesn't and she's left feeling bad about the pain she's caused Chris.

When Lucy admits she tipped Chris off, Rachel feels betrayed and alone.

Witnessing Garrett getting attitude from Chris, Rachel is pained to see him suffering.

Privately pained, Chris takes comfort in his relationship with Harry.

Tiring of the deception and hurt, Rachel decides to out her relationship with Garrett.

When Harper is miserable at work, TK wishes their working relationship was in better shape.

Seeking Boyd's counsel, TK is challenged to find a way to make Harper love her job again.

When an opportunity comes up in ED, TK gives Harper full responsibility and she responds positively.

Enjoying the freedom, Harper and TK reestablish their old rapport and TK hopes he's managed to restore the balance.

TK's glad to be back on good terms, but Pania is miffed to realise the influence Harper has over TK.

Kylie suggests Dallas skive off work for the day and his strong work ethic is challenged but he goes along with it.

However, Dallas is pulled into line by Ula and goes to work.

Pushed by Ula to tell her why he's uncharacteristically playing hooky, Dallas

admits he’s a methodical and conservative planner, but all his dreams for the future have been destroyed.

Called out to a factory explosion, Dallas feels his confidence return as he implements procedures to triage patients.

He does everything by the letter with his patient, Terry.

But Terry dies at the scene unexpectedly and Dallas is distraught he failed him - despite doing everything right.

When Dallas sees Garrett with Rachel, he vents his bottled frustration at Garrett.

How can he fail when he did everything right - and how can Garrett, the bad guy win?

Later, Ula's worried and hopes Dallas feels better.

Dallas admits he's decided to stop fighting the chaos in life and will embrace it - he's about to hand in his notice at the ambulance service.

Ula's aghast, as is Vinnie and they set out to stop him giving up on the job that means so much to him.

Dallas is torn - is he making a huge mistake?



Friday 30th January (5666)

Ula tries and fails to stop Dallas's irresponsible behaviour, but serves him up a few home truths that force him to reconsider his attitude to life.

But hung over after partying with Kylie, Dallas happens to be in the right place at the right time to save a life.

Ula hopes this will stir Dallas to recommit to the ambulance service, but Dallas is still stubbornly determined.

Rapidly losing respect for her long-time mentor, Ula washes her hands of him.

Nicole's still struggling to bond with Pele after her coma, but keeps pretending she's fine.

Wanting to help Nicole with her physical rehabilitation, Vinnie continues to push her towards caring for Pele, and Nicole endures.

But when she can't stop the baby from crying and suffers a debilitating headache as a result, she leaves Pele unattended to try to escape the pain.

Concerned, Vinnie finds her, and is shocked when Nicole admits she doesn't feel a connection to her child.

Rachel realises that now her relationship with Garrett is public, she can no longer be in on the decision of whether he wins a surgical placement.

And when a spurned Chris learns Boyd intends to give the position to Garrett, Chris determines to stop that.

Meanwhile Rachel offers Garrett an out of their relationship, not wanting to impact on whether he gets a placement.

But Garrett declines, leaving Rachel privately aware she would have preferred he had.

And when Chris makes the surgical placement decision harder for Boyd, presenting a list of more suitable candidates, Rachel fears Garrett's career certainly will suffer because of their relationship.

Trying to curb his expectations, Rachel tells Garrett what Chris has done, and that she's unable to do anything about it - it's unlikely Garrett will get the job now.

Garrett left all too aware he's paying a high price for seeing Rachel.