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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 25 April (5972)

Determined to prove his commitment to Victoria after rejecting contact from Margaret, Mo proposes a trip away.

Victoria gets excited about a couple's holiday and is annoyed to realise Mo meant a family trip. She presents Curtis's curfew as an obstacle but Mo thinks it will be okay his probation officer.

Victoria's plan for an exotic retreat for two becomes family camping instead. No one but Mo is happy at this prospect...


Harry's party reputation grows and draws the attention of the uber rich, popular St Bart's schoolboy Jasper.

When Jasper invites him and Lottie to his party, Finn encourages Harry to make the most of being in the "cool kids' club" - even though it means Harry has to disobey Rachel's rules of having.

Harry and Lottie feel a little out of their depth at Jasper's glamorous party and both refuse alcohol - or so they think.

Harry's unsettled by Jasper and his friends' arrogant attitude but lets it slide in order to fit in.

When Harry starts feeling odd, he realises the punch he and Lottie have been drinking was spiked.

He goes to check on Lottie and is alarmed when he's told that she and Jasper are having a 'private party', and he's barred from following her.

Meanwhile, unaware of all of this, Rachel agrees to invite Finn to move in, believing he's a good influence on Harry.


After his encounter with Kenneth, George is inspired to start a TB screening programme at the City Mission. 

Meanwhile his flatties are do a thorough clean of the flat.

George takes his idea to Rachel but his initiative is thwarted when Rachel says the hospital has no money to support it.

When TK has to pull out of a health conference in order to attend Norelle's funeral, Rachel offers the spot to George as consolation.

He's thrilled, but needs to provide his practising certificate for the application.

He finds it but Ali inadvertently throws it away during the flat clean out.

Dismayed, George has to stop Bella contacting London to get a replacement. 

He offers to do it himself, but really gets a mate in the UK to create another forgery. He has to pay through the nose for it but hopes it's enough to cover his tracks, and that no one will discover he's not a real doctor...


Tuesday 26 April (5973 )

George is lauded by his friends for being an all-round good sort, having expressed an interest in starting a TB screening clinic at the local homeless shelter.

Privately though, George is more concerned with getting more falsified documents from the UK for his application to attend the conference.

He thinks he's escaped scrutiny when the documents pass muster with Bella.

However, Dayna discovers a large sum of money missing from their joint account (which he used to pay the forger) and George has to quickly make up a story about an ailing relative needing care.

Just when he's put out one fire, he then has to put Dayna off reconnecting with his family, who know his secret - that he failed his last year of med school...


As Kylie prepares for her mother's funeral, she is disappointed to learn that Julia doesn't want her there.

In the interests of keeping the peace, Kylie makes the difficult decision to refrain from giving a eulogy for Norelle at the funeral.

However, at the wake, she realises she can't hold her tongue any longer. Knowing she's risking Julia's ire, Kylie gives the eulogy she intended to
give at the funeral.

To Kylie's horror, Julia responds by publicly accusing her of killing their mother.


With Finn's help, Harry saves Lottie from a potentially dangerous situation at Jasper's party.

He is then incensed when he finds Jasper has uploaded compromising pictures of Lottie on his private MyLife page.

Harry realises he needs to take his concerns to the Dean of St. Bart's.

Unable to get Chris or Rachel to accompany him, he meets with the Dean alone.

While sympathetic to Harry's plight, the Dean needs further proof.

When Harry goes to show the MyLife page to the Dean, Chris and Rachel, he's dismayed to discover that the photos have been deleted and replaced with happy teen photos. His evidence has gone.


Wednesday 27 April (5974)

Chris and Rachel believe Harry's claims that Jasper and his mates have been exploiting drunken girls. But without the evidence, little can be done. Harry is convinced the Dean is part of a cover-up.

Harry confronts Jasper, who smugly challenges Harry to do his best as he has the protection of the school. Harry tries and fails to get Lottie to speak out.

As a last resort, Harry posts a video protest outlining the crimes and the cover up.

Given there is now no evidence to back it up, Harry is quickly forced to take it down. However, the video goes viral, and the Dean pushes for Harry to be suspended.

But Harry takes this one step further, insisting he's quitting the school, leaving Chris and Rachel thrown.


When Boyd's research funding is officially discontinued, he is forced to seek out other providers.

He is contacted by a biomaterials manufacturer who are interested in his work. However, they will only fund him on the proviso he uses their products

Boyd rejects the offer, which frustrates Bella who thinks he is looking a gift horse in the mouth.

So when a rep phones in the hope of talking Boyd around, Bella claims to be his PA and sets up a meeting.

However, they are both thrown when the rep turns out to be Virginia Laidlaw.


Shaken after Julia's public allegations that she murdered Norelle , Kylie expects her job will be in jeopardy.

However, Drew puts in a good word with Rachel, who decides to support Kylie as much as she can.

Kylie is touched - but Julia is appalled to learn Kylie plans to return to work and promises to put a stop to it.

While TK supports Kylie, Detective Jessica tricks Esther into admitting Kylie confessed to aiding Norelle end her life.

Kylie is called to the police station where she is charged with aiding and abetting suicide.


Thursday 28 March (5975)

Kylie leanrs that to avoid jail, and have any hope of returning to work, she's going to have to plead not guilty.

She feels like denying that she helped Norelle to end is a lie.

The odds are stacking up for her to plead 'not guilty' but when provoked by Julia, she's tells her that she won't lie in court, because she's not ashamed of what she's done.

Julia seizes this and challenges her to plead guilty then - though they both know the consequences: Kylie will lose her career and her freedom.

Kylie’s caught in an increasing moral dilemma... what should she do?


When Boyd refuses to accept Virginia's offer of funding from a pharmaceuticals company, Virginia tries to get Bella to change his mind.

She woos Bella with a fancy lunch and presents, and even though Bella realises what's going on, she's won over, and decides to try again with Boyd.

When Bella's renewed appeal to Boyd falls on deaf ears, she goes over his head to Rachel.

Rachel puts the hard word on Boyd to accept the offer, which he reluctantly does.

Bella's left relieved to think she's done what's best for them both - even if Boyd is feeling ganged up on.


Dayna's encouraged by Lucy to get in touch with Leo, George's cousin.

But when Dayna tells George, he reacts badly and insists Dayna sever all contact with him, immediately.

His reaction leaves Dayna uneasy, until he explains that Leo is a bad influence, and that was why he overreacted.

George is, of course, privately afraid that Leo will expose the lies he's told Dayna and the hospital about his past.

He's relieved to think he's managed to keep it secret from Dayna... But then Leo turns up at the hospital, and George is worried to think that his cover is about to be blown.


Friday 29 April (5976)

George worries his lie will be exposed when he can't avoid Leo meeting Lucy and Dayna.

When Leo looks comfortable enjoying Dayna's hospitality, George still hopes he'll leave tomorrow.

Though George pleads his case, Leo is clearly set on milking all George's generosity in exchange for keeping his secret.

George's problems with his errant cousin distract him at work, to the point that Kate notices.

Meanwhile, Dayna's blissfully unaware of it all as she shows Leo around Ferndale.

When George discovers Dayna has offered Leo a job at The IV, his misery is compounded...


Virginia convinces Boyd to take part in the Fentich biomaterials trial despite his earlier reservations.

Given some latitude to make medical and surgical decisions, Boyd feels optimistic he can work within the parameters Fentich has set out.

Bella's delighted at Boyd's success.


Meanwhile, Drew runs into Virginia in the hospital and is suspicious that she may be back to stalk him.

But Virginia makes an effort to prove she's over Drew by getting Harper and Drew to examine what they really mean to each other.


When Kylie interrupts Nicole and Leanne arguing the morality of her hand in Norelle's suicide, she's forced to confront her own notoriety.

She endures the judgemental attitudes of staff at the hospital.

While Esther is a staunch supporter of Kylie, TK finds it tough to be unequivocal in his support.

Kylie weighs up whether to plead guilty or not guilty.

It's a tough decision, but she pleads not guilty.

Though he's still outwardly supportive, Kylie can feel TK becoming more distant.

Pushed by Kylie, TK reveals that he loves her but he doesn’t really agree with what she did for Norelle . An argument ensues leaving their relationship on the brink.