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24 - 28 November 2014

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Shortland Street

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 24 November (5636)

Inspired by a wake-up call from Harper, Dallas decides to fight for his relationship with Bella.

Meanwhile, Bella decides to get away from Ferndale to gain some perspective on her relationship.

Dallas gives chase, pleading with her to hear him out.

Bella obliges but nothing Dallas says can change her mind.

She insists the relationship isn't good for either of them and officially breaks off the engagement.

Dallas is crushed, but resolves to not lose faith - he'll wait for her return.

Harper's pleased to see TK return to work in good spirits and smoothly overcome a reminder of Sarah.

But when he uncharacteristically avoids a work debate, Harper is perplexed.

Wendy supposes that he may be avoiding conflict because he's had enough stress to contend with recently.

Inspired to lighten the burden on TK, Harper takes on the bulk of ED work, allowing TK to relax, stress-free.

But Garrett sees TK taking it easy and insists that he's fine and is just taking advantage of Harper.

When TK returns home and starts his life as a solo dad, it's clear that good humour is a coping mechanism and in reality, his grief is still fresh and so is his resentment of Boyd.

Kylie receives an updated valuation on her house, indicating it's increased in value.

To her dismay, her co-owners decide to sell up to capitalise on the gains.

Sad to lose her home, that has also become quite the social hub, Kylie starts to wonder if she could afford to buy it herself.

With Emma's approval, Kylie decides to buy the house outright, despite the financial strain.

As she's still feeling vulnerable after her bad experience with Julian, Dayna is grateful to Murray for being protective.

But Wendy thinks Murray's being overly so and he pulls back, allowing her to host a DJ night at the bar.

As Dayna gets the event organised, Murray is pleased to see her self-assurance increase.

When a confrontation with Shelley, an aggressive patron, shakes Dayna's confidence, Murray intervenes.

Later, Dayna catches Shelley using a stolen credit card to pay her tab and when Murray steps in, Shelley lashes out with a bottle, knocking him unconscious.

Dayna overcomes her shaky, vulnerable state to protect Murray and ends up in danger herself.



Tuesday 25th November (5637 )

By empathising with Shelley's troubled situation, Dayna succeeds in bravely talking her down.

As Murray stirs, Shelley flees, crossing with a concerned Wendy who was with Dallas when he got the ambulance call to the I.V.

Murray can barely remember the attack but is discharged and is grateful to Dayna for helping him.

Dayna is happy to care for Murray at home, where their bond grows ever stronger.

Nicole starts messing up her communication, prompting Leanne to put it down to her pregnancy, teasing that she has "mummy brain."

Embarrassed at this possibility, Nicole's in denial until she makes absent-minded mistakes at work.

When Nicole bakes a cake with salt instead of sugar and takes it to an important meeting with Rachel, Leanne rescues her from humiliation by claiming she made the cake.

Grateful, Nicole accepts Leanne's advice that she doesn't always have to be perfect.

Garrett's nervous knowing his nemesis TK is back, and he's facing his first shift with him as his boss after he failed Garrett's ED rotation last time round.

Keen to earn TK's respect, he hits the books to swot up, but makes himself late for his shift in the process and gets offside with TK immediately.

Meanwhile, Harper is disconcerted to see that TK's house is a mess already as he copes with solo fatherhood and continuing grief.

She steps up her effort to make work a sanctuary for TK as he gets back into life.

Boyd resolves to do the same, knowing TK still holds him partly responsible for Sarah's death.

As a result of his grudge, TK holds a brief patient handover with Boyd, which Garrett mistakenly believes was to the patient's detriment.

When complications occur during surgery, Garrett blames TK and urges Harper to follow up on it.

Harper and Boyd agree that no one was to blame for the patient's situation and they tell Garrett not to speak out of turn - he's already on thin ice with TK.

However, after TK lightly dismisses Garrett's request for a second opinion on another patient, Garrett feels he has to speak up for the sake of patient welfare.

Garrett challenges TK, openly questioning if he's come back to work too soon.

TK's furious, and Garrett's career is now in his hands.



Wednesday 26th October (5638)

Furious, TK addresses Garrett's accusations with Rachel.

Disappointed in Garrett, Rachel agrees to look into the matter.

Talking to Harper and Boyd, she realises the issue is more complicated than she first thought.

She assures TK that Garrett will get a verbal warning and will apologise to TK, but at the same time, TK must take responsibility for ensuring that there are no communication problems in his department, or between him and Boyd.

TK acknowledges his change in style has been confusing and makes peace with Garrett, but his grudge with Boyd remains intact.

The fact Harper has become friends with Boyd while TK's been away doesn't sit well with him and Harper's left pained by the sudden distance in their friendship.

Although Rachel comes to realise Garrett was justified in his concerns about TK, it doesn't excuse the way he spoke to his superior.

Although she lets Garrett off, she sternly warns him to respect TK's status - and hers.

When he sees her getting takeout in a work break, he gets the message that she is most definitely his boss and that he has ground to make up.

Realising Murray recalls little of his assault, Dayna is determined to bring his attacker Shelley to justice.

She's rattled when she discovers Shelley's being treated in the hospital.

Confirming Shelley's ID, Dayna intends to call the police, but she's pulled up to see Shelley's been badly injured by her boyfriend and is pregnant.

She understands just how troubled her life is but when Dayna goes to get information to help her, Shelley flees.

Wendy and Murray both spot Shelley, but Dayna lies to protect her, claiming she didn't get a chance to ID her.

Prompted by Wendy, Murray uncovers Dayna's lie and is hurt.

Despite this, Dayna trusts her instincts that she's doing right by Shelley, even if it damages her relationship with Murray.

Increasingly tired due to her pregnancy, Nicole takes Leanne's advice to allocate work to Wendy.

The next day, Nicole's rattled to find she's made a rostering mistake and unable to find a nurse to fill the surgery shift, she decides she's got to do it herself.

Leanne's worried and questions her long hours.

Nicole admits Rachel's pushing her to step down, and to name a replacement DON - but if she does, she'll have to choose Wendy.

With Vinnie returning, she's determined to stay long enough to give him a chance to prove himself, but the long hours take their toll.

Confronted by a worried Vinnie and Rachel, Nicole agrees to step down.

Forced to make a decision on her replacement, Nicole wavers - will she lie to give Vinnie the job, or tell the truth that he's not ready?



Thursday 27th November (5639)

Nicole is honest and recommends Wendy as her DON replacement.

She tells Vinnie, who is upset by her lack of faith in him.

He refuses to accept that she did the only honourable thing she could under the circumstances.

Vinnie visits Rachel, expecting bad news, but is surprised when she offers him the job anyway.

Vinnie tells Nicole and all seems to be right in the world again.

That is, until they work together and Vinnie's concern that Nicole doesn't believe in him causes serious work issues.

Murray discovers Dayna is attempting to track down Shelley.

Concerned this could prove dangerous, he forbids her from making contact, which only infuriates Dayna.

Wendy picks up on the tension and advises Murray against trying to control Dayna, challenging him to see her instincts are noble and to find some way to support her rather than fighting her.

Murray does his own research and helps Dayna make contact with victim support.

However, when Dayna makes plans to meet directly with violent youth offenders, Murray is left very concerned about her safety.

Feeling overworked, Rachel is encouraged by Garrett to take time out for herself.

She agrees to a shopping trip with Grace.

But when all Grace can talk about is her baby and what a good father Chris is, Rachel feigns a headache.

Lucy tries to entertain Rachel, but Rachel finds this equally unpleasant.

Garrett rides in to the rescue, whisking Rachel home for a relaxed escape.

Rachel's affection for Garrett grows and they end up having a long and enjoyable evening together.

However when Kylie arrives home, Garrett worries that Rachel will feel embarrassed to be found there and tries to protect her from discovery.

Feeling ridiculous, Rachel makes her presence known and exits.

Garrett over-explains Rachel's visit, leaving Kylie suspicious.

When her lies continue to have an impact, Rachel realises her friendship with Garrett has come at too high a cost and she ends it completely, something that hurts them both.



Friday 28th November (5640)

Hurt by Nicole's apparent lack of faith in him, Vinnie channels his frustration into building a baby cot.

And when his initial attempt fails, his confidence takes a knock.

But he has to believe in himself when, on his way to work, he discovers a man in desperate need of medical attention.

Vinnie saves the man's life.

His self belief restored, he determines to finish the cot.

But when the cot collapses again, it leads to laughter and a warm, sincere talk with Nicole that reconciles them both.

Lucy worries that a lonely Rachel is opening herself up for more hurt if she accepts an invitation to dinner with Chris.

Hoping to provide an alternative, Lucy pushes to spend time with Rachel, but gets rudely rebuffed.

Rachel realises Lucy's good intent and softens towards her.

When Lucy correctly reads Rachel's uncertainty and rescues her from a night with Chris, Rachel's grateful and their friendship deepens.

Though still not completely sure that Garrett didn't cheat, Kylie decides to maintain flat harmony and not tell Ula.

But her home ownership dreams are crushed when she realises she can't afford the mortgage.

Feeling sorry for her, Ula offers for her and Garrett both to pay more rent to help with the shortfall.

Garrett feels obliged to agree to prove his commitment to Ula.

Kylie's alarmed to find water damage in the bathroom, and learns the repair cost is high.

In the spirit of friendship, Ula offers her savings to help, and suggesting Garrett may be able to help, too.

Reluctant, Garrett agrees but is feeling increasingly suffocated by the mounting financial commitment.

Seeking support, he's further knocked back when Rachel won't answer his call.

Despite Ula's disapproval, Garrett takes out for a night on the town.

Seeing Ula's confusion over Garrett's behaviour, Kylie finally reveals her earlier concerns about Garrett and Rachel.

Ula knows nothing would have happened but feels betrayed that Kylie kept it a secret from her - whilst Ula has been bending over backwards to help her.

Kylie's distressed to realise that her dream to build a happy house has only driven her friends apart.