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Shortland Street

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23 - 27 September 2013

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Shortland Street

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Monday 23rd September (5343)

Embarrassed at her violent outburst, Bella bolts. Later, Bella admits to Harper that her rage must have been fuelled by jealousy.

Bella asks Nate for forgiveness, and is relieved when Nate is grateful.

Thanks to Bella, hes garnered a great deal of sympathy and support from the staff.

Also grateful, Bella thanks Harper for freeing her from her reliance on Josh.

Nicole continues to resist the pressure on her to date Bonnie. Vasa announces shes organised a double date.

In order to avoid it, Nicole lies that shes already going on a date.

Her white lie grows but as she explains to Vinnie its better that she lies than suffer further pressure from her friends. Vinnie is dubious.

When Vasa worries about Nicole dating someone she doesnt know, Nicole is reduced to lying further that as her date is Bonnie she will be quite safe.

Now Nicole feels she has to follow through on her lie.

When she meets up with Bonnie, shes relieved when Bonnie agrees to be just friends.

But later, when Nicole briefly leaves Bonnie on her own, Vasa comes over and ends up gives Bonnie the wrong idea about Nicole's feelings.

When Nicole returns, she's shocked when Bonnie tries to kiss her and annoyed when she learns what prompted Bonnie to kiss her.

Worried about TK, Chris decides to do all he can to help him.

But this means hell be unavailable yet again to supervise Boyd. Boyds resentment grows.

When TK is reminded that the staff are all rallying to help him, he feels unworthy and reacts angrily.

When Sarah learns of this, shes worried and attempts to resolve things.

Initially, TK resists but when Sarah persists and opens up to TK about her guilt, they work towards forgiving each other.

Though uneasy, Wendy tries to be supportive of Evans Rachel-inspired new business approach.

However, Wendy becomes unsettled by the obvious bond between Rachel and Evan.

Despite Murrays counsel, Wendy resolves to reconnect with Evan but fails miserably to do so.

Meanwhile Rachel further inspires Evan to streamline his business.

When part of this entails Evan dumping the IV as a client, Wendy is furious, especially at Rachels interference.

She calls on Rachel and pleads with her not to take her boy away from her.

Tuesday 24th September (5344)

Evan refuses to accept Wendys explanation of why Rachel can no longer be his mentor, and when Wendy fails to get Murrays approval for her decision, she realises she needs to apologise to Rachel.

Having apologised, Wendy and Rachel share an unexpected connection over raising teenagers, and Wendy resolves to step back allow Evan to be independent.

But when Evan misses Wendys maternal care, Wendy is pleased to find her rightful place in Evans life.

When Dallas delivers an intoxicated patient to ED, he protectively warns Emma to be cautious with the potentially dangerous patient.

Emma assures Dallas she can handle it. The patient becomes verbally aggressive and Dallas intervenes.

Emma resents his help, because now the patient wont respect her authority.

But when the patient physically lashes out at Emma, Dallas comes to her defence.

Later, Dallas admits hes seen Emma in a whole new light and he realises he cares for Emma more than hed realised.

Spending time together, Vinnie still finds Kylie very attractive and their passion rekindles.

But when Vinnie learns Nicole is trying to avoid the dating scene, he feels bad for hooking up with Kylie.

When Nicole surprisingly gives her blessing, he asks Kylie on a date and is disappointed when the romantic dinner falls flat.

Later, titillated by an illicit encounter at The IV, Vinnie and Kylie rediscover their sexual spark.

Following a reconciliation and a good nights sleep, TK and Sarah are armed and ready to face a new day.

Meanwhile, Roimata watches over Tillie. She briefly leaves Tillies side.

On her return, Roimata is horrified to see Tillie has crashed.

Sarah and TK race to be with their daughter but they held up by Chris who wants them to leave it to the team to stabilise Tillie.

Once Tillie is stable, TK and Sarah are advised of the options for her ongoing care.

When TK cant decide, Sarah steps in and opts to transfer Tillie to Central, hoping shes made the right decision.

She frets that she and TK will again be estranged but this time the crisis only draws them closer.


Wednesday 25th September (5345)

After the tension in ED, Emma and Dallas are surprised to slip into flirting.

Dallas avoids Emma but is challenged to confront his feelings when Nate teases that he might ask Emma on a date.

Meanwhile, Emma questions if Dallas may actually like her after all but, off Vasas advice, decides she must have imagined it.

Dallas wrongfully thinks Nate is flirting with Emma. But this does confirm for Dallas that he really does have feelings for Emma.

He tries to impress her with a shirtless pass-by in the flat but is embarrassed to realise Toby and Harry are also watching.

Later, Dallas takes the opportunity to invite Emma to his room to see something more sophisticated.

Perched in the bed, Dallas finally admits his feelings, opening the door for Emma to reciprocate, which she does

Boyds surprised to get a chance for a temporary professional advancement in Sydney.

Determined to get out from Chriss shadow, Boyd is further frustrated when Chris denies him leave to go.

However, a determined Boyd is hopeful he can change his luck when he identifies Nate as an easy target to manipulate.

Brooke gleans that Nate may be Chris weak link and a cunning Boyd fools Nate into approving his leave.

When Chris discovers Boyd's deception, he's angry, but Boyd makes a strong case about how its in everyones best interests if he up-skills and gets out of Chris hair.

And, when Nate admits theres no hard feelings, Boyd feels hes had a double win.

Later, Nate apologises to Chris and promises not to be fooled again

Sarah and TK are grateful to the hospital staff, especially Roimata.

Later, Roimata is a little bemused when Sarah asks her to drive her to Central and is unsettled by how tense Sarah is

TK is also somewhat thrown by a distracted Sarah and is surprised when she avoids contact with Tillie.

Later, Sarah is caught out and has no choice but to admit that her multiple sclerosis is back. How are they going to cope with a sick daughter now?

Thursday 26th September (5346)

Sarah resolves to resign from work so that she can focus on recuperating and caring for Tillie.

Harper reluctantly accepts Sarahs resignation by when shes flummoxed by a medical mystery, Sarah cant resist offering diagnostic help.

Sarah not only diagnoses the case, but finds herself uplifted by the process.

Harper lightly offers to hold back Sarahs resignation letter while she considers part time work in ED.

Realising she benefitted from the stimulation of doctoring, Sarah persuades TK that working part time will relieve her stress not add to it and so make her a better mother to Tillie.

Wanting the best for Sarah, TK agrees to support her decision.

With Rachels support, Evan resolves to buy a new car. He wins Rachels approval and Kylies envy with a flashy truck.

But Evan is devastated when his brand new car breaks down and he learns it has a serious mechanical problem.

Assuming all is lost, Evan takes hope when his new client bolsters that Evan has what it takes to rise above this setback.

When Dallas plays hooky from work, Toby learns some bad habits and decides to wag school.

Toby feels its worth pretending to be sick when he wins Emmas attention and successfully avoids school.

Trying to ingratiate herself with Chris, Brooke decides to prove her worth. But Nate takes advantage and piles the work on Brooke.

Aiming to get back into management, Brooke pitches for a promotion, but Nate thwarts her attempts.

Relentless, Brooke tries to win favour by offering to nominate Chris for a knighthood - but Nate manages to get the better of her once again, leaving Brooke to identify Nate as the thorn in her side.

Nate makes ground with Chris when he assures hell keep Brooke out of his hair.

Brooke cosies up to Nate and when he gives away too much, Brooke believes hes covering something incriminating.

She does some digging and finds evidence that seems to indicate Nates been in trouble with the police.

But when Brooke reveals her information, Nate explains its a police charge stemming from a university prank.

Chris laughs it off and punishes Brooke for her sabotage by ruling out any chance of future promotion.


Friday 27th September (5347) 

Chris gives Nate permission to institute new systems, but when Nate asks Vinnie to take over ED admissions from Bella. Brooke attempts to undermine Nate by casting doubts with the staff over Nates authority to do so.

In their confusion, Bella and Vinnie both fail to admit a patient, who collapses in ED.

In the aftermath, Chris asks to see Nate in his office and Brooke hopes shes got Nate in trouble.

But Brooke is galled when Chris returns to announce that Nate has the CEOs blessing to action new policy and has given him the more authoritative title of Business Manager.

Evan is pleased when the Coopers give his seemingly flash new work vehicle their approval.

But his contentment is short-lived when his four-wheel drive breaks down again en route to an important new client Rachel has sourced for him.

Mechanically minded Dallas is on hand, but the only help he can offer is to tell Evan hes in for a major repair bill.

Evan is too embarrassed to tell Rachel he squandered her investment, so he taxis to the new client.

Later, he looks at his finances and realises his business is in serious trouble.

He wont accept Murrays advice, but after a little persuasion from Len, gratefully accepts his grandfathers financial help.

Toby fakes an illness to get off school, but when Dallas is called into work and cant mind Toby, he ends up hanging out in Triage.

Tobys high energy and contradictory symptoms alert Bella to the possibility hes wagging, so he gets on the internet to develop a more credible story.

Unfortunately, its so credible that a worried Emma rushes him to ED, where Toby is too nervous to stop the charade and after a dose of strong painkillers make him drowsy, he gets booked in for an emergency appendicectomy.

Dallas comforts a guilty Emma, reminding her that he doubted Tobys illness too, but Emma still determines to make it up to Toby for not trusting him.

Bella returns to her computer to discover Tobys search history and has to dash to try and prevent the unnecessary operation.

Unfortunately for Toby, Bella may be too late as he is already anaesthetised and the surgeon is preparing to operate.