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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

23 - 27 May 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 23 May (5992)

Victoria is wounded by Mo's admission that he still cares for Margaret, and always will. She insists he call the police on Margaret, given she's a fugitive.

Mo refuses as he believes Margaret is only guilty of theft, not of Drew's shooting, and has promised to turn herself in.

When Mo starts to wonder about who actually shot Drew, Victoria fakes abdominal pain to distract him.

Victoria hopes Mo will drive her home, abandoning Margaret to the police. But her plan is thwarted when Mo insists they stay put.

Seeing Mo's closeness to Margaret, Victoria realises she has to do something drastic to get him away from her.

In a gamble that could potentially ruin her only tie to Mo, Victoria fakes a miscarriage. Mo's sympathetic and attentive. He's privately upset, but it's his
whanau that recognise this and comfort him, not Victoria.

As time passes, he refocuses on helping Margaret as she faces justice.

Victoria's left painfully aware her plan has backfired badly...


Blue's warm and inspiring art teacher, Cushla, challenges him to find his voice when creating his art.

Blue works hard, and with Kate's support and encouragement - as well as praise from Vinnie and Nicole - it seems to pay off.

But when Blue proudly presents his art to Cushla (who is also one of Boyd’s drug trial patients), she is suddenly - and uncharacteristically - dismissive of his work.

Blue's left bewildered and crushed.


Kylie's plans for a romantic evening with TK are thwarted when he invites Nicole and Vinnie to join them.

However the fun, relaxed night at home is good for them both.

At work, TK's upset when the suicidal patient from yesterday is brought back in after another attempt. TK does everything he can but the man's injuries are too severe, and TK loses him.

TK would like to talk to Kylie but can't, as suicide is such an emotionally charged subject for them.

Their old tension returns and Kylie fears it's because she didn't tell TK about Tai's kiss. She comes clean but TK shrugs it off and confronts her with the fact their problems run far deeper. Not only are they not honest with one another, they can't rely on having each another's support.

There's a gut-wrenching distance between them that neither knows how to bridge...


Tuesday 24 May (5993 )

When Dayna needs Kylie to work overtime at the bar, she's somewhat glad of the reprieve from the increasing stress on her relationship with TK.

Back at the hospital, TK takes on Harper's advice and sets about trying to bridge the gap with Kylie.

He arrives at the hectic bar, and decides to pitch in to help. Kylie appreciates it, and it's fun for both of them.

When TK deals with her flirtatious admirer Tai in a mature, light manner, Kylie softens further, recognising he's trying to put things right.

She thanks him for helping and there's a sense that they’re starting to get back on track. Even if the larger problems between them remain unsolved, they're working towards addressing them.


Kate's worried about Blue when he seems deflated at work. 

Unbeknownst to her, Blue's still upset about his run-in with Cushla, when she was uncharacteristically derisive about his art.

When Boyd hears about this, he's concerned.

Going off this, and Cushla's fatigue and relationship problems, Boyd asks to see her drug-trial prescreening questionnaire. 

Virginia refuses, stating breach of protocol. She calms Boyd's concerns, writing them off as normal stress.

However, when he witnesses another of her drastic mood swings, Boyd's fears for Cushla's stability are reignited.


Fearing Mo is drawing closer to Margaret, Victoria needs to drive a wedge between them.

When Margaret mentions she's broke, it gives Victoria the perfect opportunity to frame her...

A large amount of money is discovered in Margaret's handbag. Curtis tries to cover for her, but Mo's old doubts and family tensions resurface.

Victoria's delighted to have achieved her goal. 

However, Margaret vehemently protests her innocence, and Jack gains ground in trying to convincing Mo of the same.

Knowing she's running out of options, Victoria follows Margaret on a bush walk, hoping to convince her to leave forever.

When verbal intimidation doesn't phase her, a desperate Victoria realises just how easy it would be to push Margaret over the edge...


Wednesday 25 May (5994)

Margaret fears for her life, but Jack's sudden arrival ruins Victoria's plan to push Margaret off the cliff.

Victoria covers her villainous intentions and escapes but Margaret is left shaken, realising Victoria is capable of murder.

Margaret confides in Curtis who's first impulse is to confront Victoria. Margaret advises against this, aware there is no proof.

Curtis corners Victoria and menacingly warns her he knows what she has done.

Jack picks up on tension and Curtis and Margaret warn him Victoria attempted to kill Margaret.

Curtis volunteers to drive Victoria home, but a wary Victoria insists on travelling with Mo. She uses the time alone to patch up their relationship, with Mo
assuring her of his complete devotion.

Back in Ferndale, Jack and Curtis hope Margaret will spend one more night with them, but Mo holds Margaret to her promise and insists she hands herself in to the police.


Having handed in his resignation, George plans to leave doctoring immediately.

However, Harper insists he works out his notice.

George wonders how he's is going to avoid all patient contact.


Rachel makes last-minute plans to take Chris away for his birthday. But when the golf course at the lodge is closed, she changes plans and takes Chris to a concert in town.

Believing Chris, Rachel and Harry are away, Finn and Esther begin making out in the lounge at the Warner house.

Chris and Rachel arrive home early and a half-naked Finn and Esther are forced to hide behind the couch.

But instead of going to bed, Chris and Rachel start getting close couch themselves, leaving Finn and Esther trapped hiding in an excruciatingly embarrassing moment.


Thursday 26 May (5995)

Esther and Finn manage to keep themselves hidden from Rachel and Chris during their impromptu birthday celebration. They're relieved - knowing how awkward it would be, for all concerned, if Rachel and Chris discovered them.

But after what they witnessed, Esther struggles to act normally around Chris. He's bemused by her behaviour until a remark from Esther makes Chris and Rachel realise that Esther and Finn must have been in the room with them.

Chris and Rachel are mortified - as are Esther and Finn, especially when they realise Rachel and Chris know.

However each couple is too embarrassed to address it with the other... and this makes for some very awkward moments.


Victoria's thrilled when Margaret finally hands herself in to the police... but is uneasy to realise she's lost a lot of ground with the Hannahs, including Mo.

She's determined to get them back onside.

She pays their rent but Mo is far from pleased.

And when Curtis continues to meddle, she realises she needs to try and silence him.


Dayna sticks to her ultimatum that George cannot return to doctoring - even to work out his two weeks' notice.

George is forced to fake a sickness to get out of his shift, but Harper sees through this, and forces him to come to work.

Dayna's not happy, and George gets her to agree to a compromise... he'll work only late night shifts for the remainder of his notice period.

Dayna's pacified, but Lucy's uneasy to witness their hushed conversation. This, combined with George's sudden resignation, makes her suspect George is hiding something.

She raises it with Dayna, who almost confesses George's secret... until Lucy misreads Dayna's feelings, and starts to wonder whether George is terminally ill.

An upset Dayna lets Lucy believe this, but realises she's now party to George's lies... and they're spiralling out of control.


Friday 27 May (5996)

Dayna feels terrible that, in order to cover George's secret, she's let Lucy believe he has cancer. But she can't back out of it... and George is
forced to go along with the lie, too.

Lucy determines to show support without sympathy and gets Ali on board, but their efforts only increase George's guilt and drive him back to work.


When Curtis learns Finn and Esther may be seeing each other, he gets a bit jealous.

When Finn then talks down to him at work, he resolves to teach Finn a lesson.

Finn learns Curtis may be jealous and the two have words - but Curtis determines to have the final say.


Despite his assurances that he doesn't believe in the supernatural, Boyd feels a little spooked when he's at home in their allegedly haunted house alone.

He distracts himself by working on his medical trial, but Virginia's constant presence is getting a little suffocating.

Drew's teasing leads Boyd to believe her crossing professional boundaries may be due to more personal motivations, and feels relieved when he backs her off.

Alone in the house later, he's startled again by noises.

When he goes out to investigate, inadvertently lets an intruder into his house.

It's Cushla, in a state. Boyd fails to calm her down and she panics, running away blindly.

Boyd finds her injured after a fall from their second storey window.