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23 - 27 February 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street

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Monday 23 February (5682)

Guilty about their frisson, TK wants to clear the air with Pania.

But she's also stricken with guilt for finding TK attractive and acts as if nothing happened.

A confused TK confides in Chris who advises him to let the matter go.

However, TK is unable to and brings it up with Pania.

Finding this too confronting, Pania denies the frisson was mutual which only makes TK feel worse about himself.

TK makes an effort to return to their normal domestic routine and is pleased when Pania is receptive.

However, despite her protestations, Pania is really still struggling with her attraction for TK.

Vinnie frustrates Nicole when he refuses to discuss work at home, unaware she's missing her job.

Later, Vinnie's disappointed to find tension between Lucy, Kylie and Wendy.

He addresses it and hopes it's dealt with.

However, it flares up again when Lucy refuses to call Wendy for help with a patient.

Wendy takes Lucy to task and Nicole, arriving to meet Vinnie for lunch, is on the spot to deal with it.

Vinnie intervenes and sends Nicole on her way.

But instead of following her suggestion to discipline Lucy, he decides to take them all to The I.V for a team bonding session.

It works, but Nicole disapproves and Vinnie's left exasperated that she won't let him manage his team, his way.

Honour's disappointed she doesn't get to discuss her conflicted feelings about visiting Sam with Kane, who's away at rugby camp.

At her party, Clementine challenges Honour to make amends with Ula.

She does, but gets upset when Ula suggests she is imposing on the Coopers and urges her to consider living with Sam again.

Clementine thinks Ula has a point and feeling unsupported, Honour leaves, claiming she's going to Akatea.

In fact, she goes to Wellington and surprises Kane at his rugby camp.

Kane is enjoying his space and time away from Honour but doesn't have the heart to say so.

He lets her stay in his room where Honour tries to initiate romance - only for them to be sprung by Kane's coach.

Kane's in big trouble and Honour feels awful for derailing his rugby dreams.


Tuesday 24th February (5683 )

Honour feels terrible to have put Kane's place at the rugby camp in jeopardy with her surprise visit.

Murray's stress levels soar when he learns what Honour's done and he's forced to retrieve her.

Feeling Kane distance himself, Honour gets clingy and he has to admit that their relationship is putting him under too much pressure.

To Honour's distress, he breaks up with her as a result.

Murray arrives and, placing the blame firmly on Honour, convinces Kane's coach to give him another chance.

Although relieved to have salvaged Kane's opportunity, Murray struggles to keep his stress levels under control.

Arriving home, Murray doesn't want to give Honour another chance, which frustrates a compassionate Wendy.

Meanwhile, Honour realises that she needs to take responsibility for her behaviour and sort out her issues - starting with Sam.

When Honour returns home, she agrees with Murray that it's time she leaves and announces that she's heading to Akatea Island tonight.

After hurried goodbyes , Honour leaves, escorted by Ula.

Murray is relieved but Wendy notices how exhausted he seems and starts to worry about his health...

When Vinnie is invited to pitch for more resources for the nursing department, Nicole can’t understand his low-key reaction.

Excited by the rare opportunity, Nicole takes it upon herself to start a proposal for Vinnie.

Leanne reprimands her for pushing herself and Vinnie agrees - until he sees Nicole's great ideas.

Nicole is gratified to think she can still make a valuable contribution despite her head injury.

But Rachel rejects Nicole's ideas and Vinnie pitches a Clinical Coach, which Rachel likes and wants further information on.

With lots of work to do, Vinnie calls Nicole and explains Rachel needs more details, so he'll be late home.

Sensing he's overwhelmed, Nicole starts work on the project under her own steam.

Meanwhile, Vinnie suffers a moment of doubt.

He's tempted to get Nicole's help but, not wanting to distract her from her recovery, Vinnie resolves to handle it alone.

Having completed her proposal work, Nicole convinces Clementine to deliver it to Vinnie at the hospital.

But Clementine misses Vinnie and gives the documentation to Rachel - who is bemused to find it's completely off topic.

Arriving home, Vinnie is frustrated to learn what Nicole has done.

He insists that she may not ever be up to the demands of DON and needs to let go of her hopes.

Nicole's shattered by his home truth.


Wednesday 25th February (5684)

Confronted by Vinnie's home truth, Nicole refuses to accept she can't be DON again and blames Vinnie for being defeatist.

Leanne's efforts to help them make peace only leaves her offside with Nicole - leaving Vinnie at a loss.

Bolstered by Wendy's advice to be straight up, Vinnie tries to talk to Nicole, and feels for her when Nicole admits she's struggling to work out who she is if she can't return to her job.

Chris and Rachel's return to dating each other is an awkward transition, and Chris is disappointed when Rachel lets Boyd interrupt their date with a work matter.

Boyd is nervous about a presentation to a top US professor and he asks Chris to come as moral support.

Chris is reluctant until he realises this could be a chance to connect with Rachel in less pressured environment.

Chris encourages Boyd not to use notes in his speech but regrets it when Boyd's nerves take over.

Guilty, Chris's aim to bond with Rachel is forgotten as he does what he can to bolster Boyd.

Boyd pulls the speech off and Chris is relieved.

Rachel's reminded why she loves Chris and they're able to laugh at themselves and enjoy one another's company at last.

Wendy tries to quash her insecurities when Murray turns down couple-time to exercise.

After all the stress with Honour, Murray's determined to focus on his health.

But his run is interrupted, and work is full of demands.

Caught out by Harper, a stressed Murray agrees to see his GP.

Meanwhile, Wendy uses her own positive relationship with Murray to help advise Vinnie.

Pleased she has a honest relationship with her husband, Wendy presses Murray for a weekend away together.

Murray wants to, but feels under increasing pressure.

Struck down by a huge headache, Murray fears it's another minor stroke.

Hearing about the incident, Wendy rushes to Murray's side in ED.

But she's floored when Murray reveals he's already had a stroke and this may be another.

Murray's explanation that he only lied to protect her doesn't hold sway with Wendy.

Betrayed, Wendy walks out of ED, leaving Murray feeling awful.


Thursday 26th February (5685)

Bella's concerned to hear of Murray's health issues and that he tried to hide it.

She sympathises with an upset Wendy but tries to mediate, encouraging Wendy to be the bigger person and initiate an open discussion.

Wendy does this and although Murray confesses to a fear of mortality, he keeps Wendy at a distance.

Not wanting to seem weak, he reverts to denial and focusses on his lifestyle changes.

Bella and Dayna are still concerned and Wendy soothes them by spouting Murray's party line - his health is in hand and everything's fine.

However, she confides to Harper that she's saddened Murray's masculine pride is keeping him from fully opening up and accepting her help.

Still finding himself drawn to Pania, TK is keen for a distraction.

A conversation about dating with Kylie reminds him that he isn't quite ready to move on to a new relationship yet.

When he and Kylie join forces to save a patient however, he is impressed by her medical nous.

Feeling bad that the emergency curtailed her date, he offers to buy her a drink.

Enjoying the time they're spending together, TK checks that Pania is okay to watch Tillie so he can stay out longer.

However, when he asks Kylie to have dinner with him, she demurs.

Seeing how happy Dallas is to be enjoying a good relationship with his father, Ula wonders if she was wrong about counselling him against moving to the farm.

She is taken aback when Dallas suggests she seize the opportunity to be an ambo in the UK.

However, when Vinnie encourages her to consider it, she gives it serious thought.

Elaine has a fall, and Dallas is pulled up to see the farm isn't the best place for her.

But he's perturbed when Colin stubbornly refuses to see it.

Ula urges him to confront his father.

Dallas does so, and after a difficult conversation, the family resolve to sell the farm.

Dallas thanks Ula for her support and they share a close moment which is broken when Ula reports she's going to the UK.

Dallas is surprised to feel a pang of loss and the realisation that he doesn't want Ula to go.


Friday 27th February (5686)

Harper becomes frustrated with ED's lack of resources when some important equipment - the FAST scanner - is out of order.

Her annoyance increases when this puts her patient's life at risk.

Encouraged by Boyd, Harper decides to fight for more resources.

She's pleasantly surprised when Rachel is impressed by her pitch and Harper's hopes rise, but although Rachel promises ED will get a new scanner, she regrets it will take weeks to get the necessary special funding approved.

When Harper hears from Boyd that a nonessential surgical exchange programme has been given instant funding, Harper can't help feeling the injustice.

When Leanne needs cover at short notice, a loyal Clementine offers to help and promises to do a good job in her stead.

Clementine takes on an important job for Rachel - postponing the fire drill auditors - but gets distracted from the task.

Discovering this later, Clementine panics and tries to dissuade the auditors but her attempts fail and they insist on doing a spot check the next day, leaving her feeling the pressure.

Despite having second thoughts about leaving for the UK, Ula is encouraged by Vinnie and Nicole to seize the chance to leave the next day.

She's disappointed when Dallas seems unfazed about her sudden departure, but Bella picks up on Dallas's discontent.

At first she thinks he's unhappy about missing out on going to the UK in order to stay in Ferndale and look after his parents, but she begins to suspect it may have more to do with losing Ula.

When his parents implore Dallas to go chase his UK job opportunities, he insists he wants to stay, but Bella is sure he's denying his true feelings.

Meanwhile, Ula is challenged by Kylie to kiss Dallas and show him how she feels, but when Dallas makes only a brief appearance at her farewell party, Ula misses her chance and is left disappointed.

Bella learns from Kylie that Dallas told Ula that he loved her when he was sedated after his stabbing incident and that Ula loves him too.

Off this, Bella challenges Dallas to follow his heart before it's too late.

Ula is about to leave for the airport when Dallas arrives and stops the car, declaring his love for Ula.

Encouraged by friends and family, an elated Ula responds in kind and the happy couple are finally united.