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23 - 27 April 2012

Phoenix Raynor - Shortland Street TV2

Brooke Williams as Lana Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street TV2

Vasa (Teuila Blakely) - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 23rd April (4970)

Bree confesses the truth about her lack of qualifications to Chris. Having wrestled the truth from Vinnie , Rachel demands that Chris fire Bree.

But Chris refuses on the grounds that Bree is a gifted surgeon. Meanwhile, Bree feels betrayed by Vinnie for narking on her, certain she will lose her job.

But Bree is relieved when Chris takes her under his wing. Rachel vents her displeasure at Chris protecting Bree to Hayley, who suggests that Chriss favouritism might be motivated by attraction.

Rachel raises this with Chris, who denies. But Rachel is left convinced that Chris is a sucker for a pretty girl.

Meanwhile, Bree and Vinnies damaged relationship falters and they break up.

Over a drink, Lana tells Nicole about Gabrielles offer to move to Sweden. Nicole realises she secretly doesnt want Lana to go.

Nicole covers her feelings and counsels Lana not to rush in to making a decision.

But Lana is serious about going, and worried about losing her, Nicole seeds that maybe Lana is going for the wrong reasons.

Lana realises Nicole is right and decides to stay in New Zealand. However, she gets cold feet when it comes to time to break the news to Gabrielle.

Nicole gives her a nudge, which Maxwell notices. He calls her on it later and a drunk Nicole decides she has had enough of him judging her and dumps him.

Vasa warms to Sarah and finds that working with her is not be as bad as she suspected. But when Zac hints at their affair in front of Sarah, Vasas guilt leads her to try and back out.

Unable to extricate herself, Vasas guilt increases as she sees what a truly good person Sarah is.

Vasa calls Zac on his earlier teasing in front of Sarah but Zac shrugs this off and continues to flirt with her. Zac goes too far when he buys Vasa a gift using Sarahs money.

Vasa becomes angry and Zac claims he will stop pursing her. However, he flirts with Brooke and successfully winds Vasa up.

Deciding she is sick of his games, Vasa approaches Sarah, intent on outing her affair with Zac.

However, when Zac enters Vasa cant go through with it and Zac realises she never will. Sarah leaves and Zac and Vasa give in to passion.


Tuesday 24th April (4971)

When Zac wants a rendezvous, Vasa's conflicted. But overwhelmed by the attraction she gives Zac her work schedule so they can meet at a time that suits them both.

After their fight, Maxwell is pleased to have a reasonable conversation with Nicole, but for Nicole it only confirms for her that they are at very different stages of their lives.

When Vasa admits she's not surprised by the break up, Maxwell fervently defends the love he's shared with Nicole.

Maxwell makes a heartfelt plea for Nicole to reconsider. Nicole is moved but stands by her decision and they are both are sad to realise its all over.

Rachel passes on the news to Chris that Gabrielle has handed in her resignation. But she's irked at Chris' typical overinvestment when he decides he must try to talk Gabrielle out of her decision.

The manipulative Hayley feeds Rachels doubts over Chris' motives to keep Gabrielle close and when Chris insists Rachel must fight to keep Gabrielle on staff, a frustrated Rachel accuses Chris of overinvesting in female surgeons - Gabrielle and now Bree.

Needing a place to live, Bree challenges Brooke to stay focussed on ousting Luke and Bella.

Bree fears her bond with Brooke may be slipping when Brooke intervenes to reconcile an arguing Luke and Bella.

Using the tension already in play, Bree causes more friction between the couple by taking Bella's side when she's annoyed at Luke for purchasing an antique shroud with a macabre history.

Bree has her sights firmly set on moving into the apartment and schemes to set up Bella so it looks like she's destroyed Luke's shroud and plans to cause an irreparable rift.

Brooke is conflicted but finally gives in and does as Bree requests.


Wednesday 25th April (4972)

Brooke has an attack of conscience and tries to get Luke's antique shroud out of the wash but it is too late and the shroud is ruined.

As planned, Luke blames Bella. Brooke feels terrible and tries to fix the mess she has caused by assuring Luke it was an accident. However, Bella decides to move out.

Feeling bad, Brooke offers to leave so Bella and Luke can patch things up and enjoy the apartment on their own. Luke takes this to Bella who realises how invested Brooke is in their happiness.

She and Luke patch up their differences and decide to move out and give Brooke and Bree the apartment, leaving Brooke stunned how well being nice works.

Hayley advises Chris to act sensitively with Rachel over Gabrielle's leaving. He heeds her advice.

Refusing to wallow after breaking up with Maxwell, Nicole attempts to spend time with Lana. But Lana is busy shopping with Gabrielle.

However, when Gabrielle opts to spend time shopping on her own instead, Lana accepts Nicole's invitation.

Nicole and Lana drop Jasmine and Ula off for their trip to the WORLD fashion show and get mistaken for part of the school group.

They join the group and meet celebrity designer, Denise L'Estrange Corbet  of whom Lana is a big fan.

At first Lana enjoys herself, but when they win tickets to the WORLD fashion show, Lana feels like a cheat.

She turns down the tickets and vents that she hates the way Nicole keeps getting her into trouble.

Gabrielle is surprised to learn Sarah will miss her when she goes and discovers others will too. She begins to question her reasons for leaving.

Unsettled, she approaches Rachel with the intention of backing out but discovers it is too late.

When Chris tries to arrange hand-over to Gabrielle's replacement, he sees that she is wavering about leaving - and he uses this to try to convince her to stay.

Lana walks in and reprimands him but it's too late - Gabrielle has lost confidence and demands that Lana come with her to Sweden.


Thursday 26th April (4973)

Lana points out that Chris Warner is a bully, but Gabrielle sees that he is only telling the truth.

Nicole senses she is about to lose Lana's companionship after Gabrielle says she will only leave Ferndale if Lana comes with her.

When Lana reveals she feels duty-bound to go, Nicole is determined to help. Nicole asks Gabrielle to consider the sacrifices Lana will have to make by leaving Ferndale.

Lana is relieved when Gabrielle relents that the best thing for both of them is for Gabrielle to leave and Lana to stay but wishes there was a way to ease the transition.

Both Gabrielle and Lana are surprised when Nicole has organised a going-away party, allowing Gabrielle's friends a chance to say goodbye properly.

Gabrielle is bolstered by this and gives Chris Warner a public serve. Seeing this, Lana's concerns are eased - Gabrielle will be alright on her own.

Nicole apologises to Lana for leading her astray. Lana is pleased that Gabrielles send off has gone so well and assures Nicole that all is forgiven.

After Rachel offers Sarah the HOD position for GP-Services, Sarah is excited but it reminds Callum of his uncertain professional future.

When Callum sees Sarah's frustration at her patient, Maggie, being bumped off the surgical waiting-list, he decides to try and do something about it.

Sarah counsels that its not this individual case but the whole system thats flawed.

Callum's ire is raised when his concerns are sidelined by Rachel and he takes matters into his own hands by exaggerating Maggie's symptoms to get her surgery approved.

When Callum stumbles upon Rachel, Brooke, Seth and other DHB members having an expensive lunch to celebrate the Shortland Street turning a profit, he's unable to restrain himself.

Feeling like he has nothing to lose, Callum berates them for drinking champagne while people suffer, waiting for surgeries the hospital states it can't afford.

He adds that the system is so corrupt he had to lie to get a patient into surgery today.

Later, Callum is dismayed to learn that his actions have led Rachel to remove the offer of the HOD position to Sarah for sharing Maggie's confidential patient-notes with Callum.


Friday 27th April (4974)

Callum is outraged that Sarah has been punished for his actions however his appeal to Rachel falls on deaf ears.

He goes over her head to Seth and Rachel is stunned when Seth agrees to reinstate Sarah as a candidate for the HOD position in exchange for Callum revoking his reference.

This effectively ends Callums future in hospital management and Sarah is appalled by the sacrifice hes made for her.

She wins the HOD position and offers Callum a job in GP services, insisting that hes the kind of caring doctor she wants to work with.

Chris despairs when conflicting work schedules keep him and Rachel from a romantic lunch.

Hoping to ingratiate herself further with Chris, Hayley offers to help and successfully convinces Lana to rearrange Rachels afternoon schedule so she can meet Chris after all.

Rachel and Chris enjoy a late romantic lunch and are both grateful to Hayley but Phoenix is unhappy to learn that Hayley has successfully wheedled her way back into his family life.

Ula is impressed by Vasas thoughtfulness towards Maxwell in the wake of his break up with Nicole.

Shes intrigued to learn from Evan that Maxwell regrets that he and Vasa failed to make their relationship work and she hopes there may still be a romantic spark between her parents.

Ula encourages this by urging Maxwell not to wait if he wants to move on romantically and shes pleased when Vasa backs up her advice.

Meanwhile, Vasa is delighted to receive a gift of diamond earrings from Zac. But shes forced to cover when Ula wants to know who gave them to her, leaving Ula suspicious.

Ulas suspicions grow when she assumes Maxwell and Vasa have shared a secret embrace and she confronts Vasa, accusing her of seeing someone.

Vasas alarmed but when Ula reveals her mistaken belief that its Maxwell, Vasa is left with a difficult decision - can she lie to her daughter to protect her affair with Zac?

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