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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

22 - 26 October 2012

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Chris Tempest plays Josh Gallagher in Shortland Street on TV2

Amelia Reid plays Bella - Shortland Street on TV2

Amy Usherwood plays Emma Franklin - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 22 nd October (5111)

Reeling from Angels revelation that hes going to be a priest, Jasmine realises its wrong to covet romance with Angel, and sadly resolves to get over him.

She recommits to Catholicism as a way of coping with her broken heart. In the meantime, Phoenix admonishes Angel for leading Jasmine on.

Ashamed, Angel tries to reconnect with Jasmine, hopeful he can get his feelings under control.

But Jasmines close proximity is too much to take and Jasmines thrown when he reveals his struggle.

Later, Jasmines advised by Ula to push for love, regardless of Angels priestly aspirations.

Jasmines uncertain, but when Angel reveals his plan to move out of the Cooper house, she accuses him of being a coward.

Angel kisses Jasmine in response, both of them giving in to love.

TKs contentment is dampened by Roimatas focus on Sarah and her need to tell Sarah about their baby plans.

Later, hes frustrated to be stuck working with Sarah. Friendship and a professional connection sees them move forward.

Determined to make progress with Boyd, Emma attempts to befriend him. Boyds wary and Emma worries shes in for a challenge.

Vinnies concerned to find Emma in low spirits, and he cheers her up, leading Emma to agree to a date.

Boyd and Emma start a professional thaw, and Emmas pleased. Shes making progress when Vinnies clowning interrupts.

Emma runs Vinnie down for interfering, only to realise that Boyd is unimpressed and that all her hard work has been undone.

Not giving up, she tries to make peace with Boyd, who chews her out for her hot and cold attitude.

Annoyed, Emma follows Boyd in to the ward, only to learn shes just walked straight into a quarantine situation - and exposed herself to infection - SARS.


Tuesday 23 rd October (5112)

After their kiss, Angel feels guilty but Jasmine promises that their relationship can remain secret.

Jasmine becomes frustrated with Angels conflicted attitude but manages to steal him away to get some privacy to make out.

Phoenix saves the day when he alerts them to Murrays unexpected arrival. Murray remains oblivious and Jasmine is grateful.

But Phoenix cautions Jasmine, concerned that Angel will end up choosing God over her.

Required to be in isolation, Sarah stays with TK while Roimata stays at Brookes with Tillie.

In close confines, Sarah slips into familiar patterns with TK, adding to the pressure he feels over her recent interest.

When tensions flare, TK confronts Sarah with some home truths about his love for Roimata.

Suspecting a patient has SARS, Boyd realises he and Emma are at risk of infection.

Eager to escape, Emma implores Vinnie to rush the patients blood samples to the lab.

Needing to stay in isolation away from the hospital, Emma gets an offer to stay at Boyds house.

This is the chance shes been waiting for to find the evidence she needs to prove Boyds guilt.

But Emma grows increasingly uneasy when Boyd locks them inside and pockets the keys.

As Boyd showers, Emma snoops and finds a padlocked box. Sure it will contain evidence, Emma sneaks the keys and is alarmed to find a handgun.

Relocking the box as the shower turns off. But, in her haste, Emma knocks over a pile of papers and notices one signed by Julia.

Hearing the bathroom door open she pockets the letter and, trapped, she hides as Boyd enters the room.

Wednesday 24 th October (5113)

A fearful Emma manages to get out of Boyds room without raising his suspicion.

She finally reads Julias letter when Boyd heads to bed, but is frustrated to discover theres a page missing.

Anxious, Emma rings Lana and Kylie to pass on news of the letter and gun and the worried girls urge Emma to leave.

But Emma refuses to abandon her plans and sneaks into Boyds room to find the missing page.

Boyd wakes and an alarmed Emma bravely pushes her agenda, claiming Boyd called out the name, Julia in his sleep and Emma sees that the name unsettles him.

Later, Boyd seems on the verge of confessing and Emma is furious when they are interrupted by a call - they are no longer in isolation.

Later, Emmas determined to profit from her new bond with Boyd.

TK and Sarah talk through his commitment to Roimata and their plans to have a family.

Forced to look at her behaviour, and seeing TKs closeness to Roimata, Sarah realises its time to stand on her own two feet.

Business is slow and Murray decides to submit a tender in hopes of winning the cafeteria contract back.

Needing to drum up business, Murray hopes his new voucher deal offering a free meal on Sundays will be successful.

But Murrays voucher deal backfires when Ula points out a misprint which entitles the bearer to a free meal anytime.

Disappointed to discover the mistake is his, Murray honours Ulas voucher.

But when Ula calls in friends to use the vouchers too, Murray and Evan are unimpressed that shes taking advantage and Murray gives her a serve.

When she tries to apologise the next day, Murray continues to diss Ula.

Resentful, she plots a way to get back at Murray when she sees the rest of the misprinted vouchers.

Later, Murrays delighted to discover the I.V packed with diners. But Evan reveals the truth: the misprinted vouchers Murray threw away have resurfaced, and every customer here is eating for free.


Thursday 25 th October (5114)

Reeling that the misprinted vouchers are going to be costly for the bar, Murray comes clean to Wendy about the mistake, feeling bad that as co-owner shell lose money too.

He instructs his staff to honour the vouchers and attempts to hard sell patrons on sides and drinks to recoup losses.

Ula and Vasa arrive and Evan deduces Ula was behind the stunt. Ula refuses to feel guilty until Evan points out the loss the IV will suffer.

Ula confesses, and Murray is frustrated by her sabotage.

Ula admits her actions were driven by insecurity after Murray and Evan accused her of being a user and Evan feels for her.

Murray is less forgiving, but when the free meal deal has a positive impact, he rethinks his position.

Wendy is surprised by Murrays sudden positive turn, and Murray accepts Ulas genuine apology.

Determination to stand on her own two feet, a moody Sarah decides to prove herself capable by configuring a new wireless network router at Brookes apartment.

She struggles at first, but in the end proves triumphant and is pleased that she doesn't need to rely on anyone else for help.

Bella realises Josh and Lana are still at odds, despite her belief that they love each other and should be together.

Playing cupid, Bella challenges Josh to work things out with Lana. Josh does so and, for a moment, it appears they might reconcile.

However, he catches Lana continuing to conspire with Emma and realises she hasnt changed.

Bella needs help shifting her furniture and Josh offers to help her as a way of escaping reminders of Lanas secret conspiracy.

However, in the process he allows Bella to believe that he and Lana have reconciled.

When she continues to go on about Josh and Lanas reconciliation, Josh admits the truth.

Bella is disappointed in Josh for lying and accuses him of being emotionally immature. He becomes frustrated and leaves.

Bella realise he has left his scarf behind but while trying to retrieve it causes a wardrobe to fall and becomes trapped underneath.


Friday 26 th October (5115)

Trapped in the cupboard, Bella tries not to panic and finds a magazine to distract herself.

But, smelling the smoke from her burning cupcakes, Bella cant quell her rising fear.

Meanwhile, Josh is mulling over Bellas harsh home truths.

Hes ashamed to realise hes not the nice person he thinks he is, and sincerely apologises to Lana for being a jerk.

Lanas impressed by Joshs turnaround, and Josh realises he owes Bella for helping him.

Arriving to thank Bella, Josh is concerned to be met by a wall of smoke. He rescues Bella, and admits he was a jerk, and insists Bella call him out if he goes back to his bad habits.

Kylie dreads having Vasa as her preceptor, fearing Vasa has overheard Emma gossiping about her.

When Vasa gives Kylie an opportunity to impress her, Kylies nervous and messes up the procedure, which causes the patient anxiety.

Feeling like a failure, Kylies surprised when Vasa is compassionate, bolstering that Kylie will learn from her mistake.

Impressed, Kylie defends Vasa to Emma and Nicole, and Vasas touched to realise shes finally overcoming her bad reputation.

Initially amused when Rachel teases her about having an interest in Seth, Sarah soon finds the joke wearing thin.

She plans to help Seth win the backing of Paul Harvey, the CEO of an important Primary Healthcare Organisation, so that he can move up the DHB ladder.

Realising Seth may actually be romantically interested in her, Sarah decides to cancel attending Seths political meet and greet, but when she learns how much hes counting on her she cant bring herself to let him down.

At the event, Sarah helps to win Paul over. Making valuable progress, Seth goes along with Pauls assumption that he and Sarah are a couple.

Not aware of this, Sarahs uncomfortable with Seths overfamiliarity, and decides to back him off.

Seth tries to brush Sarah off, but when she realises he has been pretending they were a couple, she calls him out in front of everyone.

Later a guilty Sarah visits Seth at home where Seth reveals he was never interested in Sarah romantically because hes gay.

Sarahs stunned, and feels awful for ruining Seths political chances.



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