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22 - 26 February 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 22 February (5928)


Bella's thrilled to be with Boyd, although she feels uncomfortable about Jimmy not knowing.

When Murray learns that Jimmy was instrumental in getting them together, he praises Jimmy's selflessness.

Bella and Boyd go on their first date and after some initial awkwardness, the romance sweeps them away.

Bella's relieved to learn that Jimmy already knows about her and Boyd and is pleased to get his blessing.

Murray is understanding when Jimmy decides he needs to get out of town for a few days to get his head around the new development.


Mo finds fresh enthusiasm through a staff basketball game. It's Team ED versus Team Hannah and Mo inspires his family to pull together and win the game.

Mo's stoked with the win and invites Victoria to join the celebrations.

Curtis makes her leave, and although Mo is saddened to miss out on a catch-up, Victoria decides she's better off being independent for now.

Seeing his reputation maligned in an online newspaper article, Drew decides to restore his good name by talking to the media himself.

He chooses a hard-hitting talk-back host and although Harper's initially wary, she's impressed by Drew's honesty in the interview.

Rachel's annoyed that Drew went rogue but can't deny the interview went well. She pulls him into line and insists he attend a photo opportunity that he'll share with Chris.


Seeing that George is being overly earnest in his work, Chris decides to teach him a lesson about lightening up.

He sets up a prank, demonstrating to George that tasting a patient's urine can help with a diagnosis. George eventually comes to believe it and ends up almost tasting a patient's urine himself - but Lucy stops him in the nick of time and explains that Chris was drinking apple juice.

George confronts Chris and is indignant to think Chris considers him unable to take a joke.

Despite Lucy's warnings, George sets up a prank to pay Chris back.

It backfires horribly when Drew is drenched in fake blood in front of the media visitors.

Rachel is furious and George has to confess his culpability.

Chris is left very aware that he's the one who incited George to do this, and he's the one really responsible.


Tuesday 23 February (5929 )


Rachel is not impressed when Chris takes the blame for George's prank, admitting it was payback for one he played on George earlier.

Drew, who was sprayed with fake blood when the prank backfired, insists this is yet another reason he needs to take back control of the PSC from Chris before he runs it into the ground.

Drew's not happy when Rachel insists both Chris and Victoria will have to assist him with surgeries until he's fully recovered. But he doesn't reveal his real concern about working with Victoria - knowing that they slept together.

Victoria, while equally wary of working with Drew, is forced to grin and bear it - until he upsets her with a bad joke about shooting him in the back.

Harper suggests this was insensitive, given that Victoria's dealing with her abuse case and is fragile. Drew apologises and assures Victoria he knows the most likely suspect was Margaret.


Leanne encourages Murray to get back out on his boat and agrees to go out with him - until her new-found psychic powers predict a boating accident.

She confides her fears to Nicole who dismisses them as nonsense..

Leanne puts on a brave face as she heads out on the sea with Murray, fearing the worst.


When Margaret sends her family some cash anonymously, Curtis renews his quest to prove she didn't shoot Drew, desperate to bring her home.

His sights still set on Victoria as the prime suspect, he sneaks into her exam room to search for clues that might prove her guilt.

He's forced to hide when she returns but then overhears a discussion she has with Drew that suggests they might share a messy personal history.

Convinced this might offer another possible motive for her shooting Drew, he quizzes Kylie.

While Kylie knows there's been tension between them, she challenges Curtis to stay out of it.

Esther also warns him to leave the investigation to the cops but Curtis insists they are useless.

Fired up, he confronts Drew, laying out his whole case for why he believes Victoria shot him and framed Margaret.

Curtis is bolstered when it appears he's managed to convince Drew.


Wednesday 23 February (5930)

Drew's belief in Margaret's guilt is shaken by Curtis's assertion that Victoria is the likeliest suspect.

Bolstered by Drew's doubts, Curtis tries to contact his mother through the guy that organised her disappearance, but fails.

Determined to trap Victoria, Curtis pretends to regret harassing Victoria and asserts that Margaret could be guilty, shocking both Esther and Jack.

Meanwhile, Harper talks to Victoria and decides to put her concerns about her volatile relationship with Drew to bed.


Victoria's delighted to go out for a drink with Mo, but Mo feels caught out when Curtis sees them. He expects attitude, but Curtis feigns acceptance of his closeness to Victoria and Mo's surprised by the tacit support.

While Curtis confides to Jack that it's all a ploy to get Victoria's guard down, Mo is tempted to ask Victoria home after their date. They both resist, happy to take their time for now.


Leanne struggles to relax on her sea adventure with Murray. 

Murray opens up to Leanne about his grief and is given hope from Leanne's assurance that life isn't over yet.

The fish begin to bite and Murray enjoys himself - until Leanne hears a weather warning. She fears her psychic prediction of a boating accident
is coming true and makes Murray take them back to dry land.

When they get there safely, Leanne feels silly for ever believing she was psychic, but Murray offers a lighthearted interpretation of her vision that makes sense - it's a metaphor for him letting go of his grief.

Leanne's inspired to carry on with her clairvoyance, but Murray reveals he's traded his boat in for a sea-faring yacht.


Kylie's rattled when she's called in to get her gene tests back for breast cancer. Unable to face her fate, she uses work to avoid it, not letting TK know how fearful she is.

When she finally goes to the clinic, she lacks the courage to go in, but a timely call from TK makes Kylie realise she can't dodge it any longer.

Kylie arrives home, announcing she's got the all-clear, she doesn't have the BRCA gene. Hugely relieved, they celebrate her future good health.

Later, Esther finds Tillie has got into Kylie's bag and found her lipstick. When Esther goes to put it back, she's stunned to find Kylie's test results - and discover that Kylie tested positive for the gene.

Kylie's mortified to have been caught in a lie.



Thursday 25 February (5931)


Mo and the boys are bemused by a mystery call - Jack becomes agitated to think it was Margaret.

Mo tries to assure the boys that he and Victoria are just friends, but confides to Victoria that he'd like more. Victoria is happy with that and their bond is strengthened.

Her happiness is tainted however when Harper reports Drew recognised her perfume as the one he smelt on the shooter. Victoria is concerned that the perfume could have linked her to the crime scene, and when she's alone, throws her bottle into the river.

Murray's excited by his plans to sail to the islands but when Bella is too, Murray worries he's not wanted. Realising this, Bella primes Dayna to insist that Murray can't abandon them.

Murray's gratified to feel needed, but when Leanne learns Murray intends to shelve his dream to be there for his girls, she's indignant on his behalf.

She berates the girls, only to learn they didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Leanne brokers a truth-telling session and Murray's excited to feel he has the girls' blessing to pursue his dream. He gives a returned Jimmy the news,
unaware that in order to support Murray, Jimmy has to put his own plans on the backburner - moving to Raglan.


Confronted by Esther, Kylie comes clean to TK about her confirmed BRCA result.

She struggles to cope with the enormity of the diagnosis, and can't talk it through.

Although he's supportive, TK's frustrated by this, and later confides in Esther his fears for Kylie. She urges him to not pressure Kylie to make a
decision, but TK finds this hard to accept.

Kylie's distracted at work and Lucy correctly guesses the test results weren't good. 

Kylie admits her fears about the life-changing decisions she has to make, but feels bolstered to think she doesn't have to decide right away.

She reports her decision of inaction to TK, who's frustrated that she won't face up to the need for a consultation. Kylie backs him off, but begins to sense that her decision affects more than just her.

When Tillie asks if Kylie's going to die like her mummy did, the point is hammered home for Kylie, who realises she cant ignore the issue any longer.


Friday 26 February (5932)


Spurred on by Tillie, Kylie decides to pursue a double mastectomy and reconstruction.

TK knows they're facing a difficult journey, but pledges his unwavering support.

Kylie discusses options with Chris, though she's disappointed when she learns she'll have to wait at least a month for the surgery.

But when Drew hears of it, he wants to help - despite the fact that he's meant to be on low-key duties, he offers to fast-track the surgery.

Kylie's pleased, but both Harper and Chris have serious concerns about Drew overexerting himself.

A compromise is reached - if Chris decrees that Drew isn't fit for the job, he'll pull the plug.

Drew is determined to be fighting fit.


Jimmy returns from Raglan to see Bella and Boyd's courtship continue.

He reveals to Dayna that he was offered a place in his mates' band, with regular gigs and seaside living, but is thinking of turning it down. He's afraid that Bella will think he's running away again, and stop him seeing Stevie.

Murray is also leaving on his Pacific voyage, meaning Bella needs him even more.

Dayna is worried Jimmy is denying his own happiness, and takes her concerns to Bella.

While initially dismissive, Bella comes to see Jimmy has made a lot of sacrifices to become a great father. And he can still be a great father - and a happier one - in Raglan. Bella decides to give Jimmy her blessing.

While Jimmy covers that nothing is set in stone, he's left considering his next move.

Meanwhile, Murray bids farewell to Ferndale, thanking his community for their love and support.


Curtis maintains his friendly facade with Victoria but when she wants them all to play happy families, he cracks and shows his true colours.

Victoria is shocked but manages to gain the upper hand by pulling rank.

Victoria pulls back from an evening with the Hannahs, determined not to rock the boat.

Mo, weary of fighting with Curtis, makes an emotional appeal to take it easy on Victoria. Margarets departure has been hard on the Hannahs,
and Mo's just trying to navigate a new normal.

Curtis sees his dad is hurting, and makes an effort at civility when he next sees Victoria.

He explains what he's doing to Esther but still lets her believe that he thinks his mother is guilty of her crimes.

At Murray's farewell, Esther's bag is stolen by some thugs. Esther gives chase, though her bravado dwindles when she realises she's alone in a dark alley with a pack of crims...