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21 - 25 January 2013

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Bella (Amelia Reid) with Luke (Gerald Urquhart) - Shortland Street on TV2

Teulia Blakely plays Vasa - Shortland Street on TV2

Amelia Reid plays Bella - Shortland Street on TV2


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Monday 21 st January (5157)

The police find no fingerprints on the bottle of GHB used on TK.

Frustrated theyve got nothing on Zac, Roimata and TK rely on Josh to act as their spy.

However, unbeknownst to Josh, Zac is onto their game.

Josh goes for a run with Zac , hopeful he can glean some information, and hes surprised to see Zac sneaking a dropper of liquid from his bag.

Concerned to realise Zac must be using GHB, Josh alerts TK and Roimata who decide to involve the police.

They are hopeful when the police find the unlabelled dropper bottle on Zac, but the tests prove the bottle doesnt contain GHB.

Zac is quietly triumphant, but TK and Roimata are disappointed to realise theyve now lost credibility.

Evan decides to hide his bad exam results and guiltily agrees to go to the pharmacy for Murray to avoid his parents.

He bumps into Jared, who is working on his mechanics course application.

Evans envious, because he feels Murray and Wendy wouldnt react well if he told them he wants to leave school again.

On his way to the pharmacy, Evans nabbed by Lana to sort an issue at the cafe.

Evan does a great job, and is thoughtful when Lana suggests going into business with Murray.

But Evans bubble is burst when Murray and Wendy admonish him for keeping his exam results from them, and insist he has to go back to school to finish his NCEA.

Rachel is concerned Jared may have tipped the already vulnerable Vasa over the edge and feels compelled to live up to her promise to help.

Taking Vasas word that there was no romance with Gus, and realising she has already paid dearly for her relationship with him, Rachel decides to withdraw her complaint to the nursing council.

Meanwhile, Chris reels to learn of Lukes cancer.

Seth is unimpressed to hear about Vasas drinking, and worries when he sees Rachel and Vasa talking closely, fearing Rachel may be too personally invested in Vasas wellbeing.

Hurting over Gus, Vasa is touched to realise Rachel is reaching out to her as a friend when she offers to withdraw the complaint to the Nursing Council and encourages Vasa to come back to work.

When Vasa learns shed only be a staff nurse under Nicole, she doesnt think she can do it.

Nicole and Vasa clash again and this time Nicole gets the last word.

Shes later shocked when Rachel reveals she has taken on a full time staff nurse and its Vasa.


Tuesday 22 nd January (5158)

Nicole is daunted by the prospect of managing Vasa, her biggest critic.

Boyd advises Nicole to not let Vasa undermine her authority.

On a question of protocol, Nicole goes against Vasas suggestion and, off Boyds advice, backs herself.

Vasa is unimpressed and Nicole hopes shes made the right choice.

Vasas pride takes a hit when Kylie reveals Nicole made the right call.

Seth accuses Rachel of pursuing a personal agenda to protect Vasa from the Medical Council.

Sarah questions Rachels decision, only to have Seths accusations confirmed.

When Seth offers Sarah an influential position on a funding board, Sarah wants to consult Rachel but Seth insists she make the decision independently or not at all.

Sarahs wary of getting offside with Rachel, but when she realises the position will allow her to help improve health care in the community, she accepts.

Rachel is irked not to have been included in the process, but assumes Sarah will unofficially advocate on Shortland Streets behalf.

Having been warned by Seth not to let Rachel influence her, Sarah tries to stand her ground, but Rachel makes it clear she wants Sarah to push Shortland Streets agenda.

Sarah feels pressured and compromised.

Jasmines disinterest in her exam results concerns Evan and his attempts to cheer her fail.

Jared reaches out to Jasmine, who talks tough and insists shes a bad girl at heart.

Jared is amused, leaving Jasmine challenged to prove her wild side.

Jasmine takes Jared to a club and manages to buy them drinks but they leave when the manager suspects Jared is underage.

Jared starts to find Jasmines tempestuous nature appealing, but her tough attitude is undermined by Wendys mothering, leaving Jasmine shamed in front of Jared.

When the Coopers make light of Jasmines heartbreak over Angel, Jasmine is left frustrated and wants to rebel.

She tries to lure Jared back to the club, and when he refuses she kisses him, daring him to go to bed with her instead.


Wednesday 23 rd January (5159)

Sex with Jared brings back memories of Angel for Jasmine, and shes embarrassed when she breaks down and cries.

Jareds confused, but Jasmine refuses to explain her feelings.

All Jasmine wants is to embody the rebellious identity Jared has helped foster. She tries to initiate further intimacy, but Jared backs her off.

Feeling rejected, Jasmine lashes out at Jared, leaving Evan concerned theyre having a relationship.

He confronts Jasmine, but she selfishly brushes him off and he gives up on her.

Jasmine tries again to seduce Jared, but when he refuses, she goes off to find Holden.

Jared realises Jasmine is on a dangerous path and goes to the rescue, but his critical words make Jasmine feels worse and she has him chucked out of the bar, abandoning herself to Holden.

After Bella almost catches them kissing, Murray and Wendy commit to a chaste courtship to help keep their relationship secret from their family.

At the bar, a brave Luke asks Chris to spread the word about his illness.

Later, Murray and Wendy prove to make a good team and realise they may do more harm than good by circling each other.

They make a solid commitment to be together, but to keep their romance private until they feel the time is right to tell the family.

Nicoles determined to prove herself as Director of Nursing, and shes bolstered when her friends assure her of their support.

When Vasa questions the way Nicole plans to cover staff in the medical ward, an annoyed Nicole drafts Kylie to fill the gap once again.

Kylie has had little experience on the medical ward and shes nervous, but she doesnt want to let Nicole down.

While Kylie finds her feet, Nicoles buoyed when Vasa gives her kudos for a management decision.

Finally feeling like things are going her way, Nicole checks in with Kylie. Kylie doesnt want to shake Nicoles confidence and she assures shes coping, even though shes having doubts about her case.

Later, Vasa picks up on Kylies oversight, and Kylies shocked to realise her patient is in a critical condition and may die.

Vasa places the blame on Nicole, and admonishes her for mismanaging her staff and putting a patients life at risk.


Thursday 24 th January (5160)

Nicole meets with Rachel and takes responsibility for Kylies mistake.

Feeling the pressure to prove herself, Nicoles irritated when Vasa continues to undermine her.

But she focusses on giving Kylie the training she needs to be an effective nurse on the medical ward.

However, Kylies training puts Nicole behind and shes forced to reject time with Boyd in order to catch up on work.

Catching up with him later, Nicole reveals her plan to revamp the roster system and Boyds pleased her confidence hasnt been knocked.

She gets to work, but when Vasa undermines her, Boyd has to pick up the pieces.

He and Nicole finish her proposal, and a grateful Nicoles surprised when they share a moment.

Kylie feels awful for her mistake but is bolstered when Nicole assures her shes a good nurse.

But shes unhappy when Nicole assigns her to work with Brooke again.

Meanwhile, Brooke is annoyed when Sarah singles her out for criticism in front of Rachel.

She accuses Sarah of not being a good friend but is chastened when Sarah points out their friendship has no bearing in the workplace.

Brooke takes her frustration out on Kylie by insisting she oversee all of Kylies work.

Emma learns off Brookes cruelness towards Kylie, and suggests they get revenge.

Kylies not sure, but when Brooke assigns her another task, Kylie claims shes not confident enough to do it.

Brooke is frustrated, and an opportunistic Vasa suggests Kylie wouldnt get away with her games if she were in charge and Vasa manages to gain an ally in Brooke.

Bellas frustrated when Luke becomes consumed by his work at the bar.

He assures her he likes the normality and sense of usefulness but Bella fears hes not making the most of his last few months.

She appeals to Wendy and Murray to find someone else to run the bar, determined to create new memories with Luke so she has something to hold onto once hes gone.

Informing Luke hes no longer working the bar, Bella makes an executive decision she and Luke are spending his last days together.

They go on a romantic picnic, and when Bella sees Sarah and Tillie, she gets an idea.

Bella proposes she and Luke have a baby, but he shuts the idea down, leaving Bella crushed.

Friday 25 th January (5161)

Despite Wendys counsel, Bella wont budge over her need to have Lukes baby.

After a chat with Sarah, Luke is challenged to re-evaluate things from Bellas perspective.

Though wanting Bellas happiness, Luke fears Bellas need for his child is about her inability to accept his impending death.

He wants for her to have a full life after hes gone and the freedom to love again.

Subtly trying to show Bella what options are open to her in the future, Luke shows her his adventure travel journals.

He then suggests Murrays delayed wedding reception should in fact be a living wake. Warming to Lukes positivity, Bella embraces this.

Zacs still facing public disapproval due to Roimatas public outburst, and Sarah wishes she could do more to support him.

Zacs pleased when Sarah negotiates a reconciliation, in the form of friendship, but TK and Roimata are appalled.

TK tries to warn Sarah off Zac, but she resents his interference.

Jasmine continues to lead a double life and Evans increasingly suspicious of her behaviour.

Reluctant to nark on her outright, he subtly drops hints to Wendy and Murray but these are overlooked.

Convinced Jasmines behaviour is a reaction to Angels rejection, Evan attempts to counsel Jasmine.

Oblivious to Jasmines rebellion, Murray and Wendy continue to grow closer.

Murray wants to reveal their reconciliation to the family, but Wendys not ready.

Later, when Jasmine once again escapes their scrutiny, Evan blows the whistle on her self-destructive behaviour, accusing Wendy and Murray of being useless parents.

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