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20 - 24 April 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 20 April (5721)

Clementine's frustration at the over-bearing presence of her brother Alex continues.

She ignores him and is pleased to feel special when a photo posted online of her outfit gets attention on MyLife.

But her resolve is challenged when she realises the attention is actually directed at Alex who's in the background.

Unaware of her anger, Alex enjoys the online attention but is embarrassed when Clementine posts an awkward teen photo of him.

He retaliates in kind and Clementine declares war.

Although Kane seems happier with Jimmy now, Dayna's still distrustful.

She offers to keep an eye on Jimmy on Murray's behalf and he's grateful.

But Kane's frustrated Dayna's monitoring his time with Jimmy.

Dayna ends up offside with Kane and realises Murray's wise to stay out of the situation.

Caleb's awaiting sentencing for his past theft of a prescription pad.

The stress draws him and Pania together and he's grateful for her support.

They're hugely relieved when he's discharged without conviction.

But when he tries to find a job, he realises his past sins mean he'll never again work in the ambo service.

TK wishes he could support his mate, but the tension with Pania hasn't been resolved.

When he finds a non-medical role within the hospital that Caleb could apply for, TK thinks he may have found the ideal way to help Caleb and keep him in his life.

Garrett's furious with Boyd for ruining his relationship with Victoria.

Harper urges him to let it go, fearing he will scupper his career if he loses Boyd as his mentor, but makes the mistake of passing on Garrett's angst to Boyd.

As a result, Boyd decides Garrett's not mature enough to go on the exchange to Columbia University.

Garrett's gutted Boyd thinks so little of him but sets about proving Boyd's wrong.

He excels in his work and Kylie speaks up to support Garrett's maturity and hard work this year.

To Harper's relief, Boyd decides to take a gamble on Garrett and send him to the US on the exchange programme.

But, unaware of Boyd's turnaround, Garrett rebels and regresses to his old ways.

His lapse costs him dearly when Harper and Boyd pop over to break the good news and learn he was about to smoke a joint.

Boyd's bitterly disappointed and Garrett fears his career is over.



Tuesday 21 April (5722 )

After being caught out by Boyd, Garrett worries his surgical career may be over.

Harper implores Boyd to be lenient, and not wanting to completely trash Garrett's career, Boyd stands him down from surgery temporarily.

Garrett's confidence takes a further knock when he realises he has only confirmed Chris's low opinion of him.

However, Harper bolsters Garrett by reminding him that Boyd could have taken a much harder stance - clearly he still believes in Garrett's potential.

Garrett resolves to make it as a surgeon despite his recent fall from Rachel.

Clementine decides to bring Alex down a peg or two by ridiculing his clean-eating lifestyle on social media.

Leanne gets wind of this and is amused.

Lucy speaks up in his defence, however, and feels she's lost favour with Alex when it's revealed Alex finds the meme funny.

The two grow closer when they patch things.

Meanwhile Clementine realises her attempt to embarrass has failed and is despondent.

Leanne encourages Clementine to drop her attacks on Alex and use her wit to send up all of Ferndale.

Clementine agrees and begins a new witty blog to express her unique point of view and identity.

With Kane still keeping her at arm's length, Dayna decides to try a new approach.

So when Jimmy claims to have lost $400 right when he needs to pay his bill at The I.V, she chooses to believe him. This wins her points with Kane.

That is, until she catches Jack with $400 and reports this to Kane.

Offended, Kane admonishes Dayna for her suspicions.

But when Dayna reports she saw Jack handing the money over to Mo and lying about where he got it, a saddened Kane knows he has to confront Jack.

Jack admits he stole the money because his family are under financial pressure due to his sister's cancer, and Kane's heart goes out to him.

But feeling she's doing the right thing, Dayna tells Mo about Jack's theft.

Jack's in trouble and Kane turns on Dayna, insisting she butt out of his life permanently.


Wednesday 22nd April (5723)

Dayna is upset that she's so badly offside with Kane, but can't get him to accept her apology.

Jimmy offers to mediate with Kane but is hurt when Kane backs him off from a fatherly role.

Jimmy determines to step up as an authority figure and is pleased when Kane acquiesces - and Dayna approves.

When Jimmy admits his parenting insecurities to Dayna she is thrown to find herself warming to him.

She admits this to Murray, who is still sceptical of Jimmy's character.

Dayna is left wishing she knew more about Jimmy - mainly whether she can trust him.

TK urges Rachel to give Caleb a health care assistant role but Chris sees this as an opportunity for Mo and gets Rachel to hire him instead.

TK fires up in Caleb's defence, but when Caleb hears of Mo's difficult situation, he asks TK to stand down.

Not without heart, Rachel allows TK to hire Caleb if he can find the money in ED's budget.

The win is tainted for TK, but he agrees.

Meanwhile, Pania is anxious about her Medical Council hearing, but is relieved when she's eventually reinstated.

She wants to celebrate but Caleb starts his first shift.

His excitement to work with TK leaves Pania feeling isolated and alone.

In a weak moment she confides to Wendy, who suggests she apologise to TK and Kylie, and mend their rift.

Pania is left wondering if this will be enough to fix the situation.

The arrival of an old friend, Prue, prompts Leanne to examine her life.

She revisits the idea of getting her own place and is bolstered by her family's support.

She's given a rude awakening by the reality of the rental market, but realises that if she and Prue shared a flat, they could afford somewhere nice.

But the rental market is tough, and Prue has a racist rant, which Leanne eventually joins in on.

Nicole, Vinnie and Clementine are unimpressed.

Clementine posts a rant on her blog, and Leanne's annoyed.

She defends her position but in doing so, deeply offends Vinnie.

Leanne's horrified when Nicole points out she's a racist.


Thursday 23rd April (5724)

Leanne is upset that her family think she's bigoted and sets out to prove they're wrong.

After a series of mildly offensive token gestures, Clementine forces an intervention.

She, Nicole and Vinnie confront Leanne, who isn't willing to change her ways, and they have to agree to disagree.

But when Prue makes a racial slur, Leanne makes a stand against her comments.

In doing so, Leanne realises that she actually has changed her views since moving to Ferndale.

When Jimmy mentions a song he wrote with Kane and Dayna's mother, Dayna and Murray go on a detective trail to find out if he's telling the truth.

They discover he is, and that Jimmy gifted the rights to the song to Jennifer - the proceeds from which Kane and Dayna inherited in Jennifer's estate.

Wanting to repay his generosity, they invite Jimmy to stay and all are happy except Murray, who realises he's the only one who still distrusts Jimmy.

Pania apologises to Kylie and TK, and is disappointed when it doesn't achieve much.

Despite this, she determines to keep on with Wendy's advice and stop machinating - which is hard when she finds Harper with a bag of weed.

Later, Garrett empathises with Pania's professional position, admitting he too almost lost his job for a grave mistake.

Suspecting Boyd is covering for Garrett, Pania decides to ignore Wendy's advice and tell TK, hoping her information will finally endear herself to him.

TK relishes working with Caleb, but knows he's wasted on menial tasks as a lowly HCA.

In a medical emergency, he asks him to take on responsibilities above his station that include handling drugs.

Boyd, who's keeping Garrett on a tight leash after his own drug indiscretion, takes issue with TK's disregard for hospital rules and reports this to Rachel.

Rachel's concerned to hear former drug addict Caleb is being given access to drugs and moves Caleb from ED.

TK seeks Harper's support to appeal to Rachel about the double standards between surgical and ED, but Harper feels conflicted and declines.

Frustrated by the injustice, when Pania reveals damning evidence against Boyd's department, TK decides to play dirty and asks Pania to tell all.


Friday 24 April (5725)

TK's wary of acting on Pania's suspicion that Boyd covered Garrett's mistake - until Kylie provides proof and Pania convinces him it's a professional issue that must be addressed.

TK reports the matter to Rachel.

He's pleased when she agrees it's a serious matter and takes it to Boyd.

Rachel is critical of Boyd for going lightly on Garrett until Boyd convinces her Garrett is worth supporting as he is potentially a very good surgeon.

Rachel acquiesces but warns Boyd his reputation is now dependent on Garrett's success.

Garrett runs into trouble with TK, who is annoyed to find him still working.

Boyd runs interference and warns Garrett they both need to be above reproach.

While Garrett promises to do his best, Pania stokes TK sense of injustice by pointing out Garrett and Boyd have been let off when she and Caleb were punished for a similar offence.

Clementine encourages Leanne to keep flat hunting, and then decides it's the best option for her too, to get away from Alex.

She's thrown when Leanne suggests moving in together and manages to make an excuse.

Rachel's lease on her apartment is up and she entrusts Clem with the task of contacting staff.

Clementine has been handed a plumb opportunity to make sure she's top of the list and she keeps the information to herself.

Leanne is furious to discover Clementine deliberately left her off the list for a hospital apartment.

However, revenge is sweet when she arranges for Clementine to have to share the apartment with her.

Wendy works to pull her fractured family back together and is relieved when Murray agrees to take part and make lunch for everyone, including Jimmy.

Wendy's relieved the whole family is getting on with Jimmy, and helps Murray to keep his irritation in check.

Murray presents his special meatball meal, but his efforts are ignored when Kane, Dayna, Bella and Jimmy are distracted trying to track down a copy of his song written for Kane in utero.

When Kane and Dayna have no luck tracking Jimmy's song, Murray recalls Chris was a fan of the Dunedin sound.

Sure enough, Chris has the CD.

However, on checking the liner notes, Murray discover the song was written when Jennifer was pregnant with Dayna, not Kane.

Realising Jimmy could be Dayna's father, Murray bins the CD.

However, when Chris mentions it to Kane and Dayna, Murray is forced to reveal that Jimmy is Dayna's father.

Everyone is shocked, and Wendy is furious with Murray as she realises he kept this secret from them all...