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2 - 6 November 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 2 November (5870)


Dayna and George tell Dayna's family about their engagement... and it doesn't go well.

Dayna's hurt to think they don't support her, but refuses to listen to their warnings - she loves George and isn't ashamed of their relationship.

Worried, Murray, Wendy and Jimmy get together to discuss Dayna's surprise engagement.

After debating what's best for Dayna, they finally agree - the wedding must not go ahead.

Meanwhile, Dayna celebrates her engagement with her friends. She's resolved to marry George, unaware her parents have a very different idea.


Rachel is forced to compromise with Gareth - she'll trial his surgical supplies, as long as they pass Chris's quality control.

Chris isn't happy that Rachel's agreed to this, but is forced to admit there's nothing wrong with the supplies.

As a result, Rachel reluctantly agrees to the trial.

Meanwhile, Drew's thrown to see Gareth at the hospital, flirting with Virginia.

He backs Gareth off, but is stunned to learn he's now doing business with the hospital - and that Rachel's agreed to it.


Vinnie finally realises Lara's more trouble than she's worth.

He endures another gym session with her, but fears he's now stuck being her counsellor - talking her through her emotional problems rather than having fun.


Jack is thrown to realise his friends Dion and Austin are in grave danger.

He waits at the hospital, despite Mo's pleas to go home and rest for his exam tomorrow.

Jack only goes home when Esther promises him that the boys will be fine.

First thing in the morning, Jack rushes to the hospital to see them.

He's upset to learn Austin died in the night and is frustrated that Esther promised he'd be okay.

TK reprimands Esther for her misguided promise, and Esther wishes she could make it up to Jack.

Meanwhile, Jack's struggling to focus. He's got an NCEA exam that same day and he's determined to overcome his grief so he can get the marks he needs to go to medical school.

However, the pressure is too much. In the exam, Jack blanks.

In despair, he gives up and walks out of his exam, knowing he's just jeopardised his dreams... 


Tuesday 3 November (5871 )


Jack feels like a failure after walking out of his exam but he can't bear to disappoint his parents, and keeps it from them.

His anxiety builds to the point where it's making him physically sick.

Mo and Margaret are worried and eventually get the truth out of him, but aren't sure what they can do to help.

Mo wants to try to encourage Jack, but Margaret can't stand seeing her boy so miserable. She thinks they need to find a way to tell Jack that no ambition is worth this kind of stress.

However, when they try to broach this with Jack, the prospect of admitting defeat only makes him feel worse.


When Drew can't convince Rachel to stop doing business with Gareth, he's frustrated to realise how little power he really has.

When he learns that Victoria's been talking patients out of surgeries, he refuses to let her get away with it.

Neither Chris nor Harper will take his concerns seriously however, and he feels completely shut out.

He's left taking comfort from a most unlikely source... Virginia.


Things between Lucy and Todd heat up, but they decide to take things slow. 

Seeing Curtis, Lucy is frustrated by the way he still affects her. She realises it might be her feelings for him are holding her back.

Rachel helps her to see that she and Curtis have no future, whereas she and Todd might.

Lucy decides to fully commit to Todd.

She even starts to think he might really be perfect for her... that is, until they're confronted by his wife, Lara.

Lara reveals Todd isn't even his real name - it's Dan, and the baby with her is his daughter. 

Lucy's left hurt and mortified - especially as it all goes down in front of Curtis.


Wednesday 4 November (5872)

 Mortified to be outed as Todd/Dan's other woman, Lucy goes into hiding, rejecting Curtis's attempts at contact.

Her flatmates rally around her, cheering her with their support.

She decides to relax her approach to finding love - that is, until she hears about Curtis selflessly helping out his family.

Hoping he's changed for good, she finally gives in.


George persuades Dayna to break the ice with the family.

She proposes a lunch so they can get to know George properly, hopeful that they'll see just how right he is for her.


Mo and Margaret are deeply worried about Jack.

Curtis tell him to harden up but it's clear that Jack needs more support.

Curtis reminds Jack that Pixie loved both of them unconditionally, and challenges Jack to keep fighting, just like she did.

When Jack rallies to face the next exam, Mo is surprised and proud of Curtis.

Post-exam, Victoria's pleased to hear it went well, but realises that the family has become closer and she's on the outer again.


Drew finds himself drawing closer to Virginia and has to remind himself it's not a good idea, as their divorce settlement hasn't been finalised yet.

When it comes through however, he feels a pang for her and thanks her for being so reasonable.

She admits she wants them to have a fresh start.

Surprised, Drew tries to avoid her, and when Virginia sees the sparks between him and Harper, she thinks this is the reason why.

She challenges him about having feelings for Harper. Drew denies this, but the spark between he and Virginia is building too... so much so that when
she's wooed by Gareth, Drew gets jealous.

He instinctively intervenes to protect her from his enemy.

He and Virginia argue heatedly, and it spills over into a passionate kiss.


Thursday 5 November (5873)


Lucy assures herself that getting back with Curtis is a good idea, but still keeps it hidden from Dayna, as she's expecting criticism.

She's keen to avoid the casualness they had when they last went out, so is buoyed when Curtis asks her out on a proper date.

Curtis nearly misses the date due to work, but Mo covers for him as a reward for his recent good behaviour.

The date goes well, but is undercut when they are busted by Dayna, who gives Lucy a reality check about dating a guy who's let her
down so many times before.

Lucy gets a call about her dad - he's unwell. Although she has a strained relationship with her father, she's heartened when Curtis urges her to go, as family is important.

Lucy arranges leave and as she departs she and Curtis share a tender moment.


Drew is uneasy about how Virginia will now view their relationship after they fell into bed the day their divorce came through.

He's then put on the spot about their relationship when Kylie asks him if he is going to take Virginia to Boyd and Harper's wedding.

Although Drew tries to keep the wedding invitation from Virginia, she gets wind of it.

To his relief, she's relaxed and casual about it to his face - but behind his back, she infers to Harper that she and Drew will be coming together, and acts quite territorial about him.

Not only are Harper's feathers ruffled, Kylie notes it and knows that Drew's in for whole load of trouble by encouraging his volatile ex-wife...


Dayna is a bundle of nerves ahead of the special lunch she's arranged for her family to get to know George better.

But the meal gets off to a good start as George addresses some of Murray, Wendy and Jimmy's concerns about the speed of the relationship.

Later, Dayna gets annoyed when they start prying into George's finances, even though they are just being protective.

George defuses the tension when he declares he will sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

When Wendy reveals to George that Dayna has bipolar disorder, Dayna worries that George may flee, and accuses Wendy of trying to undermine the relationship.

Dayna's worst fears are realised when - aware that he's responsible for her falling out with her family, George decides to leave Ferndale

Dayna's left rattled and confused.


Friday 6 November (5874)

Though Dayna tries to talk George out of leaving earlier than planned, his mind is set - and, though he claims it's only temporary, there's a new-found feeling of disconnection between them that worries her.

Blaming Wendy for his departure, she rejects Wendy's attempt to make peace.

Dayna's unsettled even further when George doesn't answer any of her calls.

Jimmy feels he has to break it to Dayna that George may not be the nice guy she thought.

Dayna's defiant that her love will endure, and puts up a brave front as the family welcome Bella and baby Stevie home from hospital.


Nicole's concerned to realise Esther's fobbing some of her work onto the nurses.

She pulls Esther up for it, and Esther feels bad.

Kylie decides Esther needs to take a break from focusing completely on work - and get to know her workmates socially. So she ropes Nicole in to take Esther out on the town.

It seems to go well at first - until an upset Esther confesses that she's been avoiding some tasks because she's not up to being a doctor.


Drew finds it impossible to fight his desire for Virginia, She's playing a canny game, sending him signals that she only wants some strings-free fun.

Kylie's alarmed to see this and warns Drew that Virginia wants more.

Unsettled, Drew questions Virginia, but believes her reassurances that their reunion is nothing serious.

She;s delighted she's getting closer to Drew, and decides to publicly stake her claim by inviting Harper and Boyd for dinner - at Drew's apartment.

Drew's thrown, and realises Kylie's been right all along about her.

At the dinner, Virginia makes it clear she thinks they're back together.

Drew tries and fails to subtly correct her... and eventually blurts that their relationship is over.

Hurt and humiliated, Virginia finally shows her true colours, blowing up in front of Harper, accusing her and Drew of having a romantic connection, and
cruelly leading her on as camouflage. Drew's mortified.