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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

19 - 23 September 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 19 September (6086)

Bedridden, Mo struggles with his inactivity.

He gets hooked on online gaming.

Kate bends the rules and gives him the password to the secret fast broadband, until an angry Damo cuts off Mo's access.

Mo tries to manipulate Damo into letting him back online, using Kate as bait. But Damo outfoxes him.

Mo and Kate join together to beat Damo at his own game. They draw a little closer in the process.


Sass feels she's struggling to find her feet in Ferndale. Especially after making a bad first impression on Rachel.

She leans on Finn for support. She's annoyed when he chooses Esther over what she sees as his duties to family.

Sass wonders if she needs to do something about Esther...


Harper struggles to connect with Rachel, who refuses to engage personally.

Worried about her, Harper talks to a recently returned Drew.

She resolves not to pry into Rachel's personal life, but to maintain a constant presence professionally.

Rachel's return to Ferndale worries her nearest and dearest.

Rachel struggles to deal with their sympathy and support. The more they treat her like a weakling, the more she feels like one.

She manages to reassure both Finn and Harry that she's fine. She comes to enjoy Harper's constant, non-confrontational support.

But her recently regained composure is shattered when Chris returns. He confronts her about why she ran away from rehab.

Rachel's forced to admit she was scared. Not that she would relapse, but that her marriage might not survive her sobriety.

Chris is left reeling.


Tuesday 20 September (6087 )

Rachel hurries off to work to avoid the painful aftermath of her argument with Chris.

An unimpressed Chris takes it upon himself to soothe Harry.

At work, Rachel deflects Sass' pressure to hire her as PA. She lets her work the triage desk that now Bella's back.

Meanwhile, Chris confides to Harper that Rachel has left rehab too soon.

Lucy is also concerned about Rachel. She confides her suspicions that Glen drugged her, and forced her to drink.

Rachel is thrilled to hear this and uses it to try and get Chris off her back. But to her frustration, Chris knows her problems go deeper than that.

Chris's attention is diverted briefly when he unexpectedly meets his daughter Sass, for the first time.

Rachel capitalises on this distraction with a family dinner to welcome her. It's an attempt to show Chris, Harry and everyone else that their problems are in the past.

Though Harry wants to believe it, especially when Rachel sincerely tries to reassure him, Chris's concerns remain.


Drew's intrigued about why Cam and Kylie broke up. Kylie hasn't told him directly, and there's an air of mystery about it.

Rather than confess his past cocaine use, Cam lets him think he cheated.

He's grateful Kylie kept his secret and takes romantic hope. But she shuts it down.

Despite this, Cam remains hopeful that if he stays on the straight and narrow, he'll win her back one day.


Esther's pleased when Finn takes steps to rekindle their romance. 

He opens up about his childhood a little, even warning Esther about Sass's past interference in his life.

Feeling closer than ever to Finn, Esther kisses him as they make plans to date.

Sass is not pleased at all to hear this. Especially when she learns Finn is bringing Esther to the Warner family dinner.

She fishes for information about Esther and Finn's dating past, learning just how deeply Esther cares about him.

At the family dinner Sass reveals this publicly, mortifying Esther and creating a stir.

Finn is rattled and vehemently denies it, hurting Esther. Even though she knows it's too soon for that sort of talk.

Later, in private, Sass makes a show of apologising to Esther. But then she twists the knife, assuring Esther that Finn's interest in her won't last long.

Esther is deeply wounded.


Wednesday 21 September (6088)

Esther's rattled by Sass' attempt to undermine her romance with Finn.

Finn makes it clear to both Sass and Esther that he's not about to let his sister come between them.

Realising her efforts backfired, canny Sass does damage control by befriending a wary Esther.


Vinnie returns in a buoyant mood from his overseas trip.

He's pleased when Nicole reports that Cam's stepped up well at the bar. But he has a hunch that Nicole isn't telling him everything.

Looking through the IV accounts, he and Drew realise it's not profitable yet.

This bites when Cam pushes them to invest in a fancy steam oven. But Vinnie has heard of Cam's fame in London, and backs Cam.

Nicole is uneasy when Vinnie suggests that they start setting aside money for Cam to spend on whatever he needs in the kitchen. He wants to give Cam access to the account too.

Nicole shares her concerns with Kylie, who suggests that she doesn't tell Vinnie about the drug deal while Vinnie was away. It could cause Drew and Vinnie to lose the plot, and unstabilise the IV again.

When Kylie sees Cam pass up an opportunity to take drugs, she's reassured her instincts about him were right. She praises him for changing his ways. Cam's chuffed.

Meanwhile, Vinnie and Drew arrive to discuss how to do this with him. But they pick up on news of his drug use. Appalled and outraged, they challenge him about it.

Cam's frustrated at being judged for past sins, especially by his brother. A bitter confrontation erupts.


Harper praises Cam's plan to introduce the Prisoner Rehab Group to replace the old caterers. This will help avert industrial action.

But Harper soon discovers Rachel only intends to use the prisoner option, to leverage a better deal out of the existing caterers.

Curtis is outraged to learn that despite Rachel now having the money, she won’t be re-introducing the HCAs' overtime.

Though Mo tries vainly to stop him, Curtis accosts Rachel. He accuses her of being a heartless bureaucrat.

Rachel gives as good as she gets and they end up at loggerheads.


Thursday 22 September (6089)

Vinnie's fury at Cam's deceit builds, to the point where he wants him cut out of the I.V partnership. 

At the same time, Drew reaches the same conclusion.

Kylie steps at the last minute to plead on Cam's behalf, taking the wind out of Drew's sails.

At an emergency meeting to decide his fate, fresh information emerges about Cam's lack of commitment. He's on the verge of being voted out but
Drew saves him. This elicits a promise of good behaviour from Cam, but leaves Vinnie privately uneasy.

Cam realises Kylie tipped the scales in his favour with Drew and is grateful. He confides that he finally feels like he's trusted and valued by his co-owners.

Cam's unaware that a stewing Vinnie still doesn't trust him at all. He's made a pact with Nicole to watch Cam even more vigilantly.


Having broken the rules by getting out of bed to intervene between Curtis and Rachel, Mo's a bit sore.

He confides to a visiting Chris how frustrated he is by Curtis's hot-tempered behaviour.

Chris confides his own problems with Sass.

For a moment things look up for Mo, as he anticipates being discharged in for Curtis's meeting with the union official.

Kate knows he's keen to be earning again too, and hopes things go his way.

Boyd has to break it to him that he has a post-op infection, and will now have to stay in hospital till next week.


Feeling sidelined by Finn and Esther, Sass turns to TK. She's determined to fill the gap in her life.

When he twice brushes her off, an unhappy Sass refocuses on getting close to Finn. At the same time, she's rejecting Chris's efforts to get to know her.

She crashes Finn's picnic with Esther, using a persistent Damo as an excuse.

Left alone with Finn, Sass tries to organise a three-way date for later that night. Finn firmly rejects her.

Hurt and angry, Sass determines to seduce TK, to prove to Finn that she can make a life of her own.

When TK rejects her too, Sass's hurt and anger turn to tears.

Chris finds her crying. When she confides her experience with TK, Chris's protective instincts drive him to angrily confront TK.

TK fights back with some harsh truths of his own.

Chris is left realising how little he actually knows about his new daughter.


Friday 23 September (6090)

Sass starts to regret sending Chris to confront TK. Itt causes friction at home the next day.

She later realises she's lost TK for good, when he puts her in her place.

With only Esther to turn to, Sass attempts to be a genuine friend.

She tries to stop Esther overspending on clothes, knowing it has caused trouble with Finn in the past. But Esther goes shopping mad.

When she later worries about what Finn will say, Sass sees a chance to be the peacemaker. She sees this as a way to wedge herself into their

At the bar, Sass prompts Finn to compliment Esther's new outfit. But when he realises that Sass is the one who lured Esther out shopping, he's furious with her.

Sass thinks he's overreacting, until she learns just how serious a problem Esther's overspending was.

Finn blames Sass for Esther's lapse, and Sass is left further rejected. 


Ali's on a sole-charge ambulance transfer of a non-urgent patient, Mrs Braithwaite. He sees her neighbour, Reg, has passed out.

After assessing Reg, Ali returns the ambulance to get the defibrillator, but Mrs Braithwaite delays him wanting an antacid. He is terse with her and rushes off to save Reg's life.

When he returns to the ambulance, Mrs Braithwaite is unresponsive.

Ali rushes her to hospital but she dies.

Harper tries to calm Ali's guilt, but even Lucy can't console him.


Rachel's efforts to hide the increasing stress she's under are challenged.

Harper warns her the HCAs are serious about protest action.

Rachel takes her stress out first on Bella, then on TK. She refuses to let him take time off to see Tillie.

Chris confronts her about her mounting inner tension, keen to find a way to diffuse it. But Rachel refuses to admit it's a problem.

The DHB get wind of the looming threat of protest action. Though Rachel insists it'll never happen, she knows it's a possibility and is desperate to avoid it.

Nicole advises her that the nurses will support the HCAs. Rachel rashly buys the nurses' loyalty by promising extra staff.

Realising this is unaffordable, Harper challenges Rachel, who despatches her to ED to cover for TK.

Her stress building, Rachel is cruel to both Lucy and Ali. 

Harper intercedes. This is the final straw for Rachel, who publicly fires Harper as her 2IC, leaving everyone stunned.