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19 - 23 October 2015

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Monday 19 October (5861)


Chris is mortified to realise that Damo the IT guy has hacked his email and sent inappropriate spam to his professional network.

Mo admits he may have provoked Damo and Chris insists he sorts things out.

Mo attempts to apologise and Damo mistakenly believes he is dangerous. Intimidated, Damo surrenders and agrees to sort out Chris's computer problems.

Chris is thrilled by his fancy new computer and Mo keeps quiet about how he achieved it!


Len is returned to the Coopers and Murray is grateful for TK's sleuthing that uncovered the abuse at the rest home.

Esther sees TK with new eyes after his Victory and determines to follow his lead in listening to gut instinct when dealing with patients.

When this backfires and she misdiagnoses a simple case, TK has to pull her into line.He needs to challenge her energy and keep her focused on walking before she can run.


Drew has to face the music with Rachel when his surgery on the underage Millie is uncovered by Victoria.

He hopes for in-house discipline, but Rachel insists on informing the medical council.

Awaiting the medical boards review, Rachel advises Drew that all surgeries will have to be supervised.

Furious to have is authority removed, Drew threatens to quit. He expects Rachel to back down, but she says that is up to him and Drew is left stunned.


Tuesday 20 October (5862 )

Drew is still tempted to quit after his surgical privileges are withdrawn, but Kylie makes him realise no one will employ him while he is under investigation.

When Millie gets worse, Drew realises it is his fault she is in hospital. He promises he will do everything he can to heal her – but Chris refuses to let him operate on her.

A guilty Drew is left powerless to atone for his mistake.


Bella struggles to deal with the crowded Cooper house. She draws closer to Jimmy as he steps up to parent Stevie.


Dayna meets a handsome stranger at the hardware store, and ends up causing an accident when she spends too long gazing at him.

When he is heroic in helping an injured store worker, she's even more intrigued.

But then he disappears, and Dayna realises she has no way of contacting him, or even finding out his name.


Esther's still trying too hard to please TK, and it's frustrating him and causing problems in ED.

Esther is hurt, feeling like she's not getting any praise from TK. She confides in Kylie, who has a talk to him.

TK tries harder to be nice to Esther, but when she makes a well-meaning mistake he snaps at her.

She accuses him of only looking out for her out of duty. She's clearly hurt and TK feels terrible that he is driving her away!


Wednesday 21 October (5863)

Esther resolves to prove she's worthy of TK's tutoring, and TK resolves not to give up on her. But he's forced to realise that perhaps Esther is better off being taught by Harper.


Danya can't get the mystery man out of her head and Lucy and Ali are intrigued.

Dayna firmly shuts down Lucy and Ali's suggestion that she chase her mystery guy, however they have different ideas.


Bella appreciates Jimmy's support, and wishes he was around when Len's dementia makes things stressful.

When Bella offers to care for Len, they are shocked to discover the Stevie has stopped breathing.

Wendy attends to her and she is fine, but Bella insists on going to the ED.

Bella feels guilty she didn't keep an eye on her daughter.

Wendy and Muz realise they are going to have to find a new home for Len.


Drew regrets is mistake with Millie and wishes he had a way to make amends.

Determined to keep his head down, Drew is challenged when he sees a patient in need – a double mastectomy patient waiting for a breast reconstruction.

Drew's altruism impresses Rachel and she suggests they schedule regular pro bono surgeries for mastectomy patients.

He is relived he is winning back his good reputation.

When he goes to visit Millie, he is shocked to be attacked by an aggressive stranger. It’s Millie's dad and he is furious.


Thursday 22 October (5864)


Chris manages to calm Millie's father (Gareth) down.

He insists on discharging Millie from hospital early, leaving Drew concerned for her wellbeing.

Gareth doorstops Rachel and, threatening to expose Millie's illegal surgery publicly, attempts to leverage Rachel for preferential treatment for his surgical supplies company.


Vinnie and Nicole arrive back from holiday ready to assume their new roles – Vinnie as a stay at home Dad and Nicole as DoN.

When Nic quickly finds her feet at work, Vinnie admits he's a little bored at home.

Nicole suggests he connect with Pele's playgroup which he does.

When she returns home, Nic is shocked to discover him entertaining a couple of hot young mums, and even planning another playdate for tomorrow.

Nicole can't help but feel a pang of jealousy.


Muz buys a baby breathing and movement monitor for Stevie, but Bella remains anxious that her baby may stop breathing again.

When Bella discovers a rash, she insists on going to the ED, where Stevie is given the all clear.

But while visiting, Bella meets a mother with a sick baby, and realisies her problems are comparatively small.

However, when Stevie stops breathing again and Wendy fails to revive her – Bella is left fearing for her baby's life.