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19 - 23 January 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 19 January (5657)

Ula's relieved when she manages to convince an overwhelmed Leanne to let her and Vinnie do more.

She's heartened by the combative but good-natured banter she and Leanne begin to indulge in, but Vinnie assumes they're bickering and insists they sit down and resolve their differences.

To give Vinnie a win, Leanne and Ula pretend to do so, but in the process, Leanne inadvertently brings up an old hurt which upsets Ula for real.

Leanne feels bad and, when she sees an opportunity to help Honour and Ula reconcile, she takes it.

Leanne encourages Honour and Ula to air and resolve their differences but is disappointed when each girl has her say but they don't reconcile.

However, Ula is pleased Leanne tried to help and touched when she invites Ula to move in for as long as she likes.

As their friendly banter continues, Nicole wakes up and speaks to them, thrilling Leanne.

Lucy is disappointed in Rachel when she lies to Harry about her relationship with Garrett.

Lucy calls Rachel on this but, when she sees Rachel's becoming cheerier and more carefree thanks to Garrett, she accepts that Rachel's happiness is worth some deception.

When Harry later turns up unexpectedly, Lucy is forced to conceal Garrett and Rachel’s relationship herself and she's conflicted to now be party to Rachel's deception.

TK is touched by a close moment he observes between Pania and Tillie.

In order not to lose his new 'family,' he decides to fight for Pania's GP initiative and goes over Harper's head to Rachel.

Rachel agrees to give the initiative a two week trial and when Harper expresses her reservations, TK shuts her down.

Pania's delighted but both she and TK are thrown when TK accidentally calls her 'Sarah.' Rattled to think he's not over Sarah, TK seeks solace at The I.V, flirting with Lucy.

Boyd, already unimpressed with TK for his treatment of Harper, takes umbrage when he sees TK intent on seducing a conflicted Lucy.

He intervenes and an argument between the men ensues.

Furious, TK verbally threatens Boyd.

Harper intervenes and demands to know what Sarah would say if she saw TK now.

TK's left overwhelmed to realise his desperate desire to move on is dishonouring the memory of the woman he loves and leading him to this rock-bottom low.



Tuesday 20th January (5658 )

After Harper's wake-up call, TK returns home to Pania and realises he doesn't like who he's turning into.

He resolves to take control of his new life and be a man Tillie's proud of.

He makes peace with Harper and Boyd, relieving Harper.

But a jealous Pania would privately prefer Harper stay out of TK's life.

She subtly leads TK to believe that to take control of his life, his first step is taking back sole charge of ED.

Harper's stunned.

Thanks to Pania's machinating, Harper's friendship with TK is worse off than ever.

Wendy's delighted to get the Director of Nursing job when the temporary DON has to step down.

But she's daunted by the responsibility - especially when she's got such a busy home life.

Murray vows to step up, and wants to bolster her through her stressful day.

Wendy takes a less authoritative approach with the nurses, which they immediately take advantage of.

Murray's constant texting and ringing wears Wendy down, and at her wit's end, she snaps at Murray.

Murray's chastened - as are the nurses who have overheard.

Wendy's amused by her inadvertent win.

Lucy's conflicted about having to lie to Harry on Rachel's behalf and draws a correlation between him and herself at that age with her cheating parents.

She urges Rachel to tell Harry she's seeing someone.

Rachel tries, but can't.

Chris eventually has to tell a confused Harry himself, and Lucy feels bad for Harry.

She confronts Rachel on her cowardice, and challenges Rachel to see she's clearly embarrassed of Garrett.

Rachel spurns Lucy, who then tries in vain to find a reason not to go home.

Meanwhile Garrett's started to feel used by Rachel.

And when a clearly upset Rachel won't open up to him, he withdraws his support, too.

Rachel accepts this, but when Garrett sees the extent of her upset, puts aside his own to comfort her.

He makes Rachel see that she doesn't have to be everything to everyone, all the time.

Lucy tries to talk things through with Rachel, but feeling bolstered by Garrett, Rachel postpones.

Lucy instead goes to the bar, and drinks too much.

She collapses, is admitted to ED with alcohol poisoning.

Learning of this, Rachel feels responsible.



Wednesday 21st January (5659)

Though she knows Lucy was wrong to drink to excess, Rachel blames herself for Lucy's state too, knowing her secret fling with Garrett made her neglect her responsibilities to Lucy.

She makes it up to Lucy by being caring and offering to help her deal with her drinking problem, then sorting out her troubled relationship with Harry as she regrets deceiving him about her private life.

That done, Rachel blasts Dayna at the bar for serving Lucy alcohol when she was drunk.

But while she's there, she sees Chris in what looks like a date.

Upset, she turns to Garrett once again for support and their relationship deepens.

Lucy's pleased to have Rachel back, but warns Garrett that he's no good for Rachel, and she's going to do all she can to ensure Rachel realises...

Murray enjoys time at home with Kane; so much so he gets Dayna to cover for him at work again, while he and Kane repair the house.

Meanwhile, Dayna confides in Kylie that she's tired of bar work - her counselling training is more interesting.

Back at home, Murray and Kane's handyman work ends in disaster but Wendy is just glad they're hanging out together.

Murray's on top of the world, until Dayna gets home with news that she has publicly confessed the bar's mistake in serving an intoxicated Lucy drinks.

Murray's stunned, knowing their reputation is sullied and they face a stiff fine.

If only he hadn't taken time off work...

Chris sees how upset Rachel is about Lucy in ED and is pained by the fact he can't support her.

Boyd's supportive, reminding him of his pledge to let Rachel deal with life on her own.

Chris puts the blinkers on and throws himself into work.

When he has an appointment with Rachel's old school friend, Amy Regan, Chris is determined to help.

But as Amy - who was also on the Extract 7 trial with Rachel - talks about the cosmetic surgery procedures she wants, Chris suspects she has body dysmorphia, and on moral grounds, turns her down.

Amy's upset and when Chris comes across her later, he feels bad he couldn't help her and agrees to a coffee to discuss help for her.

But she repeats her requests for surgery.

When Chris won't change his mind, she kisses him - but Rachel has seen.

Chris pleads his innocence to Rachel but she doesn't believe him.

He tells Amy he can't help her or have anything to do with her.

But Amy visits him later, saying he'd better do her surgery - or she'll tell the world he inappropriately made a pass at a vulnerable patient.

Chris is shocked to realise he's being blackmailed.



Thursday 22nd January (5660)

A stressed Chris confides Amy's blackmail attempt to Boyd.

Boyd urges him to go to Rachel but Chris fears Rachel won't believe him.

Instead, Chris resolves to deal with the problem himself.

With Boyd's help, he convinces Amy she needs to see a psychiatrist before they can operate.

Amy agrees and Chris is hopeful the psychiatrist's report will discredit her and put a stop to her blackmail.

But Amy sticks to her course and Chris finds himself forced to seek help from Rachel.

However, Rachel doesn't know whether to believe Chris and Chris fears he's only alienated her further.

Harper resolves not to fight TK's suggestion to demote her but to focus on rebuilding their friendship instead.

However, she's disappointed when, prompted by Pania, TK decides to go ahead with removing her as HOD.

Harper swallows her frustration but, at the social club party, her tension with TK builds over a game of beerpong.

Finally, Harper snaps and she informs TK she intends to fight for her position as HOD.

Murray's relieved when he realises he and Dayna still want what's best for the bar - despite Dayna's new responsible drinking focus.

They resolve to work together to implement Dayna's ideas during the social club party.

However, Dayna's heavy handedness ends up driving everyone away.

Murray's annoyed that they've lost custom but he's shocked when Dayna admits the bar is no longer fulfilling her - in fact, it's come to represent an aspect to life she's convinced is unhealthy and she wants out.



Friday 23rd January (5661)

Murray hopes Dayna may reconsider, after deciding she no longer wants to work in the bar.

But Dayna's resolved and leaves for a counselling course in Wellington.

Murray gives his blessing, but hopes she'll return to the bar.

Murray chats to Kylie and realises that Dayna could be serious about moving on.

But Dayna's been such a driving force at the bar, Murray starts to feel alienated from his own business and misses her input badly.

Wendy is still finding her feet as Director of Nursing and tries not to get over-involved with her staff.

But, seeing Lucy still getting a hard time for her past alcohol poisoning, Wendy can't resist protecting her.

Although embarrassed by the attention, Lucy's grateful and Wendy's encouraged that her maternal approach appears to work well with her staff.

It's a challenge, but Rachel agrees to trust Chris and swings in to help him curtail Amy's blackmailing.

She makes a formidable opponent and Amy's rattled.

Amy gives up the fight and Rachel breaks the news to Chris that he's safe.

But Rachel sees her own lonely despair reflected in Amy.

Rachel tentatively reaches out for family time, despite the conflict it causes with Garrett.

Harper's determined to fight TK for the role of sole head of ED.

She ignores Boyd's suggestion to match TK's efforts to fight dirty.

Instead, Harper sucks up her increasing concerns about the inefficiency of the GP service and aims to prove herself through hard work.

But Boyd's worried she's going about it the wrong way.

Determined that Harper should win the race for HOD, he decides to intervene for her sake.

Boyd schemes to direct all the GP patients to the ED service.

ED is overwhelmed by patients and Rachel's annoyed at the chaos the new initiative is causing.

Rachel reprimands TK and Pania and the initiative is cancelled.

Harper assumes that she will be winner of the HOD role.

However, Harper's stunned to learn that Boyd's schemed to undermine TK and the initiative behind her back.

Gutted, Harper decides to give up the fight for HOD.