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Monday 18 August (5565 & 5566)

Helping treat Rachel, Sarah fails to notice that she has also been cut by the contaminated syringe.

Determined to find a cure for the deadly virus, Sarah pressures Ava to give her access to her lab.

Ava is initially resistant but coerced by Sarah, she relents and helps out.

Sarah is troubled by a small cut on her knee but when she learns that Rachel's definitely got the virus, she redoubles her efforts to find a treatment.

When Sarah successfully proves Extract Seven is to blame, Ava blames Brooke and their disagreement turns physical.

But Sarah's alarmed to realise she's got the tell-tale rash of the virus.

Determined to find a cure, Sarah locks herself in the lab to stop others getting infected.

Brooke's worried and tries to get her to leave the lab.

But Sarah's determination pays off when she discerns a possible treatment plan.

Unable to avoid it any longer, Sarah breaks the news to TK that she has the symptoms.

Off-duty, Garrett waylays Kylie with sexy fun.

When Kylie finally responds to the call to work, Garrett goes with her but TK rejects his offer of help.

Feeling useless, Garrett helps to bolster staff morale at Chris's crisis meeting and turns his attention to lifting Rachel's spirits.

Off his success, Garrett helps Kylie calm anxious patients with humour.

But he fears he's gone too far when Chris shuts him down for being disrespectful.

Garrett's crushed until he gets TK's support for his moraleboosting efforts.

Learning that Rachel may be infected, Chris drops everything to be at Rachel's side.

Torn between his work responsibilities and Rachel, Chris is grateful when TK steps up in his stead, so that he can rally the staff.

Chris is determined to stay strong but loses it when he sees Garrett clowning around.

TK admits to Garrett he admires Chris's strength, doubtful he could hold it together under the same circumstances.

TK hopes Sarah is making good progress to isolate the virus but is shocked to learn she's been infected too.

Further, she refuses treatment, insisting that she needs to stay in the lab to find a cure to save everyone's life, including her own.

Garrett feels terrible when he reveals Sarah's illness to Rachel and makes her feel worse - not better as he'd hoped.

He accepts Kylie's suggestion to make himself useful by triaging the massive influx of possible virus patients, but his emotions get the better of him and he ends up taking his frustrations out on a patient who's wasting everyone's time.

Ula calls him on this and Garrett is frustrated by his own lack of control.

When Ula and Garrett debrief later, they share a close moment and as Garrett opens up to her, Ula has to fight the desire to take him back.

She offers friendship and Garrett gratefully accepts.

TK's appalled that, rather than seek immediate help for herself at the hospital, Sarah is continuing to search for a cure that can help everyone suffering from the virus.

He is desperate to head over to Ava's lab to join her, but is stymied when Chris insists he stay until cover arrives for ED.

Meanwhile, Chris helps Boyd and Ava explain to Claire why her blood is vital to Sarah's laboratory work.

TK eventually gets to Sarah, but cannot convince her to leave the locked lab room.

She reveals that her MS has returned, compromising her immunity even more.

She needs to find a cure to have any chance of saving herself, Rachel and Kathryn, the patient at Central.

TK reluctantly accepts this.

As time goes on and Sarah's conditions worsens, TK calls for ambulance backup.

At the point that Sarah discovers the cure, Ava informs TK, but Sarah insists she needs a little more time to replicate the serum.

Unable to wait any longer, TK kicks the door in, just as Sarah collapses.

Sarah still doesn't want to leave, but Ava insists that she and the lab technician can make up batches of serum now that Sarah has isolated the antibody.

Rachel and Kathryn are injected with the serum while in induced comas.

Sarah is given the serum, but fearing it's too late for her, she insists on seeing Tillie to say goodbye.

While Rachel starts to improve, and news comes that Kathryn is responding well too, Sarah's condition worsens.

TK remains by her side until Sarah goes into cardiac arrest.

Though many attempts are made to resuscitate her, Sarah dies.

TK is left devastated.



Tuesday 19th August (5567 )

Harper arrives back to find TK struggling with the enormity of Sarah's death.

When TK is forced to release Sarah's body to be taken to the morgue, he focuses all his attention on Tillie.

However, when TK finds himself unable to tell Tillie that Sarah has died, Harper realises he isn't yet ready to face his feelings.

When Tillie asks about Sarah, TK is forced to tell her something, but he can only say that Sarah has had to go away.

His feelings threatening, TK pushes them even further away and with Tillie off his hands, he insists on doctoring Rachel.

Rachel assures TK there is no need and Kylie steps in to send him home, leaving TK feeling powerless.

Boyd approaches TK and apologises for his and Ava's parts in Sarah's death but TK coldly rejects him.

Arriving home to an empty house is the final straw, and TK finally connects with his pain and anger, railing against Sarah and blaming her for the needlessness of her death.

Murray wants to help Chris and TK by providing care packages.

But when the meals are unable to be cooked in time, Evan comes up with the idea of raw energy food boxes.

The idea is a hit and Evan begins to see potential for a new business.

Reeling after news of Sarah's death, Ava decides to go back to her lab and collate data to help with further virus cases, impressing Boyd with her desire to do what is right.

However, when Ava considers resuming her research, Boyd insists she takes all her data to the police.

Ava does as requested, despite the personal cost and Boyd's faith in her is restored.

Brooke accosts Boyd and is highly critical of both him and Ava, and Boyd feels compelled to defend Ava's true heart.

But when Ava reveals a plan to flee the country and asks Boyd to go with her, Boyd begins to wonder if Brooke is right.

Ava reminds Boyd how good they are together, and how unwelcome they are in Ferndale, and when this is proven to be true, Boyd is tempted to escape with her.

He calls Ava and asks her not to leave without him, but he then springs a trap, bringing the police to detain Ava.

He may have done the right thing, but it only leaves him heart-broken and alone.


Wednesday 20th August (5568)

Garrett's lost respect for Boyd due to his support of Ava.

However, he's challenged by Rachel to see that Boyd is a good man at heart, who's become a virtual social pariah.

Garrett warms a little to Boyd when he sees him handling staff antagonism with dignity.

He steps in to defend Boyd to Kylie, unaware Boyd's happy to suffer judgement for his mistakes.

Garrett asks Boyd out for a drink but realises he's overstepped the mark when Boyd rejects his friendly gesture.

Inspired by Kylie not to give up, Garrett tries one more time to make friends and is pleased when a lonely Boyd gives in and takes comfort from Garrett's company.

Murray learns Evan's developing the boxed dinners idea and is impressed by it.

Evan's chuffed to realise Murray is not only supportive of his plan, but wants to be a part of it too.

Keen to overcome their past troubles over joint business ventures, Evan agrees, and they share a close father/son moment.

Nicole's due for her first baby scan but gets offside with Leanne by only inviting Vinnie.

Excited that the scan shows their baby's healthy, Nicole and Vinnie throw a celebratory family dinner.

Nicole hopes this will make amends with her mum, but Leanne's noncommittal.

Vinnie manages to broker peace, but Leanne's constant texting to Nev interrupts the close family moment.

The friction threatens to erupt again when Vinnie gets a text.

There's a change of plans for everyone.

Rattled by his loss of control over his grief over Sarah, TK resolves to keep himself in check and focus on helping others.

He goes to work, unsettling Harper when she learns that he's not called on whanau support.

Later, his suppressed grief causes him to make simple mistakes but Harper is unable to convince him to take a break.

When Harper brings Chris in, they convince him that he needs to call his whanau.

But first, he escorts Sarah to the funeral home.

Later, TK's friends gather as he faces preparing Tillie for the arrival of Sarah.

He gets through that difficult task and then heads off to bring Sarah home.

Accompanied by Chris, TK arrives home behind the hearse.

TK's whanau and friends emerge from the house.

Aunty Kuini begins the karanga and the pallbearers begin to carry Sarah's coffin inside. TK is grateful and strengthened by the support of family and friends.



Thursday 21st August (5569)

TK's whanau honour Sarah, led by TK's old friend, Caleb.

As the tangi continues, TK works to keep himself together.

Next day, Brooke is pleased when TK fully approves of the idea of a trust in Sarah's name to continue her research and promulgate the cure.

Brooke immediately sets out to promote the trust and when Boyd hears about it, he is keen to make a donation.

They both accuse the other of trying to expiate their gift over Sarah's death.

Meanwhile, at the tangi, it seems TK can't escape from reminders of Sarah and his loss.

But later, Kuini is pleased when TK starts to take charge of Sarah's tangi, making arrangements for her time on the marae and the service.

Feeling guilty about supporting Ava, Boyd avoids mixing with other staff and buries himself in work, offering to take on one of Chris's pro bono cases so that he can spend more time with Rachel.

Keen to be a friend to Boyd, Garrett praises Boyd's ability to other staff.

Garrett's succeeds in lifting Boyd's spirits.

Encouraged, Garrett tries to build on their fledgling friendship and talk Boyd out of blaming himself so harshly, but Boyd reacts badly and sends Garrett packing.

Physically Rachel's recovering, but she's suffering survivor guilt and determines to throw herself into fund raising for the Sarah Potts Trust.

Concerned, Chris forces Gloria to give him leave, so he can care for her.

Rachel rejects Chris's suggestion of a family holiday until he convinces her that making a full recovery and embracing family time is the best way to honour Sarah.

When Vinnie announces that the obstetrician at work, Dale, is able to see her, Nicole is reluctant, dismissing Leanne's support of the idea.

Leanne confides in Nev who advises she keep her distance.

Nicole's nerves about Dale are calmed after their consult begins well, but when Dale invites a whole group of student doctors in to observe Nicole's examination, she's appalled.

Vinnie doesn't fully grasp Nicole's objections to Dale, and she starts to doubt herself.

Resolved to try again, Nicole invites Leanne to the appointment, but Leanne declines when another spat threatens.

Nicole's appointment with Dale starts badly, but Leanne surprises her by heroically coming to the rescue, sticking up for Nicole and giving Dale a serve.

Nicole is pulled up to realise she needs her mum after all and they share a very close moment.



Friday 22nd August (5570)

Leanne's newfound support for Nicole only highlights to Vinnie that he could do better in that regard.

He tries to help out around the house but is stymied by Leanne.

Feeling superfluous, Vinnie goes to the I.V, where Nev commiserates with him, fanning the flames of Vinnie's concerns.

He returns home and insists on helping with everything.

He makes a family dinner which goes down brilliantly, as they laugh off his fear he'll be redundant when the baby arrives.

Cheered, he attempts to involve Nev, but Nev rebels at being involved in chores, seeing it as unmanly - and causing an unexpected division with Leanne.

TK's plans for Sarah are put on hold when her parents insist on a traditional service in Ferndale.

TK continues to keep himself busy and Harper worries that he's doing too much.

Kuini counsels that she should let TK go his own way.

However, they are both concerned when it seems there could be bad news from Daniel.

It turns out that Daniel's girlfriend is pregnant but is in the midst of a scare so they'll be unable to make the funeral.

The whanau formally welcome Rachel and Chris.

Rachel is overwhelmed with grief and TK continues to endure the tangi process.

Chris manages to persuade TK to accept his help and Kuini pushes for him to take a much needed break.

TK finally has a moment alone with Sarah.

He chats to her but it is clear he can only forsee a bleak future.

Evan's pleased when he and Murray seem to be getting on better through their food box business.

He's excited by Murray's suggestion they include a family secret recipe as a distinguishing element.

But Murray's hot sauce proves impossible to eat.

Evan and Dayna realise they can make money through the bar by daring people to eat it, and it looks like they will make Murray proud - until they discover the sauce has mistakenly been sent out in a food box collected by a midwife.

Evan worries that a pregnant lady might consume the sauce and races to her house.

However, on arrival he discovers the sauce has incapacitated the midwife and the pregnant woman is in labour.

Experienced help is on it's way - but will arrive too late.

Evan's shocked to realise it's on him to deliver the baby...