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16 - 20 March 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 16 March (5697)

Clementine saves Lucy from the oncoming car, and Liam and Will seem sure to escape, until Leanne arrives and inadvertently saves the day.

Liam tries to run but injures himself in the process and winds up in hospital, with the police.

Triumphant, Lucy and Clementine convince Leanne not to tell Rachel about the theft.

Liam apologises to them - and reveals he's a kleptomaniac.

Clementine doubts him but Lucy is slowly won round and wants to help him.

She tries to talk Garrett into letting Liam stay with him, away from bad influences, but Clementine scuppers that by telling Garrett he's a thief.

Lucy is annoyed with Clementine but Clementine is unrepentant, urging Lucy to stay away from Liam.

However, Lucy feels increasingly sympathetic towards him and agrees to have a coffee with him.

Boyd is concerned about Victoria, so reaches out to Stuart and reveals Victoria's upset during surgery.

He hopes Stuart will tell his family about his illness so he and Victoria can support one another.

Instead Stuart lies to Victoria, telling her that he'll seek treatment.

Victoria is relieved but Boyd is put in a terrible position - he knows the truth is much worse than Victoria knows, and must play along with the lie, for fear of becoming enmeshed in their family troubles.

Though Harper offers support, he's left frustrated and powerless at the compromising situation he's in.

TK informs Pania of his fear Caleb isn't emotionally ready to become an ambulance officer in the wake of his accident.

Pania challenges Caleb who questions where her loyalties lie - to him or TK?

Pania sides with her husband and backs TK off from interfering further.

However, unbeknownst to TK and Pania, Caleb's anxiety is growing about his new job.

He tests himself by trying to start up the ambulance and drive it, but Bella discovers him clinging to the wheel, shaking and anxious.

She mistakenly believes Caleb is ill and informs TK who realises his concerns for Caleb's wellbeing were justified.

He arranges to accompany Caleb on a ride-along and Caleb's unsettled to realise there will be no way to hide his anxiety with TK present.

Desperate not to appear weak in front of his friend, Caleb resorts to stealing drugs in order to cope.


Tuesday 17 March (5698 )

TK hopes he's right to support Caleb on his ambulance shift, and manages to convince Pania it's the right thing too.

But as they head out, TK's unaware Caleb's relying on self medicating to keep him calm.

TK’s concerned to sense his agitation but is reassured when Caleb takes control calmly and efficiently on a call-out.

TK and Pania are full of praise but Caleb feels unworthy, hoping he can just make it through his shift.

On another call-out, Caleb panics when his drugs wear off.

Resorting to desperate measures to hide his panic, Caleb steals the patient's private medication.

Caleb's relieved to get through his shift and wants to celebrate.

Unaware of what's propping Caleb up, TK and Pania are reassured Caleb is back on form.

Nicole has her first shift back at the hospital on light duties.

She still gets muddled sometimes and Vinnie's concerned she may over-exert herself.

But Leanne's keen for Nicole to have some independence and keeps an eye on her.

Nicole is reassured when she's able to put Lucy right on a triaging issue, but soon becomes frustrated with the mundane tasks she's been given.

She helps Bella with a more challenging job and is chuffed when she completes it all.

But Bella discovers Nicole has made a mistake and wants to tell Vinnie.

Leanne's driven to protect Nicole's fragile confidence and asks Bella to keep the mistake quiet.

Garrett tries to chat up a cute girl in the cafeteria, unaware she's his new peer, Victoria, and he's making a bad first impression.

Garrett's humiliation grows when Victoria starts competing for surgeries to impress Boyd.

Garrett vies to keep his place as Boyd's number one and a competitive spark is ignited between the registrars.

Garrett swaggers when he succeeds in his surgery with Boyd.

Despite herself, Victoria admires Garrett's work, and digs deep to impress Boyd in her surgery.

She succeeds and is delighted to see she's impressed Garrett too.

Against Harper's advice, Boyd encourages the rivalry between the two and sets them up to compete for a high level surgery.

Garrett's daunted to see Victoria is more prepared and resorts to trying to flirtatiously distract her.

He charms her, suggesting they give up their silly squabble over surgeries, but his efforts only prove to Victoria that being a Lothario is his Achilles heel.

Turning the tables, she sets him up for a fall.

Faux-flirting, she manages to get him into a compromised position, where she ensures he's busted by a furious Wendy who immediately reports him to Boyd.

It's only then that Garrett realises he's been completely outplayed.


Wednesday 18th March (5699)

Boyd punishes Garrett for being caught sexually harassing a colleague by giving the plum surgery to Victoria.

Garrett insists Wendy misread the situation, but Boyd won't hear it.

Harper later hears all from Garrett and believes his story that Victoria set him up for the fall.

Boyd is sceptical until he walks in on Victoria almost admitting what she did.

He challenges her and she crumples, confessing all.

He takes her to task and learns in the process that she'd do anything to get ahead, as she's fuelled by a determination to please her father.

Boyd reprimands her and awards Garrett a new surgical opportunity.

Taking it seriously, Garrett knuckles down.

Victoria finds his serious side genuinely attractive, but Garrett now doesn't believe a word she says.

A busy Dayna learns from Murray that Kane has become quite secretive.

Murray is careful not to interfere but seeing his worry, Dayna quizzes Kane.

She's horrified to discover that Jimmy has given Kane thirty thousand dollars for safekeeping.

Fearing it's dodgy, Dayna advises Kane to contact Jimmy and return the money immediately.

Kane complies but when he doesn't hear back from Jimmy his stress increases.

Worried, Dayna rallies the Coopers to unite around Kane.

Her plan works and Kane is reminded of all the support he has in his pseudo-family - while Murray and Wendy draw closer over a shared love of their adopted brood.

But when Kane receives an invitation from Jimmy to fly him to the Cayman Islands to meet and talk face to face, Kane is stunned - and tempted.

Wanting to protect Nicole, Bella helps Leanne cover up her work mistake.

Meanwhile, Nicole realises what she's done and races back to fix her blunder.

Vinnie soon works out what's going on and thinks this is proof that Nicole has taken on too much.

Nicole starts to doubt herself and her decision to return to work.

Seeing this, Leanne encourages her to keep trying.

At work, Lucy seeks Nicole's advice and although initially reluctant, Nicole passes on some inspiring guidance.

Unfortunately, her advice is incorrect and Lucy gets a reprimand from Vinnie.

Seeing this, Nicole is devastated to think she can't even trust her medical knowledge anymore.

But when she finds Katie, her nanny, collapsed in the carpark, Nicole is forced to quash her doubts and take action to save her.

Though her still-troubled mind is addled, she's forced to follow her confused instincts, knowing that if she doesn't act, Katie will die.


Thursday 19th February (5700)

Nicole struggles to stabilise her patient while fending off her brain injury symptoms.

When the patient survives, Leanne and Vinnie applaud Nicole.

She can't accept the praise though, shaken by how the encounter showed up her deficiencies.

Worried that Nicole's negativity will impact on her recovery, Leanne asks Harper to talk to her since the family aren't getting through.

Harper is happy to do so, and Nicole takes on board her words of encouragement.

Vinnie is piqued to learn this, considering he offered the same words and was disregarded.

He's hurt to feel his wife doesn't respect him, personally or professionally.

Upon hearing Boyd's temp PA isn't very capable, Bella determines to prove herself worthy of returning to her role.

When Pania needs help organising her anti-sugar launch - which Boyd will be attending - Bella sees it as an opportunity to shine.

She's pleased when she succeeds and impresses Boyd.

However, when it's revealed the food Bella organised contains masses of hidden sugar, Bella is mortified.

Pania is furious with Bella for embarrassing her and gives her a serious serve.

Boyd appreciates the work Bella did, and asks her back to the PA position.

Bella's happy to take the win but Clementine is outraged on her behalf and vows to get revenge on Pania for treating her friend badly.

Conflicted about Jimmy's offer to join him in the Cayman Islands, Kane allows himself to be talked out of the reckless idea by Dayna.

He's wistful though, and when Clementine is incredulous that he's not jumping on a plane, he begins to convince himself of the merits.

A school assignment, and conversation with TK about whakapapa, persuade Kane that he needs to connect with his father in order to find out about his own identity, and family background.

Dayna reminds him that leaving would be a huge slap in the face for the Coopers and Kane is given pause.

However, when they find out about the invitation from Dayna and counsel against going, Kane's frustrated that his voice and his choices don't get listened to.

Murray and Wendy agree to back off but going with his deep craving to connect to his own family, Kane visits TK to discuss whakapapa - and TK unwittingly adds the final weight to Kane's decision.

He decides he's going to see the father he's always longed for...


Friday 20th February (5701)

Intent on secretly running away to the Caymans, Kane lies to the Coopers that he's off to rugby practise.

But Dayna smells a rat and busts him on his way to the airport.

Shocked and hurt, the Coopers won't give permission for him to go and an unrepentant Kane is forced to stay.

Off her own tumultuous past, Dayna cautions Kane against the fickle world that his father Jimmy operates in, assuring him he has something much more reliable in the Coopers.

Meanwhile, Murray can't help but worry and Wendy has an idea - why doesn't Murray chaperone Kane on a trip to the UK to meet Jimmy?

Kane is underwhelmed, leaving Murray frustrated.

Feeling the disconnect growing, Murray asks a reluctant Jack to spy on Kane on his behalf.

Kylie returns from holiday with a few loose ends to tie up: a lost phone, a broken-down car, a strained yet professional working relationship with Vinnie, and an on-hold new romance with TK.

Finding anonymous gifts in her car, Kylie assumes it was TK and worries that he's coming on too strong.

TK's confused by her mixed messages, but Caleb encourages him to step up his romantic efforts - except that backfires when Kylie finds it all too intense.

But once Kylie learns a secret admirer is responsible for the gifts, Kylie heads straight for TK, open-hearted - she'd love to get to know him better.

Lucy's impressed by Liam's efforts to reform and decides to drop her charges against him, relating to the robbery of Rachel's apartment.

Clementine is appalled and won't be swayed when Lucy asks her to do the same.

Meanwhile, when Clementine thinks Pania is being rude to Bella, she plans to teach Pania a lesson: when she requests a suitable art work for her exam room, to impress her sugar-free sponsors, Clem arranges an inappropriate and tacky picture of sweet treats.

Furious, Pania dumps the picture by the rubbish bin, only to have it found by Liam who, assuming it's rubbish, tries to take it home.

But he's intercepted by Bella, who accuses him of stealing.

Liam's indignant, Lucy's upset, and Clem is forced to admit she knows exactly why the picture ended up by the bin.

Bella is shocked to learn of Clem's revenge 'joke', especially when Pania announces she's reporting both Bella and Clem to Boyd.

Bella's horrified, and Clem feels terrible for dragging Bella into it.

But she's even more aghast when an icy Pania warns her to never play her for a fool again.

Clementine is left rattled by Pania's menacing threat.