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15 - 19 February 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 15  February (5923)


Kylie's thrown by Norrelle's threat to leave.

Deciding that supporting her mum is more important than being right, Kylie pledges to support Norelle no matter what - even though Norelle wants to pursue experimental treatments in Mexico.

Her guard down, Norelle agrees to meet with Chris one last time so she is able to make a fully-informed decision. She decides to pursue conventional treatment back in Wellington, and agrees to let Kylie accompany her to her first oncology appointment back home.

However, TK worries that Kylie needs to be pursuing genetic testing - is she at risk too?


Jimmy's enjoying spending more time with Stevie as Bella does her part-time work for Boyd.

However, when Boyd keeps turning up with Bella, he can't help feeling he's the one intruding.

Stevie is due for surgery for her reflux and Jimmy's concerned Bella's deferring to Boyd at every opportunity. He's worried Stevie's being operated on again, but also feels that he's not being respected as Stevie's father.

His doubts grow as the surgery draws closer, but he feels ignored and is tempted to interfere.


Victoria is trying to keep everything under control.

With the allegations about Clifford Portman coming to light, and her first solo surgery, there's a lot on her plate. But Boyd is watching her like a hawk, suspecting there's more to her past than she's letting on.

Victoria has a complication in her surgery, and although she handles it well, she thinks Boyd is putting her under undue scrutiny. He tries to gently raise her involvement with Portman, but Victoria feels exposed.

Fearing he's made a bad situation worse, Boyd takes his concerns to Harper, who tries unsuccessfully to raise it with Victoria.

Feeling ashamed, Victoria attempts to atone though exercise, and runs into Curtis. He thinks she's unravelling because she shot Drew, and tries to push her to breaking point.

Mo intervenes, and Victoria ends up revealing the events of the past to him.

She fears she's ruined her chances with Mo, but he can't keep away - and after another heart to heart, they kiss. As the kiss ends, they are left wondering what this will mean...



Tuesday 16 February (5924 )


Mo backs off from Victoria, his feelings confused by residual loyalty to Margaret and concern for his boys.

He tells Victoria that now isn't the time - his boys need him to focus on them.

Victoria simmers at hearing this, plotting trouble for Curtis if he's put Mo off her.

However, she's also warmed to think that although it's not happening now, she's finally starting to get her man.


Dayna feels for Lucy and Ali, whose friendship has turned excruciatingly awkward since they've realised their attraction for each other. 

She tries to organise a beach party so Lucy and Ali can spend some time together and relax around each other, but when Ali sees Lucy in her bikini, he avoids her entirely.

Dayna feels bad that she’s just made things worse.


Nicole's enjoying her freedom without Vinnie and the kids, but is uneasy when Leanne suggests a girls' night out.

The morning after, Nicole's left realising she's going to need to find an excuse not to hang out with Leanne... not because she doesn't have fun, but because Nicole can’t keep up!


Jimmy’s feeling on the outer with Stevie's op, since Bella's depending on Boyd for support.

Dayna helps him to realise that he still has a right to be involved in Stevie's care, and Jimmy steps up.

He goes to the surgery, and when Stevie develops a rash, Jimmy speaks up - he doesn't think the operation is a good idea.

Bella’s uneasy, knowing that Jimmy might be right, and Jimmy's pleased that Bella's listening to him.

But when Bella talks to Boyd without him, and gives him the green light to operate, Jimmy's frustrated.

He puts his foot down - he doesn't want the surgery to go ahead until he's satisfied it's safe.

Bella's upset, and refuses to accept this... and in the argument that follows, Jimmy accuses Bella of relying too much on Boyd's opinion because she's
in love with him.

It's the worst possible way for Bella's secret to come out, and both she and Boyd are left stunned and mortified...


Wednesday 17 February (5925)

Because of his tortured romantic feelings for Victoria, Mo prevents Jack from asking her for help with school, not wanting to add to the tension... but Victoria is left deeply hurt to think Mo is preventing his family from seeing her.

Realising this, Mo tries to talk to her, but Victoria distances herself.

Later, alone and miserable, she decides to try and face her demons - and be the strong woman Mo sees her as - by deciding to testify against the doctor who abused her in her youth.


Nicole dodges social time with Leanne, not telling her she's going to the beach with her friends instead.

But her fun is disrupted by a bunch of annoying jet-ski riders, and Nicole's surprised to realise she knows one of them - it's her crazy fun-loving mum!


Bella's mortified that Jimmy named her feelings for Boyd.

Unsure of what to make of the situation, Boyd steps aside to let Chris take over Stevie's case.

Jimmy's pleased, but Bella's frustrated he's making this about him, not Stevie.

The surgery is a success, but Jimmy realises he's lost Bella's trust and regrets acting like her ex, rather than acting like Stevie's dad.

Bella musters her courage to face Boyd, assuring him Jimmy was mistaken. She doesn't want it to change things between them.

Boyd accepts this, and Bella's disappointed she'll never get to admit her feelings now.


Lucy feels terrible that her hidden feelings for Ali have made things weird between them.

With Dayna's prompting, she tries to forget it and goes to the beach to have fun.

But Curtis picks up that she has a thing for Ali, and gets him along to the beach too - by ordering pizza.

Curtis steals Ali's pizza uniform hat to make him stay but an annoyed Ali decides to leave anyway.

Feeling for him, Lucy chases him to return his hat, but stands on glass and cuts her foot.

Ali treats it, flustering Lucy with his caring attention.

She starts to apologise for being an idiot around him, but Ali assures he's the one who's been weird - because he has feelings for her.



Thursday 18 February (5926)


Lucy's heart goes out to Ali, who is torn between his love for her and his love for Sabina.

Putting him first, Lucy does the noble thing and steps back, claiming she doesn't reciprocate his feelings. Ali's embarrassed and withdraws.

Curtis hears the story and challenges Lucy about why she is denying her true feelings.

Rattled, Lucy decides to tell Ali the truth, only to find she is too late - he has already recommitted to Sabina.


After her feelings were outed, Bella finds it hard to be around Boyd as they work together, and ends up claiming Rachel wants her back as PA.

She tries to make her lie a reality but Rachel's temp is on a contract.

Bella returns to Boyd, hoping he doesn't catch her out.


TK realises Esther's hanging out with Curtis and fears she's being led astray by the bad boy.

Esther insists she can look after herself, but TK's protective and Esther sets about proving her resilience to TK at work.

She asks to assist when a young boy is rushed into ED. She and TK work to save his life, but Esther's distressed when he dies.

She fears she's not as tough as she thought but TK offers his support and Esther is glad to have her uncle by her side.


Mo's worn out by the continuous stresses bombarding his family. 

He tries to stay strong for Curtis and Jack, but is then knocked back by more bad news - Margaret left a huge debt that needs repaying.

Victoria's concerned but Mo's his usual reliable self in the busy ED, and Vinnie is assured he's fine.

Mo's moved by the plight of TK and Esther's young patient, who arrived with no ID.

He helps identify the boy, Jesse, and tracks down his parents so they can be informed of their son's injury, but Jesse's condition worsens and his sudden death rocks Mo far more than he expected.

It's the last straw after months of strain and Mo vents his anger, only to have Jack arrive and see it, leaving Mo ashamed for losing it in front of his son. 


Friday 19 February (5927)


Chris notices that George tends to rely on phone apps to aid in his clinical decision-making, and gives him a gentle ribbing about what it was like to be an old-fashioned doctor.

George readily falls for his jokes, and Chris realises that the earnest George is a bit gullible.

Although George has a small win when his app helps Chris with a patient, Chris proves his old-school approach is best when George misses a crucial
detail about one of his patients.


When Kylie returns from Wellington, TK is concerned that she's still ignoring the need to get tested for the BRCA gene mutation.

TK wants her to get tested as soon as possible, but Kylie refuses, afraid of what the result could mean.

However, after some gentle counsel from Lucy, Kylie sees that her inaction won't help, and agrees to get tested.

TK's pleased, but can't help worrying about what the future holds.


Embarrassed after his outburst in ED, Mo attempts to bottle up his feelings but Jack now understands the strain his father is under.

He shares his concerns with Nicole and Vinnie who decide to invite Mo and Jack to dinner, thwarting Victoria, who wanted to be the one to rescue Mo.

At dinner, Mo tries to help everyone but Nicole and Vinnie encourage him to take the pressure off and relax, so Mo does and enjoys himself.

Nicole and Vinnie point out Jack is very mature and Mo doesn't have to feel like he needs to carry family pressures alone.

Mo takes this on board, and determines to trust his son more, making them both happier, but leaving Victoria feeling like her position in Mo's life has been undermined.


The increasing tension between Bella and Boyd is making it impossible for them to work together.  

Seeing her unhappiness, Leanne attempts to distract Bella with a psychic reading, and makes an odd duck-related prediction.

Missing Bella, Boyd is left questioning his decision, and Jimmy intervenes, pointing out how lost Bella and Boyd are without each other.

Initially affronted by his interference, Boyd is given food for thought.

Seeing Bella again cements his decision and he declares his feelings for her.

She's thrilled, especially when she sees a duck on his tie that confirms Leanne's prediction: he's definitely the right man for her.

Overjoyed, they agree to give romance a chance.