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Monday 14 July (5535 & 5536)

To explain the evidence he's holding, Evan has to admit his money troubles to Dayna.

Dayna's floored, but tries to support him by settling his debt with Ula.

But when Ula reveals Evan confided in her and not Dayna, Dayna's even more hurt and loses respect for Evan, to the point she's left seriously doubting their relationship.

Brooke's frustration at being a housewife gets the better of her and Boyd agrees she should find a job.

She proves to Ava how invaluable her managerial skills are and Ava agrees to consider giving her a managerial role in her clinic.

But Boyd's wary the shallowness of the job will be a bad influence and may stir up Brooke's penchant for duplicity.

Brooke tries to demonstrate to Boyd that Ava's clinic isn't shallow.

But when she twists the truth to persuade Boyd, she loses ground with Ava.

Toby is unsettled when Kane's nagging conscience draws unwanted attention to them.

Thinking the police are giving up their search for Brett, Toby promises everything will be okay and guilts Kane into supporting him.

Kane does but, when he sleeptalks, Emma and Kylie report this to Murray and collectively confront Kane.

Toby covers for him by talking about their guilt over Brett.

Toby's relieved to think they're in the clear.

But unbeknownst to them, Brett's body is uncovered by the police...

With Nicole's pregnancy and the imminent arrival of Michael and Jemima, Vinnie and Nicole have a lot going on.

There's a happy father and son reunion but Nicole and Vinnie soon become aware that all is not well with Jemima.

She admits to Vinnie that Roly's turned nasty over their divorce.

When she asks Vinnie if he can look after Michael for a few days, he feels the need to reveal Nicole's pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Harper overhears this.

However, Harper is generous about the pregnancy which only makes Nicole wonder if she and Vinnie are rushing things.

When it becomes clear that Jemima is close to a breakdown, Vinnie and Nicole are quick to support her.

Vinnie will take care of Michael; Nicole will be Jemima's support person, travelling with her to deal to Roly.

When they're facing so much, Nicole questions whether it is the right time to be having a baby.

Vinnie is rocked.

Shocked by Nicole's uncertainty about having a baby, Vinnie urges her to use the time away with Jemima to think it over, promising that he will always be there for her as a partner and a father for their child.

When Jemima lies to Michael about the reason for her departure, Vinnie is forced to back her up, even though he's uneasy about it as a parent.

Nicole's farewell leaves Vinnie realising how much he's going to miss her and when Michael reacts badly to Jemima's absence, Vinnie is suddenly aware that he not only misses Nicole - he needs her.

Evan's prevented from making amends with Dayna when she rushes to the police station to support Kane.

So he throws himself into support-mode too.

When Dayna's appreciative, he tries to rekindle their romance, only to realise he's got it all wrong.

Dayna makes it clear she doesn't love him anymore and breaks up with him.

Brooke invites Ava to dinner with Boyd in the hope she can get them both on-side and secure a job with Ava in the process.

The dinner starts well when Boyd clicks with Ava over medical talk.

But when their discussion gets heated, Brooke senses her plans are in trouble.

However, both Ava and Boyd have enjoyed the debate.

So much so that Boyd decides Ava's the perfect boss for Brooke and pushes Ava to employ her.

Brooke's stunned to get what she wants.

Toby and Kane are alarmed when the police find Brett's body - he's been bludgeoned and it's now a homicide investigation.

Brought in for questioning, Toby fears Kane will reveal the truth.

Toby's thrown when Sergeant Foster needles him about his relationship with Brett.

Foster wants to know if Toby is capable of the anger required to hit a man many times to kill him, and is rewarded when Toby fires up with frustration.

Toby's guilt builds as he sees Emma pulled in for questioning, and the stress Kane and the Coopers are under thanks to him.

He feels the noose tighten when Emma and Kylie's cars are impounded for DNA tests.

Hating that he's making others suffer for his crime, Toby finally admits the truth to Emma - he killed Brett.

Instead of the fury and despair he expects to get, Emma feels guilty that she failed to protect Toby from Brett in the first place.

Determined to protect Toby from now on, Emma goes to the police and claims she's the one who murdered Brett in cold blood.


Tuesday 15th July (5537)

Despite Emma's best efforts, she fears her confession has failed to convince the police of her guilt.

Toby is shocked to learn she is trying to take the fall for his crime and refuses to help.

Emma continues on regardless, claiming to Kylie that she murdered Brett.

Kylie struggles to accept this and Toby realises Emma's plan is flawed.

He implores her to let him take responsibility, but Emma convinces him that she would suffer more knowing he was in prison than she would serving time herself.

Scared of what prison would mean for both him and Kane, Toby comes around to Emma's plan and, handing over Honour's bloodstained scarf, gives Emma the evidence she needs to convince the police she committed the murder.

Garrett is surprised to learn Harper has purposefully delayed asking their father for help getting rid of Lance.

Hurting after learning of Nicole's pregnancy, Harper seeks to confine Lance to the past and convinces herself his threats were nothing but hot air.

Unaware she's struggling with anything other than break-up grief over Nicole, TK invites her to lunch with him and Sarah.

The lunch proves therapeutic, with Harper reminded she has friends who love and support her.

She goes home in a great mood, only to discover Lance has broken in and left a scary message.

Harper still tries to downplay the situation but Garrett takes matters into his own hands and arranges to visit their father in prison, in the hopes their feared father can use his criminal contacts to make Lance back off.

Vinnie learns that Jemima's had a total breakdown.

He attempts to be as honest as he can about Jemima's condition but Michael remains troubled.

However, Leanne turns up and Michael quickly warms to her, whilst still rejecting Vinnie.

Harper inadvertently reveals Nicole's pregnancy to Leanne, who is delighted.

Vinnie is grateful for Leanne's continued support with Michael and later he is able to make some progress with him.

However, when Vinnie is honest about how unwell Jemima is, Michael is quick to blame himself.

Again, it's Leanne to the rescue.

She reveals to Michael that he's going to have a little brother or sister.

Michael is stoked but Vinnie knows that Nicole is undecided about keeping the baby.

So thanks to Leanne, Vinnie may have to disappoint Michael yet again.


Wednesday 16th July (5538)

Vinnie is furious with Leanne for spilling the beans to Michael about becoming a big brother, feeling it's just one more promise he may not deliver on.

Leanne feels terrible, when she realises the amount of pressure Vinnie is under, and decides that she will do whatever she can to make things easier on them, even move in while Nicole is away.

To Vinnie's surprise, he discovers that Leanne has a positive effect on Michael and she's welcomed back to the fold.

Awkwardly, Vinnie and Leanne have to negotiate the facts of life for a curious Michael, cementing them further as a team.

Spurred on by the promotion to 'Grandma', Leanne goes ahead and secures them Vasa's apartment under her name, much to Vinnie's unease, but Michael's delight.

Kylie is dismayed to find that Emma has been arrested in light of new evidence.

Toby, breaking under the pressure from all his secrets, becomes increasingly withdrawn and Kylie feels terrible when she allows her suspicions to get the better of her and she drives Toby away.

When her next attempt to coax conversation from him turns volatile, Kylie's relieved to find she has support from Chris, who counsels her to tread softly with Toby because whatever happens to Emma, he will need Kylie's support and guidance.

Approaching Toby with a peace offering and a counsellor to talk to, things start to look up, and Kylie begins to have hope that she and Toby will be okay, though a call from Emma sends them both into the doldrums.

Harper is having second thoughts about seeking help from Dad after Lance's attack, though Garrett reasons that they have no other choice.

Going to meet him, they are both surprised to discover that Steve isn't the hard man they remembered - but he is happy to help out the family.

Uneasy, Harper takes solace in the fact Steve listens to her when she tells him not to hurt Lance, just give him a fright.

Their theory is proved wrong when Lance is rushed into ED with burns after a vicious attack.

It isn't until the arrival of a young girl, who innocently got caught up in the same fire, that Harper realises that her biggest fears in seeking Dad's help were founded, and she's ultimately responsible.


Thursday 17 July (5539)

Harper can't assuage her guilt over her father's attack on Lance, so confronts him wanting the truth.

He vows it was an accident and someone else's fault - he's a very sick man who's pretty out of touch with the criminal world.

Harper doubts this and cuts him out of her life once again.

But Garrett, who's been swayed by their father, resolves to stay in touch, and Harper's forced to put distance between her and Garrett also, to make sure she doesn't get drawn into their family's world ever again.

Vinnie's feeling slightly suffocated by Leanne's involvement in his life as she fusses over him and Michael.

He organises a session with his mates to prove he's still in control of his life, but when Leanne involves herself, he's forced to ask her nicely to back off.

Leanne's hurt, but feels better when, after she gets snippy with Wendy, Michael tries to make her feel better by telling her she's a good grandmother.

When Vinnie sees Michael and Leanne having family fun, he realises he actually wants to be with them, not the boys.

An odd but warm family dynamic begins.

When Sarah makes a mistake with a patient, she starts to secondguess herself as a doctor.

Channelling her frustration, she tries to get help from Garrett with her secret research into the lethal, mysterious disease that killed Effie, but ends up being sprung by TK.

Guilty to think her obsession to diagnose it is costing her both professionally and personally, she promises she'll stop.

TK's relieved when Sarah's able to be positive about moving on.

But when a patient comes in to ED with symptoms that could be the killer disease, he's forced to call Sarah in, despite knowing it will reignite her obsession.

He tries to protect her from any undue stress, but she's rattled when she’s forced by Rachel to decide whether it's meningitis or the unknown contagion.

She chooses meningitis, and she's right, but she's left even more tortured when the hospital treats her as a diagnostic expert, and she feels like a fraud.

Seeing she won't be able to move on, TK tells her to start researching again, despite knowing what it'll mean for their family, and promises to help her through it.

They'll beat the disease together.


Friday 18 July (5540)

Sarah's despondent when she fails to find the cause of Fraser's disease.

Supporting her, TK gathers files to cross reference from the hospital.

Realising the enormity of the challenge they're facing, TK asks Harper to share the running of ED.

Harper's keen to forget the ructions with her family and agrees.

With hundreds of files to analyse, TK and Sarah are inspired by their mutual determination.

Their romance rises, but they stay focussed on solving the mystery illness.

Determined to prove her worth in her new job with Ava, Brooke initiates a 'bubbles and Botox' party to advertise the clinic.

Ava's not confident socialising but Brooke assures it'll be fine.

In a lease meeting with Rachel and Chris, Brooke's delighted to hear they're coming, aiming to prove she's a success.

At the party, Brooke's pleased to win kudos from Chris and Rachel.

Brooke pushes Ava to demonstrate Botox on a volunteer.

Ava chooses Rachel as the best contender, offending Rachel.

Brooke tries vainly to salvage the situation.

But Boyd steps in to appease Rachel, snatching Brooke's chance to shine away from her.

Dayna is frustrated to discover Evan has failed to tell the Coopers about their break up.

She breaks the news herself, only to feel stifled by their well-meaning familial response.

Desperate to escape the Coopers for a while, where there's no escape from Evan, she lies and stays late at work.

Garrett tries to convince Harper to help Steve get early parole but Harper stays resolute, instead urging Garrett to focus on his relationship with Ula.

Garrett tries but thoughts of Steve return and Ula begins to suspect she isn't important.

Garrett commits to a romantic dinner to prove himself.

But when Bella and Dallas come home early, Garrett finds Dallas's conservatism objectionable.

When the subject turns to criminal families, it becomes personal for Garrett and he and Dallas almost come to blows.

Ula calms the pair down but is critical of Garrett's deliberate needling of Dallas.

Feeling stifled in their relationship, Garrett heads out to the bar, where he unexpectedly connects with Dayna.

Both are seeking distraction and, as Ula unwittingly sings the praises of her rogueish beau elsewhere, Garrett secretly seduces Dayna...