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14 - 18 April 2014

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 14th April (5468)

Murray's stress increases when the owner of the bar pressures him to pay up for the structural work on the I.V.

Unaware of the burden on Murray, Bella and many of the hospital staff are upset by the temporary closing of the I.V, and realise how important the bar is as their local meeting place.

Off this, Leanne suggests they throw a lunch to celebrate Murray and the bar.

Meanwhile, Murray is relieved when Rachel agrees to renew the cafeteria contract.

Murray's touched by the staff's surprise lunch for him, but Bella accidentally learns he's applying for a ridiculously high mortgage.

She confronts him, hurt he's gambling away the security she gave Murray and Wendy.

Revealing the true extent of his financial obligations, a proud Murray's determined to forge ahead to prove himself anyway, no matter what the risk.

Pleased to be able to help Chris, Brooke is encouraged when Boyd assures her she's done the right thing.

After a near miss, Chris decides he must protect Rachel from the news that Grace never miscarried until he knows what the future holds.

Brooke asks for a role in The Ferndale Project and Chris is unimpressed that she's using his secret as leverage to advance her career.

He softens his stance when Brooke persuades him that her desire to help is genuine.

At home, Chris is taken aback when Brooke turns up and passes on a crucial clue about Grace's whereabouts.

Chris is left excited but challenged about what to do next.

TK's thrown to see Ian, the guy he punched to defend Leanne last week, in the hospital.

Ian's come in with symptoms of a head injury and Sarah's concerned as she suspects TK's punch may be to blame.

Unaware of this, TK's annoyed that Sarah's judgemental when she learns TK threw the first punch and insists he did so only to defend himself and Leanne.

He's challenged when Sarah cites his increasingly aggressive behaviour and unsettled to realise she's right - he's in danger of becoming a violent man.

When he sees Ian again, TK resolves to turn over a new leaf and make peace with him for throwing the first punch.

Ian sees the potential for gain and TK's rocked when Ian demands money, or he'll report TK's attack.

TK regrets his act of goodwill has left him open to blackmail.


Tuesday 15th April (5464)


Knowing an assault charge could cost him his career, TK is conflicted over Ian's blackmail.

But when he sees that the possibility of a charge is upsetting Sarah, he decides to pay, assuring Vinnie he's doing the right thing.

Sarah's relieved to diagnose that TK wasn't the sole cause of Ian's injury, assuming TK won't get into any more trouble as a result.

Meanwhile, despite Vinnie's attempts, TK won't be dissuaded from paying Ian.

But when Ian demands more money, TK realises it's extortion and refuses to pay.

Ian tries to goad him into a fight, and although TK keeps calm, Sarah intervenes, fearing the worst of him.

When TK tells her about the blackmail, Sarah persuades him that the situation isn't fixable and he should go to the police.

TK does so, and gets off the hook thanks to Ian's history of inciting fights.

In doing so, he realises he's been over-protective towards Sarah while she realises she needs to listen to him more.

The couple draw closer as a result.

Worried for Murray now she knows he'll have to pay for the structural damage to the I.V, Bella manages to get him to agree to talk to Wendy before committing to the renovations.

She struggles to hold her tongue when he allows Evan and Dayna to believe the renovations are definitely going ahead.

When he doesn't tell Wendy while talking to her and clearly hasn't told Evan and Dayna, Bella's frustration rises.

She reveals the truth, challenging Murray to admit he's uncertain about his decision, which is why he's keeping it quiet.

Murray and Bella are left at odds and Dallas is prompted to try to reconcile them.

Talking to Dallas, Murray realises Bella was right about his uncertainty and he resolves to put it behind him.

He insists that when Wendy returns, he will present her with a resolute decision one way or the other.

Nicole finds a grey hair on Vinnie and he's thrown to realise he's aging.

When Leanne then finds a picture of an old sporting record of his for doing burpee exercises around the hospital, Vinnie's prompted to beat it to prove he's still young and can match his old record.

He does so, and is thrilled. But when Kane boasts that he could beat Vinnie's time, Vinnie challenges him, and ends up competing alongside him.

Kane wins, and although Nicole's worried he'll get competitive, Vinnie is graceful in defeat.

However, left alone, he's determined to beat Kane's record, and performs the burpee challenge for a third time.

He's stoked when he beats Kane's time, but he's worked himself too hard in the process and ends up passing out, knocking himself unconscious in the fall.



Wednesday 16th April (5470)

Vinnie hides his injury from Leanne and Vasa, but can't from Nicole.

Meanwhile, Harper still refuses to wear Nicole's ring, worried by the symbolism.

She doesn't want to be in a longterm commitment with Nicole, as she fears she's not capable of it.

Prompted by Sarah, Harper realises the arrangement doesn't make her happy and commits to Nicole.

Nicole's pleased but Leanne sours the moment for Harper by doubting their relationship will last.

It's Sam's first day back at work. Emma wishes him well.

Kylie picks up that she's still keen on Sam and counsels her to move on but Emma doesn't want to know.

Nervous for Sam, Ula determines to keep an eye on him.

However, Ula intervenes in the treatment of Sam's first patient, exacerbating an already difficult situation.

But Sam handles things very well and finds a point of connection between himself and his patient.

Back at the hospital Emma notices and is envious of the obvious warmth between them.

She's further unsettled when she mistakenly thinks that Sam has organised a date with Jessica.

Ula apologises to Sam for her intervention but he goes easy on her, understanding why she was so edgy.

Her confidence in Sam fully restored, Ula inadvertently leads Kylie to believe he's fully moved on personally as well and is ready to resume dating.

She excitedly reports this to Emma, who is convinced she has no chance with Sam.

But Kylie has an answer for all of Emma's objections and pressures her into making a move on Sam at the fundraiser that evening.

Kylie is annoyed when she feels she's not taken seriously as a nurse.

So Kylie uses a default charm offensive to elicit a place on the Ferndale Project team.

Vasa derides this, and Kylie feels challenged but fights back.

But at the fundraiser , Ula warns Kylie that Emma's going to jeopardise any chance with Sam by making an overt move.

In rescuing Emma, she hits on Sam, reestablishing her reputation as a slapper.

Just when it seems it has failed, Sam romantically invites Emma out.



Thursday 17 April (5471)

Kylie's delighted to learn that Sam has asked Emma on a date.

But Emma realises that any relationship with Sam comes with the complication of his protective daughter Honour.

Finding Honour glum about Kane, Emma wishes she could help and is pleased when Honour appreciates the advice she offers.

Sam's pleased too at her connection with Honour and the budding couple draw closer.

Kylie has a lot of work to do to clean up her public image, after making a fool of herself at the Warner's.

She hopes she's found a way to repair her tarty reputation by fighting off Leann's claim to the social club presidency and organising a family-friendly fun day at Easter.

But she's made an enemy in Leanne...

Chris is pleased by the money he's raising for his charity project, The Ferndale Project.

Struggling to find suitable premises for the project on-site, Chris takes up Boyd's suggestion to look further afield.

Inspired by a worthy medical case on a child, Chris becomes ever more determined to push The Ferndale Project to go ahead sooner rather than later.

They just need the right site...

Evan starts to worry that Murray is getting in too deep financially with his bar rebuild aspirations.

But he puts his faith in Wendy to pull him up on it.

Murray makes a passionate pitch to Wendy and is delighted when Wendy supports his decision to mortgage the family home to refit the IV.

Worried, Evan consults Rachel who assures him his parents' plans are sound.

But then Murray's plans go out the window when the owner of the I.V building decides to sell it.

Murray entertains the idea of buying the property, ignoring Evan's warnings.

It seems a big gamble to him - and to his dismay, Dayna volunteers to use her own money to help them do so.

And this time, Murray's won round to the idea - it's the only way they can afford to buy it.

Evan realises he has no way to stop this rash decision.

But when Evan hears that Chris needs a property near the hospital, he betrays his family by secretly urging Chris to buy the I.V bar and convert it into his charity HQ - to save his family from themselves.