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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

11 - 15 November 2013

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Monday 11th November (5377)

TK and Sarah forget their worries for a night. But TKs concerned when Sarah refuses to confront her decision to go.

After a conversation with Harper, TK resolves to take the situation in hand.

After some organising, he lets Sarah know hes sorted everything so she can go - and take Tillie with her and Sarah's taken aback.

Sarah worries that TK will struggle on his own but TK assures her he will be fine.

They share a tender farewell before TK takes his girls to the airport.

Guilty that Travis car was stolen, Vinnie suggests Travis uses his classic cars in the car wash fund-raiser to generate publicity.

Travis informs Vinnie that his insurance company has confirmed a generous payout that will help solve his financial worries.

Travis plans a romantic getaway with Vasa but is surprised to discover Vinnies tracked down his car.

He considers not informing the insurance company but challenged by Vinnie, Travis agrees to do the right thing.

However, when Travis holiday plans are still on, Vinnie senses hes lying.

Kylie suggests again that Nate gets involved with the car wash fundraiser but Nate dismisses it as beneath him.

His pride injured from Graces reprimand, Nate tries to apologise but Grace is dismissive. Feeling powerless, Nate takes it out on Kylie .

Shocked to observe this, Emma questions Nates harsh treatment.

Off this, Kylie confronts Nate about his rudeness. Hes immovable but she stands her ground.

Brooke wants to reconnect with Boyd but he anticipates more of her scheming and refuses to put up with it.

Brookes hurt, but when she hears Sarahs job is up for grabs, realises its the answer to her problems.

And seizing the chance to benefit from Sarahs absence, Brooke claims credit for Sarahs diagnostic work to prove shes a contender for the job.

Boyd is suspicious and, discovering that Brooke has lied again, his trust is tested and he refuses to believe her when she admits that shes got renal failure.

Tuesday 12th November (5378)

Brooke has just organised to see a renal specialist when Grace offers her Sarahs job. Not mentioning her condition, Brooke takes it.

Brooke is hurt when Boyd, convinced she lied to him about her illness, asserts he doesnt want to be with someone who lies to achieve her goals.

Unable to sign her new contract, Brooke breaks down, revealing to Grace she has acute renal failure.

To her surprise, Grace still wants to give her the job, and even more, she wants to support her as a friend.

Convinced the car wash fundraiser will be a failure, Nate refuses to take part.

Determined to prove him wrong, Kylie organises for the nurses to wash the cars in their bikinis, and when Grace joins in the fun, bonding with her staff, Nate is left stymied.

Needing to get back into Graces good books, Nate swallows his pride and reluctantly joins the car wash in his boxer shorts.

After Grace praises his efforts, Nate understands that Kylie was right all along, and wanting to reconnect, invites her over.

But empowered, Kylie regains some control - hell come over to hers.

Still suspecting Travis is lying, Vinnie questions him, but despite his assurance that hes not defrauding his insurance company, Vinnies still dubious.

Aware of Vinnies wariness, Travis offers to reimburse his investment and Vinnie accepts.

But when Vinnie finds out that Vasa has become Traviss business partner and that he will use her money to repay him, Vinnie is left with a dilemma - should he share his suspicions with Vasa?

Supported by Nicole, Vinnie decides to talk to Vasa, but shes so happy with Travis that Vinnie cant bring himself to warn her against him.

Feeling guilty at neglecting Phoenix, Chris resolves to take him camping, hoping to reconnect.

Despite Rachels protests, Chris self-discharges, but once in the bush hes unable to engage with his son.

When Chris forces Phoenix to decide what to do with the land they are camping on, which belongs to them, Phoenix feels challenged and patronised.

Accusing Chris of not understanding him, he storms off.

Walking alone, Chris realises that not only has he failed in his plans of reconnecting with Phoenix, but that hes hopelessly lost.

Wednesday 13th November (5379)

Nicole is surprised when Bonnie shows up needing somewhere to stay and, despite Vinnies warnings, lets her in.

When Bonnies over eager to please, Nicole asserts that they are just friends and no more.

But Bonnie declares she knows Nicole will come around to wanting romance again.

Panicked, Nicole at first lies that shes with Vinnie before realising she has to be blunt and upfront in shutting down Bonnies romantic aspirations with her.

A hurt Bonnie leaves, warning Nicole that she will never find romantic happiness with anyone.

Nicoles left feeling terrible at causing hurt and wondering if Bonnie's right?

Boyd and Brooke continue to be estranged over his disbelief about her kidney illness.

Boyd clocks Brooke being friendly with Grace and warns Grace about her game playing.

He misreads Graces defensiveness about Brooke as a sign that Brooke is machinating.

He tails Brooke and is shocked to find her having dialysis. However, Brooke rejects his apology, leaving Boyd on the outer.

When the Coopers propose consulting a specialist about Wendys illness, Josh comes up with a solution and Wendy is well again.

This earns Josh their gratitude and praise, leaving him feeling king of the castle. But how long will this be enough for him?

Lost in the bush, Chris resolves to be sensible and finds shelter for the night.

Phoenix wakes, concerned his Dad is missing and goes to search for him but is accosted by an angry young man demanding to know what hes doing on his land.

Meanwhile, Chris wakes up in an idyllic and beautiful setting which he enjoys despite his situation.

Hes eventually reunited with a relieved Phoenix now accompanied by the young man who antagonizes Chris over the Warners buying his familys land.

Chris though seems transformed by his night in the bush and accepts the boys attitude.

When Chris and Phoenix return home, Rachel assumes life will be back to normal but Phoenix declares he wants to leave to seek his own path in the world and may not come back.

Rather than shut him down, Chris instead whole-heartedly agrees leaving Rachel shocked: What is going up with Chris?


Thursday 14th November (5380)

Phoenix and Rachel butt heads over his decision to travel alone and Chris plays mediator, insisting hell go with Phoenix for the two week break.

Rachel is still confused by Chriss reasoning but accepts theyll only be gone for a short time.

But Phoenix reveals to Evan his secret plan to stay on in Berlin indefinitely. Phoenix says good-bye, unable to reveal hes going for good.

Dallas returns and he and Emma accept its time to break up.

Although sad, Emma succumbs to Kylies advice to flaunt her good looks for Nicoles party.

When Emma turns up in a sexy dress, Dallas cant take his eyes off her and they share a shy hand touch in the crowd.

Josh is frustrated to no longer be the centre of attention at the Coopers.

Hes tense and combative at work and when TK sweeps in to save Bella from falling at the bar, his frustration increases.

At Nicoles party, Josh and TK argue.

But Bella pulls him up on his attitude and Josh realises he must keep his behaviour in check and apologises to TK.

Nicole decides its time to make a drastic change in her life.

But Vinnie feels on the outer when Nicole excludes him from her party plans with Bella.

Anxious hes done something wrong, Vinnie realises hes got to stop obsessing over Nicole.

He invests in having fun with Dallas and is pleasantly surprised to click with Harper.

But at the party, Vinnies floored when Nicole announces the real reason for the party - shes getting married... to herself.

Although the idea is met with amusement, Nicoles deadly serious.

Vinnie tries to be supportive but when she enters looking gorgeous and declares her vows to stay true and loyal only to herself, Vinnie cant stand it and attempts to stop the self wedding.

But faced with an expectant Nicole, Vinnie can't go on and instead laughs his interuption off as joke.

For Nicole its proof shes doing the right thing and she happily commits to marrying herself.

Friday 15th November (5381) 

Vinnie resolves to hide his conflict over Nicoles self-wedding with jokes and by teasing her.

At first she jokes along, happy to avoid talking about how hed interrupted her vows.

But when he carries on in that vein she confronts him - as a friend he needs to take her self-marriage seriously.

Vinnie cant bring himself to do so - and theyre both left fearing their friendship is at the crossroads.

Despite previously breaking up, a spark of attraction between Dallas and Emma at Nicoles wedding to herself leads to an unintended night of passion.

They dismiss it as a last goodbye.

After reassuring a guilty Toby that their break-up isnt his fault, they carry through their resolution as Dallas moves out.

But their chemistry takes over again and theyre drawn back into each others arms - with a passion.

Rachels still concerned about Chriss behaviour in taking off to Europe with Phoenix.

But her fears are assuaged by an unlikely wise source - Harry - who convinces her that Chris is only doing the right thing by Phoenix.

Nates awkward struggles to bond with, and impress, Grace continue.

When Grace is invited to an industry event, Nates pitch to go as her partner fails.

Kylie advises him to be more fun and follow Graces lead. He tries again and, though reticent, she agrees.

Nates fun approach works on Grace and, emboldened, he ramps it up.

But when he misreads Graces fun nature, he goes too far in flirting and hits on her.

Grace rejects and reprimands him and hes humiliated, particularly when he sees that a shocked Kylie has witnessed his unfortunate offer.

How will he rescue himself with not only his boss - but his girlfriend too?