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11 - 15 March 2013

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Shavaughn Ruakere as Roimata Ngatai in Shortland Street

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Shortland Street


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Monday 11 th March (5192)

An exhausted Rachel returns home. She's stressed about the chaos at the hospital and deeply guilty that she wasn't around to support Jared and prevent him going off the rails.

However, when she tries to talk to him about his anger management, she ends up off-loading her own troubles.

Absorbing Rachel's stress and feeling responsible for it, Jared's own anxiety builds. Determined to prove his worth to both Vasa and the Warners by fixing Vasa's car, he embarks on repairs.

Vasa welcomes him into her home. However, when the repair proves more complicated than expected, Vasa's surprised and concerned to see how much pressure Jared's putting on himself.

Stating her belief in his ability to succeed, Vasa diffuses tension, but remains worried about him.

Kylie and Emma struggle with finances, post Lana. They target Henry as a potential flatmate, without success. The need for some extra cash becomes pressing.

Later, Evans offer of chairs from Wendy and Murray's garage seems the perfect opportunity to repeat Lana's earlier success and boost their income.

Though fuming after Rachel's refusal to support her bid for St Cath's CEO, Sarah begins to realise how much she cares about gaining the position. Given that her mixed model system has been adopted, she feels success is almost a certain.

Meanwhile Seth is appalled that Henry has applied for and accepted the PA position without consultation.

Henry argues that they've managed to keep work and personal separate so far, but Seth is deeply uncomfortable with both the conflict of interest, and potential for him to be outed.

Meanwhile, Rachel adopts a 'keep your enemies close' approach and draws Sarah and Seth back into her orbit.

Later, however, Sarah's shocked to discover Henry is Rachel's PA. Assuming that Seth has planted Henry as a spy she confronts Henry, but he denies that this is the case.

Unconvinced, Sarah gives Seth an ultimatum, tell Rachel or she will. Before she can, she's confounded to learn that Seth has been appointed St Cath's CEO and that she has inadvertently prompted Henry to leave Seth.


Tuesday 12 th March (5193)

Sarah's affronted by Seth's suggestion that she was somehow responsible for Henry leaving him.

Deeply disappointed that she's lost the St Cath's CEO position to Seth, she offloads to Roimata.

Though she doesn't reveal her concerns about Henry, she expresses her fear for the future of Shortland Street.

Meanwhile, Rachel meets with Seth, anxious to establish an open and transparent way of working together. Though Seth is reassuring, Rachel can't kick the feeling that he's hiding something.

Later, Sarah sees Henry and urges him to come clean about spying for Seth. She's surprised to learn that neither Henry nor Seth have such an agenda and that Henry's commitment to honesty and discretion is strong.

Learning that he has sacrificed his romantic relationship so that Seth can achieve his professional dreams unencumbered, Sarah can't help feeling moved.

Then Seth and Rachel offer her a job as clinical director for both hospitals. With advice from Henry, she accepts the job on the understanding that she wants much more of a say, and expects Seth and Rachel to listen to her.

Vasa feels validated when Jared appears to have fixed her car.

Feeling maternal towards him, she's gratified when he agrees to spend time with her and Vinnie and seems to thrive in their home environment.

Jared's confidence increases with Vasa's support, but later when he destroys Vasa's car, he's panicked and fears the consequences of having let both Rachel and Vasa down.

Too scared to tell anyone what he's done, he tries to cover it up. But when he's confronted by Vasa, who only wants to talk to him about what happened, he refuses to talk to her and bolts. Jareds guilt gets the better of him but he can't admit what he's done.

Later, Vasa is forced to go to Rachel and inform her of what Jared has done. At the last minute, Jared comes clear to Vasa and is full of apologies.

Vasa reassures, asserting that she knows Jared tried to do his best. But when Rachel enters over this, she's appalled by Jared's deception and harshly reprimands him.

Noticing Jared cower away from Rachel's anger, Vasa fears old patterns are repeating.


Wednesday 13 th March (5194)

Worried about Jared, Vasa checks that Rachel understands the extent of his emotional fragility.

Realising she's repeated Nellie's abusive behaviour, Rachel's determined to fix things.

Suspecting Rachel's out of her depth, Vasa offers to help, and she's frustrated when Rachel shuts her out. When she sees Jared avoiding his anger management course, she passes the information on to Rachel instead of taking action.

She worries she's failed Jared, but Vinnie bolsters her and Vasa's grateful for his support.

Vasa cooks for Vinnie to show her appreciation, whilst Jared does the same for Rachel and Harry. The meal is largely untouched, and Jared can't help feeling rejected.

Roimata tries to work with TK on the fundraiser, but residual tension is never far from the surface.

TK tries to make things better, but this only adds to Roimata's guilt. Later, when she's pushed together with Josh, she's charmed by him.

Evan's certain he's winning Kylie around, but Jared's dubious, and Evan's confidence takes a knock.

Evan's buoyed when Kylie seeks him out and suggests they work together to finish the project.

Kylie's desperate, as Emma intends to move Vinnie in as a flatmate if they can't get the money they need to cover their bills.

Kylies hopeful the chairs will bring in the money she needs and she insists Emma retract her flatmate offer to Vinnie, warning that living with him will lead to a committed relationship - the last thing Emma wants.

While Emma sorts out her Vinnie problem, Kylie joins Evan to finish the chairs.

Evan's awkward at first, but he soon finds his groove and Kylie's impressed by his maturity. Feeling closely connected to Kylie, Evan steps it up a notch and Kylie realises he views her visit as a date.

Before she can extract herself, Evan takes Kylie by surprise and kisses her.

Kylie can't help responding to the kiss and Evan's convinced all his dreams have come true.


Thursday 14 th March (5195)

Kylie breaks away from her kiss with Evan telling him it cant happen again.

Evan clings to hope but Jareds reality check deflates him.

Evan hears Emma teasing Kylie about him so he covers for Kylie, much to her relief.

The girls pick up the re-covered chairs and are thrilled with the results.

Kylie tries to back Evan off, but when she cant define the nature of their relationship, he remains hopeful.

Later, the girls put their chairs online and the reserve reaches a high amount. Kylie decides Evan should get a cut of the cash, but a gallant Evan refuses.

Feeling for him, Kylie suggests they spend the money together at Sugar.

Evans hopeful as it sounds like a date and Kylie brushes this off, insisting they're just friends.

Boyd tries to cajole a resistant Nicole into a date with him but hes deflated when they both have to work late, scuppering his plans.

When Nicole finishes, she offers to help Boyd with his paperwork and he happily accepts.

They make a good team and the shared task eases the awkwardness. Nicoles pleased to realise romance with Boyd could work after all.

Noting Roimatas impatience with TK, Nicole urges her to cut him some slack, for the sake of their relationship.

Roimatas guilt compounds when she convinces TK to withdraw from hospital festivites to give her space and instead spends a day with Tillie and Sarah at the beach.

Sarah thinks hes right to give Roimata space.

Meanwhile, Roimata cant enjoy the hospital competition and Josh is concerned.

Josh is pleased when he manages to draw Roimata into the game and shes grateful to forget her tension with TK.

TKs pleased to see Roimata has had fun, but Roimatas concerned to realise having fun separately wont mend things.

Roimata heads home, concerned how she will fix her relationship, but shes warmed by TKs connection to Tillie.

Realising this could be the key to TKs happiness, Roimata tells TK shed like to try for a baby. TKs thrilled, but Roimata's enthusiasm isn't entirely convincing.


Friday 15 th March (5196)

Determined to get her marriage back on track, Roimata commits to planning a family.

When her mother Ruth visits, Roimata is quick to announce their plans, privately hoping that going public will set her on the path of no return. Ruths joy at the news is gratifying.

However, when she begins to feel the weight of whanau expectation, Roimatas reservations threaten.

When alone with Roimata, Ruth acknowledges the sadness she sees in Roimata.

Roimata bats this off, but Ruth knows her too well and persists.

Unable to talk about the events in detail, Roimata gives a watered down version of her assault, which Ruth was unaware of.

Ruth is upset, but instinctively feels Roimata is hiding something else from her.

Concerned, she counsels that getting pregnant is never the answer to any marital problem. Roimatas shaken by her astute observation.

Chris is concerned about the struggle Rachel had with Jared while he was in Sydney and vows to make a difference.

But Jared is aimless and Chris cant get through to him. Turning to Vasa, she recalls her low key fun time with Jared and Chris forms a plan.

He sets Jared, Harry and Phoenix up to make pizzas but Jared isnt interested.

Chris calls in Vasa and Vinnie, who arrive to liven up the night.

Chris is warmed that putting family ahead of work has cheered Jared and even drawn an uneasy Rachel in.

In denial over her feelings, Kylie justifies her decision to meet Evan again, claiming that his help over the chairs deserves reward.

Wary of Evans crush on her, Emma urges Kylie to be clear that theyre just friends.

Despite her best intentions, Kylie and Evan slip into an easy rapport. As their date extends into the afternoon, Kylies rattled to cross paths with Vinnie .

Reminded of her inappropriate feelings for both men, she tries hard to deny she has any interest in Vinnie.

Evans quiet support however, continues to win her heart. Later, an intimate moment between them is interrupted by a shocked Emma.

When Emma lectures Kylie on how wrong her connection with Evan is, she promises to sever ties for good.

But when Kylie tries to do so, Evans natural charms, drive them into a passionate embrace.


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