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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

11 - 15 July 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Monday 11 July (6027 & 6028)

Rachel is torn about how to punish Boyd, Drew and Harper.

She knows referring Boyd to the medical council would needlessly wreck his career, but she can't be seen to do nothing.

Realising that they were driven by noble motives and achieved much good, she demotes Boyd to regular surgery and puts onerous work demands on Drew. 

Recognising that Harper managed a potentially catastrophic situation well, Rachel congratulates her, but warns her never to hide anything like that again.


Lucy finds a watch under the couch at the flat and returns it to Ali.

He reveals it was a gift from Sabina, a mark of their continued friendship and her willingness to help him reunite with his family.

Lucy accepts this, and after visiting the mosque herself, her love for Ali deepens.

When Ali later calls Sabina to call off a meeting, he's shocked when she confesses she loves him and can't live without him.


Sick of Vinnie going on about property seminars, Nicole begs Leanne to find something to distract him.

Fundraising for the Social Club, Leanne ropes Vinnie into collecting items for her charity auction.

Vinnie picks up donated items from Curtis's house, and accidentally scoops up Ali's watch.


The day of Kylie's trial arrives.

She's anxious, and wonders why she's not testifying. Her lawyer advises her against it, for fear she may incriminate herself further.

Colleagues gather to wish Kylie well, but she's becoming increasingly worried about her prospects.

She and TK see Julia at court but. When her sister snubs her, Kylie admits the hardest thing is knowing Julia hates her.

Julia's testimony against her leaves Kylie shattered. 

Esther takes the stand and admits Kylie told her she helped her mother die. Kylie fears the worst, knowing TK will have to give the same evidence.

When he gets the opportunity to speak, he leaves Esther and Kylie shocked. He chooses to lie in a desperate bid to help Kylie get off.


Drew's pleased when Harper agrees to meet him for a drink after the trouble he caused her with Rachel.

They have a wild, carefree time and wind up in bed together.

Drew's delighted to have Harper back in his life, but Harper resolves to focus on work from now on. She wants to be a better support to Rachel.

Frustrated, Drew attends Kylie's trial. He too is willing to lie in court, if it means he can help Kylie retain her freedom.

After TK endangered himself for her, Kylie can't let Drew do the same.



Ali's rattled that Sabina's still in love with him, especially as she's his only contact to his family.

He consults Curtis, who urges him to cut his ties with Sabina, even if it means losing contact with his family.

Ali is reluctant to do so, and drives to Hamilton to try and reason with Sabina. Curtis keeps his secret.

When Lucy sees the watch come up for auction at the charity do, she goes overboard trying to stop it being sold. Ali interrupts and lets the sale go through.

He explains Sabina gave him the watch to try and win him back.

Lucy leaves the auction. Ali follows her, assuring her that he's cut Sabina out of his life and given up on his family.

He declares he wants to make love to her now, and Lucy is swept up in the passion.


Back in the courtroom, Kylie stuns everyone by declaring that she wants to confess.

She tells the whole truth, in the hope that at least Julia will understand how much she loved and respected Norelle. She didn’t want to lose her.

After a tense wait, the judge finds Kylie not guilty due to reasonable doubt.

Julia's so moved by Kylie's testimony that they share an emotional reunion.

TK's lie hasn’t gone unnoticed though. He's castigated for it by the prosecution lawyer, and can't find the words to defend himself.

He's starting to realise he went too far in the name of love.



Tuesday 12 July (6029 )

Kylie relishes her freedom and reconnects with Julia, putting the past behind them.

Meanwhile, a troubled TK throws himself headlong into work. He's left with more questions than answers when a patient suddenly deteriorates with a mystery illness, and is found to have provided false ID.

He dismisses Kylie's concerns about how he's coping after her trial. He's avoiding her because she's a reminder of his perjury.

Instead he doggedly works to save the patient, seeking some kind of redemption.


Lucy's keen to sleep with Ali, but doesn't want him to make the decision for impulsive reasons.

After advice from Kylie, Lucy decides that progressing their relationship may not be such a bad thing after all.

Their plans are waylaid when Lucy feels responsible for a sick a patient, but TK praises her work and tells her to go.

Lucy leaves filled with anticipation.


Esther returns to work after testifying at Kylie's trial, but finds it difficult to focus.

She's surprised by Curtis's concern for her wellbeing, impressed that he seems genuine.

When Finn suggests that she put her hand up to observe a surgery that Chris is performing, Esther is nervous. She fears this is overstepping her boundaries.

However, with Finn's encouragement, she gains Chris's permission to be in theatre. She marvels at Finn's ability to open professional doors for her.

TK approves of Finn's influence, believing him a big improvement on bad boy Curtis.

Esther's happily convinced that Finn's the man for her.


Mo returns from Victoria's funeral emotionally weary.

Chris feels for the tough time he's been having.

When Mo has a run-in with Barry Kendell, the prosecution lawyer on Kylie's case, Chris is determined to sort it out for him. It seems he has, until
Mo has a further altercation with the lawyer.

Sick of being pushed around in life, Mo stands up to Barry.

Chris celebrates Mo's triumph, only to find his car has been vandalised, presumably by Barry. Chris is furious, and confronts Barry for being a bully.

Although Mo tries to intervene, Chris refuses to back down and Barry knocks Chris to the ground.


Wednesday 13 July (6030)

Rachel is concerned to learn Chris has been in a fistfight. 

Chris covers his injuries to perform surgery.

Fearing for his career, Barry comes to apologise to Chris and Mo insisting he wants to make amends.

Curtis realises he can leverage the situation.

Barry agrees to pay over ten thousand dollars plus Chris's car repair costs.

Chris is amazed that Mo seems prepared to take a bribe, but Mo clarifies the money is actually a donation to charity.

Barry has also offered to complete an anger management course.

Chris realises this the best way to get Barry out of their lives. He's grateful that Curtis helped to defuse the situation. Mo agrees, proud
of the changes in his son.


Ali's keen for some advice before his long-awaited romantic rendezvous with Lucy. Instead he has to settle for awkward best wishes
from Jack.

Arriving for his big date, Ali's nerves and Lucy's bad news from work make things awkward. They try in vain to relax.

Almost ready to give up, they realise something is burning in the oven.

The smoke alarms go off and Lucy and Ali have to stand on Lucy's bed to turn one of them off.

Their close proximity and burning desire for one another take over.


Esther's been spending up large because of her romance with Finn, and she feels the pinch when bills pile up at the flat.

She's excited when Finn invites her to dinner at the Warners. Arriving in an expensive new outfit, she realises she's overdressed.

Conversation turns to her bike, and desperate to fit in, she claims she's thinking of buying a car.

When she gets home, to make good on her lie, she gets herself into debt purchasing a car she can't afford.


Kylie wants to celebrate her freedom with TK, but he's distant and preoccupied with his "Jane Doe" patient. 

The patient dies, still unidentified. But TK and Kate discover an unusual tattoo on her body.

TK wearily returns home, which he's been avoiding.

Julia notices the distance between TK and Kylie.

They make an effort, but Kylie forces TK to face what's troubling him. He's so haunted by how he compromised himself for her in court, that it's driven a huge wedge between them. TK agrees.

They're both are at a loss about how to solve what's become a big problem for their relationship.


Thursday 14 July (6031)

Vinnie's offered a great deal by Tom, his mate in real estate.

He pitches it to Nicole but she's still not interested.

However, when Leanne sees the potential in the development, she convinces Vinnie to try harder to convince Nicole.


Having now made love, Ali and Lucy are finding it hard to keep their hands off each other.

Lucy assures Rachel they'll limit their PDAs at work.

However, they can't stop running into each other, or thinking about each other.

They're eventually busted by Rachel in the back of the ambulance. Mortified, they resolve to be more circumspect at work.

But in the privacy of Lucy's flat, their passion remains undimmed.


TK and Kate are rattled when a patient presents with the same symptoms as their past Jane Doe.

However, she responds to treatment, to TK and Kate's immense relief.


Esther's chuffed when Chris is impressed by her work. She finally feels part of the 'surgeons club'.

She's further boosted when Finn approves of her new car, ignoring Curtis's note of caution about her impulse buy.

Her confidence growing, she takes it on herself to stitch up a patient in ED. She asks Finn's advice - but doesn't involve Chris.

She doesn't do a great job. Chris is deeply unimpressed, and Esther's mortified.

She looks to Finn for support, but doesn't get it.

Esther's left feeling stung by the Warners - professionally and personally.


Friday 15 July (6032)

After her suturing mistake, Esther feels like she's lost Chris and Finn's respect.

This is cemented when she overhears Finn distancing himself from her in front of Chris.

Despite TK's assurances that her patient is fine, Esther fails to find comfort.

She goes home, intent on studying to prevent further mistakes.

Curtis arrives at her door, having seen how much Finn's dismissal upset her. Esther finds solace in his friendship, and they draw closer.

However, when Finn arrives, Esther swiftly chooses him over Curtis.

Back at the Warner house, Finn apologises for his behaviour. Esther feels like he really does care for her.


With Leanne on board, Vinnie convinces Nicole to push aside her doubts and pursue their apartment investment.

Leanne notices Nicole's hesitation, and thinks she's been pushed into it.

With her daughter's best interests at heart, Leanne fails to submit the necessary paperwork on Vinnie's behalf. 

Vinnie and Nicole are unaware, and think their bid has been successful.

Expecting to reap the rewards, they are triumphant. But Leanne bursts Vinnie's bubble - she never sealed the deal.


Drew is determined to work hard at the PSC to earn back Rachel's trust.

He declines a dinner date with Harper because of this, but also relishes the opportunity to play hard to get.

He and Boyd attempt to please Rachel with their achievements but she's playing hard to get too.


Pressure builds at the IV.

The chef’s temper causes the dish washer to walk out.

Bella struggles to cope with the fallout.

Scrambling, she calls in Blue, who's looking for work to fund his gender transition.

Kylie serves to a fussy customer, who she and Bella mistakenly assume is a food critic.

They try to impress him and he laps up the attention.

When Drew arrives, he challenges the guy to a fight, to Bella and Kylie's horror.

It's then revealed that the stranger is actually Drew's much-loved baby brother, Cam.