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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

11 - 15 February 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Beth Allen plays Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 11 thFebruary (5172)  

Vinnies appalled to find himself in bed with Kylie. He cant remember if they had sex or not.

Mortified, Kylie realises that they had sex but she keeps quiet about it. All Vinnie finally manages to remember is a drunken kiss.

Vinnies guilt worsens throughout the working day. He decides he has to come clean about the kiss and sleeping in Kylies bed.

He shares his problem with Josh, who points out that honesty will ruin Emma and Kylies friendship as well as hurt Emma deeply.

Conflicted, Vinnie changes his mind, and stops Kylie from confessing about the kiss too.

Vinnie and Kylie commit to secrecy, and Vinnie hopes hes done the right thing preserving his relationship with Emma.

Thanks to Boyds brief interview, media coverage of his surgery is minimal.

Still, Rachel believes Boyd has potential, and she encourages Chris to support Boyd in future surgeries and provide him with media training.

They put this to Boyd, who is frustrated Chris will continue to look over his shoulder.

Boyd reminds Rachel he was promised a degree of autonomy when he was hired.

Taking this on board, Rachel pushes a frustrated Chris to let go of the reins.

Phoenix is put out when his photography project is over-shadowed by Jareds successful admission into his mechanic course.

He tries to be happy for Jared, but hes frustrated that Jared seems to be getting all the attention.

Phoenix takes refuge at Evans place. Murrays at the bar for the night, and everyone else is away.

With all the Coopers away, Phoenix wants to have fun without Jared around, and he convinces Evan to throw a party.

Phoenix is determined to make his mark at the event, by using projectors to show his photography along with music.

Britneys impressed by Phoenixs bohemian vibe, and hes pleased, finally getting the attention he isnt getting at home.

Phoenix is knocked, however, when Jared shows up at the party and changes the music.

It proves more popular than Phoenixs video-music combo, and Jared steals the show, along with Britneys attention.

A dejected Phoenix leaves the party, upset Jared has managed to upstage him on every front.


Tuesday 12 th February (5173)

When the party gets unruly, Evans annoyed to realise Phoenix has left him to deal with it alone.

The next day Evan realises its Phoenixs jealousy of Jared that drove him away.

Despite Phoenix catching Britneys eye, Phoenix remains despondent.

Later, the boys are busted when Murray discovers the party has taken place.

Chris suspects Jared was the ring leader but Phoenix sets them straight that hes to blame.

Chris is concerned at this uncharacteristic behaviour and Evan reveals Phoenix is feeling usurped by Jared.

Chris talks to Phoenix and promises to prioritise time with him.

Vasa realises Nicole needs to learn to discipline the nurses and, offers to coach her.

Eventually Nicole commits to the role-play Vasas set up and brutally reprimands Vasa.

Vasa realises Emma and Kylie mistakenly think its real and Boyds interested the nurses are now jumping at Nicoles command.

Nicole thinks its her new confidence.

Vasa wants to tell her the truth, but Boyd suggests Vasa let Nicole continue to believe its her confidence thats made the change.

In a high profile meeting, Sarah feels defensive when Shortland Street is criticised for prioritising its private services over public.

But Seth reminds her to stay impartial throughout the confidential process.

Meanwhile Brooke attempts to reignite her managerial career by picking up Rachels surgical tourism initiative.

Sarahs loyalties are torn when shes unable to alert Rachel that surgical tourism contridicts the DHBs focus.

Sarah unburdens her concern to Brooke, careful to keep the details vague.

Brooke is concerned to glean Rachels initiative may be pulled.

At the next meeting, Sarahs relieved to realise Shortland Street is still in the running for expansion.

But a power hungry Brooke reveals her inside knowledge from Sarah to Rachel.

Rachels grateful for Brookes loyalty and Brooke hopes shes secured her foothold to win back some real power.


Wednesday 13 th February (5174)

Rachel is determined to use Brookes information to her advantage and decides to focus on the public side of the hospital to win Roy Douglass favour.

But Seth is suspicious of Rachels sudden change of direction and accuses Sarah of breaching confidentiality. Sarah realises Brooke must have been the leak.

Seth is unimpressed and Sarah goes to Rachel, hoping to convince her to keep the confidential information under wraps.

She also expresses her disappointment in Brooke and renounces their friendship.

Kylie struggles financially and accepts Evans offer to loan her money.

She becomes involved with Rosa, the wife of one of her patients, who is struggling without family to support her.

Kylie promises to support Rosa instead.

Meanwhile, Emma and Lana learn Kylie has borrowed money from Evan and fear Kylie has led Evan on.

Kylie realises theyre right and decides that she needs to pay Evan back.

Kylie is finally able to secure the money but misses supporting Rosa, and feels bad for letting her down.

Nicole is impressed when Boyd is determined to prove himself to Chris and Rachel.

But Boyd is unhappy when Rachel insists he attend a party she and Chris are hosting for the visiting Ministry of Health officials.

Boyd ridicules Chriss attempt to give him pointers on networking but Nicole encourages Boyd to learn from Chris.

However, Chris wont waste any more time on Boyd and urges him to prove himself at the party.

Boyd inadvertently ends up discrediting Shortland Street in front of Roy.

Nicole intervenes and saves Boyd from undermining the hospital.

Grateful to her, Boyd gives into his feelings and kisses her leading to shared passion.

However Boyd decides to do the gentlemanly thing and head home, leaving Nicole confused.


Thursday 14 th February (5175)

Nicole is reluctant to give Lana details about her night with Boyd and shuts out thoughts of romance so she can commit to her career.

Boyd and Nicole agree to keep things casual, but Nicole is unsettled when colleagues start noticing the spark between them.

Boyd is disappointed when Nicole calls their budding romance off.

Vinnie supports Nicoles choice and advises Boyd to respect Nicoles wishes.

Boyd reluctantly accepts that the timing doesnt seem right to start up anything with Nicole.

But when Boyd and Nicole see each other at The I.V, they cant keep their eyes off each other.

Vasa and Ula continue to clash at home and Vasa is disappointed that her attempts to improve the dynamic fail.

Nicole suggests Vasa play hard ball - if Ula wants to live as flatmates, Vasa should curb all her parental chores and insist that Ula fend for herself.

Vasa commits to living with Ula as a flatmate and hopes that her plan to push the limits of annoying flatmate behaviour will break Ulas resolve.

Ula proves resistant and Vasa hopes that it wont last long.

Vasas plan backfires when she accuses Ula of stealing her food, only to discover it was Vinnie.

Ula is vindicated and Vasas plans are thwarted.

Concerned that Kylie needs to grow up where money is concerned, Emma and Lana decide to talk to her.

However, Kylie is saddened to learn that her patient Mr. Crawley has died.

Kylie tries to support his widow, Rosa, who has decided she wants to sell her marital home quickly.

Kylie gets distracted helping Rosa set up a meeting with a property developer.

Emma and Lana continue their attempts to lecture Kylie, gaining a cursory assurance that shell be more serious about the future.

Meanwhile, Rosa sorts her affairs and makes a deal with the developer, but Kylie fears she may have been scammed.

When Vinnie points out that the deal Rosa is getting is a ripoff, Kylie is unsettled to realise she may have unintentionally set Rosa up for a fall.

Convinced Rosa was bullied into selling, Kylie wonders how she can right this wrong.

Later, Lana and Emma are floored when Kylie announces she has bought Rosas house on their behalf.


Friday 15 th February (5176)

Lana and Emma balk at Kylies revelation that shes made an offer on Rosas house.

Slipping into damage control they try to see if they can extricate themselves, but Kylie persists, selling the idea as a chance for them to have a proper home.

She pleads with them to at least look at the house before writing off the idea entirely.

The girls grudgingly agree and are surprised to discover that the house really is a bargain.

Beginning to realise that home ownership could actually be a possibility, the girls rally and Kylie feels like shes done the right thing for all of them.

Sarahs irritated when she catches Brooke pitching more initiative ideas to Rachel.

Feeling bad, Brooke tries to win Sarah around, but Sarah writes her off as self-serving and power hungry.

Later, Boyd looks to Sarah for support with a medical diagnosis.  Seeing an opportunity to refocus Brooke, Sarah delegates the diagnosis to her.

More interested in her work for Rachel, Brooke stalls Boyd.

Nicole affirms Brookes past diagnostic successes, but warns that shes not going to help unless theres benefit to her.

Boyd successfully flatters Brooke into compliance.

However, he soon realises Brookes getting nowhere, and appeals to Sarah to help him out, excluding Brooke by telling her to carry on independently.

Brooke feels sidelined and hurt.

Phoenix is surprised when Britney takes a genuine interest in him off the back of Evans party.

Daring to hope, Phoenix organises a date with Britney and Chris gives him the house for the day.

Things get off to a good start, but when Britney admits she liked the music Jared played at the party, Phoenixs confidence wanes.

However, when they bond over feeling neglected by their parents and Britney admits to struggling to keep up with the cool crowd, Phoenix takes hope.

Later at dinner with the family, Britney deliberately shifts Chriss focus to Phoenix by engaging Jared.

When Britney and Jared apparently connect, Phoenix thinks his crush is being sniped.

He accuses Britney of using him to get to Jared, and is thrown to realise hes wrong - Britney actually likes him.

Realising hes blown it, Phoenix is gutted.

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