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Shortland Street

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10-14 October 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Monday 10 October (6101)

Cam is alarmed when his ex-lover, Sofia, advises she's here on her husband, Andrei's, super-yacht, but that she still loves Cam. That's the last thing Cam wants now he's with Kylie and he's honest with Sofia, telling her he's moved on. He fears Sofia will make a scene, but instead she leaves, promising she'll be back. Instead of owning up to Kylie, Cam lies that Sofia is just a business connection, then works hard to shore up his relationship with Kylie. Sofia shows up at the PSC, apparently wanting plastic surgery from Drew, but keen to get closer to his nurse, Kylie.

Vinnie and Nicole make Bella regret being out of the loop with CEO business, but overhearing, Sass convinces her to that she can do more good by staying in triage. Sass enjoys the status of being Rajiv's PA, but a run-in with new doctor, Hawks, leaves Sass's clothes smeared with grime. Rajiv is not impressed with Sass's lack of grooming, and even less impressed when he over hears Sass complaining about his management shortcomings.

Dismayed by her disloyalty, Rajiv demotes Sass to Admissions Clerk, and reappoints Bella as his PA. Sass is humiliated, especially when Hawks doubts her temperament is pleasant enough for dealing with the public.

Meanwhile, Bella talks Boyd back into helping Vinnie's 8 year old relation Amosa by sneaking him in for surgery that his family in Samoa can't afford. It goes well but Bella accidentally tips Rajiv off. Rajiv doesn't suspend Boyd, but insists he will have to pay $30,000 in surgical costs. Knowing he's responsible, Vinnie steps up and insists he'll pay, even if he doesn't have the money.

After Finn asks Esther to move in with him, Esther is left wary about working an ED late shift with her broken arm. But Rajiv is determined to save money by having her do admin work while helping new locum Hawks get familiar with the hospital's procedures. Meanwhile Harper is worried about Rajiv's plan to leave ED without a consultant on late shifts. Later, with Hawks overwhelmed with an emergency resus, Esther is forced to tackle a
cardiac arrest. The patient dies and Esther blames her bad arm for her failure to save him. But Curtis blames Rajiv for failing to have a consultant to back Esther up. Arguing for Esther's professional honour, Curtis winds up quitting his job - and Esther fears he has done it out of misplaced love for her.


Tuesday 11 October (6102 )

When Kate hears about Rachel's wedding debacle, she's concerned for the fallout on Harry and Chris. She urges Blue to reach out to Harry, but Blue's wary, and when Harry rebuffs his overture, he gives up. But Kate reminds Blue of his own troubles when he needed a friend, Blue's inspired to try again. Not taking no for an answer, he sets himself up to provide company for Harry, whether he wants it or not.

Still distressed by the death of her patient, Esther is dismayed that Curtis quit his job for her. Lucy senses that Esther's feelings for Curtis have resurfaced, but Esther denies - she's with Finn. She tries to persuade Curtis to fight to get his job back, but he seems more interested in her worries for him - maybe his feelings for her are mutual? Rattled, Esther tries to remind herself where her heart really lies by throwing herself back into
romance with Finn. He again brings up the possibility of her moving into the Warner House with him, and even goes so far as to declare his love.

Cornered, Esther assures Finn she loves him too, but deep down she harbours secret doubts. Drew gets an odd vibe from Sofia at their consult when she asks about extensive plastic surgery work. He queries with Cam, who sticks to his lie that he doesn’t know her. When Cam insists he won't be dumping Kylie for her, Sofia demands all the money he stole from her husband. Cam doesn't have the full amount and Sofia gives him a deadline - or she'll tell Kylie everything...

Cam scrambles to find the money, but with nothing spare in The IV budget, he's forced to turn to Drew. He admits all to Drew, who's disgusted that Cam broke Sofia's heart with empty promises of love - has he done the same to Kylie? Drew relents and agrees to stump up the amount Cam is short, but insists Cam come clean to Kylie. Cam arranges to deliver the money to Sofia on the superyacht. When he arrives, he's shocked to learn that Sofia is
in cahoots with her violent husband, Andrei, and that they don't really want the money, they want Drew - but why?


Wednesday 12 October (6103)

Lucy urges Esther to be honest about her feelings for Curtis, and break up with Finn. Life and work conspire against her, however, and Esther's unable to tell Finn how she feels. When Esther is stand-offish in ED, Curtis is bemused. Lucy overcompensates, nearly telling Curtis that Esther is still into
him. They manage to put Curtis off. Later, Sass lets slip that Esther doesn't want to move in with Finn.

Chris is a depressed mess, waiting for Rachel to text him back - he misses her and everyone can tell. Harry starts to cheer up having Blue's company in the house. Chris can see the good influence Blue is on Harry - as does Sass and Finn. Pushing their luck, Sass and Finn try to encourage Chris back to work talk - but Chris shoots them down quickly. Next day, Finn needs Chris's help when Drew doesn't show up for theatre, but he is reluctant to push Chris again. However, Kate goes round to find Blue and Harry fending for themselves, and Chris sleeping on the couch. She gives him a tough love talk, urging him to step up and help his son in theatre.

Sass finds herself deeply annoyed by the new locum, Hawks - but is teased that she keeps bringing up his name. When Hawks suggests that Sass seems to have a crush on her brother, she is outraged, so Hawks challenges her to go on a date with him. Sass refuses - but it's clear he's getting under her skin. 

When Drew reluctantly prepares to head to the superyacht at Cam's insistence, Kylie realises something's wrong and insists she go too. To his and Cam's shock Kylie's dragged onto the yacht by one of Andrei's heavies. Drew is told he's been brought to the boat to perform plastic surgery on Andrei to enable him to elude recognition by the police. Drew protests, but Sofia soon makes him see he has no choice. To avoid being separated from Drew,
Kylie insists that she be his nurse, hoping that will keep her safe, and the operation begins amidst great tension. When Andrei's surgery begins to go badly, Drew tries to convince Sofia to take advantage of him being anaesthetised, and escape. She considers but one of the heavies informs them of Andrei's insurance plan - if they don't follow through, all of them will be killed.


Thursday 13 October (6104)

Harper fears for Drew and Kylie, who have disappeared overnight. She's worried, but Sass thinks it may be desire, not danger, that is keeping them away from home. On the superyacht, Kylie, Drew and the team manage to stabilise Andrei and the surgery continues. But Sofia won't release them until Andrei wakes up. Though it's a tense wait, he comes round and the three captives are finally released with a warning not to tell anyone what's happened. Cam tries to comfort Kylie as they leave, but she flicks him away. Hoping to slip into The IV unseen, Cam is confronted by Vinnie and Nicole, who accuse him of partying - and he goes along with it. Harper's relieved Drew and Kylie are safe, but their secretiveness and Drew's obvious excuses fuel her suspicions - she demands Drew tell her the truth. When he can't, they're left at odds.

Hawks is thrilled to meet Chris - the famous surgeon who operated on Hawks' brother many years ago. This further heightens his interest in Sass - so she's the daughter of the famous Chris Warner? Unnerved that Hawks knows more about her than she does about him, Sass gets Googling. But she is perturbed to find no mention anywhere on the Internet of Hawks - what is the man hiding?

Lucy and Ali are due to visit Aziz and Naila, and although she's unwell, Lucy puts on a brave face to support the family. She gets her appetite back, which relieves Ali. But unknown to him, Lucy thinks she might be pregnant. Finn tries to connect with Chris by praising his efforts in surgery. He hopes this means Chris will return to work fulltime. But Chris is not interested. Chris is still struggling emotionally post Rachel. Meanwhile, Sass sees Curtis and Esther having a close moment, and tells Finn, but he angrily refuses to believe her, given her past meddling.

Curtis learns from Sass that Esther intends breaking up with Finn. Under pressure, Esther can't bring herself to admit this and blasts Curtis is front of Finn. She angsts to Lucy, who encourages Esther to follow her heart and end things. Esther goes to tell Finn things are over, but seeing how kind he is, she still can't bring herself to hurt him. Instead she tells Finn she won't move in with him, but promises him they're still together. But Curtis can see that Esther is kidding herself. He kisses her, and she kisses back. Curtis is now sure he'll get his girl...


Friday 14 October (6105)

Bella picks up on Lucy's various symptoms and wonders if she might be pregnant. Lucy sounds Ali out on the topic of making babies but he wants to wait until they're set up in their own house. Lucy's disappointed about how long that might take. Though her pregnancy test comes back negative, Bella reminds her that the test could be wrong and that mother nature has her own timetable, increasing Lucy's yearnings. Curtis catches Bella with
some baby gear for Lucy and leaps to all the right assumptions.

Bella swears him to secrecy, but he assumes Lucy is actually pregnant and Ali knows. When Ali finds out his father has died, Curtis comforts him with the reminder that he has a baby on the way. Ali is thrown by the unexpected news...

Sass is intrigued by Curtis's proprietorial manner with Esther, and accuses Esther of two-timing Finn. However Esther assures Sass Curtis is history. But after their kiss, Curtis is sick and tired of Esther's dishonest games - she's not the girl he thought she was. Meanwhile, Sass's interest in Hawks leads her to snoop further. Hawks is amused by her interest in him, and correctly assumes she is attracted to him. But when Sass digs into his
past, discovering deaths in his family, Hawks is offended.

Cam is surprised when Sofia shows up. Her husband has a new face and no longer needs his old wife - her. She and Cam are now free to run away with the money Andrei has given her. But Cam stays true to his heart, and farewells Sofia - he loves only Kylie . But Cam is gutted when Kylie dumps him, asserting that she can no longer trust him after the Sofia debacle - it's the fact he hid it from her at first that hurts her the most. Feeling low and
unloved, Cam turns to an old comfort - drugs.

Drew can't give Harper the full story about where he was, for everyone's sake, but reiterates she needs to trust him. Harper tries to do so, but she's rattled by Kylie's evasiveness about what occurred. She's further troubled when she learns Kylie intends leaving town, and when Kylie only tells her a partial truth - that she and Cam broke up and she can't face him - Harper begins to get a horrible suspicion about Kylie and Drew. When Kylie decides she needs to get away, Harper sees Drew and Kylie in what seems to be a loving embrace. Harper is shattered - and fears Drew really is cheating.