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10 - 14 March 2014

Nicole's love triangle with Vinnie and Harper on Shortland Street

Brooke is feeling neglected by Boyd on Shortland Street

TK, Sarah and Tillie on Shortland Street

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Monday 10th March (5443)

After bailing Nate out and offering him a place to stay, Kylie fears that, despite breaking up, she and Nate are more entangled than ever.

Kylie challenges Nate to be honest with people about his personal troubles, but Nate can’t see how showing vulnerability can work to his advantage.

Nevertheless, when he follows Kylie’s advice with Harper, he’s amazed to find it pays dividends, including a pay advance.

Reminded afresh what an asset Kylie is, Nate vows to win her back.

Emma challenges Kylie to prove she’s determined to move on from Nate, so Kylie agrees to a double date.

Nate makes his play for Kylie at the eleventh hour, but Kylie stays true to herself and continues on the date, proud she’s finally put Nate behind her.

When Boyd’s tablet can’t be salvaged, Boyd vents that Brooke’s petty jealousy has cost him days of lost work.

Brooke tries to make things up to him by being playful, but Boyd asks to be left in peace.

Later, Brooke has a burning idea for the drill, and interrupts Boyd’s phonecall to tell him.

Boyd dismisses the idea as foolish.

But later, Brooke’s idea proves to be the vital breakthrough that makes his project viable.

Boyd thinks he came up with the solution, and Brooke selflessly plays along.

But later, a grateful Boyd credits Brooke with his success.

Brooke’s delighted her selflessness has reconciled her marriage.

Harper’s disappointed when the unexpected arrival of Nicole’s family stalls her hopes of being more than a friend to Nicole.

Her malaise deepens to a pang of loneliness when she’s faced with TK’s enthusiasm for his reunion with Sarah.

But when Nicole escapes from her family woes by inviting Harper round, Harper takes hope Nicole returns her feelings.

Checking the way is clear, Harper fishes about Vinnie.

A guilty Nicole keeps her and Vinnie’s declaration of love a secret - and kisses a delighted Harper.

Concerned Nicole is straying, Leanne drops overt hints about Nicole and Vinnie’s relationship.

Panged by conscience, Nicole confesses to Harper she’s still in love with Vinnie.

Tuesday 11th March (5444)

Nicole rails against her mother for forcing an end to her and Harper’s relationship, but buries her animosity to find a care facility for Eric.

Nicole finds somewhere good that will take Eric, but is perturbed at Leanne’s disinterest.

Harper tries to distract herself from her broken heart by involving herself in TK’s life again.

But with Sarah returning, Harper thinks her presence may complicate things so offers to move out.

Nicole frets about having Eric committed and raises her fears with her mother.

But Leanne mistakes her concerns for selfishness and accuses Nicole of saddling Eric back with her at a time she’s looking to get her life back.

Feeling unsupported, Nicole’s grateful to find support in Harper.

But Harper doesn’t feel she can support Nicole and keep her feelings for her in check, and insists it’s all or nothing.

But with the family difficulties Nicole’s juggling, she just can’t make the commitment.

Evan’s concerned when Dayna and Murray are at odds over how to make the bar busier.

Dayna interests Evan in a plan for a party to generate new business and he insists on running the idea past Murray.

But Evan’s frustrated when Murray’s conservatism puts paid to that.

He makes Murray have a night off so Dayna can try out her idea behind Murray’s back.

Brooke supports Boyd as he prepares to take his invention to the hospital for help developing it further.

Meanwhile Nate’s desperate to avoid crashing at Kylie’s flat now she’s dating.

When Boyd brings in his idea, Nate gets excited and sees its potential to make millions if it works and the hospital can market it.

Boyd declares he wants the drill available for everyone and isn’t interested in money.

Nate finds out that Boyd’s invention is unique with big money potential and tries to persuade Brooke to make Boyd see reason.

But Boyd is not changing his mind.

Nate seems to accept this but makes a mystery overseas call.

Later Boyd is gutted when he hears from Nate that someone in Germany had already come up with Boyd’s invention - but it didn’t work and was never mass produced.

Meanwhile Nate moves out of Kylie’s flat, hinting that his luck is about to change considerably for the better.

But at whose cost?


Wednesday 12th March (5445)

In the wake of Boyd realising his invention has already been invented, Brooke tries to console, but gets suspicious Nate faked his “proof”.

She digs for information with Kylie, and is convinced he’s stealing the patent for himself.

Brooke takes her concerns to Boyd, but learns a dejected Boyd has talked to the inventor and dismisses her suspicions.

Determined to make Boyd happy once more, Brooke confronts Nate.

Cornered, Nate bluffs an excuse but Brooke sees through him and Nate’s forced to agree to a frank chat when she out-maneuvers him.

TK’s relieved when Harper clears the way for him to reconcile with his family by himself.

He’s overjoyed when Sarah arrives home with Tillie, as is Sarah.

But it’s tempered by the knowledge she may have to leave to resume the drug trial in the US at any time.

TK is insistent they can’t let that hamper their relationship and they have a romantic reunion.

But he can’t push aside the truth of what happened while Sarah was away and tells her the truth about his attraction to Harper.

Angry, Sarah confronts Harper who speaks up on TK’s behalf and assures Sarah she regrets it and it’s in the past.

Realising she put TK in a tough position at the time by refusing contact, Sarah finds it in her to forgive them - and respects TK’s honesty.

Now he’s swept all issues aside, they reunite with full hearts, looking forward to a future together.

Evan worries that Dayna’s grandiose ideas for their secret I.V party will lead to failure, but she soon proves herself.

They’re hopeful they can turn it into an ongoing profitable venture and then they can tell Murray about it in the hope it’ll help his business.

It goes well, but Evan’s shocked when Murray walks in near the end of the party.

Standing up for Dayna and their ideas, Evan manages to convince Murray the party was a success, and talks Dayna up as responsible and mature.

But when he finds her, he discovers she’s clocked off the job and indulged in partying - so much so that she fears a bi-polar relapse.

With Murray approaching, Evan’s torn about what to do...


Thursday 13th March (5446)


Nate lies to Brooke that he’s filing the patent application in Boyd’s name, claiming he’s protecting Boyd from business sharks and from the hospital.

Thinking it’s the right thing for Boyd, Brooke keeps it secret from him while she helps Nate put the application together.

She intends to surprise Boyd when it’s done, but when Brooke leaves, Nate reveals that it’s his name on the patent application, not Boyd’s.

He’s intending to claim the invention as his own.

Happy to be back, Sarah resolves to be a happy home-maker, but she can’t resist being interested in a case that has baffled Harper.

Sarah suggests a possible diagnosis and is gratified when TK later confirms that she was right.

Recognising her need to work, TK offers her shifts in ED and Sarah accepts, in spite of feeling a little guilty about cutting into family time.

Dallas is frustrated when he misses out on time with Bella who is busy pandering to Eric.

Dallas thinks Eric is being lazy but his tough approach gets him offside with Bella who thinks he’s being too harsh.

Dallas gets a job opportunity for Eric which gets him a win with Bella, but it backfires when Bella gives up a rugby excursion with Dallas so Eric can meet his prospective boss.

Evan keeps Dayna’s drug-taking from Murray and tries to get her help without getting her in trouble with the Coopers.

He’s forced to come clean to Murray when he has to take Dayna to be treated in hospital.

Murray is disappointed in Dayna and wonders if the Cooper home is the right place for her and Kane.

When Evan pleads Dayna’s case, Murray accepts he has a duty to Dayna and lets her stay, but insists there must be no more secrets.

Murray then takes a call informing him of an unexpected and large inheritance Dayna will get from her mother.

Murray worries to Evan that the financial responsibility will be too much for Dayna in her current fragile state, but Evan disagrees.

When Dayna walks in, Evan reminds Murray about his “no secrets” house-rule.

He challenges him to tell Dayna the truth or be a hypocrite.

Friday 14th March (5447)

Wanting to tell Dayna about her inheritance, Evan resolves to prove to Murray she’s stable enough to handle it.

He encourages Dayna to focus on her ideas for developing the bar, on the back of her profitable party the night before.

As Dayna refocuses on her business ideas for The I.V, Evan is hopeful she is displaying evidence of stability.

He tries to persuade Murray that Dayna is thinking clearly, but when Dayna finds them talking about her, she gets paranoid and admits she can’t cope without Murray’s counsel and support.

Dallas’s tough-love approach results in securing a job trial for Eric, but when Eric loses confidence, Dallas is brusque with him.

Dallas’s refusal to apologise leads to a stand-off with Bella.

Dallas gains the moral high-ground with Bella at work, which only drives them further apart.

But Eric reports a successful job trial and thanks both Bella and Dallas for their help.

They decide to put their disagreement aside, aware that their differences are what makes them such a perfect match.

No longer with Nate, Kylie is pleased when she persuades Emma and Nicole to have a girls’ night out.

Talk turns to men and when Kylie insists she can live without a man in her a life, Emma challenges her to prove it.

When Nate starts phoning and texting Kylie at the same time Brooke is on his trail, Nicole points out that Nate may be in trouble.

Kylie is tempted to go to the rescue, but forces herself to decline his calls.

Brooke is pleased when, off Nicole’s endorsement, Boyd agrees to reconsider patenting his orthopaedic drill guide invention.

Nate calms Brooke’s suspicions when Roland Kullich makes an unexpected call to Boyd, but behind Brooke’s back, Nate steals all Boyd’s notes and hardware so he can claim the invention as his own.

When Boyd finds he’s been robbed, Brooke starts to suspect Nate has cheated her.

Brooke’s fears increase when Nate avoids her.

Intercepting his outgoing courier package, Brooke is determined to thwart Nate’s plan to steal Boyd’s patent.

She’s horrified to find that her intervention has come too late and she’s effectively helped Nate steal Boyd’s work.

Brooke comes clean and fears Boyd will never forgive her for her role in his demise.