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1 - 5 September 2014

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street

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Monday 1 September (5577)

Ula's excited when Jared wants to reconnect with her romantically.

She considers committing to him, only to learn he's being deployed to Afghanistan.

Ula's torn but realises it's more than Jared's deployment that's bothering her - it's also her lingering feelings for Garrett.

Ula decides to be honest and admits to Jared that she's still getting over someone else.

Jared's supportive response underscores to Ula that he could be the one for her.

But Jared's left wondering who broke her heart.

Kane is buoyed by his new friendship with Jack but his mood turns sour when he learns Dayna arranged the training session and has been managing him.

He angrily confronts his sister only to be reminded by Evan that he's lucky to have Dayna and friends who are willing to pick him up when he's down.

Kane realises Evan's right when Jack chooses to stay and support him rather than go on the rugby training camp.

Determined to redeem himself for his involvement with Ava and Sarah's tragic death, Boyd tries to help George find interim care after his surgery.

But Brooke refuses to approve George as a candidate for McKenna House, adamant she won't bend the rules for Boyd.

Boyd resolves to shelve his plans to pursue training in the Fred Hollows Foundation, well aware Brooke will never give her approval.

This disappoints Garrett who determines to help Boyd pursue this new avenue for redemption.

Nicole is concerned when Nev asks Leanne to move in with him.

She fears Nev is keeping secrets which may hurt her mum and gets Vinnie to do some digging.

Vinnie discovers Nev is hiding something - three previous marriages.

Nicole informs Leanne who insists Nev be completely honest with her about why his marriages failed.

Nev wins Leanne over, painting himself as the wronged party in every case.

Nicole has reservations about this overly pretty picture he's painted, but is horrified when her objections back Leanne into a corner, to the point that she announces she's moving in with Nev after all.

Nicole feels powerless to stop her mother from making a terrible mistake.


Tuesday 2nd August (5578 )

Glad that Nicole genuinely only wants her to be happy, Leanne looks forward to moving in with Nev.

And, when she's rattled by the realities of living in a bachelor pad, Leanne's happy when Nev charges her with putting her stamp on the place.

She forges ahead and Nev approves - which makes Leanne confident she's made the right decision.

But when she finds a letter proving Nev's been untruthful about his first ex wife and child, Leanne worries that's not all he's been lying about...

Ula's challenged by Jared to recognise her relationship with Garrett was more mind-games than a genuine connection, and Ula feels more confident moving on from it.

Vinnie suggests she stop over-thinking the potential negatives of a romance with Jared and instead live in the moment.

Ula decides to, ostensibly promising Jared she's entirely his.

But when Ula sees Garrett, she's confronted to realise her feelings for him are in fact very real.

Boyd apologises for putting Brooke in an awkward position, and despite them both pretending they're content moving on, they're actually very lonely.

Boyd's challenged to testify against Ava in her upcoming trial and despite knowing it's the right thing to do, he still feels torn.

He turns his energies into doing good by allowing Garrett to doctor above his skill level, and when this makes him feel better, makes an inadvertent promise to George that he'll try to help George’s brother through the a charity foundation that will train Boyd to do so in Suva.

But Brooke's found out Boyd's taking liberties once more and publicly bawls him out - and denies him leave to go to Suva to train.

Boyd tries a humble, personal appeal which privately affects a hurt Brooke, but she won't capitulate.

It's not till Brooke learns Boyd is testifying against Ava that she truly realises the lengths he's going to to right his wrongs.

She compromises with Boyd, suggesting a shorter stint in Suva.

In doing so, she acknowledges he's managing to make amends with her.

Boyd's happy - both by the granted leave and that Brooke's warming to him.

But the empathy she feels for Boyd scares Brooke - she's drawing closer again, to the man who hurt her so badly.


Wednesday 3rd September (5579)

Though Brooke and Boyd's relationship has thawed, Brooke still resists forgiving him.

But when Boyd's place in his Fiji course is threatened, Brooke pulls strings to make sure he gets on.

She understands it's his attempt at redemption, and she genuinely wants to help.

The two work together closer than necessary to cover his leave, and when Boyd arrives at her house to drop off paperwork, Brooke wants him to stay.

Resisting this too, she redefines the boundaries of their friendship.

Boyd accepts this, but both he and Brooke are left wanting more.

Lucy's transferred to ED to cover a nursing shortage.

Having heard Garrett's bad opinion of her, Harper hopes she won't cause problems.

Bella advocates for Harper to give Lucy a fair go and despite an initial wobble, Lucy proves capable when she babysits a child of a patient.

Lucy learns the child is being neglected and reacts badly when the child's mother refuses social worker intervention.

Lucy tries to get a busy Harper to help, but Harper doesn't understand the importance and Lucy becomes distraught.

A concerned Bella councils Lucy to explain why she overreacted to Harper and herself, but Lucy can't - the truth that she too was a neglected child being too painful.

Harper's left wondering whether to give Lucy another chance in ED.

Garrett tries to convince Ula that a long-distance relationship with Jared will end up breaking her heart, and Ula privately sees Garrett may be right.

She makes it clear to Jared that they're friends.

But when Jared proves just how trustworthy he is, Ula's affection for him grows, as he provides a safe option compared to Garrett.

Envious of this, Garrett challenges Ula to see she's more attracted to him than she is to Jared.

Ula feels a flicker of attraction for Garrett and is disgusted - in both him and herself.

She rebuffs Garrett and in her eagerness to commit to Jared, lies that she feels nothing for Garrett anymore.

Ula pushes aside her doubts, hoping she can will it to be the truth.


Thursday 4th August (5580)

Ula's heartened to see Jared fit so well into her life and, when she encounters Garrett, she's reassured he's no longer able to get under her skin.

But Ula's newfound happiness is threatened when she's reminded Jared will be sent on his overseas deployment in a week.

Brooke hides a pang of regret when she bids Boyd farewell.

Chris is due to return and Brooke's daunted by the prospect of her empty future.

However, inspired by Boyd's new drive, and with Chris's encouragement, she resolves to throw her focus into raising funds for Sarah's research trust fund.

Leanne resolves to demand Nev tell her the truth about his past marriage.

When she does so, Leanne's realises Nev's lying to her on many levels.

Looking to Nicole for advice, Leanne's challenged to find the truth - from the source, his ex Nancy, this time.

Lucy's relieved when Harper and Nicole give her another chance in ED.

But she realises she needs to put her personal issues with Rachel aside in order to succeed.

However, Lucy is challenged by a tragic MVA involving a family, which echoes her own past troubles with her parents.

Determined to stay in control, Lucy is calm and collected, impressing Harper who invites her out with staff.

Lucy finally feels like part of the team - until Rachel arrives and is embraced with love and support by the others.

Believing Rachel is undeserving of this affection, Lucy's temper boils over and she confronts Rachel for tearing her family apart and ruining her life in the process.

Rachel returns from recuperating at the bach, determined to put the past behind her and move forward.

She's apprehensive about seeing her peers but is reassured when she receives a warm welcome.

However, she's shocked when Lucy accuses her of having an affair with her father.


Friday 5th August (5581)

Rachel realises Lucy could be telling the truth about her affair as it may have happened during an alcoholic blackout.

She's rattled.

Chris steps in to protect Rachel from Lucy's accusations.

But when the gossip starts, Rachel realises the only way she can stop it is to confront Lucy.

She does so but ends up empathising with her plight.

When Chris discovers this he pushes Lucy into admitting she'd like money - but only for her Dad, who's a broken man after the affair.

Upset she's misjudged Lucy, Rachel tells her to get out.

Brooke's downcast when she can't find donors for Sarah's trust.

Bella helps her link up with a pharmaceutical company and she's deeply grateful.

When she can't spend Jared's last day with him before his army unit is deployed to Afghanistan, Ula promises a romantic date after work.

But on a call out, Ula's dying patient needs her to say a final goodbye to his wife and she does - despite knowing she may miss her date with Jared.

When Leanne realises Nev's lied to her, she confronts him, with Nicole's support.

Nev's explanation about how he failed his first wife Nancy and his child is hurtful for Leanne to hear, but Nicole's surprised to find she actually feels for him.

She convinces Leanne to hear him out, but Leanne still breaks up with him.

Nicole's left wondering if her mother's made the wrong choice - Nev's a good guy at heart.

She tries to convince Nev to reconnect with his family to demonstrate to Leanne that he's worth her.

Nev does so, which encourages Leanne to invite him to dinner, hopeful they can get back together.

But Nev gets a surprise phone call from Nancy, who wants to reunite.

Although she understands, Leanne's gutted when Nev chooses Nancy over her and Nicole realises she's only set her mother up for heartbreak.