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Shortland Street

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1 - 5 August 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 1 August (6045 & 6046)

Lucy says yes to Ali's proposal

But when they tell Naila, she's not pleases. Ali and Lucy fear she won't support them.

Ali promises Naila she can meet Lucy's family, to put aside her concerns about Lucy's heritage.

Lucy protests that she can't just produce her parents that easily. Her mother's overseas and her father's been unwell.

Rachel offers to step in and host a dinner instead, but Naila declines. She'd prefer to wait until she can meet Lucy's real family.

The family dinner becomes an engagement party instead, with enthusiastic support from all.

The excitement is undercut when Naila calls. Lucy fears she's going to condemn their relationship.

But Ali and Lucy are thrilled when Naila offers them an engagement present. It's a token of her acceptance of their love.


Esther still feels a little unsure about where things stand with Finn.

She's inspired by Lucy to dress up for the engagement party. She splashes out on an expensive dress, intending to return it the following day.


TK, Boyd and Harper are alarmed to learn that the virus can be asymptomatic, and carried by people unawares.

They inform staff that they will need to be tested, and try to quell the rising panic.

Kate's shocked to learn that she's a carrier, and worries about who she's been in close contact with lately.


Blue's pleased to be offered an extra shift by Cam. But he's mortified when Kate insists that he has to go back to school instead.

He's determined to spend more time with Cam and Jack.

He agrees to be a waiter at the engagement party, despite just receiving his first testosterone injection, and promising Kate he'll have a quiet night.

Later on, Blue starts to get a fever. He downplays his illness in order to continue serving all the guests at the party.

He's unaware that he could have the mystery illness. And may be passing it on to the attendees.


Knowing she's a carrier of the deadly virus, Kate is worried about who she might have infected.

TK, Harper and Boyd try to tell themselves the situation is under control.

They're unaware that an increasingly unwell Blue is serving snacks at the engagement party.

Vinnie and Nicole fear they're at risk after exposure to Kate.

They ask Leanne to check on Pele and go into quarantine at home with him and Blue.

However, Leanne reports that Blue is at the party, looking decidedly unwell as he mingles with everyone.


Lucy's thrown when her father arrives at the engagement party out of the blue.

Rachel doesn't recognise him. She was drunk when they hooked up, years ago, and it's very awkward.

However, she rises above her embarrassment to invite Glen to stay.

Needing to clear the air, she tells him she doesn't remember their last meeting, but has long-since moved on. Glen agrees he has too.

But when Glen reveals that he remembers every detail of their liaison, Rachel's left unsettled.


Esther's pleased when her new dress makes a good impression on Finn at the party.

However, she's terrified of spoiling, knowing she has to to return it. This makes her tense and snappy.

Hurt when Finn cheerily rejects them being a serious couple, she drinks a bit too much.

When Finn calls her on it, they argue. She ends up spilling wine on herself.

Dismayed, she has a go at him for his lack of consideration.

She goes, taken home by Curtis, leaving Finn bemused.

Chris urges him to reconsider his feelings, endorsing the benefits of a relationship, no matter how challenging.


Meanwhile, Esther's being counselled by Curtis.

He wants her to reconsider her feelings, since Finn doesn't seem to make her happy. She's touched by his insight.

Keen to gain more of Chris's approval, Finn arrives to apologise.

Seeing her in a robe, with Curtis there, he gets the wrong idea. Curtis leaps to Esther's defence.

She has to interrupt them to report there’s a chance that Blue has the virus.

The three of them have to go into quarantine, as of now.


Tuesday 2 August (6047 )

Curtis suggests Finn quarantines himself at the Warners' place.

But Finn, having come to Esther's specifically to reconcile with her, refuses. This gives Esther hope.

However, when Curtis reveals that Esther kissed him recently, it’s Finn's turn to be annoyed.

Esther defends that Finn drove her to it, since he was one who insisted their relationship was casual.

Despite this, she admits she does want a bigger commitment from him.

She leaves Finn to sleep on the couch and reexamine his feelings for her.

Curtis teases Finn about being in the dog box, but this only galvanizes Finn.

He takes the plunge and commits to Esther, which she gladly accepts.

Curtis is left out in the cold once again.


Leanne picks up on tension between Rachel and Glen, and begins to suspect their history.

She asks Lucy, who downplays it.

When Ali joins the conversation, Rachel realises she is being talked about.

She clears the air by explaining to everyone that she and Glen had a brief affair, which resulted in the break up of his marriage. It was during her alcoholic days and, to her embarrassment, she remembers none of it.

Glen fears he has embarrassed Rachel, but Chris smooths over it. Rising above his own unease, he agrees to let Glen stay.

Ali makes an effort to remind everyone of the importance of family.

Lucy is touched by her fiancé’s big heart.

Everyone is reminded they are here to celebrate Ali and Lucy's future together, not to dredge up the past.


Blue is admitted to hospital, but refuses to accept that he may have contracted the virus.

His sole focus is continuing his testosterone treatments, and he hopes this won't interfere.

Kate fears for the worst but is forced to wait until Blue's test results come in.

Blue is diagnosed as positive for the deadly virus, leaving him shocked and Kate worried.


Wednesday 3 August (6048)

When it's confirmed that she did infect Blue, a stressed-out Kate challenges TK to find a cure.

Meanwhile, Blue struggles to make peace with his possible fate. He knows that if he dies, he won't have achieved his greatest wish, by becoming who he truly is.

Kate is troubled by this, aware she was the one who stood in Blue’s way in the past.

TK is feeling stressed because of his lack of progress with the virus patients. Harper counsels him to look after himself.

Later, Kate’s stress gets to her and she breaks down with Mo. He feels deeply for her.


Bella returns from Fiji singing the praises of Phyllovite, a new multivitamin she's discovered.

She tries to get Boyd to take them, but he thinks they're only working for Bella because she believes in them so much.

Bella accuses him of being condescending. Keen to avoid a row, Boyd agrees to take a capsule.

When Bella tells Mo that Boyd's taking the vitamins, he's frustrated. She's making it sound like he endorses Phyllovite when he actually considers them useless.


With the I.V possibly having to close for the evening, Drew offers to step in as head chef.

Cam's not keen at first. But Kylie offers to keep Cam on the phone to talk Drew through the dishes, so he reluctantly agrees.

As the pressure builds, Kylie has to act as a buffer between the brothers.

When a group of online reviewers arrive for dinner, the stress levels rise. 

The group have a wide following and are known for their scathing reviews. Drew burns their mains, and he and Kylie panic about what to do.

Drew comes up with a plan and. Taking the meals to the table himself, he wows the diners with a complicated, fabricated explanation of the exotic dish.

Cam's given the all-clear and makes it into the I.V, but he's too late to help out.

Cam and Kylie are amused when the online reviewers give the I.V a glowing review.

Having built a close rapport with Kylie, Cam surprises her by revealing he has completely fallen for her.


Thursday 4 August (6049)

Kylie doesn't take Cam's declaration of his feelings seriously. But he insists he means every word.

He gives her time to think it over, and makes it clear he's not pressuring her.

After a push from Lucy, Kylie starts tentatively flirting with Cam. 

But she spots TK and is reminded of their break-up. She decides she’s not ready.

Her and Cam relax back into their easy friendship, and grow closer than ever.

Drew's a bit put out by Kylie’s decision not to return to the PSC yet.

Noticing how comfortable Kylie is living and working with Cam, Drew starts to feel left out. He doesn't like one bit.


Lucy's excited when she and Glen bond, helping them to overcome their past problems.

When he reveals he's intending to stay in Ferndale, she's thrown at first. But she starts to come around to the idea, seeing it as a way for them to reconnect.

The news doesn’t go down so well with Chris.

In spite of Rachel's assurances that Glen has nothing to do with her, Chris isn't sure he wants his wife's old lover sticking around.


Leanne is enthusiastic about Bella's new multivitamins. 

Bella starts to realise there might be a market for it in Ferndale.

She learns the distribution licence is up for grabs and buys it, despite Boyd's reservations about the product.

She and Leanne get very excited about the business.

They accidentally get boxes of the multivitamin delivered to the hospital. To their horror, this happens right in front of Rachel, who's just finished warning them of the need to be focused, given the virus crisis.

Leanne and Bella are left with a lot of explaining to do.


Friday 5 August (6050)

TK's frustrated at not being able to help Trina and Blue.

He puts pressure on Harper to lobby the MoH for money, so they can do testing in the community.

Harper has no updates on this front, and has to remind TK that he's also needed in ED.

Blue shows no sign of improvement.

When TK gets word about a change in Trina's state, he fears the worst. However, the news is positive.

Against the odds, Trina's condition is improving. It seems her body's found a way to fight it off.

This gives TK a sliver of hope for Blue.


Boyd is annoyed to have his exam room become temporary storage. 

Bella's and Leanne need somewhere to put the multivitamins, after they were told by Rachel to remove them.

Boyd assumes they'll return the goods. But Leanne thinks they can off-load them to the hospital pharmacy.

When this falls through, Bella is dismayed to think they will have to let their business idea go.

However, when they get Mo as a customer, Bella takes hope the business can continue.

Boyd's not happy to be involved in their plans, especially when he's forced to act as shopkeeper.

Leanne can't be stopped. She persuades Cam to include the pills as a supplement at the juice bar.

While Boyd's still unhappy, Bella feels vindicated.


Rachel and Chris join Lucy and Ali for lunch at Glen's apartment.

They celebrate his plan to stay in Ferndale.

Lucy's glad he's staying to try and improve his relationship with her. She's also proud when he makes a good impression, declaring his intent to donate to charities.

This interests Rachel. She is being pressured by Harper to find funds to screen the community for the deadly virus.

Rachel alerts Harper, who is delighted when Glen pledges his financial support. Lucy is touched by her father's generosity.

She feels a pang of concern when she notices Glen flirting with Harper. She call him out on this, but Glen laughs it off and Lucy is reassured.

However, when the others have gone, Glen fixates on a photograph he took during lunch. He crops the image so it just displays him and Rachel. She's the the true subject of his developing obsession.