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Up close with Robbie

Well known kiwi actor Robbie Magasiva is about to join the cast of Shortland Street playing new doctor, Maxwell Avia. He makes his appearance mid-June.

We spoke to him about becoming part of the Shorty Street family.

How did you get your role on Shortland Street?

I got the role after auditioning for the part.

How long have you been acting and how did you get your first big break?

I've been acting for about 18 years. My first big break was the comedy show Skitz in the 1990s.

Which other character would you like to be and why?

An orderly - they don't have to learn big words of the medical variety!

What are your hobbies/interests outside of Shortland Street?

Touch rugby, anything sporty, and hanging out with friends.

What do you do in your down time during the day when you're not shooting?
Sleep, learn lines and go to the gym.

What is your favourite destination in NZ and overseas?

NZ - Milford Sounds

Overseas - Bali, Thailand and Samoa

Are you single or attached?


How many brothers and sisters do you have and are they older or younger?

 I have five siblings, all younger!

What is your date of birth and what star sign are you?

21/05/1972 - Taurus/Gemini depending on which horoscope you read.

Do you have any pets?

A dog named Leo.

Who is the actor or actress that you look up to or admire the most?

I have lots - including Kiwi actors like Ian Mune and Elizabeth Hawthorne, who have worked in the business here for a long time.

What is the thing you enjoy most about going to work everyday?

Getting to act everyday and being paid for it!

What is your favourite food?

Roast pork and Mum's chicken curry.

What is your favourite television programme and/or film of all time?

I watch Two and a Half Men for a laugh and will keep watching Tagata Pasifika. I also watch every Warriors game.

What's the best experience you've had with a fan/fans?

Kids thinking I'm in the "Lift Plus" ads (I'm not - but my brothers are).

What was your first day on Shortland Street like?

Absolutely nerve racking!