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Shortland Street


Newly independent Sophie McKay (Kimberley Crossman) finds herself in deep water on Shortland Street , when things don't go exactly to plan.

When Sophie decides to have some drinks at  the IV bar with her friend Lucy (Chloe Lewer), the last place she expects to end her night is at Shortland Street hospital.

Frustrated that Kieran (Adam Rickitt) chooses a boys' night over spending time with her, Sophie enacts her revenge by setting up camp at his bar after-hours.

With her pal Lucy in tow, the girls take it upon themselves to sample the array of alcohol on offer.

"The evening gets off to a fun start, as Sophie and Lucy mix up some fun cocktails and enjoy girl-talk," says Crossman. "But as the night wears on, Sophie becomes a bit concerned at how intoxicated Lucy seems."

When Sophie turns her back for one moment, she is shocked to realise that Lucy has collapsed with alcoholic poisoning. Despite her best efforts, Sophie is unable to rouse Lucy and is left with little choice.

"Sophie is really reluctant to take Lucy to hospital for fear of being sprung by people she knows," says Crossman. "Knowing that if her father learnt where they really were and would hit the roof, Sophie spins a lie to cover her tracks."

However, Sophie starts to feel the pressure when she also gets caught out by her boyfriend Kieran.

"Sophie's trying her hardest to be a grown-up, and to prove her worth to Kieran," says Crossman. "She doesn't want Kieran to think that he can't trust her, or that she's immature."

Will Sophie be able to get away with her lies? And how will Kieran react to this very teenage situation?