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Shortland Street

9 - 13 July 2012

Geordie Holibar plays Phoenix in Shortland Street on TV2

Ben Mitchell as TK Samuels in Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 9th July (5035 & 5036)

Despite TK and Roimata's best efforts, Paige can't bear to stay for dinner, embarrassed and upset Josh has brought Lana as his date.

Annoyed with TK for setting him up, Josh tries to keep things calm but he inadvertently insults Paige and has to go chasing after her to apologise.

Coming close to admitting to Paige he is attracted to her, Josh suggests they chance a proper date, free of outside interference.

Challenged to give Josh another chance, Paige is unsure whether to follow her heart or protect herself.

She chooses to take a chance on Josh and is encouraged when he suggests they take it slowly.

Encouraged by the distinct possibility Lawrence will locate Drew's car and disprove Drew's alibi, Phoenix attempts to bolster Chris.

Chris' listlessness has Phoenix fearing hes slipping into a depression.

However, Phoenix's hopes are dashed when Drew's car remains at large but, when Jared reveals his knowledge of stolen vehicles, Phoenix takes hope that he can help.

Organising lunch for Evan's birthday, Wendy wonders whether to invite Murray. Jasmine's against it, but Wendy decides to leave the decision up to Evan.

Evan's obvious reluctance has Wendy realising he's trying to protect her and she decides to invite Murray in an attempt to be the bigger person.

Murray's pleased and appreciates the chance to reconnect with his kids, but Wendy's decision is tested when she overhears friends are starting to connect with Cat.

Wendy makes an effort to be civil with Murray at the party for Evan's sake. But when Murray gives Evan a sentimental gift - Poppa's watch - Wendy is influenced by Jasmine to view it as a bribe.

She argues with Murray, revealing her hurt that he's introduced Cat to their friends.

Murray regrets his actions but Cat feels he's been hard done by and confronts Wendy, accusing her of keeping Murray from his kids out of jealousy.

Wendy is outraged by Cat's accusation but when she analyses her reasons for being angry at Murray, she realises Cat was right.

Cat resists telling Murray about her run-in with Wendy, and encourages him to re-offer his birthday gift to Evan.

Murray is pleasantly surprised when a subdued Wendy offers no resistance. Murray is taken aback, however, when Cat reveals Wendy has backed down at her insistence.

Murrays loyalties are torn but he goes to Wendy to apologise .

Having decided she must avoid Murray and Cat for her own good, Wendy backs him off and Murray is disappointed to realise his fragile relationship with Wendy has been damaged further by Cat.

When Paige struggles to make a connection with Josh on their date, she uses Lana's advice and pushes Josh to talk about himself.

Uncomfortable with opening up, Josh gives a watered down version of his past.

Paige feels the date is going better but when she admits she feels like she's getting to know him better, Josh again puts distance between them.

Paige suspects Josh is being obstructive because he's hiding some hurt. After more advice from Lana, Paige tries to keep it light but can't help pushing for more personal detail from Josh.

Uncomfortable with her digging, Josh defensively insists hes only looking for a casual relationship and a hurt Paige is left confused as to where she went so wrong.

Phoenix pushes Jared to help him track down Drew's car. Jared warns Phoenix that he's up against dangerous men, but caves and gives Phoenix the address of a chop shop.

A concerned Evan agrees to help Phoenix but worries when Phoenix spies on Tupu, one of Jared's gang connections.

Reluctantly, Evan goes along with Phoenix and follows Tupu to a chop shop where Phoenix is stoked  to discover Drew's car.

His happiness is cut short when they're discovered by Tupu.

When Tupu threatens them for snooping  around, a desperate Phoenix eventually reveals that Jared told him about the chop shop. 

Tupu's heavies soon return with a roughed up Jared and Tupu makes it clear that Phoenix and Evan are about to get the same treatment.

Phoenix is horrified to realise he's put all three boys in serious danger.

Tuesday 10th July (5037)

Under serious threat, Phoenix brokers a deal with Tupu, agreeing to pay $20,000 for the car.

Phoenix attempts to persuade Chris to give him money to buy Drews car but Chris insists on involving Rachel and the police.

Phoenix fears this will jeopardise the deal he made with Tupu and, with Evan's help, gives the police the slip.

He successfully hands the money to Tupu and gets the car, securing the evidence Chris vitally needs.

Paige realises she has no idea what Josh means by a casual relationship. She broaches the subject, but is hurt when Josh brushes her off.

Paige opts out of her ED placement to get away from Josh and is pleased when Sarah reassigns Brooke as her supervisor on the medical ward.

Josh feels bad that hes driven Paige away and tries to mend bridges, but Paige's deliberately casual behaviour leaves him in the cold.

Eventually he's forced to explain what he wants and he's surprised when Paige accepts his terms.

Brooke's confidence is shaken by Bree. When she's assigned Marina, an autistic patient, Brooke soon realises she's out of her depth.

She's even more pressured when Sarah assigns her to supervise Paige.

Paiges questions highlight Brooke's lack of answers, and Brooke is tempted by Bree's idea to palm Paige off on another doctor.

But when Vinnie tries to suggest to Paige that Brooke is not as good a doctor as Paige thinks, Paige defends Brooke hotly, sparking Brookes desire to prove herself worthy of the praise.

Brooke starts to regret her decision when Paige unintentionally undermines her, but a lucky guess on Brooke's part suddenly provides a new lead on Marina's condition.

Brooke has a chance to prove herself but, under pressure, loses her patience and yells at Marina. Sarah is appalled to walk in on Brooke's outburst and Brooke is dismayed to be caught out.

Wednesday 11th July (5038)

Brooke reports to Sarah to face the consequences for yelling at her patient. While explaining herself, Brooke has a brainwave about the cause of Marinas illness.

Sarahs sceptical, but allows Brooke the benefit of the doubt.

Brookes diagnosis is confirmed and Brees annoyed to observe Sarah giving Brooke kudos - Brookes manner needs work but Marinas outcome is excellent.

A relieved Brooke feels good about herself.

Phoenixs hope he has broken Chriss case wide open is shattered when Lawrence reveals that the evidence provided through Drews car is not in itself conclusive.

However, Chris and Phoenix draw closer when Chris is deeply grateful to Phoenix for helping him.

With Maxwell leaving soon, TK fills in, hopeful hell take over the role permanently.

Maxwells supportive, and TK feels oblige to follow his lead when Maxwell dismisses a process Sarah wants implemented.

But when Sarah explains the reasoning behind her process TK feels hes been remiss. He implements the process, earning derision from Maxwell.

A frustrated TK realises he cant please everyone and makes his own changes, but fears hes blown it with Sarah and Maxwell and the ED staff.

Supported by Roimata, TK justifies his decision to Sarah and is buoyed when she gives her support.

Jasmines frustrated when Evan accepts Murrays birthday gift. This feeling grows when Bella agrees to meet Cat socially.

Upset that both siblings seem to have accepted Murrays betrayal, Jasmine complains to Phoenix, who points out Jasmine cant change the situation.

Jasmine refuses to accept this and when Wendy appears cowed in Cats presence, Jasmine decides to get her own back on the woman who ruined her family.

She takes Cats motorbike keys and pours water into the petrol tank.

A horrified Murray and Cat catch Jasmine in the act as she causes permanent damage by turning the key and revving the bike engine.

Thursday 12th July (5039)

An unrepentant Jasmine refuses to apologise for wrecking Cat's bike, and Cat demands Murray punishes his daughter.

Murray confronts Jasmine and learns her actions were born out of a struggle to accept that Murray and Wendy's marriage is over.

Murray feels guilty and finds it difficult to punish Jasmine but Wendy reminds him that, despite their estrangement, they need to provide their children with clear moral guidance.

Murray and Wendy approach Jasmine together and assure her they will always love her, despite their failed marriage.

They also dish out a fair punishment which Jasmine accepts.

Murray is bolstered by this evidence he and Wendy can still parent as a team but Wendy cautions him against hoping they can be friends as well as co-parents.

Sarah discovers Bree demanding special privileges and confronts Rachel, asking what Bree has over her.

Rachel sidesteps, frustrating Sarah who warns Rachel against allowing Bree to
continue to operate.

Rachel attempts to call an end to her deal with Bree but Bree threatens to expose Chris.

Rachel feels powerless until she realises that Brookes success rankles with Bree.

She sets about pressuring Bree by promoting Brooke. Rachel then puts Bree on a basic surgery and Bree is frustrated.

However, Bree discovers her patient has a complex undiscovered surgical condition and realises she could use this to shine.

She secretly swots up on the condition and, during the surgery, goes beyond her level by attempting to complete the more difficult procedure. The procedure proves too difficult for Bree and the patient's life is thrown into jeopardy.

Rachel discovers and realises that, as Sarah forewarned, she has driven Bree to do something reckless.

Vasa raises concerns about Maxwell's lack of support of TK but Maxwell dismisses her. 

When Ula reveals to Vasa that shes told Maxwell she will miss him, Vasa urges her to act happy so as not to make leaving Ferndale even more difficult for Maxwell.

Maxwell continues to undermine TK in ED, leading Vasa to accuse him of being unable to hand over his domain to his successor for fear of being replaced.

She admits that Maxwell will be sorely missed and struggles to cover her own feelings of loss.

Later, Maxwell reveals that his problem is not with leaving the ED, it's with leaving Ula and Vasa.

He asks her to come to Hong Kong with him so they can all be a family again. Vasa is shocked



Friday 13th July (5040)

Vasa helps Maxwell see that it's not realistic for her and Ula to leave and that his recent uncharacteristic behaviour is due how much he'll miss Vasa and Ula.

Maxwell realises Vasa is right and makes an effort to make up for undermining TK's doctoring. But his resolve is tested when he doubts TK's diagnosis of a patient.

Maxwell is proved wrong when and he realises TK is more than capable of taking over the ED.

Maxwell feels better about leaving when Vinnie agrees to look after Vasa and Ula but it's still hard for him to say goodbye.

Bree anxiously waits to see if her patient will pull through and Brooke offers support.

The patient is revived, however Rachel feels responsible for allowing Bree to operate and feels her leniency has gone on for long enough.  She asks Sarah to find just cause for Bree's dismissal.

Brooke recalls seeing Bree researching the patients condition and realises what Bree's done. She confronts Bree but is swayed when Bree is genuinely contrite.

However, Brooke's faith in Bree is shaken when Vinnie is doubtful of Bree's ability to reform and Bree's sympathy towards the patients family appears false.

Meanwhile, Rachel visits Chris and is frustrated when he undermines her determination to fire Bree.

Later, shes disappointed to learn Sarah has been unable to find any concrete evidence against Bree.

Feeling compromised, she's about to resign when Brooke comes to see her and reveals Bree's lies about the operation.

Rachel takes the opportunity to fire Bree, revealing Brooke will testify against her.  Bree feels betrayed and Brooke hopes she's done the right thing.

Phoenix is frustrated when he feels Lawrence doesn't hold as high importance to his involvement in Chris' case as he does himself.

He then realises Gus remains oblivious to the fact that Jared has returned to the gang, and feels guilty that his bid to help Chris seems to have only made matters worse fpr everyone.

Phoenix considers trying to track down Jared, but Evan advises him to let it go.

Despite this advice, Phoenix goes to Jared who gives him a serve about being spoilt and idealistic. Phoenix leaves, disheartened and is shocked to be abducted by a furious Drew.

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